2017-02-18 Gotham Girls

Gotham - Red Hook - Shopping Mall

Jean Grey

The red hook shopping mall. Shoplifting occurs once a day and there are definite signs of gangs in the mall, most of them trying to stake some sort of 'claim' on the mall. Most of the people that aren't in gangs keep close to each other, for fear of getting mugged or worse.

Except for three women that entered the mall. Having walked most of the way there, the red head of the group leans against the railing of the mall. 'Whew….long walk to get here…" She says in a bit of feigned weariness.

Rogue was looking around the city and its strange stylized decore. "This place looks like something outta like a Tim Burton movie." She commented on their way up to the mall. "I mean, some'a the more modern stuff looks… normal… but the olde'ah stuff, looks down right creepy."

The southerner looked to Jean and grinned at her. "You're not gettin' old on me are ya, Red?" She asked, moving to help Jean keep walking if she needed it. "Breathe… pace yourself… Maybe they got an electric scoote'ah inside the doors." She was teasing of course.

"I'm fine actually, Rogue. Was trying to get a 'feel' for the place." Of course, when Jean tells Rogue that, it's a big hint. And only after a split second does Jean make a weird face and grit her teeth. "Jeez." She whispers. "The fear is almost physical in this place. Not only is it about the gangs and other 'beings' here, but there's something about a 'bat' that trumps all of their fears."

Rogue grinned at the redhead and she opened the mall door for her. She listened to the telepath's initial rundown of the place and let her green eyes look about at the various people around. They were getting eyed by some of the nefarious-types, because well… the X-Women kind of all looked like super models afterall.

"Great." Rogue said then and walked alongside with Jean. "So there really is somethin' creepy goin' on in this city. That figures, huh? As if our world didn't have enough problems already…"

"Creepy isn't the word for it, Rogue." Jean says crossing her arms. "This is just insane……and it's in everyone." She says softly. "plus, like you said….tim burton movie…."

Rogue shrugged her shoulders inside of the black wool coat she had on. A matching black wool beanie was on her head holding her two-toned hair down around her head and framing her face. She smiled at Jean. "Well. Screw it." She told her. "We're just here t'get the lay'a the land, right? I mean, thats our mission. Scope the joint out… I believe thats how the Professah worded." She grinned at Jean. "So what are ya gonna buy me with that big damn Doctor Income'a yours?" She grinned big then.

Jean laughs at Rogue. "Yeah. This one is worse than Metropolis for sure. At least from the air." She then sighs and starts to walk. "heh. I don't know what we're gonna get. I mean….we just barely got here. But I know that 'doctor income' is mostly to keep up malpractice insurance…."

Rogue snorted at this, not because she knew what a malpractice was, but because she wanted Jean to think she knew what a malpractice was. "Right, right… well. I'm sure Mal practices enough on his own. Lets go buy cool hats in a cool hat store… Surely this creeper town has one'a them somewhere!" She started scanning the stores and the fashion was all either really high-dollar stuff or like, street punk. "Hmm… Jubilee might like it here in Gotham."

"I wouldn't leave her in here alone though. Maybe with one of the other students." Jean says softly. "Lets not talk about….." Jean's tone changes a little. "too late……the quip about a 'doctor's salary' has already caught a gang's attention, Rogue." She says as they walk past one of the shoe shops…..and a few guys are a bit behind them….and wearing gang 'colors'.

Rogue turned around at this mention and she started walking backwards while eyeing the men. She smiled at them and even lifted up a gloved hand. "Don't matte'ah none." She told Jean, wiggling her gloved fingers at their followers. "They're just a buncha nobodies." Rogue paused then next to one of the metal sign posts that hold little cardboard posters outside of a store front. She picked it up and then looked at the guys and grinned. "Heya, boys." She said in a flirty sort of way before bending the sign by its metal pole until it was a limp-looking sign now. "Awww… it went soft on me." She showed an over-dramatic frown at them.

The 'gang' runs off at the show of power from Rogue. Jean giggles a little at them. "You didn't have to do that, Rogue. But it's a good thing you did, one of them was carrying a gun." She then looks back. "Hope he doesn't use it on someone….." She then gets a thought…..and that thoguht becomes action, as the gun lifts out of his belt….and into the trash can. "…..else. now he won't." She then chuckles. "Come on, Rogue….you need some new shirts anyways…."

Rogue snatches the gun out of the air before it can go into the trash can, she looks back at the thugs as they do not seem happy about this…. Rogue snaps the handgun into little pieces and THEN dumps it all into the trash. She lifts up her right gloved hand and flips the guys off before she goes to follow after Jean and smiles at her. "New shirts?" She asks. "Well… maybe… I mean I buy a lotta shirts that have holes in them by-design, but some new holes have been showin' up lately that ain't supposed t'be there." She grinned some more. Behind her, the sign she belt slowly tipped over and fell onto the ground with a little clatter.

Jean smirks at Rogue. "I meant that you need new shirts, because your girls are a bit bigger than they once were." Jean then playfully winks at Rogue. "And your pants are getting a bit small for you too…..and I don't mean you're fat either." She says as she finally sees a store. "Ah…here we go!" She says walking her way in….

Rogue looked down at herself then and she opened her volumous black wool coat up. "My what?" She asked then, tugging on her tshirt to pull it out a bit and then let it go once more. She then put her hands on her thighs and felt her jeans. "Hey, the pants are designed t'be tight. Its t'draw the boys in, so I can tangle'em up in my web'a seduction." She said with a grin at her friend and followed her inside, eyes going around at the contents of the store. "Not sure… this is apart'a the mission… but… not gonna complain t'nobody…" She idly said while scanning things.

"Your girls……another way of saying your chest, Rogue." Jean smiles to her. "And this was part of the point. We're supposed to be tourists, Rogue….That way we can tell the professor what things are like here…..and perhaps find some muties…"

Rogue smirked over at the redhead and she shook her head. "I know what ya meant, I just didn't really notice any changes lately." She said with a grin. "I mean I'm twenty three. I should be fully grown by now, I'd think. I'm not really, ya know, the science-y member'a the team though." She walked along with Jean, eyeing things. "I'll be sure t'ask Beast about my boobs next time I see him though."

"You'll have to get measured, Rogue, and I don't mean having Beast do it." Jean smirks and picks up a rather nice shirt and holds it up to Rogue. "I know, Rogue, you're still young. I'm 29 myself, and it's actually nice to have a 'girl's night' with you. Even if we are on a mission, sort of."

Rogue stood there like a good dress-up doll and let her hold the shirt up to her, though her hands were resting inside of her coat's pockets so she was really just standing nice and casual-like. She smiled at her. "I like gettin' t'spend time with ya too, we hardly have eve'ah gone out an' done anything. You've been busy with your school stuff since the day I got here. Which is cool'n all, I wish I could do half the stuff you do… an' I don't mean mutant stuff, I mean, you're just… smarte'ah than me."

"Thank Rogue, but it's not all smarts. You also realize you're a lot stronger than I am." jean then taps her temple. "Including up here." She then smiles and holds up another shirt…..a smaller one that would show a LOT more skin. "Mmmmm……this one would definitely work for you. Of course, Remy would trip over his tongue."

Rogue smiled at what Jean said, enjoying the compliment about strength. "Maybe… I don't know though." She said then as she looked dwon at the other shirt lifted up to her and it made her grin like a mischevious type. "Yeah well… that filthy swamp rat skipped town right afte'ah my birthday an' I heard a word from'im since." She said with a clear taste of disdain in her voice. "If he saunte'ahs back in, he's liable t'get a mouthful'a my fist…"

"Mmm…..oh well…his loss." Jean says with a smile. "Nah, don't hit him. he's not worth it." She then chuckles. "Like me and Scott. I haven't seen hide nor hair of him since I returned." She then turns to Rogue again, with another shirt. "But, why do we have to define ourselves by the guys? You're strong without Remy, Rogue."

Rogue took her wool coat off then and she laid it over her right arm, she had a green tshirt on beneath it that had black sleeves sewn-in under the green t-sleeves to make it essentially a long sleeve shirt. "You're right, a'course… but, ya know… they just make things more fun when they're not bein' a-holes." She grinned at Jean then. "Scott's probably just scared'a ya. He was makin' a play at Lorna while you were gone, but she turned him down. Ya didn't hear that from me though!" She shook her head and grinned. Everyone knew that Rogue had a big mouth and barely any filter.

"Somehow, I'm not surprised." Jean smirks a bit. "I've found having good friends is much better than anything else, Rogue." She then smiles. "Which is why I like being around you. You're honest. And I don't even need to use telepathy to make sure you're being honest."

Rogue smiled at her and she nodded her head. "I've been told that I'm 'too' honest." She said then and showed a little grin. "But, whateve'ah… Ah do what Ah do…" She huffed out a sigh then and looked at the shirts. "So you buyin' me all'a these, Red?" She asked then. "Cause if so, then you're my new Sugah Mamma!" The southern belle grinned some more then and she turned to flip through one of the shirt racks… Most of the clothes she got herself she got on the cheap online or at little boutique's in Salem Center. She never really bought herself 'nice expensive things' that often.

Jean just smiled. "I don't mind being generous for my friends, Rogue." She then laughs. "Yeah, I'm getting all these for ya. Some for me too." She says giving Rogue the clothes she chose, and started to look for clothes for herself. And it continued like that for a while longer. And they'd get a lot of clothes that night.

Which is sure to draw someone's attention to them……


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