2017-02-14 United Nations Attacked

Location: UN Campus - Manhattan NYC

Diana Prince (Wonder Woman)
Priss (Voodoo)

Having come to New York in search of making a better living than she was in Gotham, Priscilla Kittaen decided she'd at least stroll by a few of the sights in the process. It helps that the cold doesn't bother her the way it does normal folks, so walking around in the blustering chill winds isn't the torture it could be, especially for a Louisiana native. And the United Nations is most definitely on that tour. Of course, as outstanding as Priss can be, she blends into the crowd of hundreds if not thousands of folks who have come by to see the UN. Whatever special there may be about her, it's far too undercover in these surroundings to draw the eye.

Not quite so much the rather large gentlemen who just rippled into existence just beyond the security barriers and are now charging the uniformed guards protecting the approaches to the UN. Given that these 'men' in question are each around nine feet tall, nearly as broad, covered in course, dark fur and with heads that are those of huge bulls with horns, wielding axes larger than most people, blend in they do not. This is especially true when they trumpet their fury with bellowing cries and chop through solid steel-reinforced concrete barriers with their axes.

It seems there's a party of ten angry minotaurs suddenly charging towards the UN. That's probably a bad thing.

Diana had been accepted as a representitive in the UN to not only her people but to the people who had been 'merged' with this world. She was now on a day-to-day basis spending her many long daily hours here within the UN's compound.

Within her office in the main building, Diana was seated at her table when she received word of the impending attack. She'd risen up from the desk and gone to the window to observe it for herself… A solemn look of reserved concern/disappointment resided on her face as she could see down below, the large 'Minotaurs' creating havoc down below.

Diana turned from the window and slipped into her private restroom, grabbing what seemed simply be an ornate ceremonial sword off of a display stand on the shelf near the doorway.

Honestly, as long as the angry bull guys weren't hurting anything other than property, Priss was prepared to let things go. She cares about people, not about things. It's a failing with her, but it's who she is. But when the minotaurs haul off and deck the guards who try to subdue them, she has had enough.

One moment, there's a mocha-skinned raven-haired woman with purple eyes amongst the crowd of civilian tourists trying to back away from the excitement. In the next moment, there's a gold-accented purple-suited heroine leaping out of said crowd, charging with startling speed towards the minotaurs as her mental voice pounds down upon them — a firm suggestion, not a command. Not a compulsion.

~// STOP! There's no need for this! //~

Of course, she's prepared for them not to obey her suggestion. Indeed, Voodoo is expecting they won't, which is why she's closing to melee range even as she projects that mighty thought into the area. Most wouldn't expect a woman to be able to engage these creatures in hand to hand combat, but she doesn't seem to be hesitating.

The arrival of the unkonwn woman in purple in gold is certainly a welcome sight to many as it would seem most of the people at the UN today were not super powered 'heroes' trying to save the day, but rather just normal folks… wanting not to be slaughtered by giant bull-men.

Though there are ten of them, and though they are a menacing present to-be-sure… one of them becomes considerably less menacing when a massive slab of concrete falls directly onto him and instnatly meets with the rest of the ground below, flattening him beneath it like a pancake (one would at least assume).

A second later and there, in the air, Wonder Woman hovers with a golden glowing lasso lashing out toward another of the Beastly Bulls, looking to wrap the enchanted rope about the creature's body and keep it from harming anyone, including the mysterious woman in purple.

Truth is, Voodoo doesn't look like an Amazon. She's gorgeous, no lie, but beyond a lightly athletic tone to her rather unfair curves, she just doens't look like she could measure up to the women warriors of Diana's homeland. But when the purple-suited heroine makes melee contact, that proves to be a moderately inaccurate conclusion.

Priss is fast, very strong - though she doesn't hold a candle to Diana - and most unfairly of all, paired with extensive Coda combat training, she can read the minotaurs' minds and knows what they're going to do before they do it. Which might explain why she manages to disarm, trip, and then KO one of the minotaurs so swiftly when she reaches them.

The tourists? They've stopped fleeing for their lives, and some of them are fishing for smartphones again. Let's be honest: this is all pretty awesome, footage worthy of some of the best cape fansites on the Net.

The glowing gold lasso wrapped itself around the minotaur she'd targetted, and then she pulled him straight up into the sky and falling back down toward her… A second later and the one known world-wide as 'Wonder Woman' slammed her ornately embraced wrists together, skyward, sending a massive blast of kinetic energy into the air and causing the flailing minotaur to disappear toward the clouds in the direction of the Atlantic!

Diana wasted no time though to watch the monster disappear, instead she spun around and drew her sword from her back-mounted-sheath and then went straighat the rest that the purple/gold clad woman was battling!

Coming to back her up, in fact, Diana would move to attack (and hopefully disuade the giant Bullmen from their onslaught. She killed when she had to kill, when her enemies gave her no choice… and so far, these Minotaur had done everything to deserve a cold grave.

Ixion shouts, "all exits to the ic grid should now be unlocked, if you still have issues please let us know"

Voodoo cannot help the moment of distraction as she glances upwards when one of the minotaurs is yoinked up into the air and then blasted away into the Atlantic. She knew about Wonder Woman long before the merger, unlike half the world's population, but she'd never actually seen her. It's impressive.

It also gives the minotaur she was in the process of disarming - her second target - an opening she should not have offered, and she gets a massive fist to the hut for her troubles, before she can twist out of the way. The air whuffs out of her lungs as the purple-clad heroine doubles over, coughing and choking, staggering back.

The minotaur gets back to his feet and lumbers after her, lifting that massive axe of his. Voodoo glances up … and a flare of purple light glows from her eyes, a nimbus appearing around the minotaur's head as he freezes in place, straining but unable to move. Voodoo wheezes out, shakes it off, and then steps back as the eyes of the massive beast roll up into his head, and he collapses.

OK. Next target.

The two heroines, working together, are sure to emerge victorious from this fight. It takes a bit, and the minotaurs don't want to surrender. They are furious, though they also seem a bit confused. Nevertheless, with both working together, they can be defeated, subdued, disarmed and rendered no longer a threat to anyone. This, of course, will be cause for much cheering from the crowds, and lots more pictures and video clips. The ladies have managed to be quite the minor public spectacle.

The weapons that the Minotaurs used were impressive to most people, but to Diana they were shoddy manufacturing. To Diana's sword? They were butter. She sliced through their melee arms with ease on the tips of each of her sword-slices. She'd duck beneath attacks, even rolled under the legs of one of the monsters, only to come up behimd him and trab him by his stuff and PULL him down to his back… which is rather remarkabler considering the woman's size when compared to the beasts themselves.

Wonder Woman saw Voodoo down, but also so the woman's recovery and it kept her from going to attempt to help… because clearly Voodoo could help herself.

These sorts of public displays were never well-regarded by Diana Prince, but she also knew that this sort of thing reinforced her public persona as truly being here to help mankind, even if many labeled her as a reason for why attacks like this even happen to begin with… some people you could never reason with afterall.

The last Minotaur left to Diana, she hogtied with the golden lasso and left him resting on his stomach, while her right leg went upward to place an orantely armored boot upon him to keep him pinned to the concrete. Diana's blue eyes would go then to look to her partner in fighting, though she said nothing as of yet as the onlookers were making quite a fuss in their cheers.

Said blue orbs would easily spot the purple-clad heroine, as she is busy tugging away those axes not destroyed, and using borrowed rebar and the like to bind hands and feet so that they need not be subdued all over again. Then Voodoo walks over to the Amazon princess and offers a little wave.

"Hi. Sorry about all of this. I'm sure you were busy enough without adding these guys to your schedule. But I did want to say it was an honor to see you fight, Princess. The woman who taught me spoke very, very highly of you, your skill, and your sisters."

That said, Priss offers her hand and a sheepish, "Sorry. I should introduce myself. They call me Voodoo. I was trained by Lady Zannah, of the Coda Sisterhood."

As Voodoo was approaching, Diana's silver/gold sword was sent in a circular flourish at her side that ended with the blade being slipped back into the leather and gold sheath that was strapped around her body, hanging on her back. When Voodoo reached her, Diana stared at her with a calm and collected gaze. She was tall, with her boots on she was several inches over six feet in height. "Notorious heritage then, Miss Voodoo." The Amazon would offer her right hand toward the purple-clad woman. "Diana Prince." She told her, though it seemingly wasn't necessary.

By now, Emergency Services were arriving on-scene, as well as news crews… they were all likely going to want a word from Diana, which seemed to make her a little more distracted as she knew it was an inevitability.

"A bit." Voodoo offers, honestly. She's not short, but she doesn't quite match Diana in height, and most definitely not in sheer athletic presence. But there are some who would argue she comes close on sheer gorgeousness. Priss isn't making that argument, though. "Zannah left them long before they became what they have in recent years. She disagrees vehemently." But Zealot is no longer in command of the Coda. Explaining that Zealot founded them would just be even more confusing.

Priscilla accepts the clasped hand and shakes, smiling that same slightly off-balance smile. "Thanks again, for the help. It really was an honor to meet you. I'm a big fan of all your work for peace, and equality." Both challenging propositions, even in today's modern world, sadly.

Priss doesn't push herself forward when the press appears and starts hounding for visuals and interviews, but she doesn't run the heck away, either. The one thing that does change is that her face visible reshapes itself, morphing to make sure the footage captured and broadcast by these higher-definition cameras at much closer intervals will not be matching up with her usual appearance on the street. The DEO are not her friends.

Diana exhaled gently and she then summoned a small smile for Priss. "You fought well though, so I am very glad that you were here to stem the tide before I was able to arrive. So thank -you-." She told the other woman in her heavily accented English, her greek origins coming through in her voice easily. "Would you like me to give the honors to you in the media or…?" Diana dipped her chin in asking. "Some, do not like such things afterall." She showed another faint smile then.

The Amazonian woman's eyes glanced out toward the media that was being held back by the police and fire department. Some officers were waiting a few steps away, hands on their hips, staring at both of the costumed heroic women who'd saved the UN on this day.

The young woman called Voodoo offers a small smile in return, clearly glad to be appreciated for her efforts by a woman she clearly considers to be awesomeness personified (because she is!). "It's really not necessary. I'm just happy to have helped." But she wouldn't ever expect Diana to lie, so she'll take what comes as best she can. And she doesn't shy away from speaking with the cops, once her facial features have adjusted. They need to know what happened, after all, and she's a witness with a great eye for detail.

Diana didn't lie to the media, but she didn't exactly tell them everything she knew about Voodoo either.

Two additional Amazonian women joined Diana outside as well, having brought a large volumous blue fabric robe that had a gold lining beneath it. Having put this on over herself, Diana conducted the various interviews with her sisters behind her, dressed in similar robes but in the shade of ivory rather than blue. One of the women had deep chestnut colored hair while the other had fire-red locks. They said nothing, simply stood behind Diana like her entourage.

When it was all said and done, Diana approached Priss once again. She offered a smile to the woman. "That is a fancy trick." The Amazon told her. "To hide your face from them." She'd of course say this after all the crowds had dispersed around them… of course there were always lingering cameras and paperazzi never 'too' far, but most of them kept their distance.

The purple-eyed young woman offers a smile in return. "It's useful. I prefer to keep folks from connecting the me who walks the streets every day from the woman in the costume with the fancy powers. But masks … hiding your face just makes people nervous. It's hard enough to win people's trust when you're obviously different, without a mask between you. This way, though, the facial recognition can't track me." This seems to be important to her, though she doesn't explain further unless prompted.

Voodoo does glance towards the other two Amazons with curiosity. "I suppose it helps to be able to visibly represent your sisters, if at leat a few of them are present. Are these friends? Or just some of those who have chosen to join your efforts outside your homeland?" She doesn't ask for an introduction, though certainly she wouldn't turn one down. She really does seem to be curious about Diana's ambassadorial mission.

Diana listened to these words from Vooddo and she smiled. "That is a wise truth." She said in regards to the masks, but otherwise lets that subject lay. When her sisters are brought up she glances back at them both. The redheaded one had a fierce stare with green eyes that seemed almost judgemental, the bruennete had a much kinder look about her and her eyes seemed to wander a lot more than the redhead's.

"My kin, from Themyscira." Diana lifted her right hand up from beneath her robe and motioned to the redhead. "Adrastea." She said, then swept her hand to the other. "And Galatea." Both girls girls would dip their chins in acknowledgement of their names, but Galatea would show a soft smile for Priss where Adra would remain expressionless.

Diana looked back to Priss then. "They are here to learn the ways of the world… I hand selected them to help me here, show our people's ways while helping them learn the ways of those here." A short pause, a small smile. "It has been an… interesting experience so far. Much as it had been for me, so long ago, when I first arrived."

Voodoo offers a nod and a smile to both women, apparently not at all put off by Andrastea's lack of smile or openness. "Well, welcome to both of you." she offers, not wanting to ignore anyone. There's definitely a disarming openness and equanimity about Voodoo.

"I have to imagine it was a challenge." Voodoo mentions to Diana. "I found it tough just adjusting from way down south on the Gulf Coast. I have to assume coming from your people to here had to be a hundred times harder. But I'm glad you did." In her opinion, everyone should be glad Diana did.

"I confess, I don't get around much. I heard that you've been helping to direct the UN missions regarding the aftermath of the world merger." Voodoo offers. "How is that going? How … well. How bad was it?" she asks, a bit nervously, a tad afraid to find out it's as bad as she is scared it might be.

Diana glanced to a large truck that was taking the Minotaurs away, it almost looked like a giant cattle car… she didn't care for it, but had to worry about it later. Her eyes would return to Priss and she would hear the question and initially respond to it with a distant stare striking her artistically crafted facial features.

Her sky blue eyes would flicker onto Voodoo's violet own a moment later. "It is… going in every possible direction that you would think that it possibly could go." Was her most diplomatic response. "There are many who believe that this does not have to be permanent, that we can push the worlds apart once again… that if it happened, it can be undone. Where as…" She gently dipped her chin then as she spoke further.

"Others believe that this is how the world is now, and that we have to accept it and move forward as we are today." Diana gently shook her head then and let an exhale slip between her red painted lips.

"Ultimately, the greatest tragedy are those who have been lost. The merger seems to have… erased… a large amount of people off of the planet, this is easily what is causing the most strife. Families have lost loved ones, throughout the globe."

Voodoo listens to Diana, taking it all in, her own violet gaze dark with heavy thoughts. She nods, in the end. "I get it." she offers. "It's hard, the adjustment." She has misplaced very good friends, as a result. They were the closest thing she had to family. They may be alive. But if they are, she hasn't been able to find them, or any sign of them.

"Much as some of it sucks, I'm guessing that we're stuck with things the way they are, at least for a good long time." Voodoo offers. "We just have to find a way to deal with it all. But I feel very sorry for everyone who lost someone. It was pretty horrible." She blacked out. Telepathy in the midst of a planet full of fear, terror and sorrow is not a pleasant thing.

Diana shared that sentiment with a gentle nod of her head. "An unforeseen event that has left many worried. But we have the power to help ease the fear." She told the woman in purple. "What you did today, here, is a measure of that. Find other ways to help just as you did tonight. These acts are what will push back against fear and panic. They'll show the world that perhaps this merger of worlds was for the best. Because know we are all in this together. As a whole, we can fight off any dangers, divided? Thats where the fear would really look to root itself."

Diana would offer her hand once more to Priss. "I should be returning to my duties, however." She would then motion backward to Galatea. "Please see to it that she recieves contact informatin." She told her sister who nodded and would move to prepare the request.

The princess of Themyscira then reregarded Priss. "Should you need assistance or have questions, you need just contact me here at the U.N. or my Embassy in Metropolis. It is likely that I will be shariing residence between the two cities quite regularly now. If you find situations such as what we dealt with on this evening, you just reach out to me and I will come to aide you."

A moment later and Galatea was approaching Priss with an extended right hand that had a dark blue envelope that contained a notecard filled with contact information from phone numbers to e-mail addresses to street addresses.


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