2017-02-04 As The Asgardian World Falls Down I
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Borgon, Deadpool, Ember, Lucy, Loki, Phantasm, Phantasma, Phantom-Girl, River, Rose, Saxon
GMed by Peepnix
Title: As The Asgardian World Falls Down Ilog title here

The sky darkens all over the world, the pained groan from a massive dragon shaking the ground, opening chasms and collapsing mountains. Yggdrasil has been pained and the backlash hit Asgard like a ton of bricks. So hard, in fact, that a section of the city broke off, shattering the Bifrost and sending a massive chunk of land plummeting through the Sea of space. The sky darkens all over the world, the pained groan from a massive dragon shaking the ground, opening chasms and collapsing mountains. Yggdrasil has been pained and the backlash hit Asgard like a ton of bricks. So hard, in fact, that a section of the city broke off, shattering the Bifrost and sending a massive chunk of land plummeting through the Sea of space. One chunk crashes into Jotunheim, while the other spirals downward until it hits the Earth, creating quite a crater in a fortunately unpopulated field. Once the dust has settled, the UK goes into a frenzy to try and figure out what in the world happened.

One chunk crashes into Jotunheim, while the other spirals downward until it hits the Earth, creating quite a crater in a fortunately unpopulated field. Once the dust has settled, the UK goes into a frenzy to try and figure out what in the world happened.

It has been quite a week that is for sure. Alien invaders, cities popping up out of nowhere, some even overlapping with existing ones. Flights in many countries have been grounded while things are getting worked out with the people who suddenly appeared, not to mention the economic issues that have stirred up. It's just been bonkers.

And Mike, is finding himself in the UK much longer than initially expected with spending the past week rescuin people from the buildings that have suddenly developed rooms with no exits. A weird week indeed. That's been mostly settled now at least. So he hears about a piece of land just landed in the middle of the UK. Ok fine. Sure. Why NOT check it out? Dressed down in his street attire, hat concealing his signature locks, the rocker has made his way to get a closer look of the crater.

Borgon had only returned to Asgard recently, before all the merger stuff happened. Seemed old Heimdale finally caught up with him. That is untill the peice of Asgard he was in decided to break off when the Bifrost shattered! Needless to say the large trolls finds himself under some rubble after the chunk of city fell. That was probably going to leave a headache.

Phantasma may have gotten a little carried away with her joyriding. Then again, it wasn't unheard of for her to disappear from her hangout for a few weeks… as she drives a sports car across the ocean… with a really bored passenger… arguing endlessly about youth rights and responsibility.

It is really easy to get bored as you hit that radio dead-spot mid-atlantic. No fast food places either!

As the car starts to pull up on what has apparently been the epicenter of some kind of major event, Phantasma can be heard complaining to her passenger. "Look, I'm dead, I get it, but it doesn't mean I don't LIKE to eat! Is this REALLY worth skipping lunch?"

Rose heard about the eaerthquake in England and the supposed meteor strike - b ut doesn't want to take it for granted. She hops into her little TARDIS and pats her. "Ok, sweetie… think you can go back to England?" she asks. "It's not really that far… and you own't have to move again for a while…?" She sighs as she starts using the controls, preparing the little TARDIS for departure. Whirrrr…. whirrrr…. whirrrr…. the trunk disappears from New York…

Chaos. Its just one of the quiet joys in ones excessively long life. Seeing people running around like a bunch of chickens with their head's cut off is just a nice feeling. The fact that this is 'HIS' favored world makes the chaos all the more enjoyable. It does make for an interesting show, seeing a chunk of Asgard drop to the planet.

Standing in a field, away from the fray, a single man stands. Dressed in a blue dress suit with a red and blue tie, He smirks. It was time. A few chuckles come out for a moment before he begins walking towards crash sight.

Chunks of metal, earth and shards of the rainbow bridge are scattered everywhere, including some injured Asgardian citizens that have fallen to the ground. It's like having a city fall diagonally into a field, buildings collapsed, bread and rolls everywhere.

How about the chaos that…well, WAS going on in Hell's Kitchen, New York. A sports car with a blonde behind the wheel is what Priss will see, then the blonde leans over to open the door for the half-demon. "Get in! We need to find out what just fell on England!" The poor telepath…will probably sense that the car is currently possessed. "Thanks for stealing a SMALL car, Phan…this is about at my mass limit!" Does Priss join in the chaos that is River Song and things falling on England?

It had been so long since the last time Ember had felt any reminders of the Asgardian energy making up part of her core that she'd nearly forgotten it was there. And then in the middle of the day's lessons at the Greenwich Village brownstone she suddenly felt as if the insides she no longer had were being ripped apart. It didn't take her and her teacher long to discover the reason and she flew to the UK in time to see the chunk of city still settling into its crater. She approaches from the direction of the lone man in the blue dress suit, her micron-size particle form expanding behind him then quickly getting covered with her best illusion of humanity. Once so garbed, she paces towards the chunk of Asgardian city a short distance behind Mr. Saxon looking at it in a mixture of annoyance and wonder. "This is not how I was hoping to visit."

"What the H*LL?!" is just about all Priscilla manages to get out. These people are even more insane than the C.A.T.s. But River said she was needed, so here she is. Here, in freaking Britain! And there's a piece of an alien CITY in the middle of an open field, surrounded by shattered rainbow-colored supertech. What the frakk? She just clings to the damned car, and sends out her mind, peering around, looking for who and what is happening here … hopefully before it all runs into them in a bad way.

Phantasma's voice comes over the radio, saying sarcastically "A girl's gotta watch her figure." as Priss' seatbelt tightens of it's own accord, the passenger seat adjusting itself to a comfier position, the door slams shut, and the tires squeal in an unnecessarily aggressive acceleration. Of course, the car only goes a quarter mile before with a rather sudden and aggressive whooshing… they were indeed in a field in 'freaking Britain'. From 80 to 0 in a stomach turningly short span of time, leaving deep gougemarks in the grass, the radio shouts "HOLY ZOMBIEASS where did we go just now?!".

Arrrge!!! And whoose some rubble rumbles as Borgon tosses peices of building off himself. He looks around at his injured bretheren. When he speaks it hard to understand for anyone that dosn't have some way to translate speech (("By Odins beard. If the frost giants are behind this, Im decapitating someone")) he growls out in a brutish animalistic way. He looks at the peices of the magical rainbow bridge and bifrost, and even see some dissappear. (("Heh, alright, let see what is up))" the troll looking being will begin trying to check on other asgardians as well as seek out those able to help

Agent Lucy O'Keene was back on active duty for both SHIELD and the Avengers after a prolonged hiatus. It wasn't even an hour since she'd signed back into the duty roster and already she was being sent out on an emergency situation to investigate a potential alien/superhuman/otherworldly rock that was apparently sighted not far from her current proximity. "Shit. Can't even get back to the states and I'm already… ugh." At least she had an awesome rental car. With a grin she pushes the pedal to the floor finally letting loose to test out what kind of speeds the Aston Martin could handle as she races through streets and the occasional sidwalk curb, to the center of the fracas.

"You need to go. We don't have time for you to tell the others. Look around. This world is going to vanish! You have to go. You're the only one who can stop it. Go Back, Find out what happened and set the future right!" The words were troublesome. She shouldn't be running away! She should be staying there! She's a Legionaire for Gods Sake! But orders are orders and She isn't above them. The leader has spoken. She was given a few things and suddenly the portal opens. With a heavy heart, The Phantom Girl quietly makes her way into the portal. It closes behind her leaving the year 3016 to it's own end.

If things weren't crazy enough in England, A blue portal opens not terribly far from the crash site. A moment or two later, A girl in a semi revealing white suit comes out and begins flying up into the air to get a view of where she is, not to mention what in the world is going on.

A high-pitched but quiet groaning noise can be heard near the edge of the crater - as… a small steamer trunk materializes there. Hopefully nobody noticed its arrival as the new trunk isn't attracting much attention… but it might be recognized as what it truly is to certain people…

It appears that London is SLIGHTLY more easy going about land falling from the sky than the US would be as Mike is not really stopped from getting over to the crater. Looking around. The Phantasm frowns as he recognizes a few things he saw from his accidental stay in Asgard. "Oh no…" With little caution, he walks over towards one of the Asgardians, pausing as he recognizes him. "Are you alright, Borgon?"

Pieces of Bifrost lay scattered on the ground, looking like shards of iridescent glass, the colours still moving, though much more slowly as the power stored in them begins to die off. Citizens that managed to survive the ride to the ground begin to lower themselves to the ground using ropes and lengths of cloth tied together. They lower the injured first, along with a few guards that weren't hurt too badly.

Those guards are the Einherjar, Asgard's finest. They look around, muttering to themselves in what sounds to be some dialect of Norwegian. They then look at all the people assembled and draw their weapons to protect the injured.

River opens the door and hops out of the car. "Alright. Language is a variant on Norwegian, time travelers, plural, just showed up." She glances at Phantom Girl, then at the Trunk. "So, a bit of another planet hit Earth, must be a residual effect from the Incursion." Hopefully it IS a fallen bit not…all that's left of somebody else's homeworld, because that would suck.

The suited man makes his way to the crash sight. Putting on his best possible worried look, She looks around. "Blimey! What the hell happened here. Is everyone alright? You're going to to need medical attention." He quickly pulls out a phone and dials 9-1-1. "If there is anything I can do to assist, by all means tell me."

Oh, look! Communications challenges! And here's a telepath who doesn't care about alien minds at all. So Priscilla walks right up to the armed guards, hands held out in front of her and completely fearless - yep, the girl in jeans and a t-shirt that are both so painted on it's scandalous just strolls up without a care in her world - and then her mind reaches out … wider … wider … and connections are made. Translations flow. And anyone who doesn't push Priss out will find that they can understand these folks in their own native tongue. Because that's generally how that works for Priss. Of course, anyone with any telepathic awareness also hears the psionic equivalent of an f8 tornado's funnel cloud hammering through the region. Whoops!

"( Hi, guys. Listen, we just want to help. If you feel the need to skewer someone, go right ahead. Stab me. I'll get over it faster than anyone else here. But we need to help the injured. Now put the pigstickers away, alright? )"

Borgon looks at Phantasm and cants his head (("Ummm, not understand.")) he says in that brutish voice. Though he was still helping the injured, he took note of the EInherjar pulling out their weapons. He says to them (("I wouldn't worry too much fellas. Folks of Midgard are not very strong. You could probably punch through their buildings")) he tells them. From seeing Phantasm, he at least knew he was on Midgard. He looks at the groups of Midgardians approching

The flying girl in white descends towards the Asgardians. "Hello? I'm a friend. Is there anyone trapped under there? If so I can go get them out." She offers. "My name is Phantom Girl. I mean no harm at all." She has a very worried look on her face. Between the rather strong looking Asgardians and the mess on the ground, not to mention what is going on about a thousand years from now, She's really doing her best to keep herself together.

Groaning, a hand rises out of the hood of the sports car… then another… followed by a very pale blonde girl lifting herself out of the solid metal hood as though it was the surface of a pool. "Ugh… A little.. ~rrp~ warning next time?" she says in a disgruntled voice to River, glancing over at the suited man and saying sarcastically "Considering where we came from… pretty sure we broke some speeding laws. Like.. big time…". Sliding down to her feet and holding her head as though dazed, she sits back and simply observes for now.

Lucy slows the car to pull to a stop not far away. Close enough that walking wasn't an issue, far enough that driving wasn't an issue due to debris and other obstacles. Nudging her sunglasses up onto her forehead she looks over the area a long, thoughtful moment, before kiling the engine to step out. The sight of the guards with weapons drawn has her frowning some… she knew some of that attire. "Asgard." Stopping for a moment she considers how best to approach this… Before cupping her hands around her mouth to yell out, "LOKI YOU FUCKER WHERE ARE YOU HIDING!?" He HAD to be here, right? He usually was.

Ember just sort of shakes her head at the tangled mess of reactions, arrivals, and reactions. She ignores most of it, only really noting Mike's presence out of all the Earthers. Instead she walks up to one of the Einherjar that isn't getting flooded by humans and other locals and speaks to them directly in Asgardian, "Einherjar, I am Wishfire. Some time past I was briefly a student of Prince Loki. I have some minor healing magics and would offer my aid to your wounded."

When Borgon speaks, Priss's assistance allows for Mike to blink. (("Funny. I can understand you.")) When Lucy starts to shout, Mike spins around, looking to the agent. Damn this place is getting a bit too crowded to be out as himself. (( "Excuse me." )) Turning, he walks further towards the Asgardians, angling his head to obscure his facial features from others as he starts shifting… A shadow drifts over his face first eventually fading it to nothing but a glow of teeth and eyes, while the clothing shifts, taking on more of a hooded appearance before the rocker is fully Phantasm. Fortunately he is NOT the most interesting thing going on here so there is little worry about exposure.

The guards stand firm as the battered citizens continue lowering to the ground. There's two dozen in all, mostly commoners from the edge of the city containing the shops. If anyone tries walking through the ruins, they would find food, jewelery, toys and other crafted items. The Einherjar remain speechless, guarding as they should. The last of the citizens lower down from the shattered chunk of land. One of them doesn't match at all, however. Instead of the elegant, yet plain clothing of the Asgardian commoner, this one is dressed in green leather so dark it almost appears black. He appears to be a young man about 16-17, long black hair hangs down as the citizen carries him toward the others. It is a figure Mike would recognize, at least, even if it's different.

River grins at Priss, then grins at the ghost. "Oh, come on. How often do you get to see something like this?" Then she walks towards the Asgardians. "I'd like to offer what assistance I can. Which might not be much, but…well…you're in a bit of a fix here."

Rose pops the chest open and clims out of it and closes it behind her, locking it securely as she heads towards what's going on. Confident that she will be understood by alld ue to the TARDIS, she states, "I am Rose Tyler - I'm here to help," she states, hoping she didn't need the armaments she keeps in her… trunk.

Borgon blinks (("How, me now understand you. Got big headach now though")) he says. He wasn't sure how, but hey he'll take being able to understand folks as he dosn't possess the All-SPeak. But he does looks to Priss "Nice try. But these guys take job serisouly. They not putting weapons away")) he tells her and any other that listen. He glances to the 'teen' in green leather. "Prince Loki…." he says. But no time for that. He moves to continue helping the injured Asgardians.

Sirens blare in the distance giving a due warning that someone has called for help. That someone is standing there. He quickle crouches down and picks up a few pieces of the bifrost. He will be studying that a little later. The manthen catches sight of something else. A girl, popping out of a trunk. Another Time Lord? Probably not. Still, that has to be some Time Lord technology there. Especially if she was inside it. He walks over to her and extends a hand. "Ms. Tyler." He offers to help her out. The suited man just smiles to her politely.

Phantasma stands straight again, lighting herself another cigarette and eyeing the surrounding area, her eye most interested on the solid chunk of ruins nearby. That was fresh wreckage… wonder if these folks had anything. "I'm an unliving, not-breathing ghost with a corporeal body living in a mall in New York, alien invasion capitol of the world. Pretty often." she says teasingly, but all the same is hardly going to not take advantage of things. Fading from sight, as though a hologram slowly turned off, she walks towards the ruins muttering "…might be profitable anyway.".

Phantasm's walk forward pauses slightly as the flash of green grabs his eyes. The glowing orbs widen as the jagged teeth are obscured in a frown, "F-" Stomping a foot down he shoves himself off the ground, half leaping, more gliding over to where the prince is being carried. Quite possibly not the most discrete way to get from point A to point B but considerably quicker than walking. He lands, form bending down into a crouch momentarily before he straightens, looking to Loki, (( "Is he going to be alright?" ))

And Prscilla doesn't stop. She keeps advancing, hands held up. (("We're here to help. Like I said, stab away if you want. But I'm going to help those people.")) And she does walk right past the guards - unless dismembered - and starts helping the citizens. (("I'm no doctor, but I can bind wounds, set legs, that sort of thing. Me, I can heal easy peasy. Anyone else … sorry."))

From inside the trunk of a certain Aston Martin, there is a masked man with a red mask that matches the red and black suit he is wearing. He stirs around in the trunk and manages to free his dagger from his boot and begins to cut open an MRE. "Time to make the chimi-ah. Kids might be around. Like my daughter from the future or something. Soonuvabitch, I got to start watching my fucking language or else, I am going to look like a —" Wade quickly cups his mouth and then looks back at the MRE. "And this is Beef-o-roni?! What kind of shit does Lucy keep in here?"

Deadpool then pauses, "Better yet, why the heck am I in her trunk? I mean, I want to be in her tr—-trust circle but I need a good excuse to be hiding in her trunk. Is it because of Loki?" He then shrugs, "Mother clucking Loki. Always pranking me." He winks to the invisible camera that he is sharing his monologue to. "So, yeah, I hope she stops at a Taco Bell or something soon so I can pop out of the trunk and yell 'Surprise!' Happy Birthday!' or something logical."

After that, he finally tries to do something useful and he pulls out his SHIELD phone and starts to scroll through the news feed. "Heheh, that Oompa Loompa wants to build another wall to keep the wildlings out." He snickers, "And what?! Justin Beiber is Canadian too? What the shit bisquick is that?" He starts to casually eat the MRE. "And Michael Bay is really going to quit Transformers for real this time?"

Phantom Girl looks at the mounds of mess on the ground. She's not going to wait for an interpreter. If they want to kill her for trying to help, they are free to try. She flies towards the mess and goes straight into the pile of Asgard. She is gone for a few moments. Then she rises from the ground in front of the Asgardian guards. In her arms is someone who is still alive who happened to be buried. "There are more under there." She sets the young man down carefully and turns to go to the pile again.

Rose nods as she takes the hand of the suited man and looks around. "This is a mess…" she states softly as she looks around. "I don't really know what to do," she states as she just looks, duanted by the mess.

Lucy drops her hands from her initial yell expecting this to, somehow, be Loki's fault as it usually was. The sight of the civilians and that familiar green attire on a figure that was apparently injured or otherwise… that causes her to falter. "… Guess, for once, it's not him." There's a twinge of worry from her as she hesitates. First things first: Get her gear out of the trunk. Turning from the sight she moves to the Aston again, flipping open the trunk to stare down at Wade in a mixture of shock, surprise, and finally just bursting into laughter. "What the hell…"

((" OK. There are others over there. I'm no weakling, but I'm going to need somebody strong to move that stone and metal out of the way safely. ")) Priscilla comments, as she starts clambering over the wreckage towards a spot where she can feel the minds of some still trapped, one of which isn't conscious right now. ((" It's OK. Help is here. Just stay still, we'll get you out as soon as possible. I promise. ")) Priss sends to the mind that is awake in there, as she starts wiggling into the wreckage, looking for the right purchase points for leverage. Where's Maul when she needs him?

The Suited man smiles to the blonde, "My first thought would be to start digging. There may be more people in there." The man quietly turns and begins digging as best he can. He doesn't have a shovel. All he has on him is his Laser Screwdriver and if people are getting in and out of boxes around here, there is no way that thing is coming out. So he's doing it the hard way. Manual Labor.

Cracking open a can of Ecto Cooler, Wade just looks at Lucy and sighs. "I only brought enough dinner for one. But I'll share with you. Because today is National Wear Red Day!" He points to himself, "Yep, I'm already celebrating." He then looks back at Lucy and around. "So the bigger question is, 'Why is everything turning to shit around us lately?It's like there is a cosmic force preventing us from getting with each other." He hops out of the trunk and then he brandishes some guns from his different pouches. "So, are you ready to dance against whatever shit show we are up against tonight?"

Phantom Girl looks over at Priss. She's used to having people speaking to her mind. Usually though it's Saturn Girl's voice that she is hearing. Still, she takes off towards the spot that Priss is lgesturing to. She takes off toward the spot where the unconscious person is. She phases through the debris and quickly finds the unconscious person. Touching her, she quickly phases her and pulls her out and over towards the rest of the survivors. "Thank you! If you can keep pointing to where they are I can get them out!"

River was going to offer her help to Priss…but the phasing time traveler is definitely better at this. She gives them a thumbs up, and then starts to look around, particularly examining the edges of the fallen piece of Asgard. Needs to work out how it got here then perhaps she can work out how to put it back.

Rose works with the suited man. "I didn't think to bring shovels," she muses softly as she is digging next to the Master by hand, having no idea that she's working with the Doctor's great nemesis. She hmmms happily. "What's your name, by the way?" she asks her digging partner.

Ah the wonders of those with inhuman abilities putting their talents to use helping those in need. How sweet! It was also wonderful looting cover to be able to claim she was searching for bodies! The ghost girl was not particularily concerned for the wellbeing of those trapped in the ruins and rubble… but what does get her attention is anything small enough to fit in her backpack. Staying invisible, hidden for now, she humms softly to herself as she picks the area as clean as she can.

The Einherjar are still reluctant to speak to the Midgardians, but eventually they seem convinced to sheathe their weapons. They look exhausted and shaken to the core. "Yggdrasil gave a great shudder and a fraction of the city broke off." One of them says. "We tried to hold it together but we lost it. The Bifrost…the Bifrost shattered."

The person in green is held by a woman, who regards Mike with a kind, weary smile. She tries to unload the limp body onto him, trusting him for some reason, as if familiar with him. "He will live."

Lucy steps away from the car as Wade jumps out. She does reach for the Ecto Cooler to take a sip before offering it back, but otherwise the 'dinner' he was eating is ignored. "Didn't know they still made that stuff. … Wait, that's not from Ebay, is it?" Her nose crinkles a bit at the thought. Eeew. It's his focus on the moment that has her sighing. "Rescue op it seems like, hon. Looks like Loki's down for the count, as is part of his city." She lifts her chin to nudge in that direction. "… Come on. I… I don't really LIKE the guy all that much, but I want to make sure he's not dead or something. I mean, that'd make me feel kind of shitty that I can't smack him around anymore."

Borgon seem to be on the trail of Priss and Phantom Girl. To be specific, he was moving the rubble. Large rock and stones are tossed aside with effort, considering this stuff is ment to withstand the strength of asgardians. (("I am not too worried. Give it few hours and we be right as rain") he tells them. Still it was a great disaster. He glances to The Einherjar as they explain (("So that is what happened"))

((" OK. Not a problem. Can you get her friend out, too? He's trapped, and you can do that easier than I can. ")) Priss offers to Phantom Girl. Hey, if she can't have a giant ragemonster of strength, she'll take an intangible girl of body-fetching. Whatever the heck it takes. ((" River, you know more about this crap than I do. Find out what caused this, and whether any of this is going to blow up or something, will you? We've still got people trapped, and we need medics. If you've got EMTs on speed-dial, get them. ")) That said, Priscilla continues to coordinate with Phantom Girl, locating those in need of help, and then pointing them out, telepathically guiding the other woman to them one at a time. Isn't this fun?! Best part is, the guards having chopped her limbs off. She likes her limbs, and is glad to keep them attached. Small victories.

"Saxon. Harold Saxon. A pleasure to meet you Miss. I do wish it would be under better circumstances." He keeps digging. Does he hope to find anyone? Not really. This is for show. That is all. He wants the world to believe he is just a helpful human afterall. This couldn't be further from the truth. "At least this happened some place that wasn't in the middle of a city."

Rose shrugs. "I just hope diasters stop happening - first the planeshift thing where the alternate Earth merged onto this one - then a piece of… Asgard… falling out of the sky. Isn't that where the Norse myths come from?" She frowns as she states, "Nobody's here, Mr. Saxon… let's go over there - I think I hear something." She knees down in another pile of rubble and starts excavating.

Phantasm reaches over to take the offered prince from the woman, shifting his strength to better cradle him. Looking down, he sighs. "You've changed again, Loki." He looks to the woman, "In that case I will take him to where he can rest safely so you can focus on the others."

Phantom Girl nods. She quickly phases into the debris again. This is definitely not the reason she came back in time but, There is no way she was going to let this take lives! Not on her watch. She quickly moves looking around in the debris. She does find the man. This guy is freaking heavy. Holy crap! She phases him and gets him into a firemen carry. Then she flies him out. She's straining but she does get him to safety.

Not that the Einherjar could have stopped her from getting past them, but Ember does wait the short moment until they unbend enough to sheath their weapons and speak. She nods at the one talking to her, "I felt Yggdrasil shake and the breaking of the Bifrost. It's how I knew to come here." Now that she can get past without trickery or force, she steps in among the wounded.

Her skill with illusions, both physical and magical is almost without peer but all the rest of her magic is still in its infancy. She does what she can, however, pausing at each hurt person and casting a small spell to stabilize them and ease their pain. When she reaches where Phantasm is holding Loki and speaking to the woman she stops and looks at Loki, "He still looks young, like when he helped revive me after Ragnarok. How badly is he wounded?" She is speaking Asgardian directly, not with the aid of Priss' local translation effect.

Saxon nods and quickly moves over to aide Rose in the hunt. "Yes it's been very crazy Hopefully we will be in for a long spell of peace and soon." The man quickly begins working, hiding a slight grin. After all, He's hoping to be the one to bring 'peace'

Chucking the Beef-O-Roni MRE over his shoulder, Wade shrugs, "Found the can in the back of the fridge in that bunker I was stationed in. The one made of couch cushions in Stark Tower's lobby. It was pretty good… But I did miss you, Wifey." He tries to remember what he should call Lucy. "Wait, did we get married off screen or something yet? Are did that get retconned when the game got reset. These reboots are hard to tell what happens to who lately. I mean, one minute I am Baraka and the next minute Hannibal King or Hal Jordan… whoever he is." He shrugs and looks at right middle finger. "Thank God! No glory green ring. Or animated suit." He then looks again, "So, who do we get to beat up tonight?"

"Already on it," River calls to Priss, trusting the telepath will hear her over, well, whatever. "Definitely…hrm. I need a better scanner for this. No EMTs on speed dial, I'm afraid." Still walking along the edge. "I'm assuming some kind of dimensional tear, will need to work out exactly what it was. Should be able to…hey! Anyone around here know science? Magic will do too?" She's aiming that athe various Asgardians.

"Most of the magic users were on the other side when this piece broke off. The others fell into the Sea of Space." one of the women says, rubbing her forehead. Even the Einherjar look like they're about to fall over. "What will become of us? We cannot stay here yet we cannot return to Asgard." She picks up one of the shards, looking at her dishevled reflection. "The other mages ended up like Loki. I know not what will become of them."

Borgon speaks up (("Oh, Midgard not so bad, we can stay here. We could always live here untill we figure something out. Midgardian food is good. And I am sure Odin and Heimdale will come up with something")) he says. He wasn't in the best of shape at the moment himself, but he was still tossing aside rubble for Priss and Phantom Girl as best he can, even if he should rest.

Phantasm looks over to Ember "He's a bit different from then though. If only a little." He pauses, "I hope he kept his memories of us." As River calls for anyone who knows Magic, his head turns, looking over her way. He looks back to the woman. "So, what you're saying is that he wasn't injured physically but put in a trance?"

"Wait there are others in Space? I will be back. I have to see if there are any still alive!" Phantom Girl states nad begins lifting off. She launches herself skyward, flying as fast as she can will herself to. Right now that is pretty fast. She sails upward. Her body phases as she reaches top of the Atmosphere. Quickly she looks around for anyone who might still be up there. Alive or Dead, no one needs left in the vacuum of space.

Lucy rolls her eyes a little as she listens to him babble himself out. Usual wade. "Not married yet, but may as well be," she points out with a chuckle. "I missed you too. sorry for being away so long." Her attention returns back to the goings on, simply watching for now as she picks up her phone to start typing in a short report. "Mm. No fighty, stabby or un-life-ing people right now." Her phone beeps back at her causing her to sigh. "I think I'm going to be on the phone for a very long time explaining this.

"Fell into the Sea of Space? Give me more information." Grey eyes turn very serious. "I might be able to help, if the Sea of Space is an interdimensional void. Or she might." She indicates Rose. Without turning around. Well, she probably knows where Baby TARDIS is if nothing else.

Now finishing the Ecto-Cooler, Wade nods. "No un-aliving anyone. Gotcha." He smiles and looks around for a moment. "What about —Nevermind." He winks through the mask. "You deal with the phone call. I'm going to see if I can drag Loki to safety." He heads off.

Borgon watches the girl shoot up. He didn't get the big deal, or was too disoriented to. (("I do not think anyone is up there. Pretty sure we all made it from the jump. Though… think I saw a piece land in the land of the Jutons.")) he says. He looks about (("I think that is everyone")).

The woman did hand Loki off to Mike, so he wouldn't be taken by anyone else and possibly experimented upon or something awful. She doesn't really remember Mike either but remembers remembering him.

"The Sea of Space," one of the civilians offers, "Is what you see when you look up into the sky, though we see it all the time. It is the sea in which the souls of the fallen travel on their way to Valhalla, Hel or Niffleheim."

"Hrm. So, they fell into space. Exactly when did this happen?" River inquires. "And how many, and how far apart?" Oh, she's up to something. Rose went back into her TARDIS, though. "Hrm. Going to need some way to preserve an atmosphere. Can't…no, not repaired yet." Stream of consciousness River, apparently.

"No, he expended his entire energy pool. I don't pretend to understand the magic users, but I understand it as exaustion."

Wade wonders if he needs to get bird seed to feed Phantasm. "Oh hey, was it my turn to do something?" He looks around and grins, "Yep." He holsters his weapons and looks around. "So, let's get some chocolate."

Phantasm looks to the silent woman and slowly nods, "Bedrest it is then." He looks over to Ember, "Grab my shoulder, we're taking a shortcut."

Ember perks up at the mention of Loki being exhausted after depleting his energy, "Oh! That's something I can help him with." She stands up when Mike addresses her and puts her hand on his shoulder. "Sounds like a plan."

With Loki in hand and Ember latched on, Phantasm starts extending his abilities out towards them. He looks to the woman and gives a nod to her. "Good luck." he states as the trio fades from the waking realm.

Good luck? The displaced men and women watch as Mike leaves with their prince and Ember. "What are we to do? We have not set foot upon Midgard in centuries…"

Phantom Girl is still up in Space. She's looking around for anyone who might be up there. Maybe something was lost in translation. She shrugs. There is debris though. She quickly moves through the debris field. Her eyes catch the multicolored pieces of something that she's never seen before. So, quickly she begins gathering a few pieces of it. It might be important! Then its back to Earth. Quickly she returns to England making sure everything she has on her person is completely safe.

Wade does what he needs to London. Yep. Wade has managed to start handing out food from a corner store that he broke into and left Stark's credit card on the counter. He tosses food and supplies towards people.

Borgon not complaning, food food! The troll like creature was eating up the snakish goodies. It was much apprecaited, and unlike his bretheren… he was already used to midguardian cuisine. What didn't he eat? Hard to say, as he seemed to always try to get seconds, thirds and fourths.

River frowns. Fiddles with her vortex manipulator, and flickers out. Where did she go? Nobody can tell right now - as Phantom Girl came back down, after all.

Phantom Girl sees inbound food. She simply phases her body so the food passes right through her. No point in claiming any food from the people who need it more. She begins working on searching through the debris field for more survivors.

The survivors look at the packaged foods oddly, most tearing them open with their teeth, and eating the bag as well as the food inside, shuddering at the strange salty taste and odd texture. "I fear we shall die of starvation if this is what Midgardians eat…" One survivor says to another.

Borgon responds "It not THAT bad! Wait till you tried fried chicken…. or hot dogs. You have to be the bravest of the brave to eat those" he comments. He blinks a moment "….And…. you do not eat what they call a package. That just to store them. Never understood it myself" yea took him a bit to figure that out

"Hot…dogs? You..you…" They look at each other and then back at Borgon with a little bit of trepidation. Did he just suggest such a horrible thing? Then again he is a dirty disgusting troll….

Phantom Girl sighs as she pulls out another asgardian. She quietly picks up one of the hot dogs. "Like this." She opens it and takes a bite. "It is not dog. They were They are made of beef, pork, chicken, or turkey. They are good.

Borgon rolls his eyes (("Yes, I have eaten a dog. I also eaten a horse and cats. Got a problem with it?")) He eyes the other asgardians. He know those looks all too well. Being half trolled stunk some days… especially since it hard to tell he was only half. He was now tense.

…and a little bit later, River flickers back in, next to Priss. "Couldn't find any of them, but I got something helpful for research." That she already put somewhere safe, not being a fool. "This..is not really a situation that we need in the long term, after all."


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