2017-02-10 Girls Night at Harry's

Location: Harry's Hideaway - Bar: Westchester


Harry (Bruce Willis PB)

Rogue is in the back of the bar in the pool table room. There's a crowd of people there, eight or so who are the 'usuals' that Rogue drinks with on the weekends. The guys in the group are all playing pool while the women stand aside, talk to one another and make fun of their men. Rogue? Well, she's laying on one of the tables and obstructing the game on said table. She's got her beer glass sitting in front of her and some of the guys are trying to hit it with the pool balls, but she lifts it up every time one gets anywhere close.

Its fair to say that a decent amount of laughter, insults and curse words are being flung about in the pool room because of all of this.

Coming in, Lorna breathes into her hands over her nose and looks around. Spotting Rogue, she grins. "Ma chere!" She calls out in a sloppy immitation of Gambit and clutches a fist to her chest. Her green locks are tucked up in a beanie, at least trying to pass for normal.
Stepping out of the bathroom with her cheeks lit up red like her namesake, Wanda stumbles over to Rogue after it takes her a moment to see the girl. The witch drops to the table and whispers loudly at the X-man, "They have a tub of ice in the bathroom, and I do not understand vhy this is. HIC!" The witch slips on nothing and her bottom catches her fall on the hard floor.
From the other side of the pool table, a single hand with a few thin bracelets lifts up to wave at Lorna, the rest of her drunk body obscured by the belle and balls.

Rogue was laughing wildly as they were continuing to shoot pool balls at her while she laid ther on her side and it wasn't until Lorna entered that Rogue swung her feet up off of the table and she lightly bounced off of said table allowing the players to go back to their game. She rushed toward Lorna, holding her beer in her left gloved hand. "Ma belle femme!" She shouted to Lorna, clearly a little tipsy and in bar-mode. "Ma date est enfin arriv!" Rogue went to hug her (should she accept) and then would point to Wanda when the woman emerged from the bathroom. She pointed at her. "Look… Wanda's… drunk!" She said with a grin. "Rogue solves problems, oui?" She grinned. Rogue's sollution to Wanda's recent mood issues.

"Oui, ma petite!" Lorna coos and laughs. "And I've about hit the extent of my French. Really, I'm much better with German, or Polish." She shakes her head and squeezes Rogue lightly before letting go to go help Wanda off the floor. "Alright, Red. The ground is no place for a lady." She tells the drunk mutant and slides an arm around Wanda's back under hers to help the girl up. "Shots, Rogue? I could stand to play catch up."

Wanda's slowly rolling over onto her hand to help herself get up when Lorna shows up like magic and helps the witch to her feet, and she's a bit shakey. "Hi there!" Wanda says her voice slurred and her accent far worse than before she left the slavic lands. "Vhat are yo- SHOTS!" She screams and stumbles forward, her hand holding onto Lorna tightly tugging the green haired beauty towards the bar.
Wanda turns her head and leans in real close to Lorna's ear and forgets to whisper, "Rogue loves body shots. She told me they are like beink the sexed." Wanda leans forward to look towards Anna with a big smile.

"Well, we should remedy that sometime!" Rogue said to Lorn about the extent of her French. "Piotr would melt." She added with a grin before she went wide eyed at the thought of more shots. "Yay!" She exclaimed and then spun away and handed her unfinished beer to one of the men standing around the table. A moment later and Rogue was skipping, spinning and twirling her way to the bar… Drunk, happy, bar Rogue was the kind that was all over the place, flirting with just about everyone who would have her.

By the time Wanda and Lorna made it to the bar, the tray of shots were alrady there. "An assortment!" She said to her two friends. "Pick your poisons…" She told them both, her green eyes were locked onto the both of them and she gave them a big silly grin, her brown/white hair all tossled about her head.

"Ooof! How about some water shots, and some put some food in your belly shots?" Lorna suggests laughing at drunk Wanda's antics. Looking at Rogue, she grins wider. "I'll settle for knowing what's he's saying in Russian when he's all flustered in the moment." She tells the woman and picks up a shot. She tilts it back and closes her eyes a moment as it goes down. "Whew! Alright. Ladies night! Any good dancers in here tonight Miss Marie?" She asks and flags down the bartender. "Order of fries? Cheese and chilli on top?" She asks and looks to Wanda. "We are going to have some chili fries before we release you back to the bar's wiles missy."

Wanda was start to reach her free hand out for the shot when Lorna's much faster hand takes the one she was reaching for and she is left blinking at the spot, wondering how it disappeared like that. Reaching for another one, the witch smiles at it, then kisses the side of the glass, spilling a bit on her hand as she does so then takes the pull, having to drink from the tiny glass twice. "No, we need to have more of these! I do not need chili fries, and do not make me each frili chies, or they vill end up your hair." The witch says with a very curt nod as if that ended the argument there. Only then does Rogue's statement reach her ears. "Vhy are you making me drink poison?" She asks the slur is real at this point.

"ROGUE!" A big man's voice shouted as he came out of the back of the bar, from the game room. It was the bar's owner, Harry. He glared at the southern belle, tossing a white twoel over his left shoulder.

Rogue shook her head at Lorna's words and grinned at her. "Russian language makes no sense t'me, sweets." She told her. "Can't help ya there." She took one of the shots and tossed it back when she heard the shout of her name.

Rogue SPUN AROUND! to face Harry and she smiled at him. "Heya, sexy." The young French teacher said to the bar's owner who was in his 50s.

With both hands on the bar on the other side from Marie, he glared at her. "What did I tell youa bout playing darts?" He asked her, his stare firm.

"D'uuuuuhmm…." Rogue started patting her left gloved hand on the bar. "You said… you said… um… 'Make sure you win?'" She asked the Barkeeep and grinned at him.

"No!" He shot back at her and threw his right hand up to aim at the game room doorway. "There's five… SIX darts stuck THROUGH the god damn board back there!"

Rogue started laughing then, her chin tipped back and her red painted lips apart showing off her pearly whites as she started laughing like a maniac.

"Its not funny." Harry said evenily at her.

"Its kinda funny…" Rogue retorted. Harry of course started shaking his head.

Harry glanced at Lorna and Wanda then and he turned around to go to the kitchen. "Chili fries, for you two… This one…" He pointed at Rogue. "She's not getting anything more." He was joking of course, in his own kind of mean/gruff sort of way.

"Thanks Harry. If you want I'll go pull the darts out of the wall for ya." Lorna offers and looks at Wanda. "Well, let's get you some water or you're fit to wake up tomorrow with a headache that'd give the professor feedback!" She teases and reaches for another shot. Downing it with similar ease she makes a face at Rogue. "Mix and match? Ugh." She clicks her tongue at the taste and chases it with Rogue's beer. She's working on building up an nice buzz fast, clearly.

"You can not pull Rogue darts from the vall. You need like…" Wanda turns her eyes up towards the roof, as she's lost thinking about the word she needs, then looking back at Rogue, "HEY! You both have green eyes!" The witch says with a big smile and starts reaching for a second shot, the one with all the blue liquid in the cup.
Wanda, still using Lorna as her personal crutch, reaches out for a stool to sit on, or at least lean against. "That guy is a, how you say, butthead." No idea if she's talking about Harry, or Charles, but she bottoms up the second shot in the past thirty seconds and rolls her eyes up into her head for a moment, Lorna now the only thing keeping her standing.

Rogue sighed as Harry left to fill those food orders. "I'm sorry!" She said after him. "I'll get you a new dart board! I'll have the kids make it in woodshop, it'll be glorious, I prom—- Oh he's gone." She watched the big old man disappeared into the kitchen. "I would totally bang the shit out of him, ya know." She said then and saw Lorna swipe her beer which she mockingly gasped at and then looked over at Lorna.

"Chug chug chug… Oh its a shot. The chug chant doesn't really work very well with shots, huh?" She grinned then. "Its not going to be a good night unless both'a ya puttin' those chili fries on the lawn outside in a bit. Oh! And no, there is totally no good dancers here." She grinned at both of them. "This is freakin' Westcheste'ah, all the men here are cowboys or yuppies… ain't one'a of'em knows how t'dance nothin' that ain't a damn square shape or like, weird internet fad dances."

"That's sad." Lorna sighs and nods to Wanda. "I'm with you. Total butthead." She agrees and winks to Wanda. "Of course I can pull Rogue's darts out. They're metal tipped." She smiles and looks sidelong at Rogue. "Right baby girl? Just a little twitch of the fingers and they're in my palm faster than the Russian got in these skinny jeans." She jokes and makes sure Wanda's leaned up safe-ish. Grabbing a shot glass, she drops it back and steps away with a wobble. Three shots in a few minutes is a hell of a headstart. She giggles and covers her mouth. Walking to the Jukebox she peers about the selection and gets some Bowie playing as she sways a little and settles into the beat of Heroes. She grabs at Rogue's hips to swivel like her hips roll and sway before reaching for Wanda. "We don't need men to dance!"

Wanda reaches up to the bar and grabs the nearest glass of water, half empty and downs it rather quickly, but pulls it away when gone and pouts. "Water…" She says disappointedly as she pushes off the bar and moves over towards the swaying hipsters, and starts to do a simple back and forth with her hips. They do not appear to be working right as her dance is very jerky, and out of rythym like a trombonist on his first day in band class. "I think I am doink this all wrong." As she study's Lorna's hips, trying to mimic her more fluid moves, Wanda ends up just pelvic thrusting at the air.

Rogue was wearing a pair of jeans and a long-sleeved tshirt that said "What?" on the chest, so though it wasn't the most provoacative of outfits, when Lorna started to move her hips she complied quite readily and unlikely their Slavac sister… Rogue knew how to move her body to the beat of a tune. "Oh… you're so right…." She said back to Lorna as she leaned back into her and lifted her left arm up and around behind her to place her gloved hand atop Loran's head behind her, her own head leaned back making her dangerously bare neck stretch out some.

Harry emerged from the kitchen with the chili fries in a basket and some chicken wings too… He walked to the bar and set them down on the bartop. "Okay. Maybe you're not cut off afterall." The older bartender gruffly said upon seeing the girls doing this (as many others in the bar were watching to and hootin'n'hollarin as well).

Rogue looked over to Wanda and she couldn't help but laugh a little. "Lorna. I think you're gonna have t'teach her!"

Laughing, Lorna slips away from Rogue after smooching the girls cheek with a faint glimmer of her forcefield between her lips and Rogue's cheek. Better safe than sorry. "Alright, Wanda. Come here." she tells the slavic girl and grabs her hips. Leaning in, she smiles easily. "It's like…riding a horse, right? Hips loose from everything else. Now we wiggle them like we
"'re making eights." She tells her and slides behind Wanda and holds her hips. "Move like I do, it's easy to copy first." She tells her and shows Wanda how she means.

Wanda blinks slowly at Rogue and her shouty boyfriend. "He is cute." Says Wanda before she realizes there's a green haired woman grabbing her hips and pushing her this way and that. Wanda's body doesn't move smoothly, it's choppy at best, only moving when Lorna's hands push her basically and her hips are still attached to the rest of her like there were iron rods from her shoulders to her knees. "I think I got it!" She doesn't. Not even close. But the chili fries are long forgotten.

Rogue smiled at the pecked kiss to her cheek, she'd always taken what physical contact she could when she was like a dehydrated animal in the middle of the Sahara when it came to some good ol' lovin'.

By the time Wanda had declared her expert skills at dancing, Rogue was already on the bar, seated upon it with her legs crossed at the knees and her right gloved pulled off (draped over her top knee) she was fingering at the basket of chili fries and grabbing the ones she could get that weren't too messy. She quickly looked up at Wanda and Lorna and it made her grin. "Now you got it!" She said back to Wanda, even if she didn't. She just liked seeing the girl trying and having fun. "Let the music carry you away… like a Siren's song, yeah!" She laughed a little and popped another fry between her lips.

"Yeah, just like that, Beautiful." Lorna tells Wanda and turns away, shimmying her shoulders to Wanda's and rocking her hips right on down to the floor behind the Slavic girl before rolling her body back out and twining her arms. Getting warm, she pops her beanie off and sets it down next to Rogue before turning her saucy look on the menfolk and shimmying a little more. Incurable tease that she is, she props her arms on Rogues' crossed legs and picks at a few chili fries herself.

Wanda's left out on the 'dance' floor and is looking like some sort of malfunctioning alien robot that was programed how to move like one of the Earth females during a mating ritual. Only if the robot had a short in it, she's janky, and about as fluid as an ice cube. "I am dancink. I am dancink queen." The poor slavic girl is making a fool of herself, and she's far to drunk to realize her own embarrasment.
A few of the guys around the place have started to catch on that she's the drunkest one here and therefore will be the one to get them where they want to go by the end of this friday night. Most are simply gawking and laughing, there's a few working up their courage to talk to the witch.

Rogue just liked seeing Wanda AND Lorna having fun, admittedly… though of the three of them here tonight, it was probably Wanda that needed the most of it. Rogue watched the Slavic girl dance alone for a moment and grinned at her. "She's single, gentlemen!" Rogue would shout out to the bar. "Get your bids in now!"

The southern belle would then look down to Lorn aand the cheesey fries and she'd pick one up and offer it to Lorna. "Tastey… but don't get too bitey now." She said considering her hand was uncovered now and the oh-so-dangerous skin was a potential threat to anyone who might partake in being fed by Anna-Marie. She grinned at Lorna. "Have ya managed to shake Soctt off of ya yet?" She asked too.

Rolling her eyes, Lorna looks at Rogue. She bites the fry and at least doesn't speak with her mouth full. "I am not the girl the Summer's boys want to mess with right now. I'm so fed up with those two." She huffs and looks at Wanda with a smile. "She's not loosening up, is she?" She asks Rogue and chuckles, patting a bar stool and giving Rogue a look for the cattle call. "You want to see what Wanda does to the highest bidder?" She asks and calls out to the witch. "Come here dancing queen! Time to refuel." She calls and drums the bar stool. "Three waters, and three vodkas please!" She calls out to Harry with a smile before pausing. "Hey Harry, you know Piotr, right? Tall, very Russian? You think I got a shot with him? Like no shit, real deal kinda shot?" she asks the poor hassled man.

One guy in the bar finishes his beer and starts to stand up after Rogue's words and makes his way towards Wanda, only she's already walking away towards Lorna. The witch doesn't take a straight line because she can barely feel her feet at the moment, her face is totally red and she's got the biggest grin on she's ever had, even giggling like an infant now and again.
"Piotr, he's tall." Wanda says, like she's giving Lorna a leg up on the man, helping her out like any good friend would, when there's a tap on her shoulder. The guy (I don't know what ot call him) Smiles a winning ten thousand dollar smile at the witch and says, "Is that a mirror in your pocket?"

Harry looked up at the order called out to him and he tossed his towel off his shoulder and left it on the inside of the bar and moved to get the items requested.

"Good." Rogue said to Lorna. Quite happy to hear this. It even made her grin. "They need t'be more appreciative of what they got… which I ain't sure they're genetically even capable of. So screw it anyhow." Rogue looked to Wanda then. "She's loosenin' up… its just, like a pretty castle from a fantasy movie… that was lost in an ice storm and it doesn't remembe'ah just how pretty it once was… but the more we chip at the ice, the more it starts to come back." She flashed a grin. "Or somethin'."

Harry brought the order over to Lorna and looked her right in the eyes with that gruff and ultra-confident stare of his. "Lady." He told her. "You could have any man on this planet." He told her matter-of-factly. "More'n half the women I'm sure too. So don't even think otherwise for half a second." And with that said, he started down the bar again. "Tell Pete to get his ass back in here too, with Logan. Not because I wanna see their ugly mugs, but because they owe me money. Well, Logan does… Pete I just like to have around to break up the fights."

Rogue was sipping her beer and she was happily watching everything from her perch atop the bar. "Wanda? I looooove you!" She said to her red-cheeked friend. "Are you having fun?" She asked her then.
Lorna grins at Harry and blows the man a kiss before being distracted by the cheesy line Wanda was fed. "Cause I can see myself in your pants!" She cuts in quickly, beating the man to it and winking at Wanda. "Pretty Wanda, that line was too easy. Wanna hear another? How much does a polar bear weight?" She asks the Slavic girl.

Wanda actually looks down at her pants, checking for a mirror and then looking back at Lorna very confused. "I have no mirror how do you see yourself in my pants?" She asks, not only curious but concerned about her green haired friend's mental state. Her hand lifts up to pat Lorna's forehead, missing and patting her ear more, "You are not hot… I am… I need … Hey wodka!" She smiles and takes a pull of the liquor. Forgetting Nameless Brian behind her shoulder, she looks at Lorna again, "A lot… bears are big Lorna."
Brian sighs to himself, snapping his fingers between Lorna and Wanda, trying to get her attention again, feeling that Lorna was rude first. "Your friend said you were single, and I'm sure we're both looking for a good time tonight, right?!"

Rogue was eating a chili fry while Lorna was working with Wanda on her pick up lines. But the lack of an answer to the polar bear question was making her crazy! "Look, Brian!" Rogue knew him. "I was just jokin'. Wanda is my hot lesbian love'ah. We sleep t'gethe'ah in my racecar bed back at my lesbian ranch. So just go back t'your girlfriends." Rogue nodded her head toward Brian's male friends all seated around their table, they were all pricks.

"Now… how much does the polar bear weight?!" She demanded, lifting her beer up for another big gulp!

Looking at the snapping hand, Lorna narrows her eyes at "Brian". "Listen buddy, single she might be, but she's smiling at me." She says and glances between Rogue and Wanda. "Tell ya in a second Marie." She faces Wanda and looks at her totally straight faced. "A polar bear weights enough to break the ice." She murmurs, leaning in to kiss the other girl. In classic liquid lesbian form, Lorna seems intent on playing defense for the other drunk girls.

And suddenly Wanda's being kissed. Her eyes buldge and she looks over to Rogue for what to do next and finally, she seems to loosen up, practically melting into Lorna's arms. Brian's forgotten, her eyes close and even Rogue is forgotten during the kiss.
Brian however rolls his eyes at Rogue, giving the belle the finger, "Piss off Marie, we all know you're not gay, you're too much of a slut for that." He says turning around after giving Anna the finger and moving back over to his group. "Bitch." He mumbles under his breath on the way back.
Pulling away and catching her breath, Wanda asks, "What is a lebsian?" Her wording isn't even right any more.

Brian says those mean words and offers that mean finger then turns to walk away and he walks right into Harry's chest, who doesn't budge even an inch where he stands. He's got a blank, deadly, stare on his gruff aging face as he looks right at Brian. "What was that?" Harry then said, an expression of being confused shown toward Brian. "I'm sorry, what did you just say to her?"

Rogue didn't seem to care though, she was just sipping her beer and eating chili fries. She was also grinning at Lorna and Wanda. "Yeah! Woooo! Chug chug chu—-" Rogue would then sigh. "I've really gotta learn when t'use that in a more appreociate manne'ah."

Her green eyes glanced back over toward Harry and Brian… and… Harry had his bar-towel wrapped around Brain's throat and he was dragging him toward the front door, Brian's arms flailing around Harry's beaty body to no-avail as the young man was literally thrown out of Harry's Hideaway, by, Harry!

"Get some manners." Harry said then, tossing his towel back over his shoulders as he went back toward the bar.

"Lesbians are women who are sexually attracted to other women. You surely have a word for it in your native tongue." Lorna tells Wanda and reaches for a fry. "Well, thanks to Harry you're safe from that walking STD." She murmurs and looks back to Rogue. "Enough to break the ice. It's terribly smooth, isn't it? I'm gonna try it on Piotr, see if I can make him giggle." She says and sips at her vodka, more alert to be protective of the other women.

"Oh. I do not know vhat I like. That vas my first kiss, I need to kiss a man now to know if I like them too. Yes?" Wanda asks, looking up to Rogue and then back towards Harry and she stumbles for a moment, glad Lorna was so close to hold onto to prevent herself from falling. "I love you both!" She says patting Lorna's cheek and smiling at Rogue before she decides to move back over towards the dance floor, already forgetting about the ordeal with Brian. The witch tries once again to dance to music that's already on slow song but she's moving the way she was before, the sad malfunctioning robot that Lorna taught her.

Rogue grinned at her friends and then pushed the half-finished basket of fries away from her. "Get these things away from me." She said before tucking her empty glove into the front of her jeans. She took a big swig from her beer. "It'd have t'be one HELL of a woman for me t'forget about men. Even if they're all mostly a buncha gross bastards. Except for you, Harry."

The Bartender walked past in time to hear that and he started putting some stuff away beneath the bar. "Married." He simply replied back at her. "My daughters are older than you anyway, Marie. And, shutup and get those darts out of the wall."

Rogue just grinned at him. "I will. I will… Gosh!"

"Oh! The darts! I said I'd get them." Lorna smiles and taps her lips with a finger. "Shhh, I forgot. Don't tell." She tells Rogue and looks at Wanda with a shake of her head. "Tiny dancer! Oh! Oh oh oh oh oh!" She hops up and sways a little on her way to the jukebox for Sir Elton John. "Those boys." She sighs at Rogue, coming back and taking over the fries. "Come eat Wanda!" She calls and sighs. "I'm gonna crash in Piotr's room tonight. He won't mind. I bet he doesn't even have a tub." She shakes her head.

Wanda just got back to the dance floor and she sighs dramatically, even throwing her hands up in the air. Stumbling back to Lorna she reaches out to the basket and pulls out a couple of dripping fries and eventually gets them into her mouth, though there's more chili on the front of her shirt than anywhere else, she pouts down at her chest. "I got the chili on me." Wanda says, starting to cry about this new development.


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