2017-02-07 Garage Talk at Xavier's

Rogue is laying ontop of her car with her back on the windshield. She was tapping away on her phone's screen and humming to some music playing inside her car that had the driver's side door open. She was wearing a blue/gold Xavier's hoodie, zipped up to her mid chest, a black tanktop beneath that, blue jeans and some running shoes on her feet. It was apparently casual-time for the school's French teacher.

Megan is dressed quite casually. Finishing up her technical school work, being 18 now she naturally has more flexiblity than a minor would. She's just wandering around, thinking, and the wandering leads her into the garage. Hands folded behind her head, looing up, musing.
The garage door opens with a hum, as Logan comes rumbling into view on his vintage motorcycle. It revs to a stop just inside, and he pauses to unzip his jacket. Jeans, boots and a white shirt with a flannel over it, under a leather jacket. Typical Logan outfit. He blinks as he glances between Rogue and Megan, and he nods with a small grunt.

Rogue's attention was pulled up from her phone when one of the exterior doors openned and Logan pulled inside. When he noticed her, she'd offer a wiggle of her right gloved fingerse and a smile before glancing to Megan and waving to her too! "Heya, ya'll." The southern gal would say to them before glancing back down at her phone.

Dyson has been.. sort of scarce since the whole convergence thing. Quiet. Withdrawn. Sort of like he was just over two years ago when he arrived at Xavier's. Maybe it's because he hasn't been able to contact his family, his mom and little sister, back home in western canada. Maybe it's because the rules of physics were violated so terribly and he is one of the few people who can literally see the ramifications and problems…

Right now the young mutant giant is in the stall set aside for his own vehicle.. the equally giant motorcycle he has been building… His Beats on his ears, lost in the simple intracacies of his bike and the music…
Megan is taken aback by the sudden loud entrance of Logan. And seeing Rogue doing her thing. After all, both of these folks have been teachers, authority figures to her for years. She starts to answer, voice faltering just a moment as she laughs. "Good evening," Wales never having quiet left her accent, the way she left Wales.

Logan glances between everyone and kills the engine on his bike. He swings his leg over and stretches, before shrugging out of his jacket. "How's everyone?," he asks with that usual growl in his voice. He glances at the big kid and nods, before his gaze settles primarily on Rogue…and Megan.

Rogue's car was playing some CCR, though it wasn't that terribly loud… just enough to make the music heard from inside of it. The southern belle glance in Dyson's direction as she could see his hulking frame inside that stall. "That thing eve'ah gonna run, Dyson?" She asked him with a grin. To Megan, Rogue smiled then. "Hows things with you?" She'd ask before glancing at her phone again, reading another message on it.

When Logan's bike turned off she looked up once more though and grinned at him. "Why… I ain't neve'ah been bette'ah, Miste'ah Logan." She'd say at him in a flirty sorta way. Her usual, for him.

Dyson doesn't hear Logan's bike as much as he feels it. He looks up from his work, slipping the phones off to drape them on his shoulders.. Caring is Creepy by The Shins (https://youtu.be/DnCIVyxAEeQ) wafting from them. He gives Logan a quick nod. "I'm d-doing okay, Mister Logan…" he says, and then smirks at Rogue.. He only just notices Megan and he blushes at the girl he hardly knows, quickly turning back to the carberartor in his massive hands. "U-Uhm.. yeah, M-Miss Marie.. It w-will." he assures her.. "P-probably take it out t-tommorrow."

Megan looks over to Dyson. She's seen him before of course, so she doesn't go bug eyed at his unusual size. She just waves a greeting. Finding a spot on teh wall to lean againt, elbows out to the side of her head, she laughs softly. "I'm alright, thanks. Doing a lot of thinking," she answers Logan's and Rogue's question. "I can't do school forever," looking to each of the adults to nod. She manages to keep a smile the whole time though. It's practically her resting face.

Logan smirks a bit and nods to Rogue, before he glances at Megan. "Thinkin' about what? I try to do as little of that as I can." Anyone who knows him or has seen him at all knows he is fibbing, of course. He can often be found out by the lake, smoking a cigar, drinking a beer, and reading.

Rogue grinned at Dyson. "Ooooo! Does that mean you're gonna tell me when ya drive it around so's that I can film it with my phone an' the upload it onto the Youtubes?!" She asked in an overly excited tone of voice. "I would LOVE to see all the hits an' comments I'd get ove'ah Big D drivin' his shiney new cycle around!"

Dyson blushes once again, but this time it's because marie is tweaking him. She knows he doesn't like a lot of attention. he had his fill of The Media as a kid back home. "Y-You do and you may find your car starts h-having a few.. hiccups.." he points out, though with SOME good humor.. A sign that he is not COMPLETELY lost to his old ways. He looks again at Logan and raises a hairless brow. Yes, he knows his fellow (if older) canadian is fibbing. He then speaks up again, not looking at anyone but it's possibly towards Megan. "W-Why can't you? I mean, I-I'm still in school, right?" He basically graduated high school BEFORE he came to Xaviers, though was short his arts and humanities courses. A science prodigy, He's been taking university level courses since he arrived. Maybe even BEYOND univesity levels.

Megan flashes a bigger smile to Logan, snorting a giggle. "Thinking about what I should do with my life. I feel like right now, I could do anything. But how can I help best?" She just lays it out there, glancing from Logan, ro Rogue, to Dyson. "Why can't I? I don't know. Can I learn magic in school?"

Logan arches an eyebrow. "Magic? Um, not really. I mean…I don't know shit about any of that." He catches himself and glances away. "Don't know…crud…about any of that." Stupid 'no swearing' rule. He rolls a well-muscled shoulder and fishes a cigar out of his jacket pocket. "Think about teaching or workin' on the faculty? Could always use more to help with the kids."

Rogue sighed heavily at Dyson's response to her, while she'd looked away and started typing on her phone screen again. "So emo!" She replied to him. A second later and she floated off of her car's hood and landed on her feet then walked around it to sit inside the driver's seat, though her booted feet were still on the marble floor of the garage.

"There's a magic shop in Salem Cente'ah… down by the Big Burge'ah." She idly said, overhearing the others. "I ain't neve'ah gone inside'a before, but passin' by it… it looked pretty legit. But yeah… Xavier's may get called 'Hogwarts' a lot, but its… not quite like that." She grinned some and then set her phone down and went to reach between the seats inside her car to try to grab something in the back seat! Stretch! Wiggling fingers! Grunting noises! followed by whiney noises too…

Dyson quickly inserts the peice he was cleaning, screwing it to where it belongs and scoots back on the wheeled stool (built for his size/weight) and slowly turns to face the others… cleaning his grey hands with a rag. "Thats w-what I wanna do someday… teach.. I mean after I s-save the world with /SCIENCE/." he states, with a grin, then shoots Rogue a look. "Am n-not Emo…" he says, sniffing once, then looks to Megan. "The only thing I kn-know bout magic I learned from Dungeons and Dragons.." he says.. joking.

Megan nods to Rogue. "Thank you ma'am, maybe I'll go visit there soon. Just.. exploring." Pushing off of the wall, she walks toward Logan, giggling up at him. "Oh sir. I'd come to you to learn how to fight, not how to cast." Dyson gets a wink. "I don't know enough about magic or dungeons and dragons to say if it's the same at all."

The feral man nods to Megan. "Well, if you wanna learn more'a that, let me know. Since you aren't a normal student anymore, you gotta ask for private classes. Happy to tutor where it's needed. Same with woodworking if…I dunno…you wanna learn that." He steps just outside of the garage door and lights his cigar. He peers curiously over at Rogue as she struggles to find whatever is lost in her car.

"Gotcha!" Rogue shouted then as she sat back up in her chair, holding a REVOLVER! The french teacher sighed and stood up then, gun at her side… she walked to the front of her car toward the open garage door there and much like Logan, she she lit up a smoke… though hers was just a nice fine cigarette. She stood OUTSIDE too (Dyson) and used the gun to light the cig (cause its a lighter, not a real gun, god).

"Magic is the best though… It lets ya create wabbits where there previously weren't no wabbits." She grinned and exhaled the smoke from the cigarette.

Dyson seems to.. squirm a bit where he sits. His cheeks darkening again as he looks away from the wink… He tosses the rag into the bucket next to his tools and shakes his head. "D-Do we even know that magic w-works.. still works… whichever?" he asks suddenly, then looks down at his hands. "I mean.. we're talking like.. l-like the world is the same as it was last week… Keeping c-calm and moving on… How.. can everyone be /calm/ right now.." he asks.. then GAHS as Marie pulls out the revolver lighter. Then calma down when he notes the differences that make the pistol less a pistol and more a lighter..

Megan is defnitely surprised by the gun. What? A gu… oh. Which makes the girl laugh loudly. "Oh hell what a lighter." Dyson gets a giggle as well. "There's only one way to find out, isn't that how a scientist should react?" Then Logan, she looks at for a moment, pursing her lips. "The question is, is there a way I can fight while fliying, with no leverage?"

Logan glances at Megan and shrugs. "Sure. Plenty of flyers do it. Now, only time I fly is when Colossus chucks me at someone, but…we can figure it out together, if ya want." He puffs on his cigar, and he nods to Rogue when she lights up a cigarette, the man smirking a bit at her lighter.

Rogue was used to that reaction from people with her lighter that was a gift from Wade Wilson. She stuffed the revolver down the front of her pants, the handle/lever-thingy still showing through as it pressed her hoodie back against her stomach. "Thing is, there's lotsa different kindsa flyin' folks out there." She said then, listening to them. "Look at how Angel flies for instance, an' then look at me. I actually control the space I occupy… I can make myself weigh next to nothin and then propel myself forward with just my mind… Or some shit, I don't know. I'm not great at explainin' it, thats Hanks job." Marie wasn't great with the no-cursing ban either, but… she was arguably worse than Logan as she didn't even consider correcting herself.

Dyson would take SOME offense at Marie saying that it's Hank job to explain SCIENCE and not including him.. But yeah, it is. Dyson has become sort of Hanks perpetual shadow, soaking up every tidbit the older super scientist has to give and then some.. so he can't be TOO offended. "Your flying ability m-mecghanis i-is a bit more complex that that.." he all he says, sniffing again, then to Megan (more or less, since he doesn't look RIGHT at her), he shrugs. "There i-is more to whats happening w-with magic.. or the world.. than even science can e-explain. There are /human/ e-elements…"

Megan strectches, and stifles a yawn, getting up on her toes. "Pardon me, been walking around all day," she grins. "But yeah. There's a lot happening in the world. What better time to explore, and find out what I can do to help?" Then paying close attention to how everyone talks about flying techniques. "Sounds very com plicated." she decides looking to each of them, then finally up to Logan again. "Think you'd be up to helping me figure something out, sir?"

The man nods. "Sure," Logan grunts. "Evening, out at the lake. I'll tutor you as best I can." It -is- his job, afterall. He brushes his fingers back through his hair and glances over at Rogue. "How's that Cajun criminal doin'? Haven't seen him around. Been busy, though."

Twila has arrived.

Rogue smiled at Dyson's words. "Can't wait for that Youtube'n t'morrow." She said back at the science-kid between puffs on her cigarette. She also smiled at Logan volunteering to help the young Megan. But at Logan's posed questeion Marie shrugged her shoulders. "I unno… He did this big romantic thing for my birthday, an' I haven't seen him since. He disappears all the time. I think he…" She glanced at the kids that were nearby and shrugged her shoulders again. "I think he just runs off an' plays cards with his 'friends'." She said then, leaning back against the side of the garage outside the door, her free hand going into the pocket of her hoodie and her eyes watching a squirrel chasing another squirrel in a tree not too far ahead.

Dyson doesn't look like /he/ is sure about exploring this new world.. hell he wasn't comfortable exploring the /old/ world. Sure, he leaves the school once in a while, to go into town.. a /few/ trips to New York.. But for all his size andstature, his strength.. maybe BECAUSE of them.. he's sort of scared of the world despite wanting to help it. And of course Rogue doesn't help. "And m-maybe you'll find the pictures you say don't exist all over T-Twitter tomorrow…" he warns her, deadpan of course.. as deadpan as someone with a stutter can give. He looks to Logan as he offers to train Megan and raises a brow. "You're not gonna teach her to f-fly like you taught me to swim, are y-you?" he asks.. Remembering the short man pushing him off the peir at the lake. "Because you didn't believe me that I l-literally don't float.." he reminds him.

Megan glances back at Dyson, and smiles "He threw you in the water and you sank? Well I'm glad it worked out." Then looking back up to Logan. "Fortunately he doesn't have to teach me how to fly. Just how to.. use my flight in combat. Take hold of a situation At the lake then." She smiles up to him, then backs off to lean on the wall again. "Romance and vanishing sounds like… a strategy to me."

Logan nods to Megan, confirming the classes. He then glances over at Rogue and frowns a bit. He's never hidden the fact that he doesn't like Gambit. But, then again…there are only a select few he -likes-. He'll still stick his neck out for any of the team, but…that doesn't mean he has to enjoy their company. He growls softly and chews on his cigar. He glances at Dyson and snerks. "No, I won't."

Things have been mostly quiet for the young speedster today. She's not been out away from the school. She was at her classes. Did her work and is now just bored. Quietly she moves around the school, trying to get to know the place. Her feet have carried her to the place that she would be least likely to go. Like Ever. The Garage. When you can move faster than any earth bound vehicle a garage is just a redundant room. Still, She hasn't explored the redundant room yet. So in she walks.

Well. This is not exactly what Twila was expecting. This place is insanely huge, and amazingly awesome looking. The various vehicles do get her attention. They look nice to her. Still not quite useful to her. Still she she does begin wondering her way through the garage until she nearly runs smack into Rogue. "Oh! Sorry! I was just exploring and umm. Practicing." She blushes a little.

Rogue listened to them and shrugged her shoulders on the topic of Gambit. "He'll come back, start whispe'ahrin his little charms at me and I'll let it all go again, like my dumbass always does." She sighed then and turned her attention into the garage toward Dyson. "I thought I told ya t'stop sneakin' naked pics of me, Dyson!" She said with a smirk. "You ain't supposed t'be sneakin' up to the teache'ahs floor, ya know! Crazy kid! I'm gonna have Hank, or Kurt even… delete all your computer files!"

Dyson doesn't share Logans.. dislike of Gambit. Oh, that doesn't mean the young giant LIKES the cajun.. He just doesn't actively hate him. Maybe it's the outrageous accent.. or his high school jock arrogance.. how he thinks he is gods gift to the world and women and not extacly in that order. He finds the guy sort of.. a douchebag?

Of course he never SAYS that out loud, of course. Dyson is a polite young canadian man. And he is NOT a peeper. "W-W-Wait.. What? NO!" he says to Rogue. He knows he has NEVER done anything like that. "I never.. I mean.. You KNOW thats a lie! I can't sneak!" he says, sort of half playing along with herm half defending himself. Regardless that dark blush gets even DARKER. And then lets out a GAH as a NEW girl he barely knows appears from what seems to be nowhere… he flails and falls off his short stool.

Megan figures Rogue is teasing Dyson, sos he covers her mouth and busts up snickering. She
tried to keep a straight face, but that lasted may be a second. It's just too much.

Logan glances about, watching everyone idly as he puffs on his cigar. When Twila shows up the man offers her a gruff nod. He grunts. Usual Logan. He turns about to stare out over the estate, sniffing the air idly. Whatever it was he smelled passes, though, and he turns back.

Rogue grinned at Dyson's reaction to her tease and then can't help but snicker and laugha little as the big guy falls off of his stool… Normally that'd be bad for a teacher to do probably, but she knew that Dyson could fall out of an airplane and be fine after impacting the earth far below, so she played the odds that he was okay here too. "I'm just messin' with ya, Dyson… Though you started it, claimin' t'have 'pics'."

The french teacher cut herself off though when Twila arrived and she smiled at the girl. "Feelin' bette'ah, kiddo?" She asked the speedster after her rough evening yesterday.

Twila blinks as she watches the big man's reaction to her arrival. She gives a little wave to Logan when he grunts. "Hi." She whispers. Suddenly she is definitely feeling like she may have wondered into the wrong place. Quietly she steps back. She isn't moving at high speed right now though godess knows hse wants to. "I umm, I think I will just be on my way."

Then there is a friendly voice. She looks at Rogue and nods, "Yes. Much better. Playing helps me to calm down. Also I've been trying to keep myself from going way fast today. Ya know? Gotta try to control my powers I guess."
Dyson would never fall out of ana irplane because he woudln't he caught DEAD in an airplane. It has to be somewhat humerous that a guy his height and virtually indestructable is almost DEATHLY afraid of heights. The young giant slowly picks himself up, still blushing as he unfolds to his full height of 8'3" and brushes dust off his pants. "I never claimed t-to have any. I said the pictures o-on YOUR phone that y-you claim to not exist… There is a difference." he says. He pointedly DOESN'T look at Twila, being embarrased by his reaction.

Megan looks to Twila and gives a bright smile. "Good luck." Then to everyone else, she snickers. "Alright if I'm going to get some training I might need to chance. In case I get thrown into the lake unexpectedly. Good evening." Then with a wave she heads back in from the garage.

Rogue nodded her head gently to Twila's words. "Control is what we all need an' want. Its why we're all here, afterall. Least most'a us anyhow." She smiled again and waved to Megan as the teen walked off back toward the west wing entrance inside the garage. At Dyson though, Rogue grinned. "I ain't neve'ah said those pictures don't exist on my phone." She told him. "I've just always said that I ain't eve'ah gonna show'em t'ya'll." She grinned and finished her cigarette then flew up into the rafters of the garage, and sat down on one said rafter.

Twila smiles a little. "Well, I am just sorta noticing that it is very hard for me to keep myself from going too fast. I mean, mentally. Like my mind moves really fast and it causes everything to seem slow or like its not moving. I find myself speeding up to keep up but it doesn't exactly work well." She frowns. Her gazy goes to Dyson and and to Logan. She gives a little wave to Megan but she is still feeling a little out of place. "Oh That looks like a nice place to sit!" She exclaims when Rogue flies up to one of the rafters. She smiles and takes off running. A second later she is up with Rogue sitting in the rafters. "I can sorta break gravity's speed limit."

Now that he is expecting it, Dyson can sort of follow her as she moves. Yeah, she's still more or less a blur but his brain works at hypercognative speeds, able to process information inhumanly fast, and that includes speedster related info. he can't MOVE at those speeds.. Justthink almost at them. "W-Well you need to slow down /some/.." he tells her. "I m-mean you're s-stil new to your abilities. And just because things m-may seem slow when you're speeding doesn't mean you still can't make mistakes.. b-brush along someone at super speeds, o-or knock into them.. You could hurt them.. " or kill them, he leaves unsaid. he knows because it was the same way with his strength and durability. He lives in a world that is literally more fragile than a fabrige egg, to him. The difference though is he's had a lifetime learning self control. Even then he still knows he could make a mistake.

He waves to megan as she leaves, though not quite looking her way, and starts bundling his tools together before he covers the gargantuan motorcycle he was working on, with a tarp. "And you a-aren't breaking the speed of gravity, just running against it.. You may o-overtake it but it still provides some resistance. Like running o-on a reverse converyor belt. The s-speed of gravity is e-equal to the speed of light in vacuum."

Rogue, up in the rafters, laughed softly when Twila joined her. "This is my hidin' spot." She told the other. "I come up here t'judge everyone down below. Harshly." She said with a grin as she put her finished cigarette into the tin can that she kept up here (and emptied now and then).

The French teacher listened to Dyson counter Twila's words with a scienvey explanation. "Ya'll lab coats take all the mystery outta the world… You're the reason Jedi have midicommunists now." She said at Dyson with a grin, swinging her feet from the rafter high above the garage floor.

Twila looks at Rogue and smiles. "It is a nice point to judge others from. I mean being able to look down on others. It has sorta like a upper class type feel. And then it starts. Science science science, numbers numbers. The young girl just looks a smidge flustered. "Ya know, I umm, I don't know anything about this! I barely know about what happened that gave me all this speed. This is all just really confusing. I just know I can run on walls. Up, Down, across. I barely feel the affects of Gravity."

Dyson looks pained.. PAINED.. "Th-thats MidiCHLORIANS.." he says, offended that a) she didn't get it right and b) that she brought up that foul plot device. "A-And if you ask me, they could have fixed the stupid movie b-by making Midichlorians b-bacteria that was ATTRACTED to The Force, not something th-that CAUSED it." yes, he has BIG problems with Midichlorians.

He crosses his arms, looking up at the pair of women and frowning. "Looking d-down on people is not a good thing.. trust me, I know.." he points out. "And I w-would be careful running ACROSS gravity for too long…"

Rogue looked sidelong to Twila and grinned at her, continuing to swing her feet. "Judgin' people is our God given right." She said with a nod of her head. Her eyes went down to the garage floor where the big guy was. "Come on… Live a little Dyce-y." She said down at him, still grinning. One of the people Rogue had absorbed over the years had been a giant nerd, so she knew how to push Dyson's buttons when she wanted to. Even if she herself, knew very little about what she was talking about (its weird, okay?).

"What happens if she runs across gravity for 'too long'?" She asked down at the Science Guy then. Too curious now not to know.

Twila looks ar The guy, "Ummm, Define, Too Long." She blushes a little. "Too long for you might be a few seconds. Too long for me, that few seconds feels like an eternity. Maybe… ugh." She sighs "I hate to say it but umm, maybe I should get checked out or something. I really dunno what all of this speed is doing to me. I know my heart is beating crazy fast, my perception of time is shot, Oh and if I move too fast, I can shatter a lot of windows and blow things back… not to mention hurt people's hearing." She sighs.

Her attention goes to Rogue and she just giggles, "I can't complain about this spot. You know I accentally ran up onto the top of Stark Enterprises Tower? Talk about fun!"
Dyson Raises that brow again and drops his arms, sighing. "You can move against gravity.. or with it.." he tells them both, and taking some umbrage at being told to Live a little. "When you f-fly, M-Marie, even sideways, there is /still/ a force exerting /against/ gravity. Pushing you upwards.. and it lessens but doesn't go away when you lower yourself.." he looks to Twila. "When you run up a building y-you are pushing against gravity, so long as you have a enough friction on yoru footsteps to help push even on a wall. When you run down you are m-moving WITH gravity.. Running ALONG a building, though?" he shakes his head. "It's like shooting a bullet. It moves fast, parallel to the g-ground, to teh source of gravity, but after so long even as it moves foreward it starts to fall, in an ark. When you run parallel to the ground you are being pulled from y-your side. Yes, your speed will allow you to run along the surface for a while b-but unless you turn /away/ from the source of gravity, even only a few degrees, you will f-fall OFF the wall…"

Rogue laughed at the Stark Tower thing. "I bet Stark didn't care for that too much… if… he even knew it happened. He probably doesn't really care, to be honest." She grinned then looked to Dyson as he got science-on-their-asses.

"There's WIND when I'm flyin'. Its all pummelin' me in the face an' such, its why I have'ta not wear hoods or sunglasses when I'm flyin' cause they'll fly right off anyhow. It totally sucks. I look amazin' in sunglasses."

Piotr has arrived.

Lorna has arrived.

Twila snickers "I actually got to meet him. He seemed okay with it. I mean he didn't freak out or anything. Then again he was sorta injured. I don't think he could get to his suit. Even so, I think he might find it slightly hard to keep track of me." She smiles.

She looks at Dyson and shrugs, "Huh. Well. Okay." She takes of running around the garage several times on the wall. Finally she jumps off the wall over a few cars and then back up to the rafters. "No real strain. Its just another day ya know?"

Dyson sighs and hangs his head as twila shows off her speed. "Fine.. But i-if you run, oh, m-more than a hundred or two hundred meters parallel, not perpendicular, to the ground without altering your trajector at least a few degrees away from it, d-don't blame me if you find yourself falling through the air with nothing to run along…" he tells her… Then snorts at Rogue. "I d-did offer t make you awesome goggles.. a-and an WWI aviators cap, remember?" he points out.

Waltzing into the garage, Lorna is clearly there to be social. She's a terrible driver after all. She pauses, seeing all the people, one speeding about and lets out a breath. "Evening folks, doing a little impromptu training?" She asks and leans up against a car idly.

Piotr comes into the garage not long after Lorna. Unlike her, the big man seems a bit surprised to see so many people present. He says in that deep voice of his, "Hello."

Rogue is up in the rafters (her favorite place) and she's swinging her feet gently while watching the others down below. "I need t'go see Tony… I ain't seen'im in like a year…" She'd stepped in front of bullets once and saved his life, flew him to the hospital even. They'd been friends after that.

Rogue looked up and over to see Lorna strut in and she smiled. "Lorna!" She said loudly and waved from high above. "Dyson here has nudie pics of me and he's threatenin' t'expose'em t'everyone if I don't pay him a million dollars by sun rise!" Rogue likes to fib, sometimes.

Twila quietly sits up with Rogue after her run, "I just… did what you said would cause me to fall. I didn't. It might have to do with my um Aura thingy. I don't understand it hardly at all. Like I said. I think I may need a once over by a doctor or something. Everything has just got flipped upside down. My whole life is a complete case of insanity these days."

Quietly she gives a little wave to Piotr and Lorna. Hey. less of training and more of some showboating. Nothing major. I was just defying science it seems."

Dyson looks over at Lorna and piotr as they enter, about to offer hellos when Rogue speeks and he starts sputtering, nit just stuttering. "WHAT? N-NO! I D-D-DIDN'T!" he exclaims. "Oh my god, w-what did I do to deserve you, M-Marie? Did I kick someone's p-puppy?!?" he asks, throwing his hands up and turning back to his massive motorcycle."And you weren't defying s-science. A few laps around a garage doesn't dissprove my point!" he huffs.
"No? I'd have bought a few prints." Lorna teases, regarding the supposed nudes and winks at Dyson. "Always support art, I say!" She adds on, and blows a kiss to Rogue before turning to smile at Piotr. "Hello dream boat." She offers and props her cheek in her hand. "Were you gonna work on something? I could help. I'm great with dents and rust." She assures him and offers him the same troublesome wink Dyson got. "Works on metal bodies too I bet." Twila just gets a nod. "That's the spirit kiddo! Then some day you'll be eighty like me and look twenty!" She fibs, poking at her father's weird lack of aging.

Piotr responds seriously, making it hard to tell if he is joking, or missed the joke entirely. Looking at Dyson he states, "You are brave man.." then turning back to Rogue he states, "But I would not suggest asking Tony for million for this. He might just outbid you." Then he finally cracks a smile, as smile that warms as Lorna speaks. Her comment about metal bodies makes him swallow hard, then he replies, "I have never rusted, but.. maybe this is thing wwe must find out if works?"

Dyson ughs and hangs his head, shaking it. "The things I d-deal with on a daily basis.."" and then looks at Piotr. "Not a-as brave as you may think /tovarich/.." he says with a sigh. He pulls out his smartphone which is only half functioning since the cell networks are still experiencing.. problems. "Anyways.. I n-need to check on somethings.. I'll see you all later.." he tells them and then makes for the door back into the house.

Rogue reached over and patted Twila's shoulder twice with her gloved right hand. "He hates it when ya prove science wrong." She quietly said to the student beside her up in the rafters, flashing a grin.

That same grin was afforded down to Dyson's wild reaction to her claims about him and she continued ot just swing her feet happily! Down at Lorna though, Rogue lifted her left hand up to touch herself on the chest. "Why dear, Greenie… you don't gotta pay'a dime t'see all'a this!" She said down at her friend with a silly tone to her southern dipped voice. Rogue glanced at Piotr and nodded down at him. "You eithe'ah, Protein Shake." She said to the metal man.

Anna-Marie was not your average kind of teacher, she'd probably offend most parents if they heard the way she talked around their kids. "And Tony'd probalby give me the money, which makes me afraid t'even ask. Sometimes it feels like you're takin' advantage'a his kindness, as much as he just gives it…"

Twila smiles a little. "The speed I move at defies science. A person shouldn't be able to move this fast yet I do. You know I seen something really crazy while running recently? It looks like ME! Like an older me in a suit. I was told it was a speed Force Ghost. I think I might have broken TIME?!" She blushes. "Well the other me did. Not me. Or err. I dunno."

"Will we, well, I am always happy to try new things." Lorna murmurs to Piotr, letting her eyes dip over him as she smiles back. Glancing up at Rogue she laughs. "You are a song on my heart sweet Rogue-Marie!" She calls up to the rafters and glances to Twila, studying her. "If you did/will break time, I would suggest being more worried. Time sounds…important, and probably bad to break. Let's keep the breaking to the speed limit for a few years, hmmm?"

Piotr smiles up at Rogue, speaking in his thick accent, "I am just saying. What I know of Mister Stark, he might very well pay more than million to see pictures. And consider money well spent." It is meant as a playful compliment to Rogue. Then to Twila, he chuckles, "Science can be more flexible thing around those with powers than one would think. Causes Hank many problems. But he has said to me, when one of us does thing that science says should not be possible, it only means that science does not yet understand what we are doing. Are many mutants whose powers are difficult to explain. and yet, they work."

Rogue waved to Dyson. "I look forward to Youtubin' ya on your bike tomorrow!" She called after the giant as he left. "Heh heh… I truly enjoy watchin' him twitch'n blush. Its adorable." She muttered the last part and then whipped her phone out of her pocket while the others talked about Twila's crazy speed ghosts. Rogue started thumbing through pics of guys on a dating website.

"Sounds like ya need t'slow down there, kiddo." Rogue said to Twila while phone-browsing. "Though, I wouldn't mind meetin'a version'a my future self… I bet we'd get along great!"

Rogue looked up and smiled at both Piotr and Lorna down below. "Ya'll goin' on a hot date or somethin?" She asked the two fellow instructors.

Twila looks at Rogue, "You know how you get people to do laps around a track? For a work out or for training purposes? Power Girl took me out when I snuck out. She was helping me train a little. We did laps." She looks down a moment. "Around the world."
"Hot date? Not that he's asked me. Did he ask you to ask me? Cause-totally down." Lorna tells Rogue and looks to Piotr, teasing him. "You don't have to ask Rogue to ask me, I don't mind hearing it direct from the source." She murmurs and bats her lashes at him. Glancing up at Twila, Lorna lets out a breath and pushes off the car, flying up a little. "One, who the heck is Power Girl? And is her power having powers? And two-we try to be subtle-out in the world. Plenty of bad folks out there who more than likely would put you in an insane human hamster wheel and run you like an energizer bunny. You need to be more careful out there Twila."

Piotr looks at Rogue and raises an eyebrow at the comment about teasing Dyson. He nods from her to Lorna, "I can see why two of you are friends." He shakes his head. And then there's the comment about a hot date, and it is his turn to blush. He looks exceedingly guilty as Lorna teases. But her comment to Twila mgives him an opportunity to break in, "Can never assume that powers will get you out of every problem. Is always bigger threat out therer, somewhere. Is reason to have friend around you."

Rogue was about to ask the same question to Twila when Lorna did it. It made the southern gal grin and the snort a little. "Maybe I shoulda called myself Powe'ah Girl." She had no idea who Power Girl was. "Racin' around the world sounds kind strange… I sure hope ya don't bring any weird diseases with ya from some place that just happens t'have like, ya know… science-y stuff that we aren't used to. Ya know, like Dyson said earlier… 'bacteria'." She sounds that last word out letter to letter almost.

Rogue flashed a grin down to the floor where Piotr was. "I'm sorry t'put ya on the spot with her, big guy… I don't mean t'do that. My mouth just moves before my head has a chance to stop it."

A pebble pegs Rogue in the head. From who is anyones guess.

Twila frowns. "Its hard to explain." She sighs softly and rubs the back of her head. "Power Girl is one of the heroes from the other world. The one that merged with this world. She is very fast, very strong, can fly and can do a bunch of other crazy things. She's really nice and umm… built like a brick shit house. She actually helped me out with a suit to keep my identity secret for when i run like that. She showed me a few tricks to get changed fast and umm… I may or may not have been questioning my sexuality since." she blushes brightly.

"As for laps around the world, Its hard to explain without showing you. I run and its just, Its amazing. Suddenly the world is not so big. Its a place where you can do things you can go see it all. I ran to Japan and got to see Tokyo. IT was so amazing. I ran through a few other places. Is it wrong that I enjoy this? Its like an addiction and its something I dunno that I can shake."

"It's not wrong to like your powers, in fact, that's an excellent sign that you're adjusting to your mutation well. Many of us struggle to accept our abilities, and that is always hard." Lorna says, firmly in adult mode for the moment. "Just don't get too hooked and rely on your power for everything. Still walk places, or drive if you can. It is good to practice blending in, knowing how things feel to do normally." She suggests and drifts back down to land by Piotr, kissing his cheek. "Any time you like, my treat for being so wicked to you." She tells him and touches down on the ground. To Rogue, Lorna waggles her brows. "Nah, you can be Ditto, and I'll be umm, what's that magnet pokemon?"

THe kiss to his cheek makes Piotr smile. He slips an arm around Lorna and says quietly, "You deserve to be taken on real date. World has not beeen so cooperative. But we should go out, when we can." He wisely refrains from commenting on the whole "Power Girl" conversation.

Rogue was laughing softly at what Twila was saying about this Power Girl when a rock hit her in her head and she suddenly looked up and around. "What the hell was that?" She asked, wondering if it came from above. "Aw man, there bette'ah not be more bats in here… Last fall I got bomb dived by one an' I nearly had a heart attack!"

Now, thinking about bats… Rogue dropped out of the rafters and landed on the ground near her car, still holding her phne she retreated into the open driver's side door and sat down sideways on her leather seat, wanting to hide from the flying rats.

"Lorna makes my question -my- sexuality." She shouts loudly while staring at her phone. "But then I see Piotr an' I'm tugged right back t'where I started!" She looked up at them both and grinned big'n'happy at them.

From down below Boris peeks his head up from below the concrete floor. How long has he been there? He chucks another rock at Rogue. He the source. But than he speaks to everyone "Hello… did sie really go round the world?" he wonders

Twila takes a deep breath and just quietly thinks to herself. "I've been trying to keep my mind slowed down today because its so easy for everything to be accelerated. My mind, my body… It just goes so fast. Its hard to control it. Everything within me right now wants to just go. Hell even I just… I feel it calling!" She sighs.

In a burst of speed she is down on the floor and leaning against a vehicle. Her attention goes to Boris, "A few times."
"Mmmn, I've made it a habit to meditate, channel the Earth's electromagnetic flow through myself to keep centered. Other wise I blow out power grids or harass the poor instructors with metal." She tells Twila and looks up at Piotr with a wink. "I've always been particularly fond of picnics." She tells the tall man with the arm around her and chuckles at Rogue. "Is it the green thing? Cause, you can take a hit if you want the locks-they come with the power." She tells her. Poor Boris doesn't surprise Lorna in the least. He's a dense fellow, easy to read.

To the whole exchange about questioning sexuality, Piotr says only, "I have no questions." WHich should bbe a totally innocent statemtn. The way he looks at Lorna in that moment, however, makes it anything but. Her comment about picnics gets a thoughtful smile from the big man. Refocusing his attention, he says to Twila, "Power is always tempting, but must be careful not to lose touch with way everyone else must live."

Rogue was staring at her phone while listening to them all outside of her car. "Boris! Stop throwing rocks at me!" She shouted at him, now realizing it wasn't a bat at all! She then glanced over and up at Lorna. "The hair?" She asked. "Nah, its your ass." She said that very simple and matter-of-factly before looking back down at her phone and adding. "So hot! Am I right, Petey?!" She nodded her head while eyeballing her phone. "Yeh. I'm right…" Rogue lifted her left hand up, fist-extended toward Piotr, but rather than waiting for a fist bump she just did the 'splodey hand thing anyway.

"Twila!" Marie said then, still looking at her phone. "Go on walks, take it slow… ride in cars, Like Hot Butt said… it'll help ya feel more at-ease. I'm sure'a it." A short pause. "Ooo… this one is cute… I wonde'ah if he'll give me free stuff if I message him… Hmmm…" Tap tap tap tap tap, thumbs on phone screen.

A carrot lands on Rogue next, instead of a rock. Mischivouce dwarf is mischiovouce! Boris looks to Twila "….mind picking me somevink up in Germany?" he asks. Whats the point of having powered friends if you couldn't ask for a favor once in a while. He looks between Lorna and Piotr "A picnic this time of year? Seems odd, but vatever werks right?" he asks befroe nuzzling into the ground.
"You don't get it! I hear the Speed Force every moment and even more intense when I am moving. It's pulling on me. Calling me into itself. If I enter that again, I might never leave. Apparently, its like the afterlife to speedsters like me." She frowns.

Her attenion goes to Boris She gives a little laugh, "Umm I will have to get the trip cleared with Teachers and the Professor. I mean I can get there quick enough. What are you after from there?"

"If you know the risks." Lorna arches a brow to Twila about being hooked on her powers and glances at Boris. "There are plenty of places to have picnics-regardless of weather." She assures the boy-as the resident expert in picnics. Rogue's teasing gets a deep laugh from Lorna. "Oh, my butt is it? Well, if you need a stunt ass for your…messaging-let me know." She tells Rogue, deeply amused as she looks up to Piotr. "I think farm boy's here takes the cake on form."

Piotr pulls himself straight and comments, "I do not think I should comment on this around students." He glances towards Lorna and smiles, "Besides, can see truth for selves." He smiles and shakes his head, "I should be going. Have things to do in house."

Rogue picked up the carrot when it landed on her lap and she looked it over and then bit into it and cruched on it. "Thanks, Borbor." She told him, wherever the hell he was. "Why don't ya be a dear an' burrow down far and bring me back one'a them diamonds thats like the size of a basketball?" She huffed out a sign and then looked away from her phone to Twila.

"I'm sorry that your speed ability is freakin ya out, kiddo. I mean, I'd be freaked out too… its why I don't wanna touch ya, or any othe'ah speedy type… No offense, a'course. Its just there's some powers I don't want nothin' to do with and speedyness is one'a them."

Rogue grinned at Lorna then. "My dream job is a hollywood stunt butt. I think I'd be amazin' at it. Well, maybe not 'dream job' but still… it'd be a good one!"

Boris whiskers quiver "Another time mabey. For now, Ah must bury Ms.Marie Jewlwery collection" and he sinks back into the earth "Be back with diamond" as his last words. The floor ripples for a bit and then he gone

Piotr has disconnected.
Twila nods, "I don't blame you. There are perks to it but it definitely isn't all peaches and cream!" She laughs. "I don't think I'd wish this on anyone." She smiles a little. "I guess the big thing I need to learn is how to defend myself. I don't how to fight and stuff. I got lucky yesterday."
"Fortunately-" Lorna starts, looking back from watching Piotr leave "That is a part of the curriculum for the students who seem more likely to find themselves drafted by a team-or feel inclinded to do so. Self defense is especially important. I still have to train regualrly. Some of us use our power to fight-Cyclops still makes us learn how to punch."

Rogue looked over toward the fleeing voice of Boris. "Oh god, I hope he doesn't touch my stuff…" She mutters. A heavy sigh later and she waved to Piotr when the big walked back into the school.

"I think thats what Megan was askin' Logan for when ya got here, Twila." She told the speedy one. "You wanna learn how t'fight, he's the best teache'ah here for it… I mean, he'll be hard on ya, but he'll really teach ya how to throw down and scrap. So track'im down…" Rogue looked around outside, last she'd seen him he'd been smoking a cigar out there. "Wherever his fuzzy butt went…"

Twila looks at Rogue and nods, "Will my speed be an issue though? I mean, if there is a way to shut down my powers for training, I might do it but as it stands, I might be a little too reliant on my speed. Still… I will do it. I'll talk to him."

"You need to learn to train with out your speed before it will be any good training with it. Logan will tell you the same I'm sure." Lorna advises Twila. "Restraint, is arguably the hardest thing you'll learn." She smiles and looks back to the door. "I might still catch him. See you girls later." She calls, slipping off to hunt for Piotr.

Rogue nodded to Lorna's response to the student. "Use of Force is what you have to learn. Its like learnin' how to prope'ahly grip people's hands an' arms. Ya know, arm-bars or whateve'ah the hell they're called. You practice with that kinda crap and you'll be a scary-ass person t'fight, thats for damn sure." She pulled her car door shut then and went to start the engine. "I'm gonna head inta town to pick some stuff up. Let me know if ya'll need anything, just text me! She cranked her stereo up, blasting some sweet Adele out of her open car windows and put her sunglasses on, her car's loud engine soon roaring to life behind that lady and settin' fire to the rain.


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