2017-02-012 A Tale of a Superman Part 1
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2017-02-17 format
Players: Superman, Power Girl
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Title: A Tale of a Superman Part 1

Walking into the pizza place was Clark, who was slouching like always. He was wearing a medium grey suit, whie button up shirt and a red tie. He waited in line to place his order. Those dull blue eyes behind black rimmed glasses. Right now, he was just waiting to get his usual and a moment of peace. As he waited sometimes he looked outisde just to see passerbys, to see if a story was brewing, etc. Clark sometimes had trouble staying still.

Karen Is already here with what looks like the remains of 2 extra large pizza's and a third in front of her, Though she's voluptuous her body is clearly fit making it a bit of a shock she's eating so much za, what's more, she's in an expensive Prada business suit with a pencil dress and heels. But she smiles when she spots Clark " Hello Kal-El " she says just right so only he can pick it up.

Clark's head popped up and he looked around. Right now, he was trying not to straighten his back because that would have cut through some of his disguise. Still, the voice had his attention. The man still stepped forward as he was one persona way from making his order.

Karen Chuckles softly to herself " Your ability to zero in on sounds is still horrible I see Kal " Her voice is warm almost teasing but also filled with sadness. She lifts a hand and gives a little wave turning those blue eye's to look towards him not much but should be enough for him to see her " Hello Last son of Krypton, This last Daughter of Krypton also greets you " .

Clark made his order and then sat at Karen's table. "Talk," he said low. Skepticism was all over Clark's face. Recently, he met someonet hat implied was his daughter. So, finding out there were last daughters of Krypton put him on edge.

Karen Thinks and looks at you switching to Kryptonian < Do you understand what I am saying? > . She grabs a slice and while she eats it fast she's still very dainty.

< "Yes. We should talk somewhere else and pirvate. Tell me who you are in English. You have some standing,"> the words were quick, registered only to animals. However, Karen could have understood it all.

Karen Nods her head with the strange merger of worlds and the earth suddenly growing and changing more people showing up.. even things from her world that she thought lost when she went to the other earth. it's been a crazy time for her her business showed up. She thinks switching back to English but sub level " Where would you like to go I will differ to your preference as a show I mean you no harm " .

"I don't know where I can trust you. Between you and Atalanta, I'm not sure," Clark was still very skeptical. He trusted her wordsa s they soundd genuine. Still, it was an odd conversation starter to trigger his hearing.

Karen Thinks " Well you could come to my Fortress of Solitude, " She says softly as she cocks her head at him getting up and wiping her mouth " Your pizza is ready you should get it, " she says looking over and looks sad " your fav like always ".

Clark was skeptical untilt hat sadness happened. Something about that made him a little sympathetic. Whoever this woman was had some sadness to her tale. Still, he got his pizza, all meat with onions and green pepers. He came back and offered her a slice, "Do youw ant some?" he offered to be nice.

Karen Smiles as she grabs it still that sadness " All these years I still hate the onions " she says curling her nose even as she takes a bite and eats it while she walks with you moving towards an alley were we won't be seen. " So shall we go to my fortress? " she asks " Or would you feel safer in yours ? "

Taking a bite of his pizza, Clark spoke low. "Don't talk so loud and we can go to yours," he really needed to teach people how to speak softly. His blue eyes looked to the woman as he took a bite. "Tell me more of yourself."

Karen Looks at him and smiles a little sad but once they are in private and she's sure nobody is around or can see or there are camera's she Twirls are high speeds changing into her power girl outfit " I'm a Kryptonian Like you I was sent here when I was 13 but my world is not this one " she frowns " In fact to be honest it's complicated in a way even I have a hard time understanding.. but lets go I'll explain at my fortress "

Clark finished his two slices. Then he follwoed Karen to some place priavte, an alley she insisted on. Then the woman changed. At least she wasn't trying to be Superman's daughter. Clark sighed and looked aroud himself. The man was a blur of colors and he stood there in his traidic colored outfit.

Karen Smiles and Takes off she knows he can follow she's not going top speed after all and well she's as fast as him so she just flys towards her fortress, her's is in the south pole in the negative zone where temperatures reach near absolute zero a place that normal people cannot enter. Like him, her Key is a massive key that weighs thousands of tons.

Clark's forress was different, it was in a differnet pole and the key was different. Still, he looked to the woman. The man jus waited for her to open the door to the place. The pizzas were dropped of fat home. Why Clark lagged was because of the food. Still, he was keeping up with her prior to their descent to the absolute cold weather.

Karen Opens it up and inside they go she sighs " I should get rid of the key I barely use it, " She says softly to herself as a golden Robo comes up " Welcome Back Kara how may I serve ". She smiles " It's okay Ned I don't need you go back " The robot nods though it nods " Welcome back as well Kal-El " as it flys away to continue its duties. She looks over " So I guess we should find out what's different and what's the same and the reason I say that is I'm from another earth then your own though I could say this is the 3rd or maybe 4th world I've been sent to "

Clark just stared at the bot then looked around at this woman's fortress to see how i different. Sky blue eyes took in every details as he moved forward.

Karen Some Items might be different her world is similar to his but not the same.. so her trophies might be different there are also two sets of status one to his parents one to hers, Thier is also a Statue of them together looking rather intimate.

Clark just stared at the statue of this blonde and an older Clark. "You're from another world and in that world, your ummm," Clark gestured between her and the statue version of himself. "How come he didn't make it with you?"

Karen Looks over and smiles " It was Lex Luthor I dunno what he's like in your world in ours he's terrible.. He seperated us because even alone we are too much for him he used an alien villian named braniac and they combined thier powers " She sighs " thier was a reactor explosion I was saving the people that worked their and the explosion flung me to another world.. I was stuck thier a while… then everything colapsed and some kind of merger happened next thing I know " she points at you " Here you are "

"I'm sorry about your husband. I'm not him, but I will do all I can to get you to your world." Clark was trying to reassure her. AT least she wasn't trying to impose daddy issues upon him. This was a good thing. What might have helped was seeing that Karen's view of Superman was older, nor was she expecting anything of him.

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