2017-02-11 Learning About a Future

Phantom Girl

Once there she makes her way to a skyscraper roof top. Sitting over the edge, she taps her ring and begins speaking. "Calling any Legionaires, this is Phantom Girl. Any Legionaires, please come back. I repeat this is Phantom Girl, Please tell me I'm not the only one here."

Superman was sleeping in the fortress of Solitude. For reasons that remained unsaid he was having Titans ower under surveilance. When Phantom Girl phased out of it and pushed her way into New Troy, the few robots still moving about the place woke up the sleeping Alien. While sleep wasn't required that much, Superamn still went through the motions because it allowed him to relax. It also made him feel a little more human, in its own way.

Rousing to his feet, Superman looked to see who it was. He didn't see where she was going. However, it was enough. Superman was out of the Fortress flying back toward civilization.

A few red streaks went through the sky, Phantom Girl would have seen them. Apparently, a different hero was about. The streaks were probably heavily talked about in the various historical texts from her hometime. However, eventually that streak rushed toward her and came to a stop.

Floating in front of her was Superman. His blue eyes looked down upon the displaced hero, "I'd like to ask you a few questions about your teammate, Atalanta." Apparently, Superman thought the hero was a Titan and not something else.

The raven haired girl is still attempting to contact someone when the man of Steel arrives in front of her. "Any and All Legionaires within this galaxy please rep…ooorrrt." She trails off and slowly looks from foot to face at Superman.

"Oh my gods!! You're Superman! You're THE Superman! Holy cow I can't believe it! This is insane! I never thought I'd actually meet you! I mean I know you were active in this time period but you are HERE! Talking to me!" She smiles and takes flight. "I'm Phantom Girl. Nice to meet you."

Then he begins talking about Atalanta. She technically is a Titan for the time being. At least until she can get her something else started anew. "Oh umm I only just met her a few days ago. I'm not exactly a veteran member of the Titans. I only just started there."

Superman gave an awkward smile. He never met a fan that happened to be a hero before. A moment later the smile softened. "She claims," Superman floated down to stand near Phantom Girl. "She claims to be a child of mine from anotehr world and time. I don't know if I believe her," for a moment Superman felt like a celebrity that suddenly had someone appearing out of the wood work claiming tha they were some orphaned child to them.

"Honestly, That isn't exactly impossible. I'm from the year three thousand sixteen!" She smiles a little. "There are a lot of timelines and a lot of dimensions, Trust me. I'm from a planet that is in the exact same place as Earth is. Just a different dimension." Phantom Girl smiles a little, "Has she given any reason to not be trusted?"

The hero listened to the young woman. "Do you miss home?" he asked and sat down and looked to her as he was willing to listen to her. "She was implying a lot of information. It's hard to trust someone, when they reveal they know some very personal secrets while brandishing a variation of your symbol as their own. There's something violating about that."

"Well, She's also a teen. I've had two years of experience as Legionaire and I'm the daughter of the President of what was or will be the United Planets. I sorta know how to be diplomatic but even I can be forward and such. It'll take time though and thats something that can't be changed." Phantom Girl quietly looks at Superman, Her grey eyes meet his. "You and those like you are the ones that inspired the creation of the Legion of Super Heroes. I am one of them. Don't sell yourself short."

Then she comes back to the rest of the conversation. It hurts. "I remember. Thank you so much, Superman. Its a true help." She smiles a little.

"I don't need to know more, no offense," Superman spoke softly. "If I know too much, I won't do what is necessary. There are myths of people trying to avoid or cause matters to happen, then something goes wrong. I don't need my name added to that list." That smile turned into a small smirk. Then he looked at Phantom Girl, "This is going to sound strange, but what are your favorite pizza toppings? I'll take you out to pizza some time," he spoke softly looking at.

Phantom Girl laughs a little, "Ummm, The last time I was asked what I liked I was told most of it didn't exist! So you will have to pick." She snickers a little. "Don't worry. Like I said, The future that existed can not happen anymore. I was sent into the past because physically I could survive what others can't. Then a timey person in this time got me affixed to this time so I'm not causing a paradox. Anyway, the future is what you make it." She beams. "Anyway I want to start the Legion of Super Heroes up in this time. We serve a purpose and we helped to protect the entire galaxy. I'd like to continue that. I swore an oath after all."

"Well, I'll try my best then." Superman paused a moment, "If you form the Legion now, won't you throw off what the team could be in the future? What you hope it will be. You're giving it a foundation that it didn't have before," Superman pointed out, not arguing with Phantom Girl's desire. Someone wanting to do good was always a good thing.

Phantom Girl frowns, "That future can't happen. The merger of the two worlds ended any hope of my futre ever existing again. All I can do is lay the foundation for a new future. The simple fact that there are now two worlds instead of one is giving it a different foundation." She frowns over this.

"You never know," Superman spoke softly and he looked at her. "I'm just saying what it could be, a tea in the now may throw that off course," he pointed out then left it at that. "What else will you do now that you're a resident of this time?" he asked.

"Just my being here throws things off really bad. I can't exactly go back to my old time though. She sighs, "What I am going to do is uphold my oath. I'm going to continue protecting people, helping my friends and teammates, no matter what team I'm on. I'm going to continue helping others." She smiles a little. "I'm a Superhero afterall."

"I meant beyond the costume. I had presumed that you would be a hero regardless of the team you would be on," Superman spoke softly looking toward her. Sky blue eyes watched the young hero.

Phantom Girl smiles, "Well, I can't exactly be a citizen as I'm not exactly human. I'm from Bgztl. Being a hero is all I've ever wanted to do. I definitely don't wanna be a politician anyway. Thats just… Not me. Thats my Mom. I was getting schooling when I wasn't on Missions. Still I dunno what to do here. The thing I'd excel at is security because its kinda hard to stop me from getting in and out of things."

"Bgztl?" the question came out quizzically. This was a planet he hadn't heard of before. Superman looked at her, "Well, try to live a life outside of the costume, too? It's hard to only be a hero." Superman was just trying to help out Phantom Girl.

Phantom Girl smirks, "Yes, Bgztl. It shares the same space as Earth but is in a different dimension. To travel between there and Earth, you have to pass through the Phantom Zone. I believe you know of that place. I am one of the only members of my race capable of phasing completely through the phantom zone and into Earth Space." She shrugs, "I really don't know what to do. In my time I'd be hanging out with friends and messing with my teammates. In this time, I can't really do all of that."

A stern nod came from Superman as he knew exactly what the Phantom Zone was. He was fascinated that a world existed on the other side of the prison. So, that was something to consider the next time he looked at it. "You can make new friends and teammates. It will take time," Superman spoke softly of the latter.

Phantom Girl smiles, "I can show you sometime. I can phase others, just not too many. Other people, other things, Its all pretty cool. Moving through the phantom zone is a little awkward but its really worth it. They wouldn't even recognize me though. In my time they would recognize me as the daughter of the President of the United Planets. Gods I hated that. Now I sorta wish it didn't change."

"We miss the little things when they're gone," Superman said softly a hand went to Phantom Girl's shoulder. "I'm sory you're not going ot make it home." A sad smile was given to Phantom Girl. There was nothing he could say that would make it all instantly better.

Phantom Girl frowns and her eyes tear up. "Superman, I thought I was able to do this. I mean, I'm a good Legionaire. I've never had any doubts or anything. This time though, I'm on my own. I'm here in this time and there is no one but me. No other Legionaires. No family. Nothing." She frowns.

"You've got me, the rest will come in time," Superman spoke softly just trying to help out the hero. It was also the truth, if she needed a friend she had him.

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