2017-02-16 A New Meta(?)
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Twila Havok
GMed by N/A
Title: A New Meta(?)

Rating: G

In his office, Alex Summers is doing paperwork just after Megan and Mary's departure(s). He's making notes regarding their conditions and qualifications as well as limitations. His door is ajar and he's sitting behind the desk writing in a file folder. The lighting in the room is normal with overhead and lamp.

A few papers go flying and Alex will find a young lady sitting in the chair opposite him. "You wanted to see me?" Twila smirks as she sits there. "Sorry it took me so long to get into here. Turns out time and speed can be a pain in neck. Plus I helped Mary get here before. So whats up?"

Looking up from the ruffled pages, Alex grins when he identifies the new arrival. "I did. I've been going over your file and wanted to let you know that you're under review for a New Mutants' team position. As it stands, you're one of the more skillful of the students and with the right training, you'd make an excellent member. That is if you're able to officially join the school and meet all the requirements. I understand that you're not actually a mutant at all. Is this correct?"

Twila takes a deep breath. "Yes I am something called a Meta. Its not all that different really. From what I've been told, The other Earth that blended with ours, They have a Metas. They have a gene that triggers giving powers. It's their version of mutations. I honestly have no idea why I have a meta gene. All I can figure is when the worlds started merging and I got hit by lightning, Maybe the other version of me had the same thing happen and the two of us fused?" She shrugs. "Sorry I really don't know."

She looks at Alex. "Well I am a part of this school. I've been accepted by the Professor and am taking classes here. Even get in trouble for sneaking out! So, Its not like I'm going anywhere as long as no one has issues with me being here." She smiles. "So umm, What are the New Mutants?"

"It's okay. We'll figure it out.", Alex says in a reassuring voice, confident that she'll be fine with the settling and fitting in. He hears the other words, processes and then notes, "The New Mutants are our student team of the most skilled and qualitifed. As well as our most respected and upstanding. Students that don't sneak out and get into trouble." <sure, he lies, but he's setting the precident and expectation> He continues in a considerate tone, "Tomorrow, you and I will visit the danger room where your skills and abilities will be tested. We need to get your abilities on record and determine where you will best fit. If accepted into the team, you will then be trained on how to better apply your abilities, taught tactics, team functionality, and combat with and without your powers."

Twila smiles, "To be fair, It was my second day here and I sorta wanted to see the world and, Well If I ran on the track until I burned out some of the amount of energy I have, There would a trench on the thing." She blushes over that. "Anyway, Doing laps around the world is more fun and I get a little more culture! Plus, you know? Taiyaki!" She laughs.

"Okay I guess the question is, What is the Danger Room?" She takes a deep breath and smiles, "Whatever you got, I will do my best! I'm going to do all I can to help people out." She winces a little.

An eyebrow is raised when she remarks about running around the world. He considers about how the world is changing and things are becoming more of a threat with each passing reveal. He comes back to the moment and slides a file folder in front of him with her name on it. He will offer a closing statement, "Meet me at the second floor elevator at 8am sharp. We'll talk then."

Twila nods, "Okay! Thanks for the chance!" She smiles a little. "I think I am going to go do some training. Is there a gym or something around here where I can try to stuff?" She asks curiously as she stands up and stretches a little.

He'll inform her of the gym situation and suggest she not break anything with the whole speed stuff. But other than that, he's done with their conversation and will dismiss her, "It was good talking to you. Have a great evening."

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