2017-02-13 Working Out
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Jenny, Patriot
GMed by Jenny
Title: Working Out

Rating: everybody

Its mid afternoon and things are mostly quiet. Jenny didn't exactly have work to go to anymore thanks to having dropped her job. Things are crazy. Her adventures in Spycraft 101 was completely insane. Having jumped through Morse's hoops and come out of it okay well enough. Still it was rather rough, The whole scenario that played out really set her off. So to blow off steam, She's currently taking out her frustrations on a punching bag in a local gym.

*Thunk Thunk! Thunk Thunk! The one, two barrage of punches have the bag swinging. The raven haired girl is going to work. She's still wound up tight from the situation just the night before. She is positioned in the gym so she can check mirrors and such. Her attention is everywhere. Completely scattered. Just like a rookie.

Elijah is off work now, the library is closed up for the evening, so he has headed to the gym for a workout. Well that,and to see if he can actually translate some moves he found in a book on martial arts into real physical skills. He notices the dark haired girl doing a workout, but does not approach. Many women would not appreciate a strange man of dark color approaching them if they do not know the person.

Jenny continues punching the bag. Her one, two, combination steps up to the Two Piece and a biscuit 3 Punch combo. She's definitely assaulting the punching bag at this point. She is definitely aware of the person who came in. She doesn't exactly care about his color. She's also aware of the heavy-set lady on the treadmill working her butt off, The balding middle-age guy who is dealing with a mid -life crisis, and hispanic body builder guy who looks like he's about to do something major with some weights. Its just another day in the gym but she's at least trying her hardest to focus on her surroundings.

With a quick attack she finishes the attack. Then she moves over to the speed bag. She starts slow, Rhythmic punches but she slowly builds speed with it.

Despite being half his size, Elijah could easily out lift the body builder. Showing off is not why he is here. The moves he studied are there in his head. Balance most of the weight on the hind foot…it is Ironic that Elijah has some training from his family that might put most black belts to shame, but no formal training in any style.

The speedbag continues bouncing around as Jen continues going to work on it. Its clear she doesn't have that much training but the hell if she isn't trying her hardest. She keeps punching at it.

The door opens again. A pair of guys in masks come in. One pulls out a rather weird looking pistol, points it at someone and orders the registers to be emptied. The other guy knocks the body builder over takes the weight bar and bends it into a knot.

Patriot knows the type, thugs high on MGH probably…it grants temporary super powers to the user, generally physical strength is the most common but others are possible. He is here as Elijah, which makes it difficult…

OK, if he "trips" here, pushes against that weight rack, it will hit that bench there and cause the other end to slam uo into the gun. All apparently by accident, perfect. GO!

"You guys are making a very big mistake." The dark haired girl states. She continues punching at the speedbag. She doesn't even seem worried. Quietly she thinks to herself, 'I don't have a focus. That will make things more difficult. Super Strength is nasty. That gun though? Never seen anything like that before.'

The two men laugh as the guy at the counter quickly begins gathering money. When Elijah makes his move, the guy with the gun goes down shooting all the way. Lights are fried by what looks like laser blasts. Where did he get that thing?! Its not pretty. Meanwhile the guy with Super Strength turns and moves towards the outspoken girl.

Elijah grabs some twenty pound weights from the rack, the round metal weights that get put onto a barbell. He throws them, one aimed at the energy gun, the other aimed to hit the strong man in the triceps muscle. Not as aerodynamic as his throwing stars, but more massive.

Jenny looks a little nervous. There is a guy who just tied a knot in a steel bar coming her way. She looks at him. "You don't want to do this." She looks around. Fire would burn the building down. Water would be messy but could be cleaned up. Air might work. Earth would take out the building. Lightning could really hurt. So Air or Water. She looks around quick, looking for water. A full bar of it. Brilliant. "Aqua!" Instantly her eyes flare and turn blue. She raises her hands and water comes flying from the bar towards her. She begins using it like a whip. She quickly make several cracks at the man.

The guy with the gun suddenly finds his gun in pieces. "You bastard! I'll kill you for this!" He tries to come at Elijah but he doesn't seem to have much in the way of powers. Meanwhile the other guy is getting whipped to no end. He growls and starts whipping weights at the girl like they are frisbees.

Elijah tries for a quick knockout on the no longer armed thug, striking for the nerve cluster alongside the shoulder with a karate chop. Nothing fancy. He observes the girl's hyrokinesis, interesting power…hopefully she can care for herself until he finishes the other one.

"Holy Crap!" Jen quickly starts moving, dodging the incoming freeweights which are very freaky to honest. "I need something! A Pen or a stick or something. I'd even settle for a broom at this point!" She calls out as she continues moving. In a fast motion she tries to wrap the super strong thug up in water.

Meanwhile, The gunner guy is knocked on his butt and then taken clear out of commission. Meanwhile The Super Strong guy just sorta breaks out of the water bindings. From Nowhere, A guy calls out. "Lady Catch!" He whips… a Javelin? Really? who takes a Javelin to the freaking Gym! Anyway its going towards the girl.

Jenny narrowly dodges the Javelin, "Are you NUTS?! You're trying to kill me!" Then she gets knocked off her feet by an inbound dumbbell.

Patriot takes a second to grab his bag, he hurriedly pulls on his padded shirt and his mask, plus his belt with it's pouch. He figures he may need the padding, if this guy connects. He hears the call for something, and grabs a wooden ken-do blade he tosses the blade in an upward arc as he drops into a roll, and tries to sweep the strong thug off his feet…literally!

Jenny quickly grabs the Ken-do blade out of the air and looks at it. "This will work!" Then its off to the races. She quickly gets to her feet again. She's going to have a nasty bruise on her thigh from that bastard. "Now, you're in over your head boy." She quickly uses the ken-do blade as a wand. Her power is amplified and a whirlpool of water forms in the air. wrapping around the guy, pulling him up and then full on enveloping him. She is careful not to drown him though he does pass out from lack of oxygen. Once he is out, he is dropped to the floor. She looks to the clerks, "Call the police." Then carefully she tosses the ken do stick back to Patriot. "Thanks."

Patriot says, "Any time I am needed, I am glad to help." He sounds like he means it. He puts the ken do blade back on the rack and starts putting the things he knocked over back in place.

Jenny lets out a soft sigh. Violet smoke comes flowing from her lips as her eyes revert to their green coloring. She smiles, "Thank you. I guess I need to get out of here before the cops show. I didn't intend to pick a fight with anyone today. I mean I was just hoping to do some training. Also I need to ice my thigh." She looks at the guy who tossed the Javelin at her and she gives him a sharp look. "Who the heck throws a Javelin! Come on Man!"

Patriot says, "Thanks for the help, I will stick around and talk to the cops…someone has to. Hydrokinetic?" He is curious about the girl.

Jenny snickers and shakes her head. "Something like that. My abilities aren't what you would call normal. Also If I would have been fighting a normal person I wouldn't have used my abilities. I don't like doing that is they are a little on the dangerous side."

Eli smiles, "Most powers are, it is why people often fear supers, no matter how much we help them."

Jenny sighs, "I can manipulate the elements. Its Magic. Not like a lot of others. The problem is bad stuff happens when I really use my powers. I wish I didn't have them honestly." She looks at the guy.

Eli nods, "My friend Wiccan is similar…though I have not seen him in a while. He says magic is about natural balances, you pull a string here, it pulls back there."

Jenny Hmms, "That sounds interesting. I wouldn't know. Everything about how I wound up with magic is weird. to be frank, The first time I really used them I nearly killed someone. I've been scared of them since. The person was a bully and she beat the hell out of me afterward saying I cheated and what not. It sucked."

Patriot says, "Any time you win against a bully, they consider it cheating. Wiccan was a LOT like you, he had powers with no training at all at first."

Jenny shrugs, "Well I am hoping to be in some in depth training soon. Thinking about joining the umm… Military." Well its better then saying, I'm going to be going through training for the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division, Right? She snickers, "I am just hoping to succeed. If I do, maybe I will be able to get a handle on all of this.

Patriot nods, "I wish you the best of luck. Now, I hear police sirens, perhaps you should consider a retreat?"

Jenny nods. "Thank you. Be well sir." She states as she quickly makes her way out of the gym. Or as quick as she can given the nice sized bruise on her leg. Damn behemoth. Still she makes it out and heads on home to safety.

Patriot hopes no one got a good look at him when he was having to work as Eli. His identity is supposed to be secret…
I don't understand that.

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