2017-02-10 Super Soldiers Three
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Dark Hero, Captain America, Patriot
GMed by Dark Hero
Title: Super Soldiers Three

Rating: everybody

It is time to contact SHIELD, The Dark Hero had fought along side Captain America in the Merger, and had seen Patriot Fighting as well. He had been all over the city during that fight, even using a chainsaw when he ran out of ammunition with brutal effectiveness. A master of weapons, and hand to hand combat. The Dark Soldier is not a individual to be taken lightly. He's send a message to Shield with a request for information on their world's Criminal groups, offering in trade information of his world's criminal groups including dangerous groups that want to capture Meta humans or humans to condition them into mindless super soldiers who follow orders without question or hesitation. Preferring to get hold of Children for easy indoctrination.

Right now the Soldier is approaching The SHIELD compound grounds, not on foot, but in some form of armored Jet black Humvee that ius armored, insulated and is designed to block scans and such. The Bullet proof glass thick and dark as the Vehicle begins to move up the street matching the description of the Vehicle he has sent.

While Patriot has been working without a shield since his was destroyed, he would really prefer to have one again. The problem is, where to get one…especially one tougher than the last one? It is not as is bulletproof shields are a dime a dozen down at the corner store. Elijah has decided to try something…asking. Of course, the question is WHERE to ask. He decided SHIELD was a good place to start, though he considered other places, like Stark Tower.

And it might be good timing, because who but the original Captain America comes powering out of SHIELD, crouched low over his bike. In full costume for once. He hasn't quite noticed the armored Humvee yet. Or the poor shield-bereft Patriot, although he's not going too fast to flag down.

The Humvee Pulls up. The whole thing obscured from inside as the dark Windows show only the most vague of movement. Finally coming to a stop as it seems to either power down, or shut off. The tires large, thick treaded and soon the massive door is opened up and then slowly getting out of the Vehicle comes the black armored figure. And yes he is armed. His back has that heavy assault rifle, the Shotgun and a large caliber magnum on his side.

Turning his head to look at the Otherworld's Super Soldier from all reports he's seen. Had he not seen him in action, he would have discounted the reports as hyperbole, but knows he is able to back it up. His face hidden by that face plate allows no emotions to be betrayed as he says.

"Captain America, we will speak."

His voice altered by the Vocabulator, but it's tone is of a man who will not be denied. Walking around the front of his vehicle he approached Captain America.

Patriot pauses, and decides to back up Captain America, after all,not only is he the first Super Soldier, but he is also a friend of Eli's grandfather. It is not like he generally NEEDS help, but Patriot's costume resembles Bucky's, he can play the part for now.

Captain America slides to a stop, regarding first the person in the armor with a small arsenal, then Patriot. "I think it's okay, Patriot." He hops off the bike. "What is this about?" he inquires of Dark Hero, his voice calm, although the Brooklyn accent is quite audible.

As Dark Hero approaches he makes no Hostile moves for his weapons, "Information exchange. You are not from my world, but you have been Identified as a super soldier. The same as me. The Agency believes our goals are compatible." He says "Before the merger of worlds there were a number of groups in my world that have attempted to produce Super Soldiers, using methods more fit to be deemed Crimes against humanity, and more fitting for a horror movie then any form of actual enhancement. Many of the groups have attachments to my world's US government and will most likely attempt to merge with or infiltrate your groups. Their experiments Including but are not limited to abduction of unregistered metahuman, which will include mutants once they recollect themselves. Genetic experimentation, Gene splicing, cybernetic augmentation. Mind control."

He says "The Agency believes that certain individuals need to be watched or avoided. The list also includes groups and companies that have either illegal or questionable intent."

Patriot says, "I wish I could say the government in our own world was free of such activities, but I know better. Witness the Mutant Registration act that was later broadened to include all superhumans. There was a major conflict fought over that one, and it was not the worst such act in history."

"In other words…no, none of this surprises me. I will see if I can get you our list." He WILL have to check with a couple of people, despite his clearance. "But I can already tell you HYDRA is on top with AIM a close second." Double the world - double the evil scientists.

Reaching to his pouch and pulls out what looks like two flash drives. "As a sign of our good will. Here. Data on groups CADMUS and SHADE as well as many others. It is over ten year old which was around the time the Agency broke away to complete it's work. To produce a super soldier that can actually help protect the world. Not police it, To work with heroes, assist them, and if necessary if those heroes are compromised by magic or mind control stop them, preferably with out killing them if at all possible. IT contains a list of Heroes the Agency considers worthy of their respect. A few warrant caution considering their powers such as Superman, I have already shared this list with Gotham's Batman." He says offering the drives to Captain America.

Patriot says, "The information sounds useful if accurate, is it in a usable format is the question?" After all, computers in other universes do not have to have the same programs. He adds to Cap, "I think he was specifically talking about Government agencies…like the one called the Committee if I recall."

Captain America nods, and takes it. "I can't give you access to SHIELD data without permission, but I can put something together from what my team has, specifically." He glances at Patriot. "I think we can manage." There has been surprisingly little in the way of problems with compatibility like that.

Once the Data is handed off suddenly comes the screeching of tires and sirens as a number of Armored Vehicles pulls up, each of them suddenly coming to a Stop as armored figures with very powerful looking energy weapons comes out. Pointing right at Captain America, Patriot, and of course the Dark Hero.

A large number of people seem intent to give a lot of firing ables. A Large heavy set woman starts too approach from the arrival of a Van.

"That data is classified US Government property, As of this moment you are all under arrest." she says firmly. She is dark skinned. "Now drop your weapons and lay on the ground and surrender." And of course the Armored figure turns to the Woman.

Patriot says, "For your information, SHIELD and Captain America have Top Secret and Need To Know Clearance for ALL US government agencies. You have no authority to demand the information from them…no matter who you are short of the President."

Steve lifts a hand, glancing at Patriot. "Careful. They may well not have accepted the new order. Certainly some in SHIELD have not." Which is why he's checking with Fury before handing over the reciprocal data. Just in case. He doesn't move to either attack or surrender.

As The woman looks at them and then comes a jamming signal, "Last chance on the ground. Safeties OFF." and instantly the rifles power up as she stands. "You have until the count of three to get down on the ground and surrender." she says standing there. The Dark Hero is flexing his hand nice and tightly ready to go for his weapons. He is not planning to use non lethal force. Surely this is all on camera and surveillance of SHIELD…

Elijah says, "Lady, you happen to be on the property of the Supreme Headquarters for Intelligence and Espionage, Law-Enforcement Division, SHIELD for short, the government agency tasked with taking down international criminal cartels and espionage efforts. From the moment you arrived you have been under the watch of hidden cameras and weapons. If you attack Captain America, perhaps the most universally recognized and respected hero in the country, what exactly do you think is going to happen?" Patriot wants to solve this without fighting…if this woman is really from the government this will probably be straitened out quickly.

Steve doubts she cares. The shield is flicked from his back to his arm, but he will *not* be the one who fires first here. And there are definitely…motion…from the direction of the SHIELD building.

"I don't care if it is the grounds of the white house. and I don't care if he's the Vice President. A good soldier would hand over such classified data without question to his superior." She says and soon it becomes a Stand off. A large number of SHIELD Agents are now on top of the Building with weapons pointed down at the Black Ops Team as she starts to Approach Captain America. She says.

"The Agency he works for stole data concerning national security secrets, and then Conducted those experiments off grid, with no over site, and no supervision.

At this point the Soldier says, "And accomplished in less then five years what you couldn't accomplish in over twenty."

The woman looks to the Soldier in the super armor with raised eyebrow, then to Captain America. "Now be A good Soldier, Hand that Data over, help me subdue this renegade, and I might be willing to over look your involvement as an innocent bystander." She says firmly.

The soldier says. "If you don't leave you will be the first to die, and I will put you down like a rapid dog you are." The soldier says. The question is… who backs down first.

Patriot sighs, "It is not my call, but if I were you lady, I would ASK my superiors if they agree to this op. The last thing this world needs is infighting over whose secrets need to be protected from whom." He has his hands crossed, he can have throwing stars hit that loudmouth soldir and five other before the first gun fires…

"Agreed." No. Steve is not going to back down. It's not even about the information at this point. It's about the fact that if SHIELD backs down to CADMUS, then CADMUS will think it can run roughshod over her. "You are *not* in my chain of command, CADMUS." Shame Fury's not here. Or maybe it's a good thing, he wouldn't want to have to worry about shielding him. But he can't back down. He can't take so much as a step backwards, or this is all going to go to hell in a different way, one he can't just…handle…

And then the Stand off comes as she narrows her eyes. "You are no ally to the American Government." She says to Captain America, "and you will be treated accordingly next time we encounter each other Traitor."

With the Odds not in her favor, The woman seems to smile, almost evilly to Captain America. Then to The younger boy. Then she says to the boy, "A charge of treason carries the Death Penalty, I hope you understand that runt." and then she turn to walk away.

"Stand down," Turning to face the Trio, "Move against CADMUS at your own risk." She says and the group starts to pull away.

Patriot keeps all his senses open for any false moves, though he comments, "I hope someone straitens out the chain of command and authority soon, of the secret agencies of both world will be treading on each others toes indefinitely."

Steve smiles. Yes, smiles. "I think some people need to talk," he asides to Patriot. And he would definitely like to be a fly on the wall when they do, but it's not his job. They need to get this all straightened out, the kid's right.

As the people begin to get back in their trucks and move off as Dark Hero looks to Captain America. "100 percent chance they put a tracter on my truck. Could I make use of your garage to Debug it?" he asks of the Captain. Still plenty of questions are needing to be asked. Still this Humvee is not an inconsiderable piece of equipment and the Agency's resources are not unlimited. Even with all the alien salvage they obtained.

Patriot points out, "Not going to happen, we have no way of knowing there is not some kind of exotic bomb in that vehicle that will go off if it is taken inside. However, I imagine there are decontamination areas used tf such things away from the base." Not that he suspects this guy…not as such…but if they can bug his vehicle who is to say they could ot plant something more damaging.

"We can decon it, but Patriot is right, they might have booby-trapped it." Steve lets out a breath. "I *will* be talking to the Director about this." Set Fury on Waller. Probably the best way.

Patriot, thinks through options, if he were someone worried about what might be on a thumb drive, he would use an EMP to erase it…he suggests, "Cap, hold those drives behind your shield…and keep the shield between the vehicle and them until it has been checked."

Kid's smart. And Steve, of course, doesn't always think of things like EMPs. He does what Patriot suggests. Gotta get the kid a new shield.

Indeed once the cars are on the move suddenly comes an EMP powerful enough that any unshielded electronics is fried. Computers in homes, businesses, thankfully the Suit he has only has a slight electrical field over it as he moves around. Hopefully Captain America did move them quit enough to shield it but any other electronics in 50 feet have just been damaged.

Patriot is certain SHIELD itself is Hardened against EMP's, but not everything around is so lucky. He just hopes he was right, that Captain America's shield provides enough protection against the EMP effect.

Steve did get the shield in place in time. "Ugh." He's going to find out what's going on here. Like exactly WHY this guy had to go outside channels - he's seen part of the situation, of course. "Hopefully…hopefully that helped." He can't be sure, though.

As the Soldier's armor grounds out now he says. "Amanda Waller head of CADMUS. And US Government Black ops. In my world we have several Superheroes. One of which is Superman, His estimated power is limitless. Super strength, speed, heat vision, freeze breath, and effectively invincible. Theory holds he could split a mountain with a Quarter of his strength. She and others like her consider him a threat, one that could exterminate humanity. Or take over the US Government or world. If he was magically controlled, or Psionically. He would be a serious threat. But according to sources claim that she is also anti hero biased."

"Groups like the Avengers will be targeted by her, including IRON MAN, make sure he Knows she is a credible threat."
Patriot says, "Hopefully the data is on the drives, and they survived intact enough for the experts at SHIELD to read." He sighs, well, being unregistered, some people in HIS world consider him a threat, so it is nothing new.

"If she is foolish enough to take on the entire of SHIELD…I am pretty sure we can handle her." And all of that was, of course, recorded. Every bit. "There are always people who will consider metahumans and mutants a threat."

With a nod he asks. "Where can I find this installation of yours to decontaminate my Humvee for bugs? Then looking to Cap and Patriot, "She has the resources and backing to do so and get away with it. Underestimate her at your own risk." as he moves off to his truck doing as scan to make sure there are no explosives on it, And he can handle himself no doubt, but still. Once away from here.

After Cap answers, Patriot says to the stranger, "By the way, what are we to call you? They call me Patriot, and this is Captain America." He will say after being answered, to Steve, "I was thinking, there are some pretty advanced ceramics these days, think your friends could come up with a ceramic shield that is tougher than the old metal one I had?"

A couple of SHIELD agents are coming out to take a look at the humvee. Steve lets out a breath. "I'm sending this straight to the Director. And…maybe. I could talk to some people."

There are several tracking devices quickly located and of course one of the technicians looks to Steve and says. "They Applied a Radioactive tag to it. It now will leak that signal allowing them to track it." The Tech Says and then looking down the street he says. "I should have killed her when I had the chance." Flexing his hands, he shakes his head. "She took it very hard when the Agency Broke away. Call me Dark Hero."

Steve knows where to find Elijah, after all Eli lives with his grandfather, who is a friend of Steve's. Now that he has stated his suggestion about what kind of shield he thinks would be useful, he supposes he should Let Cap get on with delivering the data to Fury. He says, "Pleased to meet you, Dark Hero. I suppose I need to get home before my family starts to worry."

As Dark Hero looks to The Young boy. "Be careful, They are attempting to create super soldiers. I suggest you be very very careful returning home young Patriot." and he will offer the boy a handshake. Of course once it is take he leaves a small device in the boy's hand. "Communicator, If you need help with Waller, I will do my best to get there." he says.

The tech says, "The Humvee is clean of bugs or explosives. But that Radioactive Trace will make it impossible for it to stay hidden it will leave an easy to follow trail. It needs a full decontamination. We can do it in the Garage Captain." Allowing The Captain to make the final call.

Steve glances at Dark Hero. "If you'll allow it I'll clear it." Then to Patriot. "You need to take care, yes. Walk you home?" he offers. "Or…" He indicates his bike.

Dark Hero nods to allow the Tech heads to clean the Humvee. He's not worried about secrets being lost. It is insulated from scans but needs a through scrubbing. He's also trusting Steve that they won't put a tracker on it.

Eli points out, "Grandpa would love to see you again, and Grandma is sure to invite you for dinner, if you drive me there." It is unclear whether that is a positive or negative statement.

"At least my metabolism can handle all that fried food," Steve quips. He's tasted Eli's grandmother's cooking before.

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