2017-02-06 Child's Play
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Minoke, Patriot, Ojin
GMed by N/A
Title: Child's Play

Rating: everybody

In a dark alley, a little girl is poking a plastic trash can with a stick. This little girl looks like a relatively normal three-year-old - except for her green hair and faintly-glowing green eyes. She rattles the trash can, as if there's something interesting in it - metal debris from the cleanup is in it and she wants it as she tries to push it over… and succeeds with a huge racket and a little-girl giggle.

Eli is out on patrol after getting off work at the Library. He misses his shield, but he worked without it before he got it and can work without until he gets a replacement. He hears a clatter from the alley and proceeds to look in, using stealth as well as someone in white pants can to see what is going on.

Minoke wanders around to the front of the garbage can as the green-clad green-haired girl kneels and rummages through the garbage can. Daddy was asleep and she moved down. She finally ooooos and finds the chunk of metal she sensed, smiling. "You look yummy," she coooos softly as she licks it.

Patriot starts to speak, intending to caution her about teething on trash, but stops himself. There is something odd about this girl. Not the green hair, but details most people would miss. The lack of normal breathing and hear and even bowel sounds, the way her feet sink into the mud of the alley farther than her apparent weight would indicate, the way she moves as if heavier than she should be. Perhaps he should observe first before speaking.

Minoke nods as she clasps the bit of metal to her as a green glow can be seen as she's half-turned, looking up at the sky - the stuff glows bright green along with her hand and seems to… melt… into her, disappearing as her body returns to normal if a bit bigger. She sighs happily, then turns to the beginning of the alley and sees you. "Huh?" she asks, tilting her head. "Who there?"

Patriot steps out of the shadows, his red mask not hiding his bald dark-skinned head. His blue quilted armor with the six stars on the shoulder, his white slacks with a brown belt that has a bad suspended from it, and his red boots make is a moderately impressive figure. Minoke can sense that the stars on his shoulders and most of what is in the pouch are metal, fairly complex alloys in fact.

Minoke blinks as she looks at Patriot, wandering in his direction, licking her lips as if dissolving that metal was tasty. She stops without getting too close, sniffing. "You have yummies?"

Patriot frowns uncertainly, "I am not sure what you mean young lady, but have you never been warned it is not safe to wander about in areas like this alone?" He can possibly surmise that she consumes metal, but for the moment is treating this like any normal girl he might meet on the street.

Minoke blinks. "Not… safe?" she asks blankly, tilting her head as she points directly at that pouch of yours with the unique metal. "You have yummies in there…." she cooooos. she doesn't seem concerned with the danger and is extremely curious as she starts walking towards you.

Patriot curiously places a star near the seeming child, it is a mix of titanium, tungsten, aluminum, and osmium. This gives it strength, hardness a resistance to rust, and a decent density so it flies strait.

Minoke kneels down and picks it up, licking it curiously. "Yummy… can I have?" she asks. She at least understand the concept of ownership as she doesn't just instantly destroy it.

Eli says, "You may." He can afford more, though he can not afford to loose them too often, and he is curious about what she will do with it.

Minoke nods as she pops it into her mouth, closing her eyes. A green glow is seen from inside her mouth as… it disappears. "Very yummy. Thank you. I am Minoke," she states, extending a small hand forward… and up.

He hesitates, but extends a hand cautiously. Hopefully she only eats metal by touching it.

Minoke nods as she smiles. "What your name?" she asks curiously as she shakes your hand. She smiles softly as she pulls back. "I new to here… so… damaged… invasion was scary…"

He responds to the child, "I am called Patriot. Do you have a parent or guardian Minoke? Little girls really should not wonder around alone, there are some bad people who might try to hurt you."

Minoke shrugs. "I am… tough… hard to hurt…" She's talking to a costumed man near the beginning of an alleyway - she knocked over a trash can to find some metal debris in it. "but Daddy might worry…"

Minoke says, "I got bored… he closed eyes and he stopped talking…"

Patriot says, "He is probably sleeping, most humans do that a third of their lives. Perhaps you should go back there, so he does not miss you when he wakes up."

Minoke blinks. "Oh… oh right. Sleep." She shrugs. "Is sleeping fun? Doesn't look that way." She ponders as she turns back toward the place where she's living but doesn't go there yet.

A bit late for that. A deep voice rings out, a cross between panic, anger and worry "MINOKE!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU!?!" Bjorn was looking all over the the little girl. Practically a wild man. But then he sees her… with some stranger… near an alleyway. Assumption and panic kick in and he charges over "What you doing with my little girl!

Patriot explains, "Humans use sleep as a self repair mechanism, their bodies heal faster and store energy better. Their minds recover from stress, store memories, and go over older memories randomly in a process called Dreaming that is often fun, though frequently forgotten…" Then he hears the shout and says, "I found this young lady a couple of blocks away and was escorting her home." Hopefully his costume, in bright red, white, and blue, speaks for his nature and affiliation. Some prople might, however, be upset that he is an African-american so he is prepared in case of hostility.

Minoke nods. "Hi Papa… he gave me a treat - it was a pretty yummy star," she cooooos as she moves to hug Bjorn's legs with surprising strength. "Don't yell, Daddy… you sound scary…"

Bjorn was red faced, either from anger or worry, likely both. He looks Patriot up and down. He doesn't exactly look grateful, but he does say "…Well thank you." Minokes strength almost makes him trip up, more from not expecting it then the actually strength itself. He goes down onto one knee and speaks sternly, lacking it usual mellow nature "Minoke! What were you thinking? You do not just disappear on Bjorn like that. You made Bjorn very worried. What if something happened to you, and here Bjorn is not knowing where you are!"

Eli says, "A most unusual child. I gather she is a metalvore, you might try taking her to a scrap yard, where metals can be bought for cheap prices, and try to explain the dangers of wandering alone to her, she seems to have difficulty with the concepts." He is trying to give sound advice…but it would probably come off better if he did not look as young as he is.

Minoke blinks. "Sorry, Papa… you were… boring. Closed eyes, and stopped talking… wanted to go look for yummies…" she lets go of Bjorn's legs. "Will stay home next time…" She then blinks. "Patriot is nice guy…" She nods slowly, hmmming happily as she oooos, finds a penny on the ground and pops it into her mouth dirt and all, munching happily.

Bjorn sighs gently and lifts up Minoke as she eats the penny "Well, dosnea help we do not have any toys for you to play with yet. Bjorn will correct this, after we visit scrap yard as the Good Patriot here suggested." he says. He looks to Patriot, the red in his face was disappearing as he was calming down "And yes, Minoke is unsual. But she is smart, she is kind and she is beutiful. Is that right Little One?" he asks Minoke. He looks to Patriot and offers a hand shake, knowing that his reaction probably wasn't the brightest "Sorry for aggression. Not been father long und was worried. Bjorn Arturson is name. Und this one is Minoke Bjorndottir. Mayhaps you know where this scrap yard is?" he asks. Heaven knows all he needs to get Minoke actual food

Patriot has studied the maps and phone books of the area, and has a nearly perfect memory. He can easily tell Bjorn the locations and directions of several scrap yards and also recycling places if he wants other metals. He adds, "It is up to you, but you should consider the question of whether she should register with the government. Registration is both limiting and protecting. It allows training, but also allows study. I personally chose not to register, as it lets the government know too much about personal matters, but if she has special needs it might be a good thing for her."

Minoke blinks, not really understanding what Patriot is saying - but it doesn't sound good. "But… it's a secret…" she complains to Patriot. "I think… right, Papa?" She tilts her head, not sure what's going on. "What is a government?"

Bjorn takes a step back "Registration? Are you crazy? That damn registration crap had sentinels kidnapping mutants that would not register or even worse killing them over it! Hell even regular folks were caught in it." he shakes his head "Registration is just a lie to oppresses good people because folks do not want to understand" he may not be smartest person alive but he likes to know what is going on, even if he does not completely understand it

Bjorn looks to Minoke "Depends… what exactly did you tell patriot?" he asks. And then at the second question "It is… difficult to explain" he wasn't sure how to explain a goverment

Patriot says to Minoke, "People tend to specialize, to do only certain types of work that they are better at. Society is complex and few people are good at everything. Government is people who try to make rules to guide others and keep everyone safe." To Bjorn,he says, "There is truth in that, which is why I did not register, but there are times registration can be helpful…especially in cases like mutants or others with special metabolic needs such as Morbius…who needs blood on a daily basis to live. Sometimes what is needed can be hard to obtain."

Minoke blinks. "But metal is everywhere… I can feel it… we're surrounded by it…" She closes her eyes. "So much metal… all around…. so much I can't even focus on it all…"

Bjorn snorts "I yet to see it. And I have been in this country before they even came up with the idea!" he says. Clearly he was set on his choice. He than smiles and gestures to Minoke "And as she says, metal is everywhere. No harder to feed her then to go to store and buy silverware" of which he actually does need to do, he just figured the junk yard might offer some variety. "So for us, what is needed, is not hard to obtain"

Patriot cautions, "You may find she needs some metals that are not as easy to find, such as gold or copper for conductive properties, or titanium and tungsten for their strength, or iridium for it's hardness. She might even need rare earths that can only be created in special labs. Just, bear that in mind if she gets sickly or seems to develop strange cravings. She may need such things like we need vitamins."

Minoke blinks, as she goes quiet, studying Patriot. She wonders if he thinks she's a mutant like Bjorn told that girl with the elephant yesterday. She doesn't know those questions herself, and barely understand it. "If I grow, I'll be smarter," she muses. The one thing she does know for sure.

Bjorn nods and says curtly "If it comes to such, then we will find way to take care of it" he states firmly. Bjorn looks to Minoke "And yes, we grow and get smarter. Smarter everyday! Who knows maybe you will be scientist, or mathematician… or maybe a performer, or a vet! Just put your minds to it!" he exclaims. But in the back of his mind…. he can't help but wonder how quickly or slowly Minoke will grow. "But perhaps we get food now yes? I saw an alley way with a half torn car"

Patriot lets them go, the car probably has Chrome, Copper, and Aluminum…and will likely be scavenged bu someone else if not by them. He will, however, remember where Bjorn came from and check the area occasionally to see how they are progressing.

Minoke nods. "Ooooo, cars taste good," she states. "Maybe I find another star like Patriot has sometime," she muses as she starts to wander in that direction.

Bjorn looks back towards Patriot as they head off, wondering if he'll be seeing him again. He hated the idea of being watched. He looks down towards Minoke "Well once we find your other… uncles and aunts, you should have plenty of people to play with as well." he tells her. The car wasn't very far away. Just an alley over in fact. Scrapped and forgotten it was perfect for a growing robot

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