2017-02-04 As The Asgardian World Falls Down II
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Players: Ember, Loki, Phantasm
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Title: As The Asgardian World Falls Down II

As people and Asgardians alike recover from the piece of Asgard that crashed in the countryside, an unconcious prince is being whisked away from his people for safety. With Ember holding on, Phantasm treks them briefly through a dream that appears to be of Asgardian origin before jumping into one of more British influence. When they step out of the dream, they are in deep central London. In particular, a hotel hallway. Tilting his head forward, they step through a wall into a vacant hotel room. "Ok. You can let go now."

The room is, although nice, definitely not presidential suite material. The linens are clean, the furnishing simple. But at least this one has its own bathroom. In London that's good enough.

Ember is an easy passenger to travel with, since she has no mass to speak of. While traveling she dismisses her illusion of humanity and keeps her focus on maintaining contact with Mike. When he says she can let go she quickly reforms the 'Ember Classic' illusion and steps out of the way. She takes in the room quickly, noting with a small chuckle. "Not bad. Guess I should add a British customs stamp to my passport illusion." The humor is a time honored way to ease the concern over the condition of her former teacher.

Phantasm is quiet as he walks over to the bed. With Loki fully clothed, he rests the Asgardian down on top of the quilt covered bed. Upon letting go, the bed creaks in protest as the denser being's weight returns. His charge delievered, he turns to Ember, pausing as the odd conversation goes on in his earpiece. He lifts up a hand, glancing to the side. "Guys, when I get back to the US, you have some explaining to do. A bit busy over here so logging off."

Ember 'sits' down on the edge of the bed once Loki has been laid there. She starts to focus her core energy into the pattern of a basic diagnosis spell when Phantasm starts talking on his radio. One finely crafted eyebrow quirks upwards, "Avengers stuff?" Just a guess, but the last time she spoke to Mike he was hanging out at that team's mansion. A brief return to her focus and she gets the pattern to hold before releasing it over Loki to see what the spell might tell her about his condition. It's just an apprentice's work, but any information is more than they have.

Shifting back to his more human form. Mike reaches up to his ear to remove an earpiece, shaking his head. "I honestly have no idea what they're talking about." He answers, sort of while shaking his head. He paces over to the wall, turning to lean his back against it, pausing for a few moments while considering Ember, "It's been a long time since I last saw you, Ember." He nods towards the sleeping Loki, "I think the last time also involved him."

Ember nods at the statement. "Yes to both. It was about when we played host to portions of his memory and personality so he could reset after Ragnarok." Talking about the subject brings back the mixture of admiration and annoyance (mostly the latter) that she felt when she learned about what Loki had done to her. "Not long after that, I took some time to figure out my new state. Took some time to tour the solar system. Got lonely. Came back. Been keeping busy since." She shifts her gaze over to Mike and her head shifts in an inquisitive manner. "How 'bout you? Hero business treating you alright?"

Mike cracks a weak smile, glancing back over to Ember "It has been… busy." He pauses, "We killed a demon king to put a stop to the Demon-Infest problem. Strange lost his title briefly and I was the nearest magic user at the time so I was a little, overworked until he healed up and took the job back." The gaze shifts back over to the prince. "He went back home. And the last acting gig I had was a drawn out plot by a villain organization."

Ember listens as Mike tells her about his adventures, nodding when he mentions his time as Sorceror Supreme, "Doc Strange mentioned that a while back shortly after I started on as his student. And that took a bit of convincing until I pointed out that my having magic in the first place was partly his fault." She wrinkles her nose at the story of Mike's last acting gig. "That sucks. Did you at least get paid?" Her attention shifts slightly as her spell finishes its analysis and nods to herself. "Just like the woman at the crash site said, he's out of gas. A few strained muscles as well, but nothing serious."

Mike shakes his head,giving a slight "You know, after they try to kill you and your entourage, that really makes you not want to finish the film schedule." He looks to the Asgardian as Ember sums up what was said earlier. "So a little R&R and he should be right as rain. Good to know."

Ember smirks, "Sounds reasonable to consider the contract void at that point, true." Then she nods firmly at the bit about Loki's condition, "Yeah. I won't even worry about patching up the little boo-boos. He'll likely be physically healed before he wakes up." She concentrates and reclaims the energy remaining in her spell's matrix, then stands up and goes to lean against the window frame, looking out on the city. "Things just keep getting stranger. Another Earth combining with ours, still pockets of those alien assholes to clean up, and now Asgard has fallen off Yggdrasil." Sure she's not actually letting out a long sigh, but her illusion control is at such a level that it certainly looks like she is. "I've been tempted to just go back to sunbathing, but this time parking myself on the side of the sun opposite Earth." She smirks to show she's not completely serious.

"Don't be making any travel arrangements like that anytime soon." Mike cautions, "With all that's going on, we can use all the magic users with good tendencies that we can get." The pale eyes shift, focusing on Ember, "Also, a thought does occur regarding our mutual brother in magic." A hand gestures over to Loki, "Remember the last time Loki changed appearances?"

Ember nods to herself, her gaze shifting from the view beyond the window to the window itself. Each time she 'exhales', what looks to be a mist of condensation forms on the glass as if she were flesh and blood with warm breath. "I'm always getting better with my energy powers. But with magic, anything other than illusions I've got a long way to go on. I'm not quitting yet." When Mike asks if she remembers the last time Loki changed appearance, she frowns in concentration. "Wasn't it just after Ragnarok, when the Asgardians came back?"

Mike nods at the answer, "Yes. He also lost his memories then." He looks back to Loki, "The change this time is not as drastic but-" He shakes his head. "I'm wondering if this change also came with that side effect."

Ember shifts her gaze back to Loki on the bed as Mike brings up the possibility of memory loss. "And this time, at least so far as we know, he might not have had a chance to squirrel his away." She gives her chest a quick tap with her knuckles, "No soul orb stuck inside my matrix, anyway. And if he doesn't have a backup available, what then?"

"I don't know." Mike murmurs, studying the sleeping form, "I'd have to do some research for anything beyond the calling on St. Raphael… But, maybe we have some residual effects from those orbs left within us? Maybe not a full write-up but enough for a jump start?"

"Well, I do know that I have some kind of residual effect from it." Ember seems to have considered this before. "I can still speak and read Asgardian and some variant Norse languages. And Doc Strange says that sometimes there's a touch of Loki's 'flavor' at the edge of my spells." She nods a couple times, willing to agree there's a chance. "So yeah, there might be enough to help."

With some quasi-confirmation to his thinking, the rocker's lips twist into a cautiously hopeful smile. "Do you mind hanging around here until Loki wakes up? I know they're known to take notoriously long naps so I can make arrangements for another hotel room in the meantime."

Ember doesn't take long before nodding, "Sure, but no need to bother with another room. I can just hang out in the area, then come back when he wakes up." She reaches up her hands to form a circle against the window and slowly the light begins to bend in the pattern of webbed lines within a hoop with threads hanging down from the hoop. A dreamcatcher. The light collects until the shape is clear, then it solidifies and then, a moment later it shifts into a crystaline latice that retains its permanence. A second quick twist and the light forms into a cord she uses to hang it from the window's lock. "There. This can act as a focus for my senses no matter where I am on the planet. Still working on figuring out how to extend the range." She grins lopsidedly, "Doc Strange says he considers it part of my homework. But just give it a tap to get my attention and I'll be back in a second or three."

Mike looks to the dreamcatcher and nods. "Interesting." He steps over the the window, standing near Ember as he inspects the newfound object. "The various ways and methods people use as a focal point for their gifts still continue to interest me. One of my colleages in Australia used the aboriginal language as a focus."

The bed creaks slightly, though the body upon it has not yet moved. It seems to not be sinking into the mattress at all, now, as if the prone form had become much lighter, or rather became a weight to match his body. A 525lb 16 year old would be a bit awkward, or at least an episode on TLC.

Ember nods as Mike examines the crystaline dreamcatcher, "This is a trick from my mutation. Since the crystal is formed by my core matrix, it's basically a part of me." Then she shrugs and grins, "Fortunately the link isn't so strong that it can be used to hurt me." The bed creaking gets her attention, her sense focus shifting a hair ahead of her illusion's head turning to face it and watch the mattress rise. "Huh. If we could bottle that…"

"So more like a means to poke y-" Mike pauses, looking to the bed and Loki. "It wouldn't sell because it didn't do any visual changes." Mike finishes for Ember, "But, maybe this means he's waking up and subconsiously adjusting to our world's gravity." He bends down slightly, giving Loki some personal space while checking for any other signs of waking, "Loki?"

Mike's voice echoes in Loki's mind, rattling around like a megaphone. He lifts the fingers on his left hand, then grips the bedcover, feeling the material. Definitely not the elegant textiles found in Asgard.

"Asgard!" Loki yells, sitting up suddenly, panting as he looks around him, not seeing Mike or Ember just yet.

"Yeah, I guess. It really is all about appearances." Says the sentient energy matrix who just looks like her old human self. Ember stays leaning against the window frame when Mike goes over to check Loki. When the Asgard prince sits up and yells, she remains calm. No glandes or hormones means no fight/flight response. "It was damaged when Yggdrasil shook. Part of it fell to Earth, here in England."

Mike straightens up quickly to avoid the upwards moving Loki. Well, at least he remembers where he's from. So… yay? He doesn't reply immediately, rather letting Loki take a moment to adjust to where he is first. Besides, it's probably not good to immediately respond to a waking person's shouting of their homeland with news that chunks of it broke off and landed in other places. Let the guy adjust his eyes to the li- Ok. Ember's the rip the band-aid off fast type of person it seems…

"I know…Yggdrasil's pain is our pain." Loki says quietly, slicking back his hair iwth his hand. "The last thing i recall is standing with the mages when the tethers failed and we fell." He rubs the back of his neck, and then realises he has no idea who he's talking to. "Who are you? I feel as though we have met before but I have never been to Midgard until now."

As Loki asks for them to identify themselves, Mike turns his head to look over to Ember. Damn it. "We have met before, Loki. Both of us." He answers, his voice having a lower and slower tone than normal. He gestures to himself, "I'm Mike."

Ember nods at the part about sharing the World Tree's pain. "I know. I felt it shake here on Midgaard. Felt it when the Bifrost broke." Ember quiets as Loki recalls events up to the fall, then shifts her eyes to Mike when it's proved that Loki has no memory of them. "You have been here in the past, and have known both of us well." She nods when Mike introduces himself. "And I'm Ember. You were my teacher in the art of illusion for a time."

"I have memories of having memories, but I don't have the memories themselves." Loki draws his knees up to his chest and plops his head aganist his bony knees, long hair spreading out over his shoulders and making him look rather emo. "Mike. We we re…friends?"

Mike crouches down to get more on the level of Loki's face, rather than making the younger looking figure look up at him. "I consider you like a brother, Loki." He shrugs, "One that has a tendency to go on long trips away, but a brother nontheless."

Ember remains quiet at this stage of things. She was never as close to Loki as Mike is/was, so she lets him take the lead. She'll speak up if addressed directly, or if there's something she thinks will help.

"A brother…." Loki muses. "Thor." He tries to get up, but doesn't have the strength. "Thor was attempting to help keep the Bifrost together. He must have come down with us."

Mike holds out a hand, gently touching it to Loki's shoulder, "We didn't find him with what landed here. You need to get your rest so you can better help us help your people. Unless your parents popped on down here as well or Thor shows up, you're the one they should be looking to." He tries to give a reassuring smile, "I can let the rest of our teammates know to keep an eye out for Thor just in case."

"There are a lot of your people at the piece of Asgard that landed here in Midgaard." Ember speaks softly but puts weight behind her words, speaking to the Prince and not the Trickster. "They're lost, hurt, and confused. You can help them. Lead them. We will of course keep looking for your brother, your parents, and the rest of Asgard. But even if and when we do find them, this is still the time where you're needed, Loki."

Looking to Ember, Loki squints. "Me? Lead them?" ponders this. "I…I don't know…" He is sitting indian style on the bed, frowning. "I mean I always wanted to be king, but I've never been allowed to lead anything."

"There's a first time for everything." Mike replies, giving a slight chuckle, "Although, in your case with the way lives tend to reset, I'd say several first times." He shifts over, turning so he's sitting on the edge of the bed, looking to the Asgardian, "And you'll be fine. You've led things before. Even if you don't remember…"

"Did I succeed when I led them? Whom did I lead? If I did it before, I could perhaps lead armies!" he moves to stand up, but ends up oozing to the ground. "Well then."

Ember nods her agreement with Mike, then grins at Loki's response. "Leading civilians through troubles is just as challenging as leading armies to war." Then when Loki tries to stand, she moves over to sit on the edge of the bed near him. "But first you need to rest and regain your strength. Trying to hold Asgard together took every ounce of your energy. You need to regain at least some of what you've lost first."

"Yes. Rest is definitely what you need right now," Mike agrees, "To lead properly, you will need your health."

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