2017-02-19 An Audience with the Prince
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Amora, Loki
GMed by N/A
Title: An Audience with the Prince

Rating: G

Amora had performed a scrying for Loki with the help of the strand of hair she retrieved from his room in the royal palace, finding him in Midgard, in New York, just like Nefja had suspected. Though since she had agreed to give the girl a passage to New York as well, she couldn't arrive directly to his room, as while it might have been amusing to see the reactions of both of them, it might be too much of a distraction (plus Nefja isn't online!), so she had initially arrived to the park with the girl, and then separated ways.

Finding the building Loki was being held, at least that is the only reason she can think of why he would be staying here, she 'recruited' an employee of the building to help her get in, hypnotizing the woman to telling her how to get past the security measures and to the room where Loki was in, before sending her home to sleep, and later wake up with no memory of the interaction, she placed an illusion on herself to take on the appearance of the woman, and then simply walked in to the building and took the elevator up to the appropriate floor and showing the id card she had gotten from the unlucky agent, is allowed past the guards and then simply finds Loki's room from the hallway and walks in. Still having the illusion on for now, partly to test if Loki can see through it, and partly just in case there are some cameras in the room, that she is going to take a look at first. "Hello Loki."

Loki had been dozing off, still shaking off the effects of whatever it is they did to him in order to transport him. He was in the midst of a ratger wonderful dream when he hears a voice he wasn't expecting to hear. His emerald eyes fly open and he nearly leaps vertically from the bed. "Ahhh—mora! Wh-what are you doing here?" He runs his hand through his long dark hair and looks around, mainly for help.

Amora finishes her cursory scan of the room for cameras, and if there were any, turns them off, she learned that lesson from before when she was foiled by being recorded. Then smiling to Loki as she lets the illusion fall off and returns to her real, beautiful self, head tilting to the side a bit as she looks at Loki, and to his reaction. "Thats curious… I was about the ask the same thing from you. You were supposed to come see me some days ago, but did not even send a word to your dear Amora. People are worried, with their prince having gone missing." well some of the people anyway. "What happened? Are these humans holding you here?"

Loki climbs to his feet and tries to keep a safe distance from Amora. "In case you hadn't noticed, part of Asgard broke off and fell through the sea of space. The part I was on fell to Midgard. You did not know of this? I am most surprised. As for the humans holding me here, some of them say they are my friend, but I have no memory of them, yet I do…they are memories that have not yet happened.

Amora crosses her arms over her chest as she watches that most odd behaviour from the usually so sure and charismatic Loki. "Yes… I did notice that, of course, but I did not know you were on that part. Regardless… why are you acting like that? You seem to remember who I am, so then you should also remember all the wonderful things we have done together, yes? Unless I have forgotten something also… as I don't remember you running away from me before…" She questions. "Perhaps we can figure out something that could help to restore the rest of your memory as well, no?"

"I…well yes, of course that would be the best course of action. And me? Acting strangely? I am only doing so because I fell to Midgard and was rendered quite a bit disoriented. Why did you come for me rather than father or Thor? Do they not know I am missing?"

"Now that… is a very good question, Loki. To tell the truth, I am not sure if Thor or Odin have even noticed you are missing yet, I guess they might think you are just hiding somewhere to not have to take part in repairing the damage caused by the merging…" Amora offers with a shrug. "If it weren't for me, you might have been completely forgotten in this place… however, I was not the only one who had noticed you missing. There was this young girl in the palace… who at least claimed to know you well, she seemed most worried." she offers, watching him curiously to see if he has any idea who she is talking about.

The young prince looks absolutely crestfallen. "They didn't notice I was missing? But I tried so hard to help keep Asgard together. Who is this young girl? Could it be Nefja?" At least SOME things seem to have remained the same in his head.

Amora nods slightly at his words. "Nefja, yes. So you do know her. I wasn't quite sure if she was just making it up… as she did seem awfully young to your tastes." she offers teasingly. Then shrugs before continuing. "Anyways, she did help me in locating you, telling of this apartment you had in this city. It seemed like the two of us were only ones who were worried about you. She insisted on coming along here."

"Young? She and I are about the same age." Loki shrugs. "It saddens me that in all of Asgard, only two people missed me. Not even mother noticed my absence?" He sits down heavily on the edge of the bed, slouching a bit. He had cast a spell on himself to make himself lighter, which is how he got away with plopping down without breaking it to pieces.

Amora arches a brow some at Loki's mention of his age, as she is quite sure Loki has been around much longer. Either way, she walks over to the bed as well and sits down next to him, reaching a hand to rest on his shoulder comfortingly. "Well, I did not speak with the queen personally, so I wouldn't know, but, at least they didn't make any kind of official notice about it if she did. And I would imagine that if they would have noticed the prince going missing, they would have done that." she offers. "Perhaps they were just too focused on being happy about your brother being safe…"

"I suppose you are correct. I shouldn't worry about it. I've always been second to Thor, anyway. I have friends here, or so they say. I don't remember any of them but that doesn't mean I can't fake it, right? Who has to know?"

Amora smiles as she listens to his words. "I don't recall that ever stopping you before, dear. You used to make me envious in how well you could play other people like instruments. But, you -do- have actual friends still too, don't forget that, in Amora, and Nefja. And we will help you to remember the full scale of your greatness again. You would not -have- to be second."

"I am lucky that you have found me, then. I look forward to perhaps learning more about sorcery since mother seems too busy with Thor to worry about me. I look forward to seeing Nefja again. I wonder happened to the others that came down with Asgard." They used their shards of bifrost ti transport themselves home.

Amora gives him a curious look at the first part, as Loki used to be one of the greatest sorcerors in Asgard, seems he has indeed forgotten much! "I think I could help you there, my prince. With both of those matters. As there are not many in Asgard who can claim to be more skilled in the magical arts than I am. I can also take you to see Nefja. Like I said, she insisted on coming along here to New York, she was so anxious to see you again that she could not wait back home. Then perhaps we can all return together… unless of course, you want to stay here for awhile longer, wait until they have actually noticed that you are gone, and then return and recieve a celebration worthy of a prince." Shrugging slightly at the last part of what he said. "I think most of them returned on their own. Seems you are only one who lost their memory… perhaps something hit you on the head?"

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