2017-02-16 Learning to improvise
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Charles, Jean, Jose, Mary, Megan, Twila
GMed by Charles
Title: Learning to Improvise

Rating: PG

The time is night when the alarms go off, it is a small siren with red lights flashing through the school. All of you wake up in your beds, to the noise, or not if your a heavy sleeper. A few things would be wierd, though the alarms are going off there is no other noise through the school, and then he big thing might hit you.. Your powers are gone. Mary you would be able to see again, everything would look normal to you, but you sense no minds. Jose's connection to sound, and Twila's to the speedforce would all be gone. You are all standing alone in your rooms as the alarm is going on outside, and what ya do from there is up to you.

Everything else is normal, it is the school, as you can see it, if you look out the window there is nothing out of the ordanary out there. Though if someone looks they may see some people running around out there towards the school's entrance. Though if they have entered or not is still unknown. From the sounds of it at least there is no-one else up there yet.

Megan gets up, and stretches. Which immediately tells her something is amiss. She reaches back, touches her back, and whimpers. But theres' an alarm going off, so horrified, she gets out of bed properly, and starts pulling some clothes on. Biting her lip hard, only half awake, she stumbles outside her room, wandering toward the outside.

Twila doesn't sleep much as is. Still she does awaken and… Everythings moving at normal speed. She doesn't hear the call of the speed force as she almost always does. Everything feels sane. The alarm is still wailing though. Quickly she looks out the window. "Okay that isn't right." The girl frowns. Things are completely off for her. Quietly she looks around her room for something, anything she can use to defend herself.

Jose springs awake, who the heck turned on the alarms! He wasn't exactly a heavy sleeper, even with his headphones on. But it quickly dawns on him… he dosn't hear… anyone. Nothing save for the alarm, no breathing, running water, midnight farts, nothing. He shivers. He wanders out of the his room and looks back and forth, and still nothing. Curiouse to what is going on, he begins making his way to the common area between the east and west wings which were split between boys and girls.

Mary blinks a few times as she is stirred in her bed, she would not notice the part about her powers being gone at first, as she always draws them in and blocks everything else out when going to bed since it would be really hard to sleep in the first place otherwise! The part about it being only dark around her, instead of completely black is more startling for the moment, although she has 'borrowed' other peoples senses a few times to sort of see, this is different, lifting a hand front of her face and moving it around as she watches confusedly. It takes her a few moments to realize that alarm is still there that woke her up in the first place, blinking as she bites her lower lip, thinking the building might be on fire or something, so she will have to worry about this new development later. Getting off the bed and putting her clothes on, which goes a lot faster than usual thanks to being able to see what she is doing, which feels strange, and then she also realizes what else feels strange, that she can't sense anyone else around her. Is she all alone?! Grabbing her cane, out of habit really as she obviously doesn't really need it now, as she opens her door and peeks outside to see if there is anyone else in the hallway.

As Mary, and Megan leave their rooms, they would see Jose standing in the common area between the Male, and female dorm areas. Twila, finds a bat, and other common things in her room to arm herself as she wishes, though nothing out of the ordinary so maybe it was good she was looking into the sports part of the school… or was she… that thought fades away as she is now armed. The wierdness continues, as they are the only students that are there in the hallways. There would be no teachers, or students out there only them. Though you don't have a lot of time to think about it before there is a loud "Boom… Boom" that comes from downstairs. It would be easy to determine as the doors give away quickly.

From the downstairs a man can be heard speaking loudly.. "Gather them all up the devices are in place.. remember no shooting if you can help it, but becareful these kids are dangerous." and the noise of people moving into the school is heard though how many for now is unknown just the shuffling of people into the school might be heard over the alarm.

Twila smirks and looks at the bat. "Hmmm. This could work. But…" She quickly looks through a few other things and finds… some of the things that she is far more familiar with. She grabs a couple Javelins and the bat of course. Quickly she moves out into the hallway.

Quickly she crouches down and moves closer to the others who happen to be out of their room. "I think we have a problem." She whispers. "Anyone good with a bat?"

Megan tries to find a window to go try and look at what's going outside. She starts by trying to fly her way up… and then failing, which makes her sigh. "How is this possible…" she mutters to herself, before then just lookig from the nearest window without flying. Just… try to see what's going on. "I just want to see what's going on, I don't know what to do with a bat."

Jose tries to speak… and was so used to using his powers to do so, he was basicly just mouthing words. When he realises he can't even hear himself he mutters a curse. Wait… he cursed… he can TALK! How strange it is to be able to talk, when you couldn't talk (power aside) your entire life. Well figure that out latter. "Forget the bat, we need to get out of here"

Jose was back up from the steps speaking lowly so that they arn't heard "Look, I don't know what going on, but lack of powers, plus guys with guns, equals death or worse." Jose glances about "Powers still on. Elevator would give us away though." he glances up "I say we head upstairs, see if we can wake I don't know, Logan or somethin. But we can't stay here" hewas moving towards the stairs that head to the third floor

Mary is rather confused to find the other people in the hallway, because she should have sensed their presence there from her room, which is when she realizes that her powers are seemingly gone, eyes widening as she clutches her cane with both hands, it is fairly sturdy so supposedly it could be used as a weapon, but she certainly has no training in using it in such way. "Isn't there like a shelter or something in the basement? I think we should go there if the elevator still works?" she offers. "I don't think there is anyone upstairs, sleeping at least, can't imagine how anyone would not have woken up to that noise."

As Megan looks outside the scene would of changed, other then being empty she would see the flashes of sirens on wierd looking trucks. Though it doesn't look like there are many people out there the exit to the school has been blocked, or at least interupted by vehicles blocking the exit. Jose leaves the others to go upstairs, to find there is no-one up there. They all seem to be gone as below on the first floor people are spreading out to search room to room, and though there is noise of them kicking open doors ther isn't noise of anyone being pulled out, as they are making their way quickly through. A couple of people enter their view, and you get the first view of who or what it is when they are coming up the stairs. They seem to be all in black with helmets on, and cloth the cover the bottom part of their faces. They are armed, but currently only have stun guns in their hands as they are heading up the stairs towards your general position. They haven't seen or heard you yet, but if nothing is done soon they will be rigt ontop of you.

Jose does see something wierd though.. A device is the best thing it can be called it is short about 3 feet tall, and has a dish on it. It looks as if it came through the cieling as glass from above lays around it. It seems to beep occastionally, and doesn't look like anything he has seen in the school before. There isn't a constant beep or a countdown, so it isn't a bomb or at least is a really sneaky one if it is, but seems to be active, and doing.. well something. If Jose approaches it he would lose his ability to speak, though the noises would get louder.

There is an elevator, and it is currently on the first floor as well. As students you would know that using it would make a loud ding noise as it wasn't made for stealth. Also it doesn't go down to the basement, though there is a safe room down there. The elevator is made for access for the disabled to the top floors. So to get down you would have to take the stairs to the first floor then down to the basement, and then after a little walk down the hallways there is a saferoom.

Megan takes a deep breath, and finds/looks to the others. "I don't know what's going on but it looks very serious, very organized, and overpowering. I think the important thing is to get to safety. Down the stairs. All the way down. Assuming everyone can walk."

Twila looks at Megan and Mary. "Look at them. They are everywhere. Getting down there unnotice will be impossible. What about the other students. If we don't have powers, They don't either! Not to mention the teachers! We gotta do something. Not just hide."

She frowns. "I'm going to make a distraction. Get down stairs. Find help if you can." She slips out into a more open area and takes one of her three Javelins that she grabbed. "Get ready." She whispers. Her free hand goes out, her thumb helping to judge the range. Pulling back, She sends the javelin flying, Not at any of the infiltrators but at a quiet area that is is nice and dark. "Count to 3 and go." She whispers.

"Well well wha…" and Jose voice is cut off when he nears the device. He blinks and back up "That was… oh. Ohhhh. CLever girl" he says in tribute to the man that died by velociraptor on jurrassic park. Alright, so broken skylight, weird device. While smashing would be faster, it would not be quiet. Next best thing? Get dirty

Jose quickly makes his way to a few rooms to pick up things like a a nail fire and clippers. His ears twitch at the loudening noise, but he couldn't worry about that now. He hoped the girls would be okay. None the less he would begin trying to find and unscrew anything that resembles a panel and entrench way. If successful… snip snip time to cut the wires and pray it dosn't blow up. Weird satalite dishes are not exactly cars after all.

Mary isn't really used to having this little information about the status of people around her, which is quite ironic taking in that she can see for once, but she is not used to that, so likely isn't the most perceptive with her eyes, and she is lacking the mind sense that she is used to. Her hands gripping her cane nervously as she looks between the others and then to the stairs where the men are coming up from. "Down the stairs? How do we get down the stairs without being noticed? They are just coming up the stairs as we speak!" she points out with a vague motion of her cane towards the stairs. Eyes widening at what Twila says, but she doesn't really have a better plan herself.

Suddenly, a rather 'ghost-like' image of Jean appears to you all….and she looks VERY worried. "Are you still in the mansion? Oh no." She says to your all through your minds. "These guys are after you, and I can't stop them, they're using power dampeners to keep your powers at bay. One of you must've disabled one…."

Megan looks to Jean, and sighs. "Oh my god this is worse than I thought. So how do we… do we know wher they are? How do we find them in this whole mansion?" she asks of Jean, not knowing if Jean can even hear her, let alone reply. But hey, maybe one of the other students can answer that. You never know.

A few things happen all at once, but going from top to bottom. First, Jose after you start disabling the device you get a view of Jean, though briefly. You would hear below one of the men shouting "They are over here!" from downstairs, after what sounds like a loud smashing noise. You would also hear, just for a moment there are not as many people inside as you may of thought. Though they may out number you it is only slightly. Then Jean fades out just as quick, as you seem to get your voice back if you tried the powers you had fading quickly away again.

On the next floor down, to everyone's amazement Twila stands and throws the spear at the far corner alerting te two people coming up the stairs. The first two men that are moving in that direction litterally walk just a few feet from the group waiting to go down stairs, but seperates. One standing so close infront of them they can reach out.. The other moving towards the noise. There are two more getting into the elevator that will be coming up soon. As the main one that spoke before says "You two stay down here." As far as powers, just for a moment you can feel them reaching, but then out they go again. The thoughts of Jean in the time she had seemed distant like an effort was pushing through, so why she faded out, though all of you realized.. There were devices in the house that were dampining your powers, and there seemed to be multiple though where… is unknown. The guards are distracted now though because of Twila, and other then the one standing next to them are not looking at the stairs to the first floor.

Twila looks at the man close to her. She takes hold of the bat tightly, Ready to do something and then. Someone starts talking. Oh its Jean! Cool. Well this just got bad. She leans towards Mary and Megan, "Get ready to run down the stairs. Get to the basement. I will cover you. Also, if you can kill the lights on the way, that would be nice."

With a fast motion, Not her usual definition of fast but, Fast for someone who is actually trained to be fast. Like, A person who runs track. She swings the bat at the guy, trying to hit him along the head.

Mary blinks in surprise when Jean shows up, or at least some kind of projection of Jean, and then just when she is about to open her mouth to answer, she is gone again. "We definetily need to get to the safe room in the basement. I heard that place is built to endure bombs, should keep us safe long enough." IF they can make it that far, that is. She is still not sure if this is a good idea, but it doesn't look like they have much choice, and even a bad plan is better than no plan. Nodding to what Twila says, she waits for her to whack the guy and then starts going down the stairs, though preferably not the one leading the way as she is not really the best at navigating the mansion, especially relying on sight.

Jose was thinking cool at first… and then he heard the yelling. He dashes over to the stairs quietly and peeks over. His eyes widen when he sees Twila going to swing at the guy. Jose face palms. Masked men in helmets, he doubts a baseball bat is going to work. Hopefully it it knocks the man out without bringing to much of a distraction. He waves for the others to come up if they can.
Meanwhile though, he dissappear back around the corner. Time to grab a few things. He takes up hairspray, a pillowcase, actual scissors and a lighter (thank god some of the teachers still smoke). He hoped the girls got the message to come up. Meanwhile though, stuff collected, he checks for any other stairs that could possibly lead down besides the main stairs, along with trying to see if any other devices were on the third floor. He of course was doing this as quietly as he can

Megan nods to the instruction she's given. "Since um.. I'm not sure where or how we'll possibly find whateer these.. dampeners are. The mansion is huge, Idon't now what they look like, and they could be anywhere. I'm completely fine with running when being told, to get down into the basement. I'm powerless in more ways than one."

As Mary, and Megan run downstairs they would see there are only three people down there. All looking up at the noise from above though they are out in the open for a bit as they run past. Twila's swing is off target just a little, and other then hitting the person in the head, it is a little low catching the man in the neck with a "Crack" hoping it was the bat that made the noise the man falls like a rock, as behind her she would hear a "Ding" as the elevator opens showing the two people who got on earlier. They both look up to see Twila standing over the downed man with a bat in her hands.. most likely surprised look on her face the three just look at each other before the lights go out, putting everyone into darkness. Good news is they can not see it seems.. Bad news is neither can any of you as the whole place falls dark without the lights on.

Jose is making good progress looking for weapons, and finds the hairspray, but as he opens the door to Logans room and see's the just mass amount of sharp objects everywhere the lights go out. Since there is some skylight it isn't pitch dark in the hallways, but the rooms since they didn't have lights on in the first place are dark.

On the first floor there are two devices, that you seen right before the lights went out, right now though they can only be located through a small beep noise they seem to be making occastionally. The three people here are scrambling looking for light switches, though they don't know the place. Given time they might find one, but for now it is dark.

The Perk of Living in the mansion as opposed to visiting or coming in to cause trouble, is the knowledge of the terran. Even in the dark, a person those who live in this place have at the least a more general idea of where things are! That is the case for Twila at least.

Quietly the girl feels around. She feels around quick. Grabbing both the Javelins and of course her bat. Then she's feelign around for the bannister to get down the stairs. Running down the stairs is a bad idea. Too much noise. So time to break the rules! She hops on the bannister and slides down as quick as she can. Once down on the first floor, Taking cover alongside the stare case, she closes her eyes for a few moments. She is trying to get her eyes to adjust.

As the lights go out, Jose, being in Logan's room, finds Jean materialize nearby. "Ugggggh…" She grumbles. "Jose……take out the devices……" And she flickers out again…

Mary follows after Megan down the stairs, her eyes spotting those two odd beeping devices, narrowing her eyes some, those have to be the dampeners Jean mentioned, or well at least she can't think of any other reason for them. There is no way she could get to them without being caught by the men. Then the lights go out. Which does not inconvenience her -that- much, although she can't really use her cane to feel the way without alerting the men to where she is, but she got a good enough idea of the surroundings before that, and she has fairly good sense of direction and distance. Holding her cane front of her with both hands as she walks the rest of the way down, she did not have time to put shoes on earlier, so she is barefoot, which helps in making less sound, as she heads towards those two devices, remembering where they were, and likely getting the occasional beep from them to help finding them also. She still can't feel the minds so she has to rely on her other senses, like she used to do the first fourteen years of her life before her telepathic abilities manifested. She cannot really avoid making some noise once she finds the devices, as she takes a swing at them with her cane, trying to break those dishes at the top, figuring that is likely what is transmitting the signal, hopefully she can break both before any of the men finds her, or the lights come back on, but she figures this is the best chance they are going to get at doing it.

Jose got merely a peek of Logan room. Damn son, how many sharp objects do you, not like you don't have claws or nothing. He reaches in and feel about for any sharp objec, probably wouldn't be too hard to find. But he wouldn't spend TOO much time trying to find something in the dark, as there was work to do

It was time to go down. Jose makes his across the hall to a room that wasn't SHARP OBJECTS EVERYWHERE. He might stumble abit, but his goal was the same. Check outside to see if there were any guards. If not he will open a window and climb down the thick vines that often cover the walls of the mansion. Hopefully despite being brown and dead from winter, there strong enoughto hold him. Cause ain't no way he going down the stairs. Jose was mumbling "Yea, yea, I'm on it red head" as he considered Jeans words

Megan is at a loss as to what to do. But Twila suggested she urn, so she runs. Going down stairs, flight by flight, with the goal of getting underground, and out of the way. Sure once she's DOWN there, she'll start looking for anything tha tlooks weird, in case it's one of those. things. You never know, right?

Jose is climbing outside, and making good progress till there is a snap… then another, as the vines give way.. Two stories up he falls away from the wall backwards with no leverage towards the hard ground. Twila is sliding down the railing and hops off to close her eyes as she feels a pinch in her back as the probes from the man she landed infront of shot her. Finally as Megan wonders around in the dark, and Mary hits he last of the devices, everything freezes. Jose in the middle of the air, everyone in their current position as there is no electricity that follows the tazer that shot into Twila. The lights come back on, and standing in the room next to the frozen leader that looks a bit like Logan with a beard stands the Professor. Next to him is Jean as he looks around at the group that are here, from outside you can see Jose fall the last bit of distance past the window.

All of your powers are back, as well as disadvantages, as he nods, "Though a few points off for indecision, lack of teamwork, and time.. You stll got the job done." he looks at Mary again.. "You can stop hitting it now, it is over." he looks over at Jean, "So what do you think.. do they pass?" then shakes his head.. "Perhaps… if they can answer one question first, before you judge.." he glances back at them, they can all hear him speak even the one outside. "Why… explain this to me, and we will see where to go from there."

Jose after having fallon the rest of the way after that brief pause, stands up. He hears the question and blinks. This was a test? Good lord what was he testing for? regardless he does make his way 'inside' and ask "Ummm… why what?" he wonders.

Twila gets tazed! NOOooooo! The horror! The Agony! She drops to the ground, stunned. Then everything around her slows down. Her powers come back. Within a moments time she's back on her feet and ready to fight. Oh wait! Everything is back to normal!

The young speedster reports front and center. to the Professor, the frozen baddy, And Jean. She crosses her arms and looks at her instructors and then looks at her friends. "Professor, Why did I act how I did? My top priority was to get the others to safety. Even if it meant putting myself on the line. I'm one person, If I got hurt or taken, at least they were safe. It was an acceptable loss to me. I'm not some team leader or anything so while I could give suggestions, no one had to listen to me. She smiles, "Why did you give us this test? It was to teach teamwork and to not rely on our powers."

Mary blinks a few times as things turn to normal, the main way she notices that is how she can suddenly again feel the presence of others around her, except the bad guys, but including Charles and Jean, straightening up as she hears the words from Charles, still holding her cane front of her with both hands as she calms down with the adrenaline starting to wind down. The somewhat ambiguous question asked from them, the others seeming to answer it already, so she answers to Twila. "We don't have an assigned leader, yet. But you at least had a plan, its better to follow a plan, even if it would be a bad one, than to not have a plan at all." then biting her lower lip as she adds towards the instructors. "Jean said that there were devices blocking our powers, so I figured that should use the opportunity to destroy them when the enemies were disoriented… since I am not as hindered by lack of light than… most people."

Megan looks around. On a lark, she reaches back, and her wings are there. "Oh thank god," she gasps, flinging a flash of dust for the sake of fliging a flash of dust. "Teamwork? I did what I Was told!"

He looks over at Jose, "You went out on your own leaving others that were not situated for this even by themselves." he glances at Twila, "While you were trying to help you took things onto yourself not listening to the others. While I apreciate you trying to help others that was never the issue. And you let Jose just walk off on his own when if you were to listen, and follow other then lead when the time was right you would of realize what needed to be done." he glances at Megan, "This… was not your element, but you have to get past shock to make decisions. I am sorry, but you I needed to teach the others." he finally looks at Mary, "You seemed to have the same issue, so sure what you could not do, you were propelled into an idea you did not agree on." he sighs again and shakes his head. "And you are all wrong.

This was not a test, the grading was a red herring.. This was a lesson. Without your powers, without knowledge you protected the school. Sure you all have your short comings, but that isn't the point we can work on that. The point was for you to learn you do not need your powers to be hero's.. You did it all without them right here today.. even putting yourself at risk to do so. I want you to remember that.. remember that being a mutant isn't what makes you special.. You even without your powers are special." he shrugs.. "And try to work on your own issues, no-one is perfect, even I make mistakes, but we have to accept them to move on."

Twila frowns, "I will remember this. I was stupid in that I didn't try to stop Jose. That won't happen again." She frowns and just looks at the others. "Sorry I wasn't much of a leader. I just wanted to keep you all safe." She sighs and looks at the Professor and Jean, "I think, I need to go to my room and think or soemthing." She frowns and turns to go.

Jose crosses his arms somewhat defensivly. Powers or not, he was confortable in his own skin with an ease simply go with the flow. Working with other though? That was… harder to say the least. For many reasons. Personal ones. But he does say "Guess going alone isn't always the best. Mabey convince them to come along next time, instead of just going" he says.

"When you are together, you are stronger than you are separated, whatever your powers are." Jean says softly. "Twila has the most experience without her powers, but focusing upon what you can't do shouldn't be your focusing point. Mary could see, but she could still hear better than any of you, plus, she had less problems when the mansion went dark. Jose would probably have better reactions to floor vibrations. But none of you saw that. You did find out that the devices needed to be taken out and it was sort of easy."

She then looks to them all. "You did pretty well for your first time in this sort of scenario, but….you need to trust your fellow classmates more, stick together, and watch each other's backs." She then chuckles. "A good way to do it……is with Mary coordinating."

Megan laughs weakly, nervously. "In my defense, I did lose a whole part of my body, which is perhaps slightly more thanjust a power. Thank you for the lesson though. It's a lot to think about."

Mary bites her lower lip as she listens to the words from the professor, and then from the other students. "I am sorry, I am just still not really used to… well having friends. I will remember this, though." Then when Jean adds to it she blushes a bit at the words about her coordinating. "Uhh… well, at least if I have my powers."

The Proffesor, shakes his head. "Twila, in the end though you may of done it inproperly at parts you, but did it. Without speed, or sound, or magic, or Telepathy… The rest we can train.. given time. I did not expect you to be a force of super-mutants, but we had to know what short cummings you would face so we can work on them." he glances at Twila again. "Your heart is in the right place, you just lack knowledge, and experience." he looks around, "That goes for the rest of you as well… The good news is two fold, One… we can do this again and again so you can get all the experience you like, and the second part.." he flicks his fingers, and you all wake up in your rooms. The voice of the Prof comes to you, "You were in your room the whole time… I wish you all the best of luck in your future lessons."

He looks at Jean, "They aren't ready… Maybe I should talk to Havok.. Slow down his plans.. I just am unsure about sending kids out into the field." he sighs, and sits back in cerebro.. "I still have nightmares when it was you guys out there.. What if ya didn't come back.." he shakes his head, "They just aren't ready."

Twila looks at the Professor, "To be fair, This was without powers and such. My plan would have been different if I had my speed. Everyone's plan would change. We'd have been more inclined to fight. I just… I was doing my best. It wasn't good enough." She frowns.

Jean says, "Well Professor, it's like learning in the Danger room, they simply need more experience. it's like us. We may try to give them scenarios they could face, but we can't predict everything." She then looks to Twila. "You have to face stuff like this whether you have powers or not, and learn not to rely on them, Twila. You did well individually, but failed as a team. Even two of you were taken out. One by his own doing, and another by a taser. You were lucky the devices were disabled when they were." She then smiles and looks to Charles. "I have an idea for next time….perhaps in the danger room, Professor. If you'll grant me access, I'll run it by you in the morning.""

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