2017-02-07 Breakdown at Mach 9
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Pulse, Rogue, Charles
GMed by N/A
Title: Breakdown at Mach 9

Lightning Crackles as the young speedster comes racing into the school lobby. She slows to a stop and looks around. She's panicked. Her face is white. Her heart is racing and for her that is saying something. She looks around. "Hello?! Anyone here?! Please!!!" She calls out.

She moves over quickly to a seat and sits. The events which have taken place start piling up, playing through her mind. The fight. The fact that it was by pure luck that she got out of that unscathed. She can't help it. Tears begin flowing from her as she begins trying to figure things out.

Rogue emerged from the east wing hallway, she'd heard the voice call out and had come from the library a few doors down the east hall. It didn't take her long to spot Twila though and she walked toward her. "Whats all the hollarin' about?" She asked. "You're looked all manner'a fright. Whats up?" The southern gal asked, not at all one of the higher-up faculty members, but she was still a teacher here. Even if it was jsut her first year as such.

Twila looks up at Rogue. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry I snuck out the other day. I'm sorry I didn't leave a letter or anything. I get it. I'm not ready to do what I deal with. I didn't know what I was doing. I could have gotten someone killed! I could've gotten myself killed! I just acted! I had to do something! You know how that is!"

She frowns and wipes her eyes on her sleeve. "They they would have really hurt people. They were going to! All just for money. Its so stupid! And then… I just. I tried my best!" She frowns and shakes her head.

Aw crap, this sounded bad. Rogue glanced around the foyer and then walked further toward Twila. She crossed her arms over her stomach and smiled at her. "Hey, I used t'sneak outta this place all the time when I was a student. Don't fret on it… Sounds like ya ran inta some trouble though, no pun intended." She showed a slight smile.

"What happened?" The French teacher asked then, needing more details to get any further with helping the kid out.

Charles sense the disturbed mind of one of his students, even quick the emotion is enough to get his attention. He comes storming in, and he seems to have a sword in his hand.. "What is going on.. They better not of hurt my student I am going to have to hurt someone." He stops when he see's Twila, and Rogue talking putting the sword behind his back. "I am sorry, but perhaps it is better to start at the beginning.. what is happening? Are you okay? Are there people in danger right now?" he glances at Rogue.. *I am waking up the others, and getting the Jet ready just in case*. Then looks back at Twila.. "Come breath with me.. In… Out.. It is okay you are safe here what happened?"

Twila frowns. "It's okay. Everyone was safe. It was done. Everything was finished. I just." She frowns and wipes her eyes again. "Its all over. Its catching up." She frowns. "I did what I said I was going to do in my note. Its on your door, Professor. I just went to the bank in New York City. My daddy got a new job and put money in the bank for me. I helped him get a new job!"

She begins breathing slowly. Her mind begins winding down a little. Enough that she can actually feel herself being calmed. "These guys. They came into the bank with guns. There were people there. A lot of people. They tried to rob the bank. I was going to run to the police. Tell them what was happening but they had powers! One was as fast as me!"

Rogue glanced over to the professor when he rushed out in his shorts… and.. slippers? With a sword? She raised an eyebrow at the older man and then slowly nodded his way. "Thats how ya deal with a racoon gettin' inta your trash, Professah… not sure its how ya deal with a student who's all shook up." She smirked at him before looking over to Twila.

"Crime is on a high right now cause'a the big stuff thats bein' goin' on in the major cities. This is why the curfew rules have been strict… But you're back and you're okay… Did the cops show up an' fix everything?"

Even Rogue would hear the stand down order go out to the X-men, as he looks down… "I thought it was kind of cold out here.." he nods to Rogue, "I agree… Though this isn't the time to toss blame for sneaking out. I know you are scared, but this is also why we are training you how to use your powers. Not all of us with powers want to use them to help others. There are some bad people out there, and you tried to do the right thing.. We have to accept that sometimes even though we are gifted.. Even we are powerless at times. For example me with this thing." he shows her the sword. "I don't even know how to use the darn thing.." he nods to Rogue, "We will check the grounds, to make sure trouble did not follow you home. I am already searching the minds of everyone on campus." he then goes silent.. "But please continue.. We are both here for you.."

Twi shakes her head, "no. No they didn't. We were all alone in there. There were a few other powered types. I did the only thing I could. I played weak. I used one of the self defense tricks I learned in school. I crouched down and pretended to be all crying. Then I stood up, lunging my head into his chin. I hit him so hard he slammed into a wall. Then I took off after him and put him in a sleeper hold, Like I seen in wrestling." She frowns. "I shattered a bunch of windows, but I caught the bullets they fired." She opens her hand and… there they are. about a dozen rounds of various size. "No one got hit."

She frowns and just looks down, "No one followed me. Their Speedster was out cold and bound up. They couldn't keep up after he was down" She looks down. "I floated by. If one thing would have changed, I'd have wound up hurt or worse. Others would have too. I mean the suit that Power Girl helped me with, It would have stopped some bullets but yeah." She frowns.

Rogue listened to both of them and she stayed quiet until she saw the bullets. The southern belle went over, crouched and reached out a gloved hand to take them from the girl. "Here. I'll get rid of'em." She quietly said.

Rogue would then look up at Twila. "Ya did good… it was… maybe not your fight t'get involved in, but it sounds like ya did good. So don't worry about it, okay?"

Charles nods, "Not only do I agree with Rogue, but for now will you keep this in mind for next time." he turns and starts heading back to the stairs. "Though we will still double check just in case.. if you will excuse me. Rogue after your done will you do a perimeter check?" he stops at the stairs and looks at Twila.. "I am glad you are safe.. please stop sneaking out. Other then this, I think this is all we will talk about this.. No punishment this time alright, consider it a reward for helping your father." he sighs.. "Dang kids, going to make me lose my hair with worry." and smiles at her, "Oh.. and good job stopping the crime.. You might have a future in it, but no more till you are trained." and with that turns around and heads back to bed.

Twila looks over to Charles, "I didn't sneak out. Look on your office door. I did what you asked." She frowns. "But you are right. I screwed up. Professor I am really sorry. It won't happen again. I learned my lesson. I can't slow down but that doesn't mean I'm safe from everything." She frowns.

She turns her attention to Rogue. "It was. I don't know why I got powers but if I can't help others with them, I guess I feel like I have to. Those people would have killed off a bunch of innocents. They started shooting at people. if I hadn't been there, those bullets would have been in someone."
Twila hands over the bullets as well.

Rogue accepted the bullets and she put them into the side pocket of her hoodie. She then rose up and looked to Charles. "I'll do a fly-about." She said with a nod to the Professor. "Rest up, Professor Shortsy." She smirked at him before looking once more to Twila.

Rogue patted her on the shoulder. "Its not that you can't use your powers t'help folks, kiddo. Its that you're only seventeen, an' right now you need t'be focused on helpin' yourself. Once you're olde'ah, and bette'ah trained… with your light all in a good place, then, you can worry about runnin' around stoppin' dumb criminals. As for right now, ya need t'be focused on school, here… gettin' through it an' workin' with us to make ya bette'ah with the abilities." Rogue nodded at her. "Go an' try t'get some sleep, relax and unwind."

About half-way up the stairs the Prof adds… "Wait… where am I going.. This darn school always getting lost." and turns walking back down, and past the two with a small wave. "Good night Rogue, and Twila.." he gives in a brief grumpy expression as he walks back towards his office now mumbling to himself.. "Always getting lost.. would of scared the darn students seeing a half woke man in his shorts with a sword." he looks back, and Twila would feel in the mind of reassurance, and a bit of happiness, but not anger as he gives her a small smile with a wink letting her in on the secret he isn't really grumpy just giving off the view for appearances, as he walks away back to bed.

"Go and get some rest? After all of this?" She frowns. "I will try." She stands up and looks at Rogue, "Thank you. Really. I just don't feel like I fit in yet." She whispers. "Be safe on your patrol." She states.

Then she's gone. No sound barrier breaking. just a blur of black, blue, red and yellow. A few moments later music begins to ring out. Its not coming from the bedroom but the Lounge. The Piano? The sound that begins filling the air isn't some new and flashy pop song. Its Chopin. Revolution Etude. Its on tempo, though the girl playing would feel like she's playing half speed. Charles would be able to tell that its affecting Twila, calming her, Slowing her mind, and just bringing her joy.

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