2017-02-07 Hard Truths
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Atalanta, Power Girl
GMed by N/A
Title: Hard Truths

Rating: everybody

Atalanta is checking on the animals she captured, the Elephants she only helped with really, they are too big for her to physically pick up…well safely anyway. She is strong enough but the Elephant would probably die from having her hands sink in if the weight was supported by just her hands. The Jaguar is a lot calmer, hopefully he has not gotten a taste for human flesh after attacking that civilian, if he has he will need to be put down, which would be a pity. The monkeys look happy to be out of the cold. It is too bad she could not reach the birds though.

Karen Heard about the escaped animals and since she kinda loves animals she came over to check on them herself. The Blond flying over and floating as she looks down her red cap flapping in the wind as she looks down she spots Atalanta Lifting an eyebrow at the color choice and outfit as it's very similar to the Kryptonians of earth way but to each their own. She floats lower and speaks "Hi there are you the hero that saved these animals?"

Atalanta looks up and says, "Cousin Kara? You look too old to be the one from this world, given how young Superman is, but your costume is wrong for the one from MY world, as is your hair…" She is puzzled, but recognizes the features of her father's cousin.

Karen blinks "Cousin?" She says almost instantly confused "I'm pretty sure I'd remember if I had a HEY!" She growls her eye's even glow as she instantly lands and points a finger "Who you calling OLD!" Yep sore spot don't call a lady old! She crosses her arms under legendary chest as she looks you up and down switching to Kryptonian « I don't recognize you as somebody from krypton Identify yourself! »

Atalanta says, "You have nothing to worry about on that score, Kryptonians can live over a hundred thousand years here on Earth…but I never learned Kryptonian, dad saw no reason to teach it to me because I did not have super powers until last month. It is just…if you were the one from this world, you would be like my age."

Karen blinks okay so she recognizes the language that's a plus but she frowns "Dad? who's your dad and if you are correct I'm from earth two before I got stuck in this world…apparently for good since my time line got destroyed in this merger of worlds."

Laura says, "My father…well his analog would be your cousin Kal probably. In my world, he came to this world in 1960, he got married in 1996 and had a daughter in 2000. Cousin Kara arrived when he was about 30 and is currently Superwoman…and the governor of Florida."

Karen blinks "Wait what? Woah woah woah." She holds up a hand and holds her head, "This isn't your world is it because that clearly is not what happened in this worlds timeline.. Trust me I know." She says crossing her arms again "I've had to adjust to another time already so clearly your from another world and like me your stuck now."

Atalanta nods, "You are correct. This world…well the one that was half this merged world…was not my home world. In my home world…my father's biggest failure happened in 1982, then he failed to prevent terrorists from destroying the middle eastern oil fields. In some ways, that created a better world than this one…as they learned to create efficient solar power and electric vehicles. My father had just bought my mother a solar powered jet for their anniversary. Also, they had created orbital colonies around the Earth and moved 90% of the people into space, there was no longer any overpopulation and much less warfare. I had been trying to figure out my way home since before the merger…but it may not be an option any more…" Laura looks sad behind her mask. She has generally accepted that getting home might be difficult, but it had not occurred to her it might not be there any longer.

Karen Shakes her head "It's not, all the alt worlds from before the merger are gone…if your still here means your important to the new time line…if not and you didn't have a doppelganger you'd disappear I think I get away because I was already an anomaly in the world I was in now I'm here I'm part of the world kind of deal." She sighs, "It's a mess."

Laura shakes a bit and then collapses to the ground, crying. Her parents are gone? The only reason she is alive is because she was in the wrong world when reality merged? It is too much to take for a 16 year old.

Karen gasps but she moves forward and wraps her arms around the poor girl "I'm sorry I didn't mean to inflict pain on you but I thought you should know the truth before you try to do what is impossible."

Laura turns to Power Girl and cries for a while, finally ending in a series of choked gasps. She eventually says, "I am glad you told me. I was on both of these Earths that merged before they came together, trying to find my way home. I started..well not far from here actually. I had decided to test my powers before telling my father about them, but I discovered I do NOT have the ability to fly when my super speed caused me to run off the planet. I did everything I could to stop before hitting orbit…and would up switching dimensions to the one with Captain America and Iron man, who helped me out and tried to get me home. That…did not work, I was in the other world that merged when the merger happened."

Karen Nods "Yeah I checked with a mage, four of the worlds smartest people, and some alien doctor guy who said he's a time traveler and his people used to take care of the dimensions. he also said that he helped prevent the merger from exploding." She sighs and rubs her cheek, "But basically the merger happened but all the extra worlds and time lines that were connected to the worlds were destroyed in the merger. New ones are forming but they won't be anything like the ones from before. Anybody that was from different worlds are now part of this one "

Laura says, "I want to go home…but since I can't I guess I will just go to my room at the Titans Tower. I need time to come to grips with this…" She suddenly jerks away and runs off.

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