2017-02-05 Trouble in East Harlem
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Michelle, Sallow, Tattooed Man
GMed by Tattooed Man
Title: Trouble in East Harlem

Rating: everybody

Mark Richards is not the world's greatest detective, but he has some skill at thinking like the enemy and figuring out their tactics. The man he has been hired to kill is going to be here, nearby. He came from here once, he knows the places and the people, he will think it gives him an edge. He will probably try to disguise himself, but his tastes will not change, the people he knew will not have changed. There are some places he is likely to show up, and Mark is staking out one of them today.

If there are places in New York where Robert Sallow would not drive his car in, East Harlem is one of them. Strange, knowing he comes from Hell's Kitchen but then, over there, his reputation precedes him. In East Harlem, he is another white tourist, asking for trouble just by breathing and using space. A cigarette hanging at the corner of his mouth, he walks his way down the street, looking at civic numbers once in a while to locate the building he must visit.

And…..how did Michelle end up in Harlem? Let alone EAST Harlem. Well….Michelle is here and she stands out by having the lightest skin in the district. Not that she's worried about it too horribly much. Today, however, she's here on an errand for Doctor Sharpe. Why in East Harlem, she'll never know. But….Michelle was there….and she was getting paid for it….

Mark spots a possibility. Close enough in height and build that a disguise could be in place. HE looks in place here, or not badly out of place at least. Dark skin, black curly hair, and tattoos. He moves to follow his target, shadowing him to see if it is the right person, or simply someone similar.

As he tosses his spent cigarette away, Robert spots a flash of pale, a beacon in crowd. Could it be..? He waves. "Michelle!" he calls out. He hastens his pace to meet with her. Doing he so, he goes around a trio of local gang members, the Tiburons, sporting their flashy neck chains and topknot haircuts. One of them flashes a silver grid at Sallow but let him pass.

Michelle pops her head up as her name is called. She looks around in alarm before she spot Robert…and she visibly relaxes. 'Don't scare me like that!" She giggles as he comes closer, but makes sure the gang-bangers don't attack. "How're you doing, Rob?"

The possible talks to several people, some of them on the associates list, but that is not conclusive. Mark follows, he thinks the perp is wearing some make-up to cover a distinguishing mark, he can check if he gets closer…the guy is not an expert, the make-up should be imperfect.

"Doing fine, fine," Robert says, nodding. He gives a sideways glance to the loitering Tiburons, sitting in the front stairs of what could be one of their crackhouses. "My night janitor didn't show in for the third shift in a row. He wasn't at his apartment either, so I'm bound to ask his mother… whose phone number is a 404." He lights up a cigarette, not flashing his golden apparatus so much as usual. "How about you, lady? What brings you in this 'hood?"

Michelle makes a face. '404 as in file not found, or 404 as in a room number?" She then sighs. "Hopefully he's okay, but we're sorta in the wrong part of town to look. But then…I'm just a kid." She says as she looks at the gang-bangers. "You know what I mean."

The make-up is not bad, but it is clearly there, covering the scar. It would hold up from a distance…which is why Mark had to get this close. He says to his target, "Silas Vance, Greed is your weakness, you should not have betrayed your employer." He throws off his coat, revealing he is not wearing a shirt. A tattoo of a chain springs off Mark's shoulder, wrapping itself around Silas. A Monstrous spider crawls off Mark's chest and leaps onto Silas…

"No phone…" Robert says, stopping in mid sentence to notice the man eating, man-sized spider over there. The eeriness of it messes up with his flight or fight mechanisms, he stares, undecided. "Stay with me, Michelle," he finally utters, reaching under his jacket, at his back, for a golden handgun he removes the safety off of. Robert keeps his gun pointed down but ready to aim and fire.

As for the Tiburons, one jumps up and runs into the building, the other decides to brave the traffic and cross the street. The third flicks a jacknife to life… then changes his mind and follows the first gangboy inside.

Michelle jumps at the sight of the spider and scurries backwards away from the spider, seemingly unhearing of anything Robert says at first. Finally, fear showing on her face, she screams and runs down the sidewalk away from the spider.

It'd be a real convincing act….if it was true.

Once about a block and a half away, Michelle finally looks back and ducks down an alley. "Sorry, Rob. As I was….I wasn't going to be of any help to you. but I know of someone who will be."


Michelle's clothes seem to digitize away, and another set digitizes on, a form fitting bodysuit, shoulder attachments and eye protection form upon her body, and she runs out of the other end of the alley, running back towards the source of the problem….and right by the spider, letting the air from her run push the spider off of it's victim…..or, at least distract it.

The spider seems pretty hard to distract. It seems to be wrapping the man in webbing as if getting him ready to consume. Mark,on the other hand notices the interference and a new tattoo pulls itself off his skin…a length of barbed wire that springs out like a snake to wrap the cyborg up. He also notices the gun…and a flaming skull with bat wings springs off his arm to fly towards the wielder.

"Beegees…" Robert says, watching Michelle panic and flee as fast and far as she could. He tenses up and raises his gun, aiming. "What?" he does, as something flies by him, something gleaming, a knight in shining armor getting in the way of his shot. This other fellow, on the other side of the spider and its prey, summons more non-sense from his tattoos. Defensively, Robert pops two shots at the batty flaming skull coming for him, one for each eye socket, bam bam.

"tough spider." Michelle says to herself as the watches the barbed wire come towards her. Just as quickly, she is out of the flight path and moving towards the man who sent the barbed wire after her, and the skull towards the other man. She sends a sonic shot towards one of the legs of the spider, aiming to cut the leg off by vibrating it to pieces with pure sound.

Clearly the Cyborg will take more effort. Other Tattoos peel off Mark, a Ronin Samurai, a Chinese Dragon, A Demoness with wings and horns, and a Saber-toothed tiger. He retains the other tattoos in case of need. Meanwhile, the spider seems to be hurt, not using the leg the sonic shot hit, but it has seven more, so it is not incapacitated. The seems to have finished wrapping it's prey and be preparing to bite. The Barbed wire continues to be animate, following the cyborg across the ground. The Skull is hit by the shots, they pass through the skull, which starts leaking flames through the back but does not seem to be slowed down much.

There is a fight in Robert that will not give up, even in the face of outworldy forces that ignore bullets. "Huh!" he does as he performs a split that would put Jean-Claude Van Damme in his place, letting the skull roar above his head. As his bottom touches the sidewalk, time seems to slow down around him, sounds get distorted, a second becoming two. From his new point of view, he aims at the Tattooed Man kneecap and fires, once, hoping for the best. Time returns to normal and Robert prepares to get back up.

The woman doesn't seem to have noticed the time slow, and keeps her speed up to keep away from the animated barbed wire. She also veers away from the one summoning help from his tattoos. As she passes the tattooed man, she looks towards the spider's fangs and actually fires lasers from her eyes….to cut one of the fangs off, and keep running…..at least in short bursts….

The Ronin sees the gun turning and reacts with the speed of an Iaijyutsu master, pushing Mark aside. The bullet barely grazes the side of the leg, rather than going through the knee. The Demoness takes to the air along with the dragon, seeking to box in the cyborg. The Tiger and Barbed wire continue to doggedly follow. The spider clacks angrily as it can not bite effectively with only one fang. Mark peels off another pair of Tattoos, the Scorpion heads towards the victim while an anaconda-sizes snake slithers towards the gunman. The Samurai takes up a watchful position between Mark and the Gunman.

Robert twists and tumbles to end on the balls of his feet, crouching. He spits in dismay at the sidewalk as he holsters his useless gun. Bam! The flaming skull, which he lost track of, hits him square in the back, sending a mix of embers and rainbow colored sparks, charring his leather coat. "Aaaah!" Robert falls forward, sprawling, smoking but thankfully not on fire. He raises his gaze to see the snake coming at him. Quickly, he rolls toward the building to crouch, his back at the wall, arms raised in defense.

"Sheesh. All this just for one guy?" Rock One says openly as the demoness and Dragon try to box her in. "What the heck is this about? Money? he steal your girl? I'd leave you too if you acted like this." She says as she sprints on by the dragon. "Just…..really. Going to kill a guy in the middle of Harlem. How long do you think it'll be before one of the gangs here decides you're ticking them off and figures out a way to get rid of your flunkies?" She says as she sends a sonic blast at the dragon to vibrate a leg off. She then moves out of that spot so the winged demon doesn't pin her down. "Don't tell me YOU'VE given up." She says to Rob.

The Scorpion scuttles towards the tied up victim. Meanwhile the chain that had wrapped him comes loose and prepares to flank the cyborg. Mark starts towards the victim, the samurai keeping between Mark and the Gunman. The dragon moves around and suddenly sets the air on fire around it…or at least it looks that way…

As the boa rears to lunge its head at him, Robert jumps out of its way. The snake grazes his shoulder, more of the rainbow sparks erupt. "Bad voodoo!" Robert curses. "Just keep doing what you're doing, dude. I'm…" Blam! The flaming skull hits Robert again, who just had the time to deflect it with a karate parry. Embers and colored sparks fly, but Robert's wrist is broken. "Argh!" Robert does, gasping for air. Raising his other arm up, he strikes a pose, mustering his resolve. "ENOUGH!" he shouts, hoping to distract the Tattooed Man with his attention seeking attack.

hearing Rob yell 'ENOUGH!' is enough to make Rock One spring into action. Using that momentary distraction, Rock One turns and runs away from the dragon, the snake and the wardrobe, and turns towards the tattooed man. She's running fast enough to outrun the group, but tries to be slow enough so if she manages to land a solid hit on the tattooed man….it doesn't kill him from speed alone.

The distraction is partly effective, it works on Mark, the Samurai, and the Demoness…those are the ones that have minds of their own, though none is distracted long. However, the rest continue to follow their instructions, the snake and the skull attack the gunman, the snake trying to wrap about him and the skull seeking to get the gun from his hands. Michelle seeks to run towards Mark, but finds her path full of twists of barbed wire and a Sabertoothed tiger pouncing on her (which she could avoid as long as she does not get wrapped in the wire). The chain and the dragon are coming up behind her. Meanwhile, the scorpion runs a stinger the size of a fist into the skull of the tied up man, who goes into convulsions withing the silk bindings.

Tripped from under and pushed from top, Robert threatens to topple. He manages to free one leg from the giant snake, yet the other is in its coil, while his broken arm's sleeve is finally catching on fire from parrying the skull once more. Robert launches a karate chop at the snake's neck with his left arm, unable to deal with the flaming skull at the moment.

Rock One is able to, barely, evade the snake and the Sabretoothed tiger to attempt to land a hit on the tattooed man. "no matter what he's done, it doesn't justify killing him." Her running arc turns towards the pinned man to try and grab the spider strands and blast the scorpion's stinger off of the man's head. "Dammit…." She grumbles as she tries to drag him out from under the scorpion…..

The cyborg strikes at the Tattooed Man, who expertly parries…he is not as fast but he is fast, for a human, and another tattoo on his hand flares to life, his fists start to glow as he blocks, a blow that would probably break bones is turned aside with no harm by his glowing fists. She runs to try to grab the victim…but discovers he is tied down with a drag line. She manages to blast the Scorpion's stinger, but it vomits acid at her. The Chain and the Barbed wire are approaching front and rear, and the Dragon and the Demoness are coming from the left and right. The Snake seems to be stunned, but is pretty heavy wrapped around Robert's legs. The skull flits back in, as if angered by the damage to the snake.

Robert feels the snake relax a bit, the threat of a venomous bite delayed for now. He ducks sideways, the skull glancing at his funky haircut and leaving glowing holes in it, where the hair was almost set on fire. Again, the mysterious rainbow sparks seem to keep him sort of protected. He douses his burning sleeve under the opposite armpit, wincing from the pain. In the same move, he scissors the snake's neck in between his thighs, just under the jaws, and drops to the ground to apply maximal pressure. "I got this!" he lies to the cyborg.

The 'cyborg' as she seems to be called, increases her speed to avoid the dragon and chain in front of her….to split the uprights, as you will. Once past them, she stops and turns around. "annoying as hell. If you're going to kill him, I'm destroying your constructs." And suddenly, she launches a rather broad range sonic attack, intending to vibrate the tattoo constructs out of existence. Getting close to the 'cyborg', from any angle would only increase the vibrations that the tattoos are exposed to by a large amount….

The constructs stay back from the Cyborg, for the most part. The spider throws strands of webbing, the scorpion tries spitting acid again, the demon breathes fire, and the Samurai, apparently deciding Robert is immobilized, throws shirikin at her. If the dragon has any special attacks, they are apparently not long range. Meanwhile the Tiger, chain, and barbed wire stand guard while Mark pulls out a dagger and, pulling the webbing aside, starts carving letters into the flesh. Magic flares as the sins of the flesh are pulled free from the soul…

The snake liquefies in between Robert's legs, turning into a rivulet that flows on its own volition back to its summoner, the Tattooed Man. Just in time, because Robert has to roll left, roll right, to dodge the ramming of the flaming skull. Having measured the timing of the skull's attack, Robert avoids it a third time and slams his good elbow at it as it hits the ground. Hopefully, that buys Robert enough time to find his cellphone, somewhere in his jacket, and start a tune…

Now Rock One seems to have everyone but the flaming skull distracted. During the sonic attack, the attacks literally disintegrate against the sonic barrier. The woman is able to see what is going on with the magical ritual and……she's definitely confused. But she's not stopping her sonic attack….because the tattoos are still attacking.

Having finished carving "Traitor and Thief", Mark turns and runs, his tattoos heading back to join him. The Barbed Wire continues to impede the progress of the speedster…at least to keep her from following, the Dragon and the Demoness grab Mark's outstretched arms and lift him into the air as soon as the other tattoos are recovered…the barbed wire coiling like a spring and jumping after.

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