2017-02-05 Spaced Out
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Atalanta, Captain
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Title: Spaced Out

Rating: everybody

With the chaos of the Merger settling down, and with Stark, Richards, As well as corporations like Starr enterprises, Wayne Tech, and Lexcorp taking over communication burden, The Enterprise has had a load taken off her systems. Even for a single planet, routing millions upon millions of communications such as Cell phones, relief efforts, and all that has been hard and taxing. Still Jacob right now is just relaxing in his lounge. The enterprise has been repaired thanks to The Nova Corps and she is once again Whole. Right now she is transported some of the debris still in earth orbit into her cargo holds for break down, but also trying to clear space around earth of the smaller debris that could impact the ground.

for now he is more just keeping a check on long range sensors, and an eye out for possible incursions.

Laura is in the tower, trying to cope with what Power Girl told her. Can it be true? Did the merger of worlds cause a cascade failure the destroyed all other universes, at least temporarily? Who could she contact to find out? Well, the man who sent her to…what was here. Could she contact his ship? Perhaps…she will look over the resources in the tower and see if there is a way…

Generally there are indeed sensors in the Tower, and at the scanners show four ships in earth orbit. three Atalanta may not know, and the fourth. The vessel show's up as the USS Enterprise. Constitution refit. The ship still has her communications open for helping to relay some important messages and orders. Right now a lot of it is handled by private sectors, but The enterprise is there.

Atalanta is no genius, but she knows how to research. Given the computer and communications of the tower, it does not take her long to figure out how to beam a signal at the Enterprise. The question is on what frequency…so she checks to see what energies it transmits and sends something on one of those, "Captain Tylor, this is Atalanta, can we talk?"

As the channels is at first seeming to get no response the voice of Atalanta is checked, and then routed to the bridge. "This is Captain Tylor, Atalanta, is that you?" he asks genuinely concerned. Making sure that the voice is checked, double, then triple checked as it is confirmed to be her. "Are you alright?"

Atalanta responds, "Pleased to hear your voice Captain Tylor…I guess Captain America did not let you know I was around? Unfortunately, while the world that recently merged with yours is the one I was sent to, it is not quite my home." She adds, "I am wanting to discuss a few things with someone who might know…you were the first one I thought of who also knows me."

As he listens to her and he says. "I am sorry. And no I don't think he had time to inform me. One moment and I will transport you to my ship are you able to come aboard now?" he says genuinely concerned. The thought he had seen her, but wasn't 100% sure. from the battle, he of course had a lot to do that day on the battlefield. And he heads over to the tactical console to get a transporter lock on her location.

Laura says, "I should be able to, I am not on duty or at school at the moment. I will leave a not on the computer about where I have gone, in case anyone needs to contact me." She does so.

AS he says, "Prepare for transport." and the Blue field appears around Laura as he will transport her up dematerializing her and bringing her up to the Enterprise right to the bridge. He stands up and smiles at her. "Atalanta, it's good to see you again. I wish it was under more pleasant circumstances." he says coming over to her with a smile. "I am sorry, I'm sorry I didn't get you home." he sounds rather dejected.

Atalanta could escape from the field probably, but sees no reason to try, she allows herself to be transported up. She listens to Jacob's speech and says, "I wanted to know two things, if you could find the answers. Personally more important…can you tell of my home universe even exists any more, or was cousin Kara's analog right that all the other universes are like a computer that crashed and is rebooting? Second…was my presence what caused the universes to align?

Laura has been wondering is, possibly, this is all her fault…

As he listens to her and the questions make him blank out. "Second question first no, you did not cause the merger. It was universal. And one planet merging with another should not have caused this. So you can relax. It is not your fault." As he thinks and he says. "As for the First, Honestly, I do not know. But In all practicality, Two universes merging into one, should have annihilated them both completely. The fact that they are integrated so nearly perfectly, I have a feeling that there is some higher power at work. That kept both universes from exploding. Which means that most likely other universes are still very much intact."

Laura says, "Kara said otherwise, that all the universes were collapsed and were realigning, she said she had it on the authority of 4 top brains and the person who kept the universes from exploding…"

as he listens to her, "It is one possibility yes. They could have rebooted, they might be fine. The only person I know of through someone else is currently MIA and he's most likely trying to find the cause. But sooner or later he'll show up here. He has a fondness for Earth and humans in particular it seems."

He knows what is prying on her mind, are her friends and family alright. Coming up so he can embrace her in a hug if she will allow it. "I sealed the fracture that you originally came through. I am positive that you did not cause it."

Atalanta is somewhat relieved, "It would be nice to be certain I was not responsible…and nicer if I knew my family and friends from back home were still there for me to find a way back to…if I ever can."

As he looks to her he smiles and he heads over to the Science station. "While Rare cracks in reality do form, the danger comes when you poke at said cracks, and don't stop. Think of it like a wound in a human, Human gets a stab wound in the arm." And he starts using controls to show what appears to be two planes of existence. And it shows a fast stab through it as it punches a hole from one to another universe. And it shows a close up where it is fractured like a pane of glass. And soon the cracks begin to recede, "Now what I did was I stabilized it, and then reopen it. Like prepping the injury for surgery, and it opened a small hole for you to travel through Then I stitched it closed."

"IT also forms what is best called Scar tissue, basically like a human breaking a bone, the bone is stronger in the area of the break than before. So it can't be broken in the same spot again. As for how and why these two universes merged. You can rest assured it wasn't you or me. No there was some grand sentient mind at work."

"As for the other universes. They could have rebooted I don't know, like turning off a computer then bringing it back online. Everything should be fine." he says "As for undoing what has been done. We are going to have to accept the changes. Because anything that could merge two universes into one? I have no idea how to find, confront, much less fight if it refuses to undo the changes."

Atalanta considers, "The problem with rebooted universes is that, while they would tend to follow the same general lines as they did before, they might not be exact matches…or they might be too exact and I may already be there if I try to go home." She it trying to be rational about this. She says, "I do not suppose you could try again to get me home though…living through the realignment is bound to have changes by base vibrational frequency."

As he listens to her he says. "Yes that is possible. An exact reboot." and then when she talks of returning home he shakes his head and says. "No I'm sorry." then he turns on the view screen again. "The entire universe is reeling from this impact. The lines between dimensions is still very much… cracked. I would be like stabbing the human in the arm in the same place over and over again. The risk of allowing something coming through the void is too likely." And he shows the universe all cracked like a window pane and then it seems to just explode. "I'm sorry. I am so Sorry Atalanta. It's too dangerous."

Atalanta shrugs, "Well, if there is a good chance my world exists, it is an improvement offer what I was worried about. An as to not being able to get home right away, I have had THAT problem for a month already, I am getting used to it. In the meantime, I need to discuss a slight problem with my uniform…"

"Well Not sure what you heard, but you might have a group of scientists claim all other universes were rebooted, others were not effected, and that this universe is the only one left standing and all others. With models, and theories and all in between. My advise is, Keep your hopes up that they are fine. And… if you are in it still. Then take some comfort in the fact they are not worried sick about you." he says trying to be concerned and compassionate.

"You will find good people and bad people everywhere. I am sure you have made all sorts of friends now… I hope you consider me one."

"Ah Connie would you be kind enough to replicate some more uniforms for Atalanta and make them much more durable." he says as she appears and says, "Already on it Captain."

Atalanta nods to the philosophical commentary and says, "Perhaps I should show you what I did that damaged it first, so you can see what improvements are needed?" She will check to see if there are records of the battle with Darkseid. She will explain, "What I did was reduce my personal aura, pulling it inwards. I have learned how to do that a bit, so that I can move air instead of leaving it undisturbed by my passing. This time, I pulled it in completely, while accelerating to a really high speed. The result being that I created a combination of a sonic boom with turning the air around me to plasma with friction…effectively hitting that spot with a meteor…"

As Jacob watches the battle with Darkseid including the rope around his neck by Wonder Woman, and of course the hyper sonic bullet shot from the man in the dark power armor. Right before Darkseid escapes. "If he survived that I will be surprised. But information i have says he can and most likely did survive."

Atalata says, using knowledge from her home universe, "He is supposed to be an immortal, a God like those of Olympus, pretty much the only way to kill one is to spread his atoms over a few hundred cubic miles so that he can not pull himself together. As that was not done, he will be back eventually."

Jacob nods "Good to know. Well it might not seem like a bad idea, and I think that would be a mistake. I am a firm believer in karma and balance of Yin-yang. If you remove a great evil in the universe, the universe will shift it's balance and to compensate bring in something much stronger to take it's place. In this case worse." he says.

"Or, if not stronger, at least not a known quantity. They say better the devil you know than the one you don't," Atalanta agrees. She waits and lets him analyze the attack she did to see what kind of damage was done to her uniform.

It's not that hard to scan the uniform as Connie will alter the uniform. He will make sure that she has a number of replacements. He had been concerned for the material so he has Connie use stronger more durable, materials.

Atalanta says, "That seems to cover all I wanted to talk about, did you need anything while I am here?"

As he thinks and says. "No I don't But I am trying to still recover and collate the data from both worlds. Information comparison, groups, Trying to find hot spots that need addressed, and of course, criminal groups. More than a few have seemed to try to hack the Enterprise." he says.

Atalanta says, "Well, I have studied a bit in both worlds, I do not have a super memory though, so I might not remember everything. Give me access to an input device that works at super speed and I may be able to help."

Jacob says, "It's alright I managed to have Connie reverse hack them. One called Argus, Cadmus. I had expected it when I took up the job of having the enterprise begin relaying communications around the globe."

She clarifies, "I meant with trying to create a list of known groups and bad guys."

"Getting me the database would be best, but I can have Connie set something like that up in the holodeck. Shouldn't be too hard. Sorry the consoles are not designed for Super sonic speeds. Fast input yes, but not that fast." he says with a smile.
"Well, if you transport me back down for a moment, I can start a download from the Titans database about people from that world," Laura suggests.

"Alright, But may sure that their normal data base is secured from upload. Also might be best to talk to them. I did get similar from my world we can at least share that database." he says looking down and will allow Atalanta be transported down this time with a suitcase that has new costumes and of course, more durable. "Super heroes tend to get rather pissy when they think their systems are compromised without them knowing." he says

"A point," Atalanta admits. "Let me call first."

Atalanta says shortly, "I suppose I will have to bring it up at a meeting, they do not see to be answering my calls. I can get started with what I remember though."

With a nod he smiles and will have a small Iphone produced from a replicator. "Here this is a sign of my good intentions a list of groups both good and bad as well as general information that is known to the public. I can't give any more data than that away until I speak with Shield Command." He is trying to build bridges.

She lets Captain Tylor lead her to the holodeck and gets to work on building a database of known parties in the world she has lived in for most of the last month.

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