2017-02-05 Long and Dusty Road
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Ms Marvel, Red Squire
GMed by N/A
Title: Long and Dusty Road

Rating: everybody

OK, so being in the hospital after the alien attack was no fun, but really, what was Dusty to do? When the whole world is under attack you have to do your best to defend it…after all there IS no place to hide. Anyway, it probably did wonders for Red Squire's reputation, even if he DID get hurt doing it. Still, he needs to get back to practicing as Dusty, and needs to have Red Squire do something, so that people do not think he is out of the action. Right now, though, he is here as Dusty, practicing his stage magic. It is tough while injured, but he needs to keep in practice or he will lose his touch.

Carol Is here why well to check on Dusty everybody that helped all the hero's that came out of the word work were tagged by sword and shield and cataloged and researched now they are being checked on and vetted to make sure they are not a treat to the population or perhaps somebody shield can work with.

Dusty does street performances to raise money for the homeless, using it to buy them food mostly. He alternates between magic and music. Right now, he is working on magic. He can not do some of the tougher tricks yet, not until he heals more, but he has enough basic skill to keep people entertained. He left the hospital by means of his power, so he can not easily be tracked…or so he thinks. He had been noted as a teleporter, so they had placed a tracer on him, something that would stick with him for several days despite attempts to wash it off.

Carol Smiles she lets him finish his show she's not about to interrupt him after all she just calmly waits.. she's the really pretty girl watching the magic show.. the super model that's delighted by the magic in the crowd as she watched.

Dusty finishes the magic act by pulling a trombone out of his hat. He says, "Time for music folks!" Dusty is a professional jazz musician, if anything better at music than stage magic. Those who know his music in the crowd probably applaud.

Carol Lifts an eyebrow at the music but she listens she's waiting for the act to be done after all before she gets close to the man but she's hopping this won't take all night.
Dusty works unti he raises enough money to feed his homeless friends for the night, then starts putting things away. He is stiff and sore after the performance, this kind of thing is tough while healing.

Carol Walks over and smiles "Hi!" she says brightly as she puts down a suit Case, "Your Show was totally awesome!" she says brightly of course she's distracting you long enough for the wide area teleport jammer to kick in.

Dusty says, "Thanks, donation from my street shows go to feed the homeless. If you want to see me working with a band, stop by the Blue Moon after 6:00 most evenings." He is here as Dusty the performer, not Dustin the Thief or Red Squire the hero, so he is perfectly in character to promote his shows.

Carol smiles when she hears the beep and pulls out a badge and shows it "HI Shield would you come with me for some questions.. Please don't try and teleport going to get you will just piss me off."

Dusty says with a perfect poker face, "Madame, I am a stage magician, I am good at giving the illusion of vanishing, not teleportation." His mind is working fast, trying to think of various ways out of the situation. for now he will play along, not trying to escape, but he seriously does not want to be forced to work for the government.

Carol Nods, "Awesome Come on." She motions and points towards a gate as she picks up the case after all it's a portable blocker she's not sure it's working but even if you teleport she can find you at which point you'll find out she's not a normal agent and making her angry was a bad idea!

Dusty is working on various escapes. Making certain of his lock picks, flash powder, and hiding places. He does not even think of trying to use his powers at this point, he is well trained tho think of them only as a last resort.

Carol Poor dusty has no idea who just got him.. because he's a teleporter they didn't play and brought in the big guns.. so she leads you to a waiting armored van and opens the door, "Come on inside." She says brightly and hopes in with you if you go in that is.. she sits down on the bench "We're going to HQ to ask you some questions just get a lock on your powers and then your free to go."

People under estimate what can be done by stage magic, but then again, he is not at his best. Dusty does inquire, "So, for what reason do you think I have powers? I am just an ordinary musician with a magic act."

Carol Now that they are inside the Van that starts to drive away she pulls out a phone and hands it over.. There is a video set up if you hit play it's you as your alter ego showing off your powers during the Merger event. She just waits for your response to see how you get out of it.

Dusty watches, "I remember seeing this footage on the news. Nice moves with that cape, I wonder if he is a bullfighter." He is giving nothing away for free.

Carol Smiles, "Your right I did like your moves they were nice we know that's you keep watching." She points to the part where you were knocked out, "Now we got the only footage but," She smiles as somebody pulls your mask down to check on you and basically shows your face, "We got ya."

Dusty points out, "These days, such an video could easily be produced with anyone's face. I could find one showing J Jonah Jameson is Spider-man in two minutes on line."

Carol Sighs and leans back " If you wanna keep playing that care we can play hard ball too " she says softly " We just want to register you and make you understand the rules once that's done your free to go.. if you wanna keep up the act and make us have to get nasty we are fully allowed to get nasty inside the confines of the law.. please don't make us "

Dusty points, "Registration is currently voluntary, the section making it mandatory was overturned except for person convicted of criminal activity. Looks tome like the guy in the video is saving lives, not being a criminal."

Carol Nods, "True that was before the state of emergency due to the attack by the two world ending beings as well as the worlds population suddenly changing overnight and earth getting twice as large.. as you understand under such a state rules change and fast," she says simply

Dusty says, "As noted, such things change, but it may not be worth the trouble to seek out everyone someone points a finger at as a possible suspect. The government is likely going to have a great deal of trouble enforcing such a rule."

Carol Sighs, "We're not the bad guys we just want you to know we are aware of who you are and would like you to answer some questions.. if you don't want to we won't hold you but it won't look good if you break the law."

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