2017-02-15 A difference of opinion
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Players: Jenny, Phantasm
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: A difference of opinion

The vast green expanse known as Central Park stretches across a large portion of upper mid Manhattan, giving a welcome and refreshing natural element to an environment otherwise crafted of mountains of metal and glass.
Here, trees stretch heavenward and water flows open and free, grass rambles along hill and meadow, and trails wind through, with lights dotting the trails and benches sitting every so often. The park brings a heart and soul to a city most see as overbuilt and cold: this is the natural spirit that elsewhere is denied.
The 'Great Lawn' is a very large open space of green grass mixed in with sports fields. This is where large groups of New Yorkers come to sit in the grass and relax and have fun with friends and family. Its encircled by concrete walkways that are dotted by food vendors. There are very few trees on the Great Lawn itself as its meant to be a true wide open parkspace.

After the events last night the the young SHIELD hopeful is just a little anxious. She's made her way to Central park today and decided to find a quiet area to sit and think. The sun has set and the starlit sky has shown itself. A few small lights have ignited the are. Its cold. Jen is rather thankful that she brought a coat with her because of this.

Her thoughts are a bit scattered. Quietly she talks to herself, not really drawing much attention from others. "What Am I thinking? There is no way I can do this. I suck at fighting compared to those people. I'm weird. I don't have the know how to do anything they want me to do. The only thing I have is this stupid ability that just gets people hurt." She sighs. "I guess I could practice a little. I mean I guess it couldn't hurt." She whispers. "Aether." Immediately her eyes ignite and turn grey. From then she begins manipulating the air around her.

Yay! Home sweet home! With the Loki peacefully returned back to his room and sleeping off Brielle's effects. Mike finds himself contentedly in his off time. And with the off time comes the offtime clothes of his Goodwill line of blending in clothes. The trademark hair is tucked away in the knit cap and a backpack on his back serves as his means of carrying around other accessories. Just a peaceful evening in- Okay. Why is he running?

Oh. It appears that he's picked up a few human followers that are seemingly moving much faster than the should be if their physical appearances suggest they should be. To someone who may have hung around those that experienced the missing persons epedemic a few years ago, the movements seem familiar to the description. Peak strength, unnatural jumps, and this need to go after others. Persons seemingly posessed. And Mike has three of these demon infest chasing after him. Oh Joy of Joys!

Jenny is still off in her own quiet part of the park. She is still training with her own abilities. Its almost like a dance for her. A very nasty dance. She has no focus to use so while she is a little on the dangerous side with her powers, they are nowhere near what she is really capable of. Trees rock wildly as she continues send high speed gusts of wind around Several stray dead leaves get picked up and dance around in the night air.

It is a good thing that the night light of Central Park has enough of a ward against the tourism population, leaving only regulars in the area. Regulars who know when weird stuff happens, they should probably give space. A homeless guy who had been planning to sleep on a bench grumbles as he gets up instead, heading as far away from the incoming problem.

While running, Mike slides off his bookbag, pulling it around as he quickly starts unzipping the container, reaching into it. Feet planting He zigs, leading the unwanted entourage even further into the park away from other people.

Jenny finally catches sight of Mike and his problem. She sighs and reaches into her pocket to pull out a pen? Quietly she speaks, "Fulmen!" Her eyes flare once again and this time they go yellow. She steps out of her quiet area, "Excuse me boys. Not tonight. No one has time for this crap. Go back to where you came from and stop chasing this poor man. This is your only warning. Got it?"

The raven haired girl crosses her arms under her chest. She's honestly hoping they agree and back off but if they decide to cause grief she's ready. Her pen is stowed away under her arm. No need to show what kind of silly thing she has to focus with.

As Jenny speaks, the quickly moving trio continues moving but with one of the more bulbous members adjusting their course to charge at Jenny. Speed picking up even faster. How a blob of a man could do track level speeds is confusing and outright not normal.

Head tilting down, a hand pulls out from the bookbag a flimsy black hood remeniscent of the death hoods at party city. Upon being clear of anyone who could be close enough to pick up on his features, Mike quickly tugs on the hood before rounding a turn to face them, palm raising up only to find… Jenny. Shit! "OYE! OVER HERE!"

Jenny is a little preoccupied by the inbound big boy. She shakes her head, Suddenly she moves, winding up and then pointing at the man. A bolt of lightning goes flying toward him. Its nasty. The girl is not screwing around apparently. Quickly she begins circling. Not about to mess around with this idiot.

As the girl moves, She raises the pen and points it to the sky. Waving it like its a wand, clouds begin rolling in. Thunder crashes giving warning of an inbound storm. She is not in the mood for this jerk. "Didn't anyone ever tell you? Fat Drunk and Stupid is no way to go through life, Son." She brings the pen down, pointing it at the ground near big boys feet. A full on bolt of lightning comes down from the sky, slamming into the ground and causing several nearby lights to flicker and even one of them to blow out."

"The heck are these things!" She calls out to the man as she keeps her focus on her enemy.

With the large boom of the lightning, one would think that would deter them. But even with the bolt knocking the man off his feet, the other two stop their pursuit of Mike and turn to run back towards Jenny.

"SHUT UP AND GET BEHIND ME FAST!" The Masked Mike snaps back. Albeit subconciously a little relieved that the lightning served as enough of a distraction. It might give him enough time. He doesn't wait for a response from the girl as he starts his work. The bag drops and so does the volume of his voice as the casting starts, "The eyes are heavy, but the conscious won't go. Fatigue it wears you, your energy is low…"

Jenny sighs as now she's got more trouble. "Great. Okay. I think I need to change gears. AETHER!" She calls out. Her eyes flare and turn grey. Quickly she uses her pathetic excuse for a focus. She causes the wind to pick up, swirling around and hopefully holding them in place.

"You want me behind you? Find!" She bites her bottom lip, "I hope this works." With a quick motion she jumps and then waves the wand downward. A massive gust of wind hits her, throwing her well behind the masked man.

With the build up of wind, the larger one Jenny knocked down takes a little longer to get back onto his feet but one of the ones already upright follows suit with Jenny, leaping after her. The wind however, does cause for this leap to be a little short lived, making this one, a female of similar hunger make a less graceful faceplant.

Mike doesn't have time to applaud the newcomer's displayed new trick as he continues with his own attck. The open palm clenches to a fist for a moment as the chant continues, "Elijah, grant them peace, cease these problems, let them cease." The volume of the voice increases, "Their mind, let not another peep,The sun is gone, it's time to sleep!" Shouting out the last word, the closed fist opens, flatening out, palm side pointed towards the enemy group. There's a blue light, horizontal to the ground that shoots out blanketing those in that direction. As the light reaches them, the standing one staggers before falling to the ground. The others remain grounded.

Jenny made a slightly sloppy landing. Quickly she stands and dusts herself off as she turns and watches the show. She's a little shaken. The grey in her eyes makes them look almost non-existant. "huh."

Finally as they all get comfy on the ground she looks at the masked man. "Okay Interesting. Now may I ask who the groupies are and why they were chasing you? Moreover, Why they interrupted my training!?" She laughs. "Interesting skills though. Game recognizes game. At least that is what I heard." She laughs again.

"Your light show and jump display wasn't bad either." Mike offers back, mask concealing a slightly bemused grin. He turns his attention to the bookbag he had dropped to the ground. Croutching down, he retrieves two ornately carved, wooden Escrima sticks from it. "First time running into Demon Infest, I take it."

Jenny looks at the man curiously and then back at the people. "Demon Infest? Huh. Yeah safe to say that this is my first time encountering them. Thanks. I'm not exactly used to useing my magic like that either. I'm trying to get a better handle on it." She sighs and looks around. "I guess by now half of New York city knows what I can do. Dammit. I hate this crap."

"That's assuming anyone cares to wander into the middle of Central Park at night to investigate," Mike dismissesses the concern, he steps away from the bookbag, checking to make sure nothing is in hitting distance of his sticks. "Thor will likely get the blame for the freak lightning." Stretching his arms, he looks over to the sleeping Infest and sighs, rolling his head, and causing a popping sound to emit from his neck. "…That feels better."

Jenny laughs, "Probably. Kinda feel bad for him but, I was hoping a little shock might solve the problem quicker then some of the other things I can do. Besides, last thing I want is to be known as the girl who burned down Central Park. That would be slightly awkward." She snickers. "But yeah I just was doing some training. Ya see I um, am sorta trying to prove I got what it takes to get into this groups and I just am trying to get a better handle on my abilities.

"It won't be the first time a place in New York got utterly destroyed." Adjusting his feet into a bracing stance, Mike brings his hands together, Holding his two escrima sticks, one in each hand. One arm slowly circles upwards, the stick in that hand going along for the ride "Protect against the horde, that holds control of the weak." The second stick moves forward, "From you, solution we seek," The hands straighten, lining up the stick. A pause. "Michael, present your sword."

A whiff of smoke and electricity forms around the gap between the sticks, seemingly growing along the length of the line drawn with the extended weapons. The smoke seems to seep into the wood through the etchings before the brimstone effect fades away, soon followed by the slight glimmer of energy that was taken into the sticks. The magic user looks to the sticks, giving a slight nod after a bit more silence. "Yes, practice is always good. Especially when dealing with magic."

Jenny nods, "That is actually the least of my talents that I need to worry about though. I just think I'm getting in over my head. What if I'm not good enough?" She asks curiously. "I mean. I already quit my job and everything because I believe I am going to succeed. I shouldn't have. Now I'm doubting myself." She sighs. "I wish part of my magic lent itself to future sight but, I guess I gotta be content with what I've got, Right?"

The sticks lower as the inky black of the mask turns towards Jenny, "Don't be content. Being content makes you think where you are at is good enough. It kills the motivation to get better." Lowering the sticks, Mike walks over to where the first of the Demon Infest lay, giving the body a light but still substantial whack with one of the sticks. He studies the body for a few more moments before nodding and walking to the next one. "Sounds like you went all in so you might as well go full into it."

"I am sorta waiting to hear from someone. Anyone to be honest. I have been told what this will require of me. I do this and my life will change forever. Once I am in There is only one way out and it ain't resignation or quitting. It will be my life. But the upside. I will be helping people. Hell I'll be protecting the whole world!"

The walk over to the next body slows, hands clenching the sticks. "Sounds like a life sentence. Could be worse, I guess." Upon reaching the next body, he brings the stick up and whacks them once as well, lingering to watch for any reaction. Another nod, and a turn to the last being.

Jenny nods, "Well its not like it's prison. I mean odds are the job will be be my life. Not like that is a bad thing. One top of this, I will be the out there being a hero. Not exactly a well known one but a hero no less. That is a good thing. I mean I was given this gift for a reason, I may was well use it, Right?"

"You label it differently than I normally would but since you have it. Yes. Might as well." Mike stands over the largest of the three, sighing before lifting up the stick once more, "So long as you don't rely on solely on your special abilities. A balanced-" *THWACK!* "-set of skills are worth more than any power you may carry."

Jenny nods, "That is why I used my magic tonight. It is actually the area I am weakest with. I am very cautious with how I use it. I zapped the big one… It was like hitting him with a cattle prod. Nothing major. Then the lightning bolt hit the ground, not him. I just, I nearly killed someone because of my magic when I was younger. I just got really cautious over how I use it. I could have fought hand to hand. Even that isn't as strong but at least I know how to defend myself a little bit."

With all three whacked with the stick, Mike makes his way back to the bookbag. "Then by all means. practice." He bends down, looking up at Jenny as he shoves his sticks into the opening. "Thank you for not killing them. I am sure their families will be happy once the hosts are returned home."

Jenny nods, "I have never killed anyone. No desire to actually do that." She pauces and thinks a little. "That could potentially be a part of my future job." She Winces. "I'd prefer not to but, if that is the job…" She frowns. "I don't know. I'm not trained yet though. Maybe things will change." She frowns.

"Hmm." Sticks secured, the bookbag is slid back on while the mask remains on. "How much do you think your employers would appreciate you talking about your job to people you don't know?

Jenny snickers, "One, You don't know me. Two, you don't know who this employer is. Three, I'm not employed yet. Four, There are over 7 billion people on this planet, what are the odds you will see me again? Besides, its not like I'm blabbing about what I'm going to be doing. Just that its a life long job that involves heroics."

"One. You don't think I know you. Two, You don't think I know who this employer is. Three shouldn't even be an excuse if you're wanting to get the job. Four, a lot more likely than you think."

Jenny looks at the guy and is suddenly about a thousand times more intense. "Okay Sparky, Out with it." She has her little pen and definitely looks a little more like she's ready to protect herself, her identity and even the job she doesn't even have yet." Her heart races. She's so not used to this whole damnable spygame.

The mask tilts to the side as he chuckles. "But what if you're right? Then I'd be showing you my cards." The voice, slightly teasing as he pulls out a cellphone that does not seem flashy at all. He starts to dial.

Jenny looks at the guy and gives him a once over. "Indeed, but lets evaluate. You were running from your enemies. Your powers, while very useful seem to lend themselves much more to having help. That means a team. You have a mask and such and seem adiquetly equipped to be dealing with this sort of thing. That means its one of the better rounded teams. The fact that you actually care about the people who were, what is it? Possessed? That means you're on the side of good, despite looking like the reaper. Magical in nature which means that you aren't with one of the major mutant leagues. So, I'm going to go with Avengers or one of those new teams that showed up when everything went crazy."

"Or the running was to lure them away from the more crowded parts of the park and has little standing on the capability of using by oneself," Mike replies, "Why would I do a broad range attack with a lot of collateral in the line of fire?" He pauses, "Solo acts have to be on top of their game if they wish to live as well. And if I was on a team, don't you think the mask would have been a different type of quality?" He pauses, "Or perhaps it's a combo thing. In most apocalypse type scenarios, even the most lone wolf of those out there will cooperate with others." Finished dialing, he brings the phone to his ear, waiting, "Hey. We have three unconcious people in the middle of Central Park. I doubt you'll miss them. One is practically an elephant." Phone clicking off, he tosses the phone into the bag and closes it up.

Jenny smirks a little. "Its night in Central Park. The crowd is thin. Your casting style shows that it would take a few moments to do something like that. You were outnumbered three to one and they were all supernaturally enhanced. I won't deny that a solo act would be at the top of their game but someone with a team is much better at handling things when there is more then one present." She smiles a little. "And yes you could do a combination of the two but you don't strike me as the lone wolf type. As for your choice in concealing your identity, It could be a nostalgia thing. It could be those were a gift. Or it could be you are not unlike me in being a rookie and not have gotten good stuff yet. I mean why do you think I was casting with a PEN?!"

Sliding the now closed bag on, the hero of many hats tilt his head, looking past Jenny. "That was quick."

Jenny snickers a little. "Well. I suppose I should be going, Mystery Man. I have stuff I need to attend to. Thank you by the way. You questioning me actually explained why I need to take this job." She smirks. "Aqua." Her eyes flare and turn deep blue. Quickly she waves her pen and a thick mist… Fog. It floods the area and by the time it clears, she's gone.

The former sorceror supreme watches unamused. "Rookie," he shakes his head before just fading from sight.


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