2017-02-17 Rooftop Encounter

Location: Gotham - The Narrows - Alley / Rooftop

The Shredder
Batgirl ( Barbara Gordon )

Drugs in the Narrow are a common thing, poison to aleviate the pain and depression of what people don't have. And of course it kills. Lately the poison dealers have taken a hit. Someone out there during the day has taking a serious chunk of the more serious dealers in the City out. In less than an hour before sunset thirty drug dealers have been murdered, their money is gone, but their drugs remained in their belongings, mixed with REAL poison, the packages opened u p spilled on the grown, mixxed with a fatal dose of rat killer poison. but not just the street level dealers, the suppliers as well. Throats cut, money gone, Drugs hoplessly mixed with poison runining them. Who ever did it has a serious issue against it.

The attacks happened all over the narrows so it was either one person with incredible speed, or multiple people. Always done with a blade, a very sharp blade.

Batgirl had been investigating the situation after being tipped off by the various radio channels that she monitored.

Her shadowy form appeared on the edge of a building above and her eyes peered down at the situation down below. With black/gold cape fluttering in the Gotham winds, she surveyed the area… using her eye-scanners to feed her additional information through her helmet.

"Are you seeing this?" She asked Alfred through her communicator, her voice quiet. "Gang war?" She asked further.

After a few seconds, she released a sigh and then acted!

Seconds later and with the sound of a whooshing cape, Batgirl was down near the crime scene, slowly walking her armored boots between the carnage and scanning with her hidden eyes.

There is no sign of typical gang members. No gun fire, no foot prints. There is only the cut throats, oe the sudden stab through the heart. A single sign, a head band with a tTriangulare three pronged symbol. The headbade is prestined and clean. PErhaps it is a gang war, but they went after the Drug dealers, and displayed a warning that all poison dealers will be purged in their new city.

The Symbol is not registered in any computers, most likekly a group fromt he other world's merger.

Batgirl simply walked about, not fussing with any of the crime scene's evidence… one gold-booted foot after another propelling her forward in a slow walk…

"Looks like we have this new world to thank." She spoke quietly into her comm mic. "I'm sending you the images of this symbol… scan it in our database, but I know for a fact that I've never seen this on our streets before." She said to Alfred who was acknowledging her inside of her black body armor helmet.

Batgirl paused at one of the bodies and lowered down to look at the wounds. "Precision… Martial Arts in style… silent execution maybe… I don't see a lot of resistance here, looks like an ambush."

She crouched there in the alleway, the winds gently pushing her red hair about as well as her black/gold cape.

As the place looks fairly untouched. The only thing really missing is the money. They left the weapons, ruined the drugs. A clear message as some are even hung up by their feet and throats cut to bleed them quickly. No signs of torture, interrogation. Finally there is something new, in the dust is a heavy laid foot print, angles armored and weighting at least 300 pounds. And it looks like he was moving through the place with blood dripping down from something, the blood has drops of drug use in the system for a while. But this person's foot prints are very meaasured and clear. Someone who was in perfect control as he moved very leasurely through the place no sign of struggle or hinderance. As the prints lead to a stair well and go up to the roof.

Batgirl was here to collect evidence as much as she was any other reason, and as such she was taking photos and 3-d imagery of the entire crime scene through her glowing white eyes that covered her own real eyes beneath.

When she found the trail of blood she crouched there as well and took a sample of it with a small processing computer that was attached to her belt. "Sending you the data on this blood sample." She tells him. "The foot prints lead up… which is surprising. I would've figured car tracks, or bike tracks… but not an aerial get-away." She talked quietly to Alfred.

Once things were in order on the ground though she stood up. "Call this in to GCPD, get them out there fast before some kids find this mess."

Batgirl went to follow the footprints, moving at a brisk pace, she wanted to walk the same path that they walked…

Finally As Batgirl follows the tracks they lead up to the roof and there on one of the roofs in the distance is a figure. Not batman, Or nightwing, but his helm has what looks like a mold at the top over fourty feet away it glints in the moonlight, as it appears he is wearing a cape of some sort.

Batgirl approaches the figure at a distance of about twenty feet, she stops and watches him. "Company." She whispers into her mic.

Back on the roof now, her red hair and black/gold cape are blowing out to her right in the wind, flipping about in the cold air.

"Welcome to Gotham." Batgirl called out to the figure. "Murdering people here isn't how we play… Even if they're bad people." She had no voice modulation on her suit going right now, her voice was her own normal youthful woman voice.

Standing there impassively, he finally turns as his bladed helm can be seen, the saw blade like cuts in it as he turns to face the woman in the black out fit. His eyes burn with contempt and hatred. "This is no longer, Your city. It belongs to the Foot clan." His voice dark, deep, full of malice and venom. "You will bow down and swear loyaly to The Shredder. Or I sill send your broken corpse back to This Bat as a warning." His cape suddenly falls away as he is shown to be i n Samurai Armor holding a small rod that instantly extends into a bladed staff. His armor is covered in razor sharp blades. his face covered by a Samurai style mask, ready for a battle. "You will submit or you will break and die."

Batgirl didn't move a muscle or an inch when the man turned and showed himself. Yes he was an intimidating figure, as far as figures in this town went… but the things he said just made him sound like all the other crazy nutjobs that Gotham churned out / pulled-in like a magnet.

"Right." Batgirl said quietly then to him after he finished his speech. She was taking images of him in high-res detail with her glowing white eyes.

"Foot… clan, you say?" She asked him then. "I have no interest in fighting you, but you've committed murder… and now you have to serve that crime." A small pause. "Submit to -me- or I take you to jail in far less of a healthy condition than you're currently in."

Instantly The Shredder attacks, Lunging forward as he roars in rage. His eyes showing nothing by hatred. He thrusts the staff forward, trying to spear the girl as he will spin and whril his body around. The Blades on his armor making him a deadly person for hand to hand fighting, doing his best to get inclose and slice and shred her to peices. "You will bleed for your insolance woman!" He roars the sound of anger in his voice.

Batgirl was prepared for his lunge, though she hadn't thought that a hulking man such as him would -quite- this fast. She stepped back and to the side, using her gold gauntlet on her left arm to delfect his attacking weapons with a loud metalic clang and then she used her right hand to slam a smoke bomb onto the ground!

Smoke erupted in a massive cloud all around both of them, and Batgirl used this to get some distance and shot herself up onto the old wooden water-tower atop the building, using her grapple gun.

Once up above, she looked down to see if he was lost in the smoke or not.

The Figure is enveloped in the smoke bomb and of course the classic ninja trick has come into play. As she turns around he is gone as well. No signatures footprints or nothing. He's gone stealth. The armor should make noise but nothing as the man in it is moving around in the dark and his own shadows. Once Batgirl is moving out of the area to try and view. This explains why, there waas little evidence. The Foot, is a Ninja clan. And the Shredder is their master.

Right now he had expected her to go for distance that was his plan as he now starts to slowly circle around. Two masters of stealth fighting each other. First one who makes a mistake looses.

By all rights, he'd be far more skilled than her. Which sucked for Batgirl. But thats not to say she didn't have an arguably unfair advantage due to the technology she was sporting. She could see through smoke, she could see warm bodies glowing in orange-hues and it would always give her an upper-hand in locating people. But raw skill? He was far superior to her.

Batgirl would zip about in the dark, whooshing noises from place to place… When she located him, she'd dive-bomb! Hoping to deliver a powerful kick to his head or torso!

As she Zips around she does Spot the Shredder, he is holding a Katana now, behind some brick wall. He is moving behind the wall carefully silently. As his heat can be seen. He is carefully holding his position listening for that zipping sound, the whooshing sound as he seems to be bracing for an attack. allowing her to make a move for him to react to.

Batgirl does make a move, she comes zipping straight down at him, her right gauntlet coming out and sending an electric shocking 'tazer' blast at his chest as she intends to follow that up with a harsh kick to his midsection, hoping to get the catch on him before he can use that katana of his!

As the Shredder listens suddenly he is taken off guard it seems as he is kicked in the chest and he rolls with it fl;ipping onto his hands and rolling with the blow. The staff slashes through the wire that hat the Taser as he lands on his feet to lunge forward, screaming at the top of his lungs. "You dare think you are a match for me girl?" And he tries to thrust his Katana at her, Instantly it is engulfed in a reddish hellfire as it suddenly extends into a spear thrusting out over nine feet long at her chest!

Batgirl didn't back away this time, she met him head-long int his melee battle now!

She'd parry the spear again and again and try to strike at his person, try to disarm him and even try to grasp the spear and use her suit-assisted strength to break the spear! Thankfully, she was in her prime and completely uninjured thus far, or she might be in a fair deal of trouble, because this guy was pretty huge, pretty strong and fairly intimidating!
As the Battle turns into a Melee the Spear is grappled and then without warning he legs go lunging foward as she breaks it in two. The wood cracks, and then he slashes with his wrist blades, forard guards, kicks, and spins. Trying to slash and stab her.

The Shredder ofcourse suddenly thrusts out a hand and instantly the two broken halves of the spear erupt from the ground, and in his hands forms a new spear int he blink of an eye.

The spear has to be magical! as he haas it form a katana slashing and stabbing at her. And zapparently can call it at will. Shredder is deadly…

Batgirl was starting to get the sensation that this guy was more than she had first expected! Their battling continued as he produced replacement weapons from the ones she'd just broken!

She used her gauntlets to deflect his sword slaches, again and again, almost dancing with him atop this roof, ducking and dipping she move toward a brick wall that was shadowed in darkness then spun around, cape and red hair whirling as she stared at him with her glowing white eyes.

She looked cornered, and ready to be run-through! But should he stab at her, she'd nimbly dodge him and let him, instead, impale an electric box!

And then she'd swipe her spiked gauntlet across his helmeteed face, potentially eveing cutting him in a nasty way should she make contact which would surely make him forever hate this woman!

As the Batgirl evades him he slashes turning the sword into a staff with blades on both ends he seems to be going in to a blind rage, as she is able to punch his face, and it knocks the face guard off his helm. And instantly she can see his face, scared, cut, slashes like he h ad been through a trash compactor and had rats claw at his face. Japanese in decent as he screams at her foam apparently coming from his mouth.

Then lunging forward with a roar of rage he instnatly thrusts the staff forward and as she ducks he impales the box, and instnatly he screams out, in pain as his body goes ridged, and jerks holding the staff as the electricity courses around him.

And Batgirl, for the second time in this fight, grappleguns up to the top of the water tower. She perches on the rusty old tin roof, cape and hair flowing out to her side while she watches the Samuari 'cook' on that electric box… she says nothing, just stares at him with her glowing white eyes.

"That is not what I wanted to have happen." She said into her mic. A moment later she stood up to full height, the large white moon glowing over her shoulder. "We'll need to relay this… situation, to GCPD as well."

Speaking of which, they had arrived down beside the building on the ground-level… Batgirl turned to walk across the water tower roof and she looked down toward the Police below… then would look back toward The Shrdder to see if he'd detached from the shocking-experience.
As the Shredder collapses to the ground, after the experiance. She had moved away and when she returns he's gone. No sign of him ever having been there. The box is stabbed but him, his cap, his masak, everything is gone. As if he was not even there. A master in stealth he has slipped away. Looking around the area will reveal nothing. He's gone. Shredder of course is watching her a very long distance away smiling evil. Then turns and moves away. Hiding from her, moving between some buildings and slipping away into a manhole cover.

Batgirl descended from the water tower when she saw that he was gone. She landed on the gravel of the rooftop and she moved toward the still-sizzling electric box. Alfred was warning her to be careful inside of her helmet.

After a moment of searching around she gently shook her head and turned to put her back to the brick wall and the electrical box.

"I think its safe to say that Gotham just got a little crazier." She said to Alfred through the communicator.

"I'm going to spend another couple hours out tonight, see if I can't find him…" She walked to the ledge of the building and looked down, then up at the rest of the city. "Tell the others what I just experienced, show them too, if they're around…"

Batgirl watched the city's skyline at night and she sighed softly. A moment later and she was grappling up to a taller building and then launching into a glide!


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