2017-02-13 Disorder in the court
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Zatanna, Lady Deathstrike, Tattooed Man
GMed by Tattooed Man
Title: Disorder in the court

Rating: everybody

It has been in the papers…a main member of a mob, after being caught by the police, has agreed to turn State's evidence in exchange for immunity, the pardon being contingent on the testimony. The man has been well hidden, but he is to be called as a witness today and there are crowds of reporters and police and other onlookers. Somewhere in the press of bodies is Mark Richards, using his trained eye to spot his target. They will likely try to sneak the target in in disguise…

Zatanna glances at her watch as she stands in line at the City Hall Courthouse, giving a sigh as the line to the clerk is not going anywhere, "I should make this line disappear," she mutters frustratedly and then smiles innocently as a bald man gives her the eye for being impatiently frustrated. She raises her chin and looks up as some people and an entourage of media head down the hallway.

Yuriko has access to quite an extensive wardrobe, for just this kind of purposes, to be able to fit in at various different situations and environments, and right now, she is looking like someone who belongs in a courthouse, and she waits inside for this witness to arrive. She doesn't really know, or care what exactly he has done, only that someone posted quite the handsome reward for taking them out. Currently she is pretending to be filling up a report of some kind while keeping an eye on the entrance, most of the security should be busy fending off the throng of reporters outside, making it easier to wait for the man to get inside.

A police van arrives, several SWAT team members disembark, followed by a man who is obviously in disguise, and then some more police. Mark observes…not the real target, a distraction…not nervous enough to be the real target. The real target must be nearby.

Yuriko looks up from the paper she is writing, which is really just some completely random sentences just to pass the time, reaching a hand up to adjust the wire-framed glasses she is wearing, which are just props, no actual correction in the lenses, but together with the bun she has her hair set at, and the formal outfit she is wearing, she does look like a textbook example of a lawyer or secretary of some kind. Looking up towards the door when that swat envoy arrives, her eyes narrowing for a bit at the man they are escorting, but no, that is not the right target, so she focuses her attention back down on the paper before looking long enough to actually raise attention.

Zatanna is not dressed like a secretary, instead going totally casual on an off-day, because she's incognito in the public. She watches the police escort some guy down the hallway. She moves one step in line, "Huh, look at that, wonder what's going on."

Tactics, the real target should be in with the apparent guards, he will not be carrying live weapons, the authorities will not trust him that much. He will probably be in FRONT of the decoy, so that more real police can keep their eyes on him if he tries to bolt. THAT one, he is trying hard to look like the others, but he surveys the crowd more nervously, and his hands are gripping the gun wrong. Mark drops his coat and acts. Flaming Skull, Dragon, and Demon buzz the police. Animated Chain, giant snake, and writhing barbed wire surround the target. A Samurai Warrior strides forward with his hand on his sword…Mark's Tattoos peel off his skin and head different directions.

Yuriko was just turning her attention down to her writing when -things- start happening, which makes her to quite sharply look back up towards the escort, as probably do almost everyone else present too. At first she is thinking that someone actually thought the decoy was the real target, until she realizes that the one being targeted is in fact one of the guards, which naturally makes her to pay closer attention to him, and thus notice some of the things that are off. She picks up the briefcase that was set on the chair next to hers, adjusting the number lock on it to 010, and then sends it sliding along the floor towards the group, with enough strength to easily carry it the distance, even as those numbers in the 'lock' start counting down.

Zatanna looks surprised as there's a sudden cry of action in the middle of the hallway. She glances at the bald man behind her who still looks annoyed and she steps toward the windowed partition between her and the hallway, where people scurry around thanks to Mark's sudden attack. There's no mistaking it, she can see the action quite clearly, like a TV through the glass. She holds up her hands and says quickly, "gnirB eht ecilop ereh!" she lets out. She teleports the police and the fake police guy in front of her out of the hallway. She puts her hands on her hips and smiles. The police look confused.

The Demoness is not confused when her target vanishes, she has a lock on him and turns towards the building, followed by the other fliers. The Samurai also follows, the chain, the snake, and the wire love back away from the briefcase that slides to where the police just were…mark saw it and figures there is something WRONG with it. Hopefully he can get his constructs far enough away not to be destroyed, it takes effort to rebuild a destroyed tat. He himself takes cover, moving around to get to a different entrance to the building than the one the flaming skull is burning through…

Yuriko narrows her eyes when the police escort suddenly just vanishes like that, very inopportune timing, looking around until she notices those figures that were attacking them heading towards a new destination, and follows along their route with her eyes until she spots them again, and gets up and starts walking towards that way, a bit hurriedly, the reason to which will become evident a few seconds later when the bomb goes off, it does not have a massive blast radius, the full force area is only perhaps ten yards, though of course there will be various bits and pieces of not only the briefcase but whatever else in the vicinity getting destroyed in the process flying to much larger area, and it likely also sets off fire alarms and sprinklers and all that chaos, which in turn probably results in whatever people were around to start scattering all over the place, which works as convenient cover for closing in on the target.

As Zatanna glances back to the commotion, she blinks as the attackers just keep coming, "Uh, back up," she comments helpfully, "Hey back up!" she tells the people in front of her, who don't want to budge lest they lose their place in the valuable line, "There's a flaming skull headed this way!" she lets out and then sighs, thinking how dumb that sounds. As the explosion goes off, she looks up as the sprinklers pour water on her, "Now what…we're stuck in this room…oh wait!" she says, "retaW emoceb yllaer kciht tsim!". The water pouring out of the sprinklers suddenly becomes a mysteriously thick mist, like on an English moor or something. It pours into the room and hides Zatanna and the police in the middle of the room, "Okay, let's find the back door—gosh I can't see anything…"

Mark has found a door, it is locked from the inside but that does not matter. His fists start to glow as he activates a different tattoo, he hits the foor right beside the lock and it slams open. He strides inside purposefully. The explosion, the shouted word flaming, and the sprinklers have convinced a number of people the building is on fire and they start running for every exit they can find The Demoness, not looking by physical sight, is not bothered by the mist. The Dragon starts to glow, surrounded by an aura of what looks like flames that causes the mist to start melting away. The flaming skull seems to have a bit of trouble with all the water about. The Samurai is headed for the glow of the skull and dragon. The crawling tattoos seem to be trying to surround the building and keep anyone from going in and out, though they are not long enough to fully surround it.

Yuriko was not overly bothered by the water from the sprinklers, although it does make her to take off the glasses and toss them away, not much need for that now anyway, she is bit behind the tattooed man though, who had a head start on her, but at least that means she doesn't need to worry about the door, as he opened it for her already. Also now when people are starting to panic all over she can speed up her pace to nearly a run without looking out of place, since everyone is running around, to try to catch up to the target, just in case the menagerie of strange creatures somehow doesn't kill him before she gets there.

"Uhh, lady, there isn't a back door…we're on the second floor," a police officer reminds Zatanna helpfully, "Uhh right right…" she says, "kcaB rood NWOD raeppa!" she says while waving her hands, opening the door that suddenly appears in front of her. She opens it quickly and almost tumbles down the stairs, "Whoa!" she lets out, "Quick, everyone! Go ahead!" she tells the police, "I'll stall these guys…somehow…" she mutters. She narrows her eyes and looks like she doesn't know what to do but has to somehow do something useful, "I deen na YMRA!" she yells frustratedly. Instantly an army appears to help her, an army of green toy soldiers appear out of nowhere and aim their plastic guns, "Alright men! Charge!!" the Corporal yells. The soldiers run towards Mark and Yuriko. Zatanna sighs.

The Demoness narrows her eyes, then breathes out a cone of flames that melts the nearest soldiers. The Flaming skull surges forward and burns is way though others…plastic armies are not much use against fire.

The samurai, not being able to fly, has located the stairs through the fog and started up it, Mark is not far behind. They can probably be heard clattering on the stairs.

Yuriko takes in the situation, the target going down the stairs to the street, while… a toy army? is getting melted by the magical menagerie of mythical monsters (and my name is not even M!). Figuring that some kind of magician must be involved, but nobody is paying her for fighting wizards, so instead she keeps her focus on the target, though since they are only at the second floor, she takes a bit of a shortcut, running to, and jumping through the window, hands first, not really caring of any cuts she might get in the process, as they close and heal almost by the time she lands on the street on her feet, probably making a crack on the pavement as adamantium bones are quite hard, blocking the path outside, though she doesn't stay to posture there as she is moving straight at them, really fast, not quite super speed level fast but like spider-man level fast, looking like she is planning on just bull rushing through the front-most cops to get to the target.

As the toy soldiers melt into a puddle, Zatanna climbs down the stairs after the police and stops as she sees the samurai, "Watch out!" she calls to the police, who pick up the pace. "eci kcolb sih yaw!" she calls out and suddenly there's a huge block of ice in front of the samurai, blocking his way. "Ha!" she calls out mischeviously, "Fight that, bub!" She blinks as she looks down as Yuriko cuts off their escape, "Oh no!" she lets out, "They're coming from both directions!" she lets out expositioningly. Summoning the power of Christopher Nolan, Zatanna says, "sriatS esrever!" and the stairs bend back on themselves and the police climb up to the roof away from Yuriko.

Zatanna warps space so that the police are now at the TOP of the stairs and the cyborg is left behind, the flaming skull avoids the ice, it is sensitive, but the Demoness melts it quickly. The fliers race up the stairs…the dragon kind of blocking the samurai and anyone else behind with it's size…

Yuriko stops when the stairs suddenly disappear, looking up and frowning. She can't really get up there fast enough to have a chance of catching up again, so instead she simply starts walking away along the street to get out before the police arrive. This turned out to being so complicated that it is not worth pursuing anymore, perhaps the other person has more luck.

Zatanna runs up the stairs then down the stairs, then to the side, then up again, then down again as the stairs become alive and start bending, twisting and moving in every direction, but then stops as the Dragon swoops at her and blocks her way, "Watch out! Dang!" she lets out. "knirhs!" she lets out and shrinks the dragon down to the size of a fly, hoping the magic isn't as powerful as the spell she throws out, "Can't do this much longer…whew…" she lets out. "Uhhh…latrop…" she says and produces a portal for the police to use to escape.

The dragon shrinks in size, it being only a construct not a real dragon. The Demoness and the Flying Skull are still after the target, buzzing the police to keep people from going through the portal. The Samurai is doggedly following, with Mark not far behind.

Zatanna tries to make for the portal but trips on the stairs and comes face to face with the samurai or the flaming skull, either would freak her out. She raises her hand, "kcab!" she lets out, using a wall of wind to try to shove them back.

The wind wall works well on the Demoness and the Flaming skull, as their wings provide a large surface area. The Dragon is not slowed, but also not able to do much. The Samurai keeps slogging forward, but is slowed down as he fights for every step.

Zatanna tumbles backwards on the stairs unable to hold her balance as the wind blows her too, and flops at the bottom of the stairwell. The police jump in the portal and are magically whisked away. Zatanna gets up and makes a run for it too.

The portal closes behind the police and the Demoness sniffs the air, but clearly the target is out of range of her senses. Mark calls his tattoos back, they will have to come back for the testimony eventually, he can wait.

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