2017-02-09 Road Trip to Atlanta
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Charles, Rogue, Mary, Twila
GMed by Mary
Title: Road Trip to Atlanta

Rating: PG

Mary lives in Atlanta, in a fairly decent-sized apartment together with her parents, who are of upper-middle class. She also has an older brother, but he has been pursuing a military career for many years already and doesn't live there anymore as a result. Mary has been recently expelled from school under rather dubious reasons (as being a mutant likely isn't a legal reason to do that), and has as such spent quite a bit of time at home while her parents have been trying to find a new school for her. Cerebro would likely have indicated her being a telepath, or at least having some sort of psionic powers (not sure how accurate it would be, and I have no clue oocly of what her power level would be, Charles probably knows that better than I do!), and more mundane research can probably easily find out that she is sixteen years old and has been blind since birth.

That day in his office Prof calls Rogue, and Twila.. "I am sorry to disturb you from your daily activities, but I have found another mutant child that needs our help. It seems she has some mental powers like myself so I will be going with you on this one. "Rogue, you are on protection, make sure nothing happends to the kids. We don't know what we might run into out there, and I apreaciate your.. honest way at looking at things." he looks at Twila. "You my dear will be a good example of what we offer. You don't have to come with us, but I think making some friends here might help you adjust, and maybe you can help point out things us teachers just don't" he makes the airquotes "Get" he finishes with a smile. He turns, and heads to get his go bag… "Road trip!"

New York City to Atlanta GA. 12 to 14 hours depending on traffic.

Rogue loaded a bag with a couple days of necessities, put it into the trunk of Charles' fancy car and was intending to do the bulk of the driving. "No problem." Was about all the Southern Belle had said when it'd come to doing this sort of trip. She was indebted to Xavier afterall, so helping him find new students was no harm for her. "I just get to be in-change'a the radio, okay?" That was her only request.

And as such, the entire trip had consisted of lots of classic rock ballads.

Between school work which takes her all of a few minutes to do and being a little bored, Twila has been doing some reading. Heck the only reason her school work takes a few minutes is because she kept burning up her homework! Still when she gets called into the Professor's office, she is quickly front and center. "I'm game. I just hope she doesn't mind someone she would have difficulty reading." She winces. Quietly she smiles and leans against the wall. "So do you want me to meet you there or are we going by more traditional way?"

Charles smiles, "Lets just say… before you sneak out next time, I am sure you will remember this 12 to 14 hour drive with us." and he gives her a wink before following Rogue. As he sits shotgun, "This is a great time to work on your patience.. Do not worry it will not seem as long as you think." and pulls out a pair of earbuds putting them in he listens to Ride of the Valkyries, it was his device he used to hype himself up for meeting people, or for calming down as it had all kinds of Classical music on it. He leans back in the chair, *Rogue, I don't know what I would do without you* and then falls silent to focus. His student was going to need his help so he started looking at her mind, trying to coax it to slow down so she wouldn't think it was years in the car. He spoke up, though with the music he was yelling a bit. "Don't worry.. I will make sure you don't get too bored.. I have talked with your teachers we can go over your work." and then falls silent as it was going to need focus to do this.

Twila looks at Charles and her jaw just sorta hangs there. "Ummm. be right back." She's gone for less then a second. She comes back with a stack of books. Only a few, between 20 and 30. Then its into the back seat of the car. Her hands go into her pockets and she pulls out a little cheapy mp3 player. Immediately she begins reading. Believe it or not, she's going slow! Slow by her standards. The first book is a Tale of Two Cities. She begins flipping through it, reading every page. Chuck might find trying to slow/read her mind like listening to an audio book on fast forward!

Lots of driving. Lots of great scenery and lots of boring scenery. Some stops at diners / gas stations and roadside truck stops… the usual roadtrip! Even a bit of conversing, until that inevitably got boring as it always did!

They arrived in Atlanta and when they reached the city Rogue cursed!

"Damnit!" She slapped the steering wheel. "We forgot to bring Dyson!" She groaned. "He wanted t'go on that damn Walkin' Dead tour here… Ahhhh! Why didn't I remembe'ah that before we drove our asses all the way down here!" Another wheel slap and she exhaled.

A few minutes later and she'd have them right to the Address that her phone was telling them to go to!

The prof yawns, and looks out.. "Oh we are here!" he gets out, and streaches next to the car. "Now comes the hard part.. I have shielded your minds just incase.. Dealing with a young Jean has tought me a lot, lets us not try to break every car on the block this time." and he chuckles to himself. "Well shall we?" he asks as he oves to the house, and knocks on the door. "Just remember what we are here for, and be polite." He adds as he straightens his buisness clothes. He hated wearing this get-up, but he had to put on a professional look so no wearing flip-flops, and shorts to meet new people about the school. Still the suit made him itch, as he stands infront of the door waiting for an answer.

Twila looks at the Professor curiously, "That doesn't sound good. What happened with Jean?" she asks curiously. "Sorry I need to stretch my legs. That trip was… A trip through the underworld." Lightning crackles and she is gone. She's back a second or so later looking a bit more lively. "I feel better" Her attention goes to the door.

Charles was dressed all professionally. Rogue was wearing a brown leather trenchcoat, an Xavier's School tshirt and some black denim jeans that had triangle-shaped-cutouts all the way from her hips down to her feet, but the feet of the black jeans were tucked into tall leather boots that went up to just beneath her knees. Her hair was brushed all nice though, but that white streaked bangs still always made her look like a bit of a 'punk girl'.

Rogue glanced at Twila. "Ya love goin' fast, but some times ya just need t'chill and travel at the same speeds as the rest'a us." She told the student, knowing she'd probably get ignored though since Twila's mind was moving as fast as her feet usually were.

After the door is knocked to, while they can all hear steps of someone coming to the door, something else that probably only Charles can actually sense, is the presence of another consiousness, not really an active probing, but more like passively detecting them, kind of like a psionic version of a sonar, detecting minds. It doesn't do anything more than that, though whether that is because of the shielding, or just because there was no intention for more is probably not fully clear. Either way, the door is soon opened by a middle-aged man, who seems quite tidy and in reasonably good shape overall, he is not the source of the mental effect though. "Yes, can I help you?" the man inquires as he takes in all of the three, rather mismatched looking people at the door.

Charles holds his card out.. "Good afternoon.. My name is Charles, and this is Marie, and Twila.. We are from an exclusive school for the gifted, and we just require a moment of your time." He did feel the sonar like sweep, and gave a small smile. "I have heard that your daughter was recently suspender from her school, and we think we can help her, and you with her future prospects." he lets the man take his card if he wants as he waits for a response. This was always the hard part, but he thinks he pulled it off well. If the man asks any more questions he would offer up a "Perhaps we should talk inside". Inside Mary would sense the man talking disappear from her Radar, and then pop back up.. Almost in a way to make her curious on what is going on, just poof… gone, then poof back like his mind just disappeared from her senses all together for a moment.

Twila smiles a little. She doesn't say anything. After all She's just a student here. So watch and listen it is. Even if it is in super slow mo. She looks over to Rogue and smirks, "Maybe the rest of the world just needs to catch up?" She whispers. "Kidding. I just spent 14 hours trying to be normal. It doesn't really work for me."

Rogue smiled a big toothy smile at the man who answered the door and she even lifted her right gloved hand out of her brown leather trench coat to wave it in his direction. "Hi." She said in a happy tone of voice, but otherwise let the Professor do the majority of the talking since it was his thing.

Rogue looked back to Twila and smirked at the girl, but now wasn't the time to talk about who was and wasn't normal in front of a potential client!

The man focuses his attention mostly on Charles when he starts talking, arching a brow some in surprise once he gets to the part about his daughter being suspended, probably he did not expect that to be so widely known, though he does take the card and reads it over. "How did you hear?" he asks first, considering for a moment and nodding then at the professors suggestion to go inside, the doorway is after all not the most convenient place for conversations of possibly sensitive nature. "Yes, of course. I am Timothy, do come on in." He steps out of the doorway so they can do so.

It is a fairly large apartment, the family is clearly decently well-off, the foyer opening to a spacious living room, left side of it where there is kitchen and dining table, and right side has corridor with several doors along its way, until it ends to the bathroom door. The sense of the presence of a consciousness becomes more constant once inside the apartment, although still something that a non-telepath likely would not notice, even if not shielded. After the blink out and back in from Charles, he can definitely feel more focused attention towards him, but there is no way she can read anything through the shielding that the professor does not want.

Timothy motions for them to take a seat in the living room, there is a couple couches and a few comfy chairs to choose from, while he himself takes a seat on one of the chairs. "So, how did you hear about the… situation with Mary?" They might also hear the strumming of a guitar coming from one of the rooms at the right, though pretty faintly through the closed door.

For the profession his mind splits into two phases one in the real the world everyone knows, then one into the plane of the mind. On the physical plane he speaks to the man after he sits down. "I had heard, because I keep my eye on all our prospects for the school. It is what all the best recruiters do for the major sports teams through the world, and I have found it most efficient. After all we are prestigious school, before we take a student we must know all about them that is the good, and the bad." he at the man across from him. "We know what happened, and why though that is irrelevant at this time. We would like her to join our school instead, we have a dorm for the girls at the school, and specific teachers like Marie here that they can work with individually to match their needs." he holds a pamphlet out to him. "As well as students such as Twila here" He waves an arm. "We offer an environment of learning, and it is one of the better schools of New York.. As written down we are the fifth best private school in the state."

On the Astral realm or the mental realm Charles would appear in front of Mary, "Hello young lady.. Please do not be alarmed.. I am a friend, and I have come to help you. You are gifted like us, but you lack knowledge. I am currently talking to the man outside, would you care to join us as I do not wish to talk about you without you being part of the discussion." with this the man fades and everything would return to normal. At no point did he enter her mind, it was more like showing her what she could do, or reach if she had known how.

Rogue followed the homeowner into the apartment and the Professor behind him. She let her green eyes roam about the interior of the place, her ears catching the sound of the guitar being played which made her grin…

But ultimately she made it to a place to sit and she draped her long coat over the back of the seat as she sat down upon it and crossed her legs at the knee, idly bobbing her upraised foot as she listened to the two 'talk shop'.

"French Teache'ah." Rogue said after Charles had mentioned her, showing a little grin. "Pas de meilleur endroit pour napprendre, aucun meilleur professeur pour apprendre de." She spoke then, flawlessly, if a bit overly 'flirty' in tone due to her naturally sultry voice.

Twila smiles to the man and nods. Then walks in, yes walks. She quietly takes a seat and lets Chuck do his well rehearsed spiel. Then Rogue with her flirty french lesson. It makes her laugh a little. Then its her turn to speak. Nope. No practice here! Nope, Time stops as her mind accelerates. A thousand possible things to say rush though her mind. Her gaze shifts around the room as she begins looking for a nice hook. Then it clicks.

"A pleasure to meet you, Sir. My name is Twila. I'm actually among the newer students to this school. Now I know what you're thinking. I thought the same thing. A school actively looking for students? Especially ones who have crazy things having happened in their past? Its almost too good to be true. I know I thought it was. Seriously though, I have gotten nothing but help from the Professor and Miss. Marie here. They've been a huge help and my education has been top notch. You couldn't ask for a better place for your daughter to go. Trust me, I didn't think anyone would want to take me in." She smiles brightly.

Timothy accepts the pamphlet and reads it over while the professor is speaking, he has certainly heard of the school in question as it is quite prestigious one, quite possibly might have even looked it up as one of the options when trying to find a new school for his daughter, he is just understandably surprised by such a direct approach. "This is quite a surprise, Charles. Most schools that we had asked would not even consider it after the report of 'unacceptable conduct' from the previous one." it is clear from his voice that he knows that was not the real reason for it, but it is the official one given. He gives a look and a nod to both Anna and Twila as Charles elaborates on their roles in the school, although he does not seem to speak french, as Anna's demonstration of the language only awards a somewhat curious look. "Helen, my wife, is in a seminar tonight, but I know that she would be overjoyed to have Mary accepted into such a prestigious school. But, I do need to ask how she feels about it as going to a boarding school this far away would certainly a big change for her."

While this conversation is happening, Mary, in her room, stops playing the guitar when she sees… yes sees the image of the professor, which is probably the most startling part to her about it as she usually does not see anything. Standing up from her bed where she was sitting playing her guitar, her other hand picking up her cane, even if she does not really need it in as familiar surroundings as her home that she has long since memorized, it is still a habit to always bring it along. Leaving the guitar on the bed before she opens the door and walks her way to the living room, arriving right on cue after her father said the last part. "We have guests?" the question likely meant to her father, although it is bit hard to tell as she isn't really looking at anyone in particular as she asks it or well looking at anyone in general for that matter, her gray eyes blindly staring forward, although she seems to still have fairly good idea at where everyone is. She seems to opt to stay standing at the right side of the room where she came in from for the moment, holding the black, wooden cane front of her vertically with both hands, it is quite well made and looks fairly light.

Charles smiles, and nods. "I understand the weirdness of this situation, believe me we get that a lot.. Why would you put effort in to take these kids no-one wants, I mean we did drive 10 hours just to get here." he pauses, and waits just long enough for Mary to enter the room. "There are people in this world that need our help, these students might be troubled to some, but to us they are just normal kids trying to make their own way in this world. I am so direct in trying to help them, because no-one else would or could like we can. Your daughter is special, and I want to help her reach her full potential." he nods to Twila. "Please help her over to sit with us." before he looks back to the man across from him. "If that is okay, I am sure here she is quite capable, and I do not mean to be rude."

He then continues. "I want to help, but if she does not choose to come with us I understand. We are far away, and a new place full with new challenges. It is up to both of you if this is what you want. I can only hope that you allow me to help, but if it is not something you feel that you agree with then we will go I assure you. as we are just a school looking for a student. Not to mention we are quite affordable considering." he hated talking about money, but it was part of the deal. They did have to pay for a lot of students, and that meant money.

Rogue looked up to see Mary enter, but since she was blind… obviously she wouldn't offer a wave or anything so stupid as that.

Rogue looked back to the Father and smiled at him. "We're not askin' you t'put your kid in our car and watch us drive off with her either. I mean, that'd be freakin' weird, right?" She laughed a little. "Ya'll can come up t'Westchester for a weekend if ya'd like. Stay in the Boat House or the Pool House… spend some time roamin' the school and Salem Cente'ah itself. Afterall, Westcheste'ah is one'a the wealthiest counties in the entire United States. Did ya know that the average household income is oine hundred and fifty a year?!" Rogue leaned forward in her chair after sayin' that. She laughed a little again and shook her head. "Wish I had that much cash t'my name… I'd be livin' large."

A little nod then and she pushed her two-toned hair out of her face. "But yeah, vacation in upstate new york, check the place out." She glanced over to Mary then. "How's that sound, kid?" She asked the younger girl.

Twila looks at Charles and gives a slightly weak smile. "Of course, Professor." She stands up and quietly walks over. "Hello. My name is Twila. I am just touching your arm to guide you over to the couch." She is trying to be as polite as possible about it. Though that doesn't help much when she actually touches Mary's arm.

Immediately the world will feel a whole lot slower despite the fact that Twi is actively trying to slow herself down. Something feels really off. Like there is someone else in her head. This is awkward given that she isn't used to it. She immediately begins thinking, "Its okay. Don't panic. Its what makes me special. I sorta am fast. Just relax okay?" She leads her over to the chair making sure to go at a normal speed and then lets go.

Mary furrows her brows some as she still for some reason cannot sense anything from these new people, she can sense they are there, but it is as if they would not have any thoughts at all, which is very confusing to her, as usually she hears the surface thoughts of everyone within her range whether she wants to or not. This forces her to focus more on their actual voices, like she used to do before this mental sense awakened. Timothy nods to what Charles says as he is just reading the details of said fees from the pamphlet. "Yes, these costs do indeed seem very reasonable, you have sold me at least, what do you think, Mary?" Charles if he is paying attention to it, can sense the man actually being quite relieved about not only finding a school to his daughter, but a boarding school fairly far away, as he is concerned about how it would affect his reputation if it would become common knowledge that his daughter is a mutant.

Mary seems to be perhaps more interested in this arrangement than people would expect, well, people other than Charles anyway, due to the little psychic encounter a moment ago. "I think that school sounds great, dad. I can take my guitar with me though, right?" She inquires, her head turning to face more or less towards Charles when she asks that, even though not quite looking at him still. Then when Twila moves next to her she starts to protest. "I can find…" though then stopping mid-sentence when the other girls hand touches her, tensing slightly as she has somewhat confused expression on her face, not just because she can now hear Twia's thoughts, but more because of how strange they feel, the speed making her dizzy, and it is good that Twia is helping her as she might just fall down otherwise due to the sudden strange feelings, stumbling a bit before they reach the couch and she can sit down. So surprised that she did not actually even respond to Twila's thoughts, head sort of snapping back suddenly when the contact is broken and she suddenly can't feel them anymore, both fists clenched around her cane as she takes a few deep breaths to try to stabilize herself mentally after that.

Charles nods, then realizes she can't see him nod so says.. "Yes, we have a music class as well so you will fit right in if you find the school to your liking." he then watches carefully at the exchange. He had a notion she would do that so let the mental defenses down a little bit to spread the secret to her. He didn't mean for it to be so shocking, but was there in case things got out of hand. He thought about sending Rogue to help her, but he knew better then that as if she thought that was bad having your powers drained was quite.. disturbing. He turns to the Father, "If there are any questions feel free to ask, or my number is on there as well. Maybe when her mother comes home if you want to call feel free, though it will be a few hours before we get back home to answer. Just ask for Charles, and I will do my best to make sure everything is explained." he nods to Rogue. "I do not think I am forgetting anything am I?" explaining, "I do not wish to leave you out of the loop, as a parent in a kids life is very important so I hope I can do everything so you are with her every step of the way."

Rogue listened and watched but mostly just stayed motionless and quiet in the chari she occupied. After Charles seemed to be finishing his pitch up though she looked between the father and daughter. "Ya'll are gonna love the place, really… its… its like a castle. I mean… you'll feel like a princess there. For real. I was livin' on the streets when I found my way t'the schoo. The Professor took me in and now I got a real career an' a head that isn't near as messed up as it was when I first got there." She flashed a grin at the dad, hoping to help reassure him.

Twila smiles bit and gives a really quiet, "shhhhh." She'd wink to the girl if she could see but that would be awkward. Quickly she speaks up, "Oh yeah! I love the music program. I absolutely love music! I play piano. Oh and I sing sometimes though I don't think anyone here has heard me do the latter yet." She blushes trying to hide that fact from Rogue and Charles. "Its definitely going to be a fun time for you, Mary? Can I call you that." She's getting nervous and her words are getting faster.

Timothy listens to what both Charles, and Rogue are saying, though it looks like he doesn't need any more convincing, as this is perfect arrangement as far as he can see it, getting his daughter to a good, reputable school, far away from Atlanta. And Mary, after recovering from that rather unsettling experience, smiles towards her father. "That school sounds great, I would love to go there, I am sure I can get some friends there too. Everyone here just tries to avoid me. Please dad?" Probably acting a bit extra enthusiastic too, because she knows that works! Timothy nods and smiles to her, even if Mary of course can't see that, then looks back to Charles. "Well, sounds like the decision has already been made." Mary listens to both Rogue and Twila as they explain different aspects of the school. "Castle? I hope I don't get lost there. But I guess it will be fun to explore even if I do. Oh and you do? Thats great, maybe we can form a band? I play guitar, and I can sing decently too. Or at least nobody has ever complained. They might have just been polite though."

Charles smiles, "I am sure your fine. Believe me after listen to Logan sing 'Oops I did it again' I think anyone else would be a welcome change." he stands, and holds out a hand to the man. "Listen, I am not asking for a decision now, talk it over with the mother, and if you are willing then we will have a place waiting. You can stay as Marie suggested or come back, but either way I think she will be a welcome addition to our students." after shaking his hand Professor looks at the other two. "But as for us.. It is time we go, we do have a school to run, and I am afraid I have been gone too long already as there is lots to do." he opens the door for the other two to leave through, and looks back one last time.. *Goodbye young one, we will meet again I am sure.. Do not worry your parents seem like nice people and I am sure they will bring you to our school soon.. I will keep an eye out for you do not worry*. And with that he nods to the man "Thanks for your time." and leaves with the others shutting the door behind him as they take the long trek back to the school.

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