2017-02-11 Girl's Pizza Night part 1
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Power Girl (Karen Starr), Atalanta (Laura Kent)
GMed by n/a
Title: Girl's Pizza Night

Rating: everybody

Karen Has invited you to her favorite place to eat.. actually, it's Clark's too but she doesn't want to say anything. She's in the party area with a HUGE spread of several pizza's, wings , drinks etc enough for at least 10 people though she's already munching on a lot of it.

Laura has to get some more regular clothing, she could use the fabricator presumably to produce some, but it somehow seems wrong to use team resources that way. As it is, she only has her red dress and her coat, not much other normal clothing. She quickly locates Karen and asks, "Expecting more guests?"

Karen Lifts an eyebrow " I'm guessing you didn't live with your father then? ' She asks as she keeps eating " Or you haven't been around a lot of Kryptonians " She says with a smirk " We eat ALOT " . She laughs " I'm guessing you didn't get that part of the DNA " . She walks over and gives a hug and a kiss on the cheek " Welcome come sit join me " .

Laura says, "As I was raised, the craving for food is mainly psychosomatic, father certainly CAN eat a lot, and so could I if I want, but we do not HAVE to…in fact we really need only a fraction of the normal amount of food unless we are hurt or really exerting ourselves."

Karen Shrugs " I love to eat " she grins " And food is yummy " she smirks " I also will admit I love the jealous looks " She winks a bit as she sits down " So tell me about yourself.. I called you here because it seems like me you were pulled to this world. though that would be the second time for me. It's still hard and now with the world merger " She blinks " I suppose that makes it 3 times for me " she rubs her temples " .

Laura says, "I was visiting an old friend…well from before the merger at least…and he suggests that the other universes probably survived…but he is less a scientist than one who uses science. Captain Jacob Tylor of the Enterprise." She adds, "He also says that universe travel is probably not possible for at least a few more weeks, possibly much longer."

Karen Nods " I met a time traveler who also knows about going between worlds.. he told me the merger made the walls even thicker.. while our world might still be around getting there is next to impossible.. and any of the old ways are closed " She says with a sigh " I double checked with dr fate and he confirmed it " .

Laura comments, "Well, on the good side, I probably do not need to worry about accidental universe travel any more." She tries to keep her tone light, but it is clear the fact that getting home is not going to be possible still bothers her. She picks up a piece of pizza and starts nibbling, though she avoids the toppings she does not like if there are options.

Karen Looks very bothered by that herself she has a deep sadness in her eye's when she thinks about it and shakes her head and sighs " Well I want you to know I'm here to talk or be with if you want to know about krypton or anything I'm here " she smiles " I grew up on krypton till I was 12 after all " .

Laura looks a bit troubled, "My aunt Karen did not you know, she grew up on Argo City, a domed city that survived the explosion of Krypton, she arrived when she was 15, after a meteor broke the lead shields that protected her city from the kryptonite below. She grew up with Kryptonian culture, but not on Krypton."

Karen Blinks " My father talked about that how he was to be sent to Argo but mother convinced him to stay.. so I grew up on krypton " she smiles " I knew Kal's parents after all my father was Kal's brother " She says softly " So if you have questions I can help.. I can help teach you kryptonian too "

Laaura says, "I suppose I should learn it, and other things about Krypton. I did not study Krypton all that much, since I was only human. I never showed any signs of powers until the day before I left home, so it did not seem to matter. I lacked even a mind advanced enough to understand kryptonian science. I still lack that, but at least I think fast now."
Karen reaches out and rubs your cheek " You are not too stupid to learn " she says firmly almost angry " I don't want you saying that again are we clear.. anybody can learn I did and my favorite thing to do is punch people ". She smirks " Look while our science is advanced it's just that advanced. you can learn it with time. The people from medieval age would think they are too stupid to learn stuff from this age.. but it's just time and education .. your part Kryptonian this is your heritage and right to learn .. besides if you have Kryptonian dna your aging will be slow even if your half human "

Laura says, "I am not stupid, but it is rather specialized knowledge…and like all such it takes time to learn. I will have time now, at least."

Karen Nods " Good i can teach you at least since it seems this merger caused you and me to become part of this world instead of visitors. My labs my business and my fortress were all brought over ". She smiles " So when you wanna learn let me know " she beams a smile and eats some wings.

Atalanta says, "I still have to attend regular schooling, but I am certain i will be able to find some time for special classes with you." She frowns, "Can you teach me Klukor as well? I need some combat training. So far I am getting by on strength and speed, but that is not like actually being a good fighter."
Karen Beams a bright smile and laughs " who told you about Klukor? I thought you didn't know about krypton? " She asks cocking her head she of course still has a hard time thinking of Clark having any knowledge of krypton since he was so clueless on her earth. She beams " I'd be happy to teach it to you it should help you as well I can give you some time in the solar room it might help awaken your DNA. "

Atalanta explains, "Believe it or not, my father taught my uncle Jimmy Klukor, during the time they went to Kandor the shrunken city and played the parts of Flamewing and Nightbird. Uncle Jimmy is an expert Martial Artist in several styles, they called him Mister Action when he was younger, before he married my mother's sister and became editor of the Daily Planet."

Laura says, "If my DNA is going to awaken further at all, it will probably take it's own time. It took sixteen years to awaken as far as it has, it may take decades to awaken further. I am content to use what I have and let my powers develop naturally."

Karen blinks " Kal did? wait different earth " she says " That's impressive though what happened to Kandor in your world? " she asks curious " Wait jimmy married Lois's sister wow " she laughs " different earths have such different worlds " she smirks " So fun it's kinda neat to learn how different each world's history is from yours " .

Laura says, "Yes, from what I have seen, my Earth is the oddball one. Well they started building orbital colonies in my world back before I was born, they built one for the Kryptonians, both the ones from Kandor and those who eventually were released from the Phantom Zone, and they moved it to the far side of the sun and placed an orbital filter in place to change the sunlight frequencies so they could live normal lives without powers. The filter also acts as a cloaking device, hiding their colony from observation."

Karen Blinks " Wow that yeah that works.. in my world I found Kandor and we freed them it wasn't hard " she says softly " They went to one of krypton's colonies that died and restarted it living there it wasn't far from earth so we could go visit " .

Atalanta wonders, "Does Kandor exist here? I will have to ask this world's Superman about that sometime. Perhaps after I learn Kryptonian." She thinks a bit, "So how else was your world different from this one?"

Karen Shrugs " I don't know honestly I just got here when the merger happened so I'm trying to figure that out " She says sheepish " I just met the Kal of this world so I need to talk to him to find out.. but me and Kal were married and about to start a family on my world.. I had a company I ran witch seems to be on this world.. "

Laura shrugs, "I did basic research into the history of both of the worlds that merged, before they merged. They are different, but have some remarkable parallels. I was unable to determine how long ago they diverged, perhaps more than two million years ago…but somehow they had many of the same things happen. There were ancient gods that seem the same in both worlds, but a few of the ancient heroes are different…for example there was an entire age between the fall of Atlantis and the modern age in one that was apparently called the Hyborean age, but as far as I can tell that age never happened in the other."

Karen Nods her head "I'll have to do that again myself.. Because there was my world.. the one I was pulled into .. and now this world as well as the other world that it merged into. which means this world is the product of two universes slamming together which makes for a headache to say the least " .

Laura says, "There are many puzzles I have from that merger. For example, how do you fit twice as many people and many new countries into a world, but still keep it the same general configuration and same surface gravity and apparent size? How do they fit twice the population into the world and yet not be twice as crowded? Which government is the legitimate government of the US, when both seem to run from the same place?"

Karen Smiles " actually the world is larger, " she says " everything grew .. the sun the world everything is twice the size.. as well it wasn't double. It seems that a lot of people had dopplers For example.. though it's not true say jimmy Olsen he had a doppler on this world.. when the merger happened there are not two jimmies just one with booth memories.. same with the presidents it seems ours and theirs was the same so the merger happened he has booth memories. " she says softly " though that still makes things confusing, it also seems that the maps and charts updated so to the world it's no different even though it is larger " . She sighs a bit " Of course not everybody has a doppler so that's why we have extra people but not as many as you think " .

Atalanta says, "I heard of a recent standoff between two government agencies who were refusing to acknowledge each others' mandates. No one has any pictures though, someone set off an EMP device and wiped out all cameras and cell phones for several blocks." She shakes her head, "I hope things get straitened out soon, at least enough so that the government stops fighting itself and starts trying to help people."

Karen sighs " it's worse in space I spoke to my friends it's awful out their there are wars going on everywhere as the whole universe tries to redraw lines of territory it's a madhouse they estimate that the wars might go on for another hundred years or more " .

Atalanta nods, "There are entire empires full of species who now share space that used to be exclusively their own. Races like the Bandoon and Dominators, to name just two. Krypton an all the related worlds like Daxam and Kormo and Hydros are completely absent from one universe, while entire intergalactic groups like the Kree and Skrull are unknown in the other. It is crazy."

Karen Nods her head " Yes it's a mess to be honest.. this world is now a mess too " she sighs " it's gonna take some time to settle things, to be honest " She sighs "But that's what we're here for… first thing first I think we need to contact heroes on booth sides.. But I have one thing " she holds up a card with an X on it " I met a very interesting man " .

Laura says, "I have met a few of them, though perhaps not the particular one. There is Captain Tylor and Iron Man and Captain America…and this man with a little girl who likes to eat metal." She glances at the card curiously.

Karen Nods " It seems they have natural born people with powers called Mutants .. kind of like our meta's though metas is for everything here.. they tend to separate them in different categories "

Laura nods, "The little girl was said to be a mutant, though I am uncertain of it. It seems if a meta is internally triggered, they call him a mutant, but if there is an external trigger, they consider them something else."

Karen Nods " Yes I'm learning a bit I'm hoping he can teach me more about his world so I can learn the difference.. and perhaps Clark can fill me in on the world that's like our own so I can get an idea of what this new world is like " .

Laura takes a wing and gnaws on it before answering, "Captain Tylor wants to do an information exchange with the Teen Titans, They have not yet decide on whether to take him up on it."

Karen Nods her head " I've heard about about him here and their some people have talked about this fellow very active " she thinks " I might have go see him.. I wonder if the watch tower is here in this world "

Atalanta shakes her head, "Unlikely, it seems the Justice League has not yet formed…or perhaps is in one of the reorganization periods." She has heard of several members, like the Atom, but has not heard of them being a group.

Karen Thinks for a moment " I'll have to talk to Kal about that and straighten that out… how are you anyways I mean you said he's your father .. have you talked to him yet? "

Laura Explains, "We met, once…while he was in his secret ID. I carefully did not say anything about it that would give things away to anyone else, but to him it was pretty clear I think. He reacted badly, not sure of a lot of things…like how I knew who he was and why I seemed to imply I was his daughter. He would not let me be alone with him to explain. I am giving him time to investigate and them come back to meet me again."

Karen Nods her head " I'm sure it would be a bad shock to him " she sighs " Clark for all his strengths family is a weakness of his and learning things he's not ready for or didn't know about " she shakes her head ' he tends to go what I call Wooden on you where he gets like a block of wood that you can't talk to till he's ready " She smiles " You can talk to me at least.. Do me a favor don't tell Lois your her daughter.. I'm pretty sure they arn't dating in this world yet "

Laura says, "Considering how young he is here, that is no real surprise. They did not get married until he was like 36." She has not checked on Lois, but figures she should be around somewhere.

Karen Nods her head " he's about a year older then me far younger then my Clark " she says softly with a hint of sadness in her voice as she sighs and shakes her head trying to get rid of those thoughts. She grabs some pizza and eats to try and forget not that it works.

Atalanta sighs, "You know, if the worlds actually rebooted, and we did find a way home, it is possible we might find we ourselves already exist in the worlds we would go to. If these thicker dimension walls were there when we left out home, we might have been bounced back and never crossed worlds."

Karen Nods " I know I thought of that especially when I was told unlike in the other worlds were part of this one..were still connected but not as strong as before. that's part of the reason my fortress and my business came over to this world " She sighs " Now I have a huge company that's also dealing with the merger.. thankfully were in tech and R&d so adapting is kind of our thing " .

Laura says, "One thing that is way different, in my world you start an apprenticeship and begin learning the practical side of the job you want at about age 14…with so many people moved to the orbital colonies it was more efficient that way. Back there, I was an apprentice reporter, here I am attending public school, it is so different…"

Karen Nods " yeah it seems so earth was like this one with the school thing but krypton was like what you said around 14 you were tested to see where your skills were as well your likes were checked together they would find a job that you could find fulfillment and you were apprenticed "

Laura says, "It seems sensible, I mean how many good jobs in this country go unfilled because people think a college degree is better than a trade school? Sometimes, even before the merger, the world made little sense."

Karen Nods her head " Now with the merger..to be honest it's a good time to affect change.. most of the schools the government everybody is confused and not sure. " she cocks her head " hmmm I might have to give a suggestion then ".

Laura sighs, "I expect it will be hard to effect change, people are going to cling to whatever they can to try to keep stability despite the changing world." People are like that, doing the wrong thing for the right reasons.

Karen Nods ' True but periods of upheaval are also the best times to do change while people cling the change is so strong they can't help but be pulled into it while times of calmness find there roots deep " She says but she nods " WE shall see it's trying times right now to be honest. " she thinks " Do you have a place to stay? You said your in school and since well your father isn't your father " .

Atalanta says, "I am currently with the Teen Titans, with dispensation to stay in their tower as long as I continue attending school and getting good grades."

Karen Ahhs " That's good I'm glad this world still has a teen titans " she beams " they were a huge force for good and great for young hero's to train and learn who didn't have a mentor, well on my world they were " .

Laura nods, "In my world too, Some of the titans are even the same, though not all of them. I also met Phantom Girl, who is staying with the Titans." She wonders if Power Girl knows of the Legion.

Karen cocks her head " I haven't met her then again this world is new to me so there is a lot I have to meet and learn " she sighs " I'll do my best.. but since your kryptonian or even part your welcome to stay with me " .

Atalanta frowns, "I do not happen to know your identity…since you are not Supergirl I doubt you use the one I know. If I decide to visit you, where would I find you?"

Karen cocks her head " I was super woman but when I went to the second earth I found out there was another.. so I took the name Power girl " she smiles " Now that I'm in this world I suppose I'll keep it.. but if you go to any of the Starr Enterprises you can ask for Karen Starr that's me "

Atalanta says, "I am Laura, you probably do not need to be told my last name." She is not going to speak the name Kent where it might be overheard.

Karen Smiles, she already made sure this place is safe but she nods " I figured " She says " I'll leave a note " she pulls out her phone and types quickly " There we go the AI knows what's going on and to expect you " .

Atalanta suggests, "Stop by the Titans Tower sometime an look at my Comlink, you might find it interesting. Blue Beetle did."

Karen Blinks " Your comlink? " She cocks her head " I'm sure I will " she laughs " Espeically since well I'm guessing your world time wise is more advanced then my own .. After all Clark's a dad " .

Laura replies, "Computer technology is not really that much more advanced, but it is solar powered, and acts as a cell phone with a satellite uplink. Not to mention the operating system is different."

Karen Nods her head "Well I'd love to take a look my company does R&d so I'd love some new tech or something new to maybe spark my boys into inventing something new and handy… were currently stuck due to the whole world merger thing.. they were working on a machine to clean the plastic out of the oceans since we just figured out how to recycle plastic " .

Laura nods, "That is what I thought. Actually, recycling is one way our world is much more advanced…it is necessary to recycle everything on a space colony. It is not my field though

Karen Nods her head " Well I'd be happy to see it maybe spark some stuff " she smiles " We need to get a handle on this new world fast so we can keep affecting change " .

Atalanta sighs, "Unfortunately I am a reporter, not an engineer…however it might be interesting to review the science and technology section from the Daily Planet in the Comlink's memory."

Karen Thinks " Well we could go get it and have my system check it out? " She asks brightly " If your up for it ? "

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