2017-02-18 Looking for Loki
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Amora, Nefja
GMed by N/A
Title: Looking for Loki

Rating: G

The palace of Odin is golden as ever, the Eihernjar vilgilantly protecting the entry, the few not so warrior prone "courtiers" doing their endless rounds and waiting in the foyer, shambling up and down or waiting at the benches, reading notes and discussing things. One of the flock is Nefja, most likely one of the youngest to be around, barely old enoughto possibly get any responsibilities burdoned upon her. But instead of waiting for an audience or arranging backyard politics, she mainly tries towait out the time till a certain lazy godling of questionable integrity and intent might frolick out of the door of the palace.

Amora could quite possibly fit into most of the criteria given by the wishful young woman, even though, as coincidental as it is, she is in fact looking for the very same person, one who she was supposed to meet already few days ago, and yet not even a word had been sent to try to offer an excuse to this behaviour. Amora is not amused. So now finally, after not hearing a thing from Loki in several days, either directly or even as gossip or sightings, she has made her way to the palace to come looking for him. She might not be the most liked person in Asgard overall, but she is at least respected, and certainly known by many at least by appearance if not in personal level, as she is one of the most beautiful women in the land, and also one of the most powerful sorceresses.

Nefja stands up about the same time as she Amora starts waltzing down the huge hallways of the Foyer, her eyes kind of fixed to one of the side entrances in the east. Maybe she could sneak past the sole Einherjar or talk her way through? Just to slip into the prince's chambers and leave a note of course… But as deeplysunken in her thoughts as she is, she possibly doesn't notice Amora…

Amora walks her way to that very same Einherjar, because he is the one guarding the way to the princes chambers, of course, not having noticed Nefja, or more like, not paying attention to the young girl who as far as she knows, is not anyone important, for the moment at least, most of her attention on the guard, as she offers a charming smile to the man as she speaks. "Hail, noble Einherjar, I am here to see Prince Loki." her voice soft and pleasant, though it gives the aura of someone who is supposed to be there. She does not introduce herself, likely expecting that the guard knows who she is.

Nefja's ears perk up literally as Amora mentions Loki, coming to a halt just in time not to bump into her. Was that an even better chance? Just riding on the tail of Amora's coat so to say, coasting in with the mighty enchantress to get her chance? Or would she need to find a better way to bypass the guard to be there before the green clad woman?

The guard does let her pass, perhaps aided with a subtle spell of persuasion hidden somewhere among the words, and does not seem to object for Nefja either, possibly thinking that the girl is with the enchantress, maybe a servant of some kind? Amora does notice the young woman following past the guard after him, which catches her interest, though she does not comment anything on it while they are withing the presence of the guard. Assuming that the girl is indeed following after her as she heads towards the princes quarters.

Indeed, NEfja does follow, but she does try to leave a bit more distance once they were out of sight and hearing range of the guard, her feet moving as quietly as she could…

Amora tilts her head to the side some as she watches the young girl, tapping her cheek with a finger idly for a few moments, considering the girl and different reasons she could think of for her sneaking into the palace like that. "You know that slipping into the royal quarters without permission is a punishable offense, hmmm? For all I know, you could be an assasin…" she muses, though she doesn't really even believe that herself, as the girl seems too nervous to be that… but it might scare her.

"A…And all I know… you could be a Jotun in disguise to try to abduct Prince Loki!" Of course, Nefja is nervous, and her whole body language speaks of her rather prefering to flee than to stand her ground now, but this was important - if she couldn't see Loki, why should that Amora? "A…And I am just here to make sure… that this isn't the case."

Amora narrows her eyes slightly as the girl compares her to a Jotun. "You really think one of those oafish brutes would possess even the fraction of the talent required to try to compose even a pale imitation of the beauty of Amora?" She questions, shaking her head, kids these days… After a few moments of keeping the girl captive of her gaze as she waits for her response, she beckons her closer, regardless of whether she answered or not. "Anyway… since we are apparently heading to the same direction, why don't you tell me who you really are?" Starting to walk along the way as she speaks.

"Is that what the Enchantress would answer?" Nefja answers, backing away a step but then following the wave towards the hallways. "Nefja I am, isn't that obvious? There are not so many of us that one cound not deduce a name from the looks and who you know."

"Perhaps… if I would be so inclined. Nefja… so tell me, what business do you have that requires sneaking into princely quarters?" her tone soft and pleasant, casual, conversational, while she unerringly navigates her way to the doors to Loki's chambers, reaching her hand up to tap her fingernails against the door a few times. She is not quite sure which ones reaction will be more amusing to watch, Loki's, or the girls. "You are studying sorcery, aren't you? Who is your teacher?"

"Do I need a better reason than to look out for a friend?" Nafja answers in a tune, which has all its fake sharpness acted, before resorting to better known territory than being questioned about her relationship to the prince - which was a lot of admiration from her side mainly. "But yes, I do study the arcane, and I do have occasional lectures by Lady Freya herself… that is, if she can manage to free an hour." Which again was like saying 'most times I have to practice on my own for the queen of Asgard is lazy.'

Amora turns her attention back to Nefja while she waits for her knock to the door to be answered. "A friend? Strange that he has never mentioned you, during all the long evenings we have spent together." she offers, perhaps exaggerating a bit herself too, but she makes it sound quite genuine. "From the queen herself? That is quite impressive, I take it you do not have need for other teachers, then…" her attention turning back to the door, frowning some as there has been no response from the other side, apparently Loki is not in his rooms either… but perhaps there is something left there to hint at where he might have gone. "Well, you wanted to come along, right?" Without waiting for an answer, she makes a few arcane gestures, and teleports them both past the door and into Loki's quarters itself, which are of course empty, and look like the have been at least a few days. "Where could he have gone…" she muses as she looks around for any clues.

Nefja flushes as Amora teases her aboutLoki not talking about her. "He… never talked about you either" She claims even, her voice shaking a bit, but the sudden teleport wasn't that much a surprise to her that she was stuck dumbfolded. "I don't know where he might be gone, but I know it is not the White haired self proclaimed cat lady on earth, he let her down months or even a year before."

Amora looks around in the room for a few moments in thought, not finding anything that would give insight into where Loki might have gone, then focuses her attention on looking something else. "I am sure that you have had many conversations with him." she muses, as she can't imagine Loki having interest in such a young girl, except maybe for some amusement. Finding what she was looking for, she lifts up a strand of Loki's hair from the floor, with a simple telekinesis spell, bringing it to her hand and looking at it. That will make scrying on his location much easier. "Midgard? Hmmm, yes, that could be true. He might have gone there. I will find out soon enough."

Nefja eyes the room just like Amora does, but then shecloses her eyes and inhales deeply, drawing in the scent of the room instead of the looks. A tiny smile creeps upon her face as she shifts her shape a bit, growing herself a fox' nose to better smell the traces. "Well, wherever he is… He was not home last night. Not for a few days…"
Amora arches a brow some at the sight of the girl growing a fox nose. "That is an… interesting application to transmutation." she admits. Listening then on the information that is given to her by the girl. "So, it does seem like something has happened to him. He would not just leave for that long without someone knowing about it." lifting the strand of hair up to look at it. "But I will find him."

"Transformation, not transmutation. But yes, he should at least come hom once in a while…" she answers, as she flattens the fache back again. "He might be… In New York? It is just a wild guess, but months ago he was on kind of good terms with the Avengers…"

Amora waves her hand dismissively at the correction, but doesn't go into detail explaining it, Nefja isn't her apprentice after all. "I will perform a scrying later to find out where he is, and see about bringing him home. I don't think there is anything further to be found here however, or do you want me to leave you here to wait for him?" she inquires amusedly.

Nefja says, "Actually I… would prefer a ride to New York, but I guess you wouldn't take me there with you… So I will have to look for a way to sneak past the Bifrost, because I don't think that the allfather would send me to exile for misdemanor as he does to his sons."

Amora is somewhat surprised by this request. "I don't know… I guess that would depend on how badly you would misdemeanor." she offers teasingly, then adds more seriously. "As for taking you there… I would be wondering what would I gain from doing such a favor?" Of course, she isn't sure yet if that is where Loki even is, she will need to do her scrying first.

Nefja blushed a moment as Amora actually seemed to consider her request. "I would owe you a favour of course… a pretty big one possibly… So… I mean… You could need a helping hand at times, right?"

Amora considers the girl, and her words, for a few moments, she cannot immediately think of anything where she might need a favour from her, but, when living for as long as Asgardians do, long term investments can often be useful, and it doesn't really cost her that much anyway. "Hmmm, very well then. I will take you along. Though, don't expect me to babysit you once we arrive."

"I can stand my own ground. It is not like humans are very hard to beat, even a child might win against them. Coming down to there is the trouble. But whatever it is, you can rest assured, I will do my best to try…"

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