2017-02-06 A Banked Up Job
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Ojin, Verdant, Robin, Sallow, Pulse
GMed by Ojin
Title: A Banked Up Job

News feeds are up, cars again line the street. People go to work, cook food, etc. It all seems… normal to say the least. Of course the news is speaking of various charity events to help with several post merger problems, such as homes, jobs, rebuilding, etc. There a lot happening all over. But people are dealing with it. But with the merger also came other problems, such as increase in criminal activity which hasn't quite died down.

Near New York Banker, people were doing their usual business. Getting new and old accounts looked over. The area was also congested with several cars. Someone speaks over a private radio channel "Alright boys. Almost time. Get into position." Several people exit cars and enter the bank

Bjorn happened to be in the bank. Checking to make sure his accounts where in order. Sure he looked normal… but he was unusually stern and stoic today as he stood in line. He would occasionally glance at the clock "You would think with the claims of new jobs, things would not take so long"

Minoke is standing there with Bjorn, a cute little six-year-old girl with shockingly-green hair (like grass), with matching eyes - and she's also wearing green. She hmmmmms happily. "What is this place, Papa? There's so much gold and silver in the back - I can feel it." She then blinks as she turns around suddenly as a bunch of people walk in. She squints at them, blinking, then murmurs, "Papa? I think those people there have guns on them… I can sense the metal…" Even Minoke, a week old at most, has had enough time in New York to know what a gun is.

The merger had been messy, and things had been more busy than usual. But as with all things, normality is returning. For Gotham, that means no more than its usual level of crime and larceny… high time to check out what these new cities are like. After all, if heroes are discovering the new places, it won't be long before criminals do the same. Normally confined to the depth of night, Robin is making a rare daytime excursion in a city utterly unfamiliar to him. Looking for trouble…

He's sticking to roof tops, and doesn't take very long to spot the telltale congregation of cars and usual suspects outside of … hah, what else, a bank. In his experience, acquisitive crime of that nature was up at least thirty percent in the last five days. Like a gargoyle, he takes a perch on the edge of the roof top across the street, watching the scene like a hawk. These criminals haven't met the Bat yet. But they will. Oh yes, they will.

Robert Sallow enters the bank, holding a wad of official looking papers in his left, his right hand bandaged like in a mitt, his forearm in a cast and his arm in a sling. He also carries bags under his eyes and the long yawn he casts does not take them off. That might explain how he missed noticing the team invading the bank just before him - until now. "Bee gees, bad luck follows me everywhere," he says to himself quietly, with a look of dismay on his face.

Oh Dear Gods was waiting BORING! Waiting in line, a teenage ginger girl just stands there completely dreading the fact that Twila is in fact forced to wait for this line to move. Every bit of her just wants to run up ahead but, can't do that. At least, this time, she shouldn't be in trouble for leaving the school. She made sure she left a note. Heck she taped it to Chuck's office door! Nope Not getting in trouble at all this time! How she wishes though that her dad didn't decided to deposit some money into her bank account. Not like there is much in there ever.

Quietly, the young woman stands there though. When she hears a little green haired girl mention guns, she quickly begins looking around. Her hand goes to her chest. To a rather interesting necklace with a P symbol on it. Her thumb gently brushes along the P symbol.

Bjorn glances down at Minoke "Child, it is New York. I would not be surprised if a quarter of the population had guns. I even have some guns on me" and looks back straight ahead saying "And it is called a bank. People use to keep track of currency. Though I am surprised they keep both silver and gold here. Or more accurately that there is any left" but he doesn't seem worried… until things take a turn for the worse

The criminals wanted things to move quick and move fast. They draw their weapons and fire off several warning shots yelling "Get Down Now!!!!" Indeed many if not all the costumers drop, several scream in panic. "Move move move!!!!" other are shoved down.

Three keep track of the front doors. Four of them stay patrolling the center trying to make sure no one causing trouble, unaware of other super powered being present in the building. And five immediately head for the teller and back to get as much money as possible.

Minoke blinks as she squeaks, whimpering, not sure what's going on as the little girl doesn't get down, just standing there, staring at the guys with guns, eyes wide as she just shivers, glancing to her father for guidance.

And there it is. The warning shots, the screams of innocents caught in the crossfire… really, the only difference between Gotham bank robbers and bank robbers here seems to be the lack of ridiculous costumes. For that, Robin is oddly disappointed since it made picking out the bad guys so much easier, something the crooks in the City of Justice had yet to catch on to. Hopefully, they never would. Hmmmm. Options… He debates sending an arrow through the front entrance and into the hand of one of the thugs on guard, but that would probably turn the entire thing into a hostage situation. Something to be avoided.

The bow does come out, however, and an arrow is nocked. The aim lingers for a second on the bank, then swivels down to the cars these guys took to get here. Aha. Much better idea. Aim shifts to the tires of one of the cars these clowns used to get here and are conceivably planning on using for their escape. A flurry of shots follows, six carbon fibre arrows with black fletching loosed at the tires of all the cars Damian had seen the bandits use.

Inside the bank, Robert complies and moves with the other civilians, keeping to the back of the herd. Using that tall and corpulent man in a flowing Hawaiian shirt as a screen, he tucks his papers in his jacket with the plan of trading them for his cellphone. He keeps an eye on the closest gunmen, acting slowly as to not get noticed.

Oh crap. Well, This is a first. Twila is a bit more accustomed to her speed then she was a week ago. The problem is, She is not accustomed to actually using her powers to be a super hero. She's fought parademons of course. Who hasn't at this point? Now though, everything is up in the air for the young redhead.

Time stops for the girl. She begins looking around at the robbers. She notes the little girl standing there confused. The words of a movie begin ringing in her head. 'Do you know the definition of a Hero? A person who gets their friends killed.' Its the look on the little girl's face that actually gets her to snap into action. She doesn't comply. Why would she. Instead, the 'P' on her necklace is pressed and a suit springs out at high speed. Moving at insane speeds, The young girl vibrates out of one set of clothes and into her uniform and her clothing is put into the necklace. The process takes about two seconds. She's been practicing that since she got her suit. Then she makes a Bee line for the door. She is moving at high speed hoping that she isn't going to draw too much attention.

Several things happen at once. The arrows that fly through the air at the cars… mostly do their job. Several of the cars tires are pierced, rendering them useless. But for the others? They bounce away before even hitting the cars, as if a forcefield was around them. Immediate a signal is sent "We got trouble, pick up the pace NOW!!!!"

Pulse won't be getting out of the building TOO easily however. One of the crooks seemed to have hyper acute reflexes and actually matched Pulses speed. Moving to block her when she tries to run out. "I don't think so!"

This for those in regular time however provide ample distraction. None seem to notice whatever it is Robert is up too. Giving him some free reign to work with!

One of the crooks noticing that Minoke and her apparent farther not get down, has moved to deal with them. "I said get down!!!" Bjorn dosn't comply. In fact he is inhumanly calm. He takes looks down at Minoke "Remember" and with a quick reflex he had lifted the gun man up in the air by his neck and began to choke him "A human needs air. If they run out of such a supply, it will generally knock them out" indeed the gun man struggles for air, and Bjorn… is just stone face uncaring. Though once the man is knocked out he drops him "No need to kill them however. Understand child?" nope that definitely not the Bjorn Minoke knows

But regardless the bandits in the back stopped collecting Money and began coming to the front to see what the heck was going on.

Minoke nods as she smiles. "Yes, Papa… but don't break anything…" She takes the gun by the barrel as it starts to glow green as the gun's being devoured by the construct… she eeeeps as the devouring glow, which is getting faster as she gets bigger, hits the bullets and then bang inside the ammo clip as Minoke drops it. "That was weird…" She basically ate a rifle right then and there as she looks around. "But… what if I squeeze too hard and hurt them? I…. I don't know how hard to go…?" She frowns. "And how do I know who to deprive of air?"

Ah. Well. Unexpected, that. Robin watches several arrows clatter away from their targets without harming it. He's pretty sure that he'd been on target, but then again it's entirely possible that they're a bit more sturdy in this world… he can't expect everything to be like Gotham after all. But when in doubt, there's only one thing to do. Take action. A grapple line is shot across and moments later Robin is swinging towards the bank.

He comes in on a very carefully selected trajectory, feet first, aimed for one of the thugs by the front door. The impact should be far greater than his actual body weight, the pendulum force of the swing greatly enhancing the kinetic force. Because if there's one thing you can always count on, it's physics. Cape billowing behind him, cowl firmly over his head, Robin enters the fray.

Almost there and… Robert got the cellphone, as all sorts of madness takes place. Quickly now, he cradles the phone in his sling to slide through the screens, press this icon, scroll for a the right one. The big guy he was hiding behind backs off and bumps into him as Robert was pressing the screen. "Damn it," he mutters, catching his phone in mid air. "LISTEN!" he shouts, triggering his attention seeking power, praying it'll catch the attention of a couple of robbers. Music comes out of his phone, a little weak. He was hoping for something else… but that anything will have to do. "Come take my hand… You should know me…" sings Olivia Newton John and Robert spins and goes left, left, strutting the beginning of a continental line dance. "Do it people! Woooo!" Robert shouts, forcing a smile on his face. "Dance with me!" And he launches his enticement charm, winking to the old lady beside him, who tries to follow, step, step, clap…

"Oh no, You stopped me. I… I'm Trapped her! You got me trapped in a bank! My greatest weakness!" Pulse begins crying, or at least acting like she is. She continues. "PLEASE Mr. Bank Robber. Don't hurt me!" She leans forward, crouching down and still weeping. There is a slight problem, She's doing this at high speed. So she sounds like a chipmunk jumped up on java.

"Please don't hurt me!!" Pulse is trying to make a distraction. That is the only reason she is playing with this jerk. Her body begins vibrating. Shaking wildly just in case anyone thinks it would be fun to try to shoot the speedster. Still she continues 'sobbing' in her crouched position.

Then with all the speed she can muster, she lunges her head upward, aiming for the mans chin. A Self Defense maneuver.

Frankly, the robber that caught Pulse didn't much care that she was just a young girl. In fact he was about to bash her head in with a first while she was in that crouched position. Sadly it never get to that point. Why? because SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER! The robber, its comrades and many of the customers begin dancing and shaking their booties in tune to the quiet music! This means Pulse manages to get a solid punch in on the crook that caught her, sending him flying into the wall with a thump

Damien deciding to crash the party was also aided by this! Too busy dancing and enjoying themselves, Damian crashed through the window and knocks out this othe guard, spraying glass everywhere and drawing attention to him now.

This glass shattering though is also disruptive enough to end Sallow SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER effect! Everyone regains control of themselves. And now, guns were being drawn to shoot and kill

Bjorn was dancing disco style. Pointing a finger back and forth. "Well Child." spins "Generally, their the ones that are not on the ground, using guns, and generally trying to either kill or hurt you. However if you see someone trying to help, probably do not strangle them" the effect ends and he has control of his body again. He flexes "Heh. Also, if their bleeding, your squeezing far to hard. Do not be ashamed if you accidentally kill someone one." as if that was no consequence. He cracks his knuckles "Now, I believe we have some fighting to do"

Minoke starts dancing, caught up in the Saturday Night Fever, giggling and clapping her hands, caught up in the fervor and forgetting the trouble… until the loud crash has her recover her senses. "Oh… ummmm…" She nods as she walks towards one of the robbers and reaches for his gun - and if she gets her hand on the barrel…. it'd start to glow and dissolve. The bad guys with no guns can't hurt people as easy.

Boots to the face, it never fails. Shock and speed are assets in a situation like this, and nothing says shock like a shattered window, fragments of glass spraying inwards and someone sailing across the room to land in a crumpled heap. Even through the cowl, however, Robin had picked up the sound of the music and had felt this incredible compulsion to dance. Now that the urge is gone, however, it may not be a coincidence that when batons are drawn, his feet refuse to stay in place. Right step, left twist, turn, step back, lean back -KICK-

The cape flows behind him as Robin engages his target, one of the thugs near the door that are still up, the boy hero seemingly refusing to stand still or stay in one place for long. Moving to some unheard rhythm, his feet seem to have a life of their own as he twists and turns, bringing Capoeira to the fight.

"Why…?" Robert asks as the fracas of the masked youth crashing a window also breaks his spell. The Harlem shuffle is off and the old lady trips over her own feet, falling to the side. Similar mishaps occur in ripple effect around Robert, hopefully not all too bad in consequences. He drops his phone, showing an angry smile. "This is a very very bad week for me!" he warns around. Spotting the closest bad guy, he blinks his eyes and time seems to slow, everything half as fast, sounds get distorted. He engages his target with a graceful front flip, using his one good hand as a springboard, climbing and spinning forward now. As he comes down, time resumes its normal course and his hand forms a hammer he attempts to smash at the robber's collar bone.

The young speedster is overwhelmed with the desire to dance. Sadly the music is just way too slow for her to get with the beat. She fights that compulsion. In a bust of speed, Pulse is on the other speedster. She quick wraps an arm around the fallen thug's neck in the form of a sleeper hold. She puts as much strength as she can in an effort to knock him out. Its a definitely not something she's accustomed to but she has to try. "Don't fight it, Just let go." She whispers.

Everything comes to a stop as her perception of time is affected by Sallow. That compounded on her general crazy temporal perception causes everything to appear frozen. She simply keeps the pressure up.

Damian KICK knocks out another of the guards. Two down! Twila sleeper hold is fought against. The man tries thumping Twila against a wall, but it with everything going on, he was mostly hitting air. He slowly goes blue and down and down he goes until knocked out.

Swallow change of perception is of great aid to him. The robber he faces tries to actually shoot Swallow… but with his perception off, all he hits is wall when the bullets fly. The hammer hand comes down hard and takes him out. Powered or not, it seem they were not prepared for a fight of this magnitude.

The gun Minoke touches is quickly eaten up leaving the robber defenseless. Or does it? There a grin from the crook at Minoke "Well well, we aren't what we seem. Now, how bout you go kill your big friend over there?" Minoke would feel something in her mind.. in her very code. The robber she tried for was a technopath and technokinitic. He was trying to hack her very code and force her to commit actions against her will… but can the young robot resist?

The crooks that have joined up were beginning to shoot, trying to hit the heroes. Bjorn manages to tackles one with surprising speed and throw him at one of the other shooters. Mostly trying to make sure innocents would not be harmed

As for the crooks outside? They original were starring when they saw everyone dancing. Like what the heck was going on? And then… well the heroes start beating the crap out of their friends and they make a bee line for it. A screech of tires and the cars that weren't deflated zoom off. The ones that where defeated run into alleyways or anywhere else

Minoke ate the gun - then she felt something trying to attack her mentally. She turns to face Bjorn, her face blank, eyes dull. For a moment it looked like it'd work. But the technopath bit off a bit more than he could chew. Her programming is unlike anything on Earth - it's made by one of the most advanced civilizations ever, and it's rapidly throwing off the shackles. She stares at Bjorn. "Help…" she whispers, unable to move, able to fight the compulsion as it lessens, twitching, her skin shimmering green as she's having trouble staying together as she's starting to adapt to the attack -but it's taking her a bit to maintain control.

Another one bites the dust. Two down, some more left to go. But unfortunately guns are now properly in play, something to avoid when inside a building with a plethora of crooks and a smattering of innocents. The marksmanship of your average mook isn't great after all and one of them is bound to hit something at some point through sheer weight of fire, and that is almost certainly going to be a civilian. Robin approaches a shooter in a series of leaps, flips and cartwheels, making for a very difficult target. At the same time he's building up speed and momentum, the required ingredients for a flip kick… He's pretty certain there are going to be a few holes in his cape after this escapade, hearing the bullets rip through the air around him. It's probably about even money that he'll be able to deliver his kick before actually getting hit.

Robert picks the gun of the man he knocked down. His good hand is hurting but still working. The strong man and his girl in the middle seem to have things under control, he appraises. The wrestling teenager girl is doing just fine and the masked boy is kicking butts by the truckload… but then, they are using guns. Robert flips the gun in his hand, changing his grip on it from handle to barrel. He aims at a robber near Robin and swings, throwing the gun like it were a boomerang.

Finally the man goes down. Gunshots begin ringing out. Whats worse, Her Perception of time returns to normal so those bullets are moving a bit faster then she thought they were. Pulse shakes her head, "Oh No. Sorry for this…"


Several windows shatter as she takes off, shattering the sound barrier. Her destination is the center of the room. Quickly she reaches out, attempting to catch the bullets out of the air. Its a scary thing. Trying to outrun things. Hopefully she catches them in time. Last thing she wants is anyone getting hurt.

Bullets are fast, but not as fast as Pulse. Each and every bullet is caught by the speedster. This luckily makes it that no holes are left in the walls, or people - but well she did break the sound barrier, in a closed space. The resulting change not only broke the rest of the windows, but caused several people to be knocked back!

Some of the bullets DO put holes in Robins cape, but none hit him as he makes his dramatic flips. The kick knocks out the crook!

The gun turned boomrang thrown by Robert sails towards the intended target. It didn't knock him out, but did knock the gun out of his hand. He turns angrily to sallow and approaches him quickly and threateningly!

The technopath concentrates trying take control of Minoke. "I said Kill him, you stupid robot" he says through gritted teeth. he didn't expect it to be this tough, but he was trying

Bjorn takes one of the crooks and breaks their arms without a second thought, leaving that one on the ground in pain. Excessive? Maybe. Shooting guns? Not for a long time. But Bjorn looks to Minoke as she says to Help her. There was no change in expression, or emotion. He says as stoically as ever "Help yourself." A dose of 'tough love' from the not-so-Bjorn Bjorn perhaps?

Minoke twitches. "Daddy…?" she whines as she turns, staring at the technopath. "I am not… a robot… I am more…" She suddenly jumps on the attacker, swinging a metal fist at his head - she wants it to stop - it hurts so much, her skin still rippling green as she's fighting - tears streaking down her eyes - it hurts her heart… she'll punch him over and over again wherever she can, especially the head, till it stops hurting as she screams in rage.

Mark three, with additional perforation to the costume, and an unexpected ballistic gun. Robin turns from the last mook he knocked senseless and sees his ally being menaced by the man that was about to shoot him. Well, turnabout is fair play and never let it be said that the Boy Wonder isn't grateful for an assist. On the other hand, it's important to let other people fight their own battles, but angry crook versus man with broken arm? No, not a fair fight. Time to even those odds.

Going back to basics, Robin swings a pair of bolos and lets fly, aiming to wrap the wire not around the crook's legs as is traditional, but around his neck. That, he hopes, would be sufficient distraction and even the odds, as well as repay the favor. He does so hate owing people.

Robert flinches, surprised by the sonic boom. He finds himself crouching, his hand against the floor and his ears ringing something fierce. He looks up and sees the disarmed bandit coming at him like nothing had just happened. 'You can not lose this fight as long as you are alive', the voice of his hand to hand instructor echoes in his mind, from so many years ago. He launches himself forward in a spin just as Robin's bolos snare his opponent, his right leg extending for the coming crescent kick, aimed at the center mass.

Pulse takes off running again. This time, There is no one there to stop her. She is actually not blowing out windows this time. Quickly she moves to the local Police department. It doesn't take her too terribly long. "Attempted bank robbery. Powered individuals. They are taken down but you are going to need to come prepared." She states. She gives them the address and takes off again. Back to the bank.

Mid run, she pulls out her necklace again. She hits the P on the button and rapidly changes into her civvies. As soon as she's back in the bank she hits the floor, right where she had been standing. Just a normal girl. Yup! Nothing doing here! "Is it safe to get up?" The young girl asks.
I don't understand that.

There were moans all over from the beaten up crooks. The heroes swept the floor with them, as they lay there barely able to move. Well… that not entirely true, one was still moving

The one Minoke was trying to beat up. This guy was very tough and protecting his head as best he can. Indeed nothing was trying to get in Minoke head anymore as the man defends each blow. His arms quickly becoming beaten, bruised, and bloody "Alright alright, I give I give!"

Bjorn walks over and hefts up the enraged Minoke as if she was a feather weight "That is enough Child" and to the criminal he says "And I suggest you stay down." He glances at the others but was mostly making sure Minoke doesn't accidentally kill the man

Minoke bees as she stares. "He was getting in my head - he tried to get me to hurt you…" she is sniffling, still on the verge of tears, as those odd rippling glows across her body stop. "If… if he does it again, I'll stomp on his head." She just turns to look at Bjorn, a little too out of it to realize that he's acting different… she just goes quiet, hoping she'll never have that happen to her again as she just hugs Bjorn.

A quick sweep of the area reveals that nobody is left standing that is holding a weapon or in any kind of menacing pose. Excellent. Given that the area is secure, Robin begins the second part of his task… he has to build a reputation in this city, and one of the required maxims of this reputation is that by the time the police burst in, he has to be gone and the crooks need to be tied up ready to be collected by the police. That means making sure they are disarmed, securing their hands behind their backs with a ziptie and then dragging them to the center of the room, all in a nice, neat row.

Robert huffs from the adrenaline kick pounding in his whole body, towering above the guy he took down. He spots Robin and gives the hero a thumbs up and a wink. He struts in a full circle, trying to center himself and doing so, gets a view of the overall damages. "Cellphone," he reminds himself and goes for it. "You should get up and walk out, young lady," he says to the young teenager asking. He grabs his phone from the floor, noticing the fissured screen with a grunt. On his way out, he finds a cigarette and lights it up, forgetting all about the law.

Twila stands up and looks around. "Wow! Thank you! You guys are awesome! I umm… I think I'm going to be sick." She frowns as she nods. Quietly she stands up and walks out. If anyone were to look for her, they wouldn't find her. Not in this neighborhood, Not in New York City. Not in Metropolis. Nope she's booking it to Westchester.

Well needless to say the sirens were loud and coming thanks to Twila letting the cops know. And they were coming in force, and prepared. But with the bad guys zipped tied, and arranged in the middle and all that… there wasn't much work to do!

As for Bjorn, seem he quietly pulls his own disappearance. Not through speed or guile… but by simply walking out the back door. Wasn't like the alarms weren't going off anyways. Sides, he had a child to take him.

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