2017-02-03 The Lake, The Witch, and the Speedster
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2017 - 02-03
Players: Wanda, Twila
GMed by N/A
Title: The Lake, The Witch, and the Speedster

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It's nearly been a week since the world was attacked and even more confusingly, combined with itself. There's oddities everywhere, like trees with too many branches, or rocks with obscure angles, thankfully the waters are finally calm and still and easily the most unchanged feature of the planet. So today, Wanda has secluded herself out on the lake, having taken a seat at the end of the pier with her hands held inches apart. Between her hands floats a leather necklace with a clear blue crystal being the focal point of her meditation. Before Wanda isn't a map like usual, but instead a tablet, with a maps app open.

The quiet of the day may be a little bit broken by the a blur of black and blue streaked with red and yellow tearing around the lake. Twila is trying to get better acquainted with her powers. She is moving at a moderate speed. Which for her is just shy of breaking the sound barrier. She just keeps running, enjoying the day.

Things just seem to be going alright. That is until she finds a slight ice patch. She goes sliding clear onto the lake. "GAHHHH!" She cries out as her speed keeps her moving forward… across the water. "Wait… What?" She's not sinking. She keeps running as soon as she gets her balance. "OH MY GODS! WOOOO!" She exclaims as she tears across the lake with no issues at all.

Wanda's left eye slowly opens at the sound of a mutant getting acquainted with their abilities. Wanda did come out all this way in the thick of winter to get away from such distractions, but it can't be helped now. The crystal falls from between her hands as she breaks her hex, her right hand moving to catch it before it crashes into the tablet.

Turning her body to face out towards the lake and get an eye of the mutant, Wanda's eyes quickly have trouble keeping up with the speedser, then it clicks, this girl might now where Pietro is!

"Hello?" Wanda calls out, lifting a hand to her mouth to try and increase and aim her voice.

Twila hears the rather comfortable person on the dock calling out. Quickly she takes off towards the dock. To her it takes a few minutes. To the rest of the world its only a second. She quickly stops as the speed force lightning dissipates from her.

"Hello, Sorry for disturbing you. I was just doing a little training. I am still really new to my powers and its just really crazy. I sorta was normal before last week. Ya know?" She smiles brightly. "Hello, Nice to meet you. My name is Umm," Moment of truth, Real name or other name… "Pulse! Call me Pulse." She smiles a little. "Or Twi. Whatever." She facepalms. She's so not used to this.

Wanda's hand goes up to cover her hair and keep herself from being pushed over by the gusts after Twila's arrival. After a moment Wanda looks up and smiles softly obviously she's a bit overwhelmed with Twila's rapid explanation of things, but the witch tries to be polite. "No, do not concern yourself vith me. I vas just vondering if you knew of any other fast-types?" Asks the slavic mutant with a hopeful look in her eyes.

Twila smiles a little. "Oh Umm, Only one right now. A person named Atalantia. I've been told of two others. One named the Flash and the other named Quicksilver. Apparently someone sorta wants to see me and Quicksilver race." She shrugs and blushes a little bit. "Anyway I am really new to this whole life." She smiles, "Oh your accent is really cool! Not like mine. I'm just from New York City."

Wanda's hopeful smile fades as she looks down towards her own feet, her arm lifting to scratch at that invisible itch that she will never reach, then she looks up again, hopeful more so than ever. "Did they tell you vhere to find this Quicksilver?" She asks, knowing that's what her brother's silly code name is.

"It is not an easy life to be a part of. Even here." Wanda says with a simple gesture back towards the mansion. "Maybe even because you are here it vill be harder."

Twila shakes her head, "No they didn't. I'm sorry. I wish I had more information for you. She does note just how this topic is affecting the other woman. It kinda sucks for her. "If I find out I will let you know. You must be close to him."

Then its onto the next topic. She shrugs softly. "I'm finding that out. Heck every time I run I feel like I'm being pulled somewhere. Like there is this voice in my head. If I go faster, Just a little faster. Ever Faster. I will find something. I'm sorta scared. I think I know what will happen if I do that and I don't want to be stuck somewhere I can't leave."

Wanda's reactions are quite strong when talking about her brother, the only person she's ever loved and loved her back. It's been very tough without him, and it shows. "Thank you." Is all the witch says back to Twila about that.

"I understand somethink about beink scared about my powers too. That is somethink you have to let go and discover for yourself. It also vill come in handy knowink vhat you can and can not do." Wanda says, taking a single step back to turn her body to look down at the tablet she left on the ground and with her fingers, a red mist extends to the device and pulls it up to her without her stooping or reaching. "It could be the difference between life, and death."

The young woman gives a little smile. "Umm, I am still learning. Its all really crazy. I've been learning a lot about what I can do. Its just insane. Earlier I was keeping my speed down. I didn't want to cause too much trouble. If I let go, I will I'd shatter the sound barrier and you probably wouldn't see me." She thinks a little. "I can run up buildings, and down them. And I can run across water apparently."

She sighs softly. "I also found out some bad. My speed… I was trying to defend myself from one of those parademons that were attacking. I used my speed and took one of their weapons. I used to pummel the creature. I hit that thing probably a dozen times before it could react to the first hit. Apparently the force of my strikes compounded and, the parademon flew to pieces." She blushes and looks down.

Wanda's eyes open slowly widely as she hears from the woman what she could do. "Good think you learned that then and not vhen you vere tryink to stop a robbery. No?" Wanda is actually being the good adult around here. Logan would be proud. She can't help but smile at herself at that thought. "These hills and trees should be a good place for you to learn vithout beink spotted and harrased." The witch says, giving her an idea and some things to think about at least.

The young speedster smiles a little. "Thank you. I will remember that. You are right. I've been thinking much the same. If that would have been a person, I'd have killed someone. There would be blood on my hands. I would feel horrible and probably be sent to jail. I hate this." She sighs softly and just shakes her head.

Twila thinks about it a little. "Hmmm, The hills and trees? Yeah that could work. I can also use the city. I mean running up and down buildings is definitely something to get accustomed to right?"

Wanda simply nods, "I am sure you are right." The witch turns and gives Pulse a soft wave and starts to walk back towards the school, tablet tucked under one arm. "Good luck out there."

Twila smiles and gives a little wave. "I hope you find Quicksilver." She states to Wanda. Then she's off. With the blink of an eye she tears across the lake and continues her run around the small body of water. One thing is certain. Her new life is going to be something simply insane!

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