2017-02-18 Redheads From Different Worlds

Gotham - Rooftop

Jean Grey
Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)

After getting a cab, Jean was dropped off in downtown Gotham, since everyone else had split up to cover more ground quickly. Of course, each of them, with the exception of Rogue, has underestimated the power level of the gangs in Gotham.

Hoping to keep a Low profile, Jean walked her way around Downtown Gotham, mostly taking in the sights and learning a few of the sights around gotham, including Wayne Tower. "Sheesh….that's a little overkill, isn't it?" She speaks of the size of the tower. And it always looks like the sun is going down, so Jean doesn't seem to notice that she's being followed…..

Batgirl had found the Blackbird, she'd paced around it and done quite a hefty amount of scanning on it to determine its capabilities and point of origin. It was an interesting thing to be called in to investigate.

She'd spent the rest of the past couple hours tracking down the people who had disembarked it using the city's own surveilance systems to help her locate the people who'd flown in on it.

Now, watching from above, the cowled woman was spying on Jean Grey.

"She's being tailed." Batgirl said into her comm mic, whoever was on the other end was likely replying to her inside of her helmet. "Its some ruffians from Red Hook, low lifes… I think they've tagged her as a new world tourist… easy mark."

As if to keep up the tourist image, Jean actually pulls out a map near an alley. "Hmmmm…..from waynetech tower…." She says to herself and makes a right on one of the streets…..going slow enough to let the 'gang' stick close. But as she nears the corner, she folds up the map, and puts it into her pocket.

She nearly makes it around the corner and….flashes a smile towards the gang…..then takes off at a run, ducking into a nearby alley, making sure she's out of sight.

Once she knows she's out of sight, she uses her telekineses to fly up to the roof of the building and stay there. The gang, after they're SURE they've cornered her….find she's not there. 'Where'd the broad go?' one of them yells at the others…..

When the chase started, Batgirl moved along with it, but she moved high up in the air and with the aid of having a birds-eye-view she didn't lose a beat on Jean or the gangers.

When the redheaded tourist ended up ontop of the building that Batgirl was also on, it made the woman in the black/gold armor stiffen like that of a statue. She stood behind Jean, having watched her 'float' her way up here and then grin down at the fools she'd given the slip too down below.

"Not as helpless as you'd want others to believe?" Batgirl's voice said to the other. She too was a redhead, her red hair was sticking out of the back of her molded black helmet, and it was blowing gently to the right along with hre black and gold cape, the cold Gotham winds casting it all about.

"No, not exactly. I really didn't want to hurt them, even if they did want to hurt me." The woman said, stepping away from the edge of the roof, then looking towards Batgirl. "You are not 'The Bat' that everyone is worried about either." she then looks to batgirl's uniform. "But you carry something close to his symbol, I believe….."

Always under the shadow of the Batman… but that was fine, Barbara didn't mind.

She didn't react to Jean's statement eitehr, beyond waiting a few seconds to respond. "We come in many forms." She said to the redheaded tourist. "Some of us have been around longer… built up a longer reputation for, justice." She continued to just stand there and watchn Jean, her blue eyes were visible through the mask on her face that covered the upper half of her face.

"You are the owner of the jet that landed in the city outskirts." She told Jean. "Why did you come to Gotham tonight?" She asked.

Jean smiled a little bit…..it was the Blackbird that brought her out. that sped things up a bit at least. "Not the owner, but one of the pilots." Definitely telling the woman that she didn't come alone. "Investigating, to be perfectly honest. Gotham city is as new to our world, as we are to yours. We also came to see if there was possible trouble…..and, hopefully, allies."

"I figured you would want the truthful version, since this is your city…."

Batgirl heard this response from Jean and her blue eyes glanced out toward the left and the skyline of the city in that direction. "I've been watching you." She said. "For awhile now." Her eyes went back then to Jean. "You and the skunkhaired one you came with." She continued to not move an inch, her heavily armored body was rigid but not threatening in pose and posture.

"You do not seem threatening as of yet. So thats a positive." Her voice was slightly modulated, making it sound a little hard to track what she'd normally sound like… but Jean had the unknown advantage of telepathy… she could easily find everything out about Batgirl if she wanted.

"You're free to come and go as you please, so long as you stay a benefit to us, rather than a hazard."

Jean could very well get all of the information she wanted out of Batgirl, but morals come into play there. However, there's morals, and there's 'keeping her friends safe', so Jean gleaned a little bit of information from Barbara's mind, but she doesn't probe too deely. She then takes a deep breath. "A better idea is, as long as we fight on the same side…..and I believe we do." She then tilts her head. "Batgirl….am I right?"

Batgirl listened to the woman's voice, she was recording this entire conversation and had gotten a lot of images of both her face and Rogue's face while the two women had been walking around together earlier.

"That is correct." She told her. "And might I have the pleasure of your name, Miss Pilot?" She would ask then. "I'm also quite curious why you possess an aircraft of that design. Its made for stealth missions, is it not? Its hull is designed to thwart radar. However, I picked up no outward signs of weaponry… which is a positive, for you."

"Well…..I guess we might as well come clean on a few things." Jean says with a bit of a smile. "The Blackbird has no outward signs of weaponry, but it does have some….when it's needed. We'd prefer not to use it, if at all possible, but if we must, we will. However, the stronger 'weapons' the aircraft has….is usually the passengers…..us. As you noticed when I came up to the roof, I'm not what I seem." She says as she looks, pointedly, over towards Wayne Towers. "Nor is my friend…..and you are not either." She then takes another deep breath. "For the sake of comraderie, I offer the truth, since you will end up finding it anyways."

"I am Dr. Jean Grey of Xavier's Institute for the Gifted. That is whom I go by when I am dressed like this, some of us wear different 'masks' when we have a job to do, my 'mask' is Phoenix. My friend's name is Rogue. It is her only name, and the only one that she has ever known. Also in the name of comraderie, I extend an invitation to you and the rest of your 'team', to the Institute for a very vital piece of armor that you are most certainly going to need, especially if you're going to explore New york and the new cities in this world….."

"…….Miss Gordon."

Batgirl listens to all of this, including Jean suddenly speaking her name. She turns and takes a step toward the ledge to her left, putting her back mostly toward Jean… with her face looking away toward the city. "She's a telepath, and she can fly." Barbara said quietly, figuring Jean can hear her either way, but it was more just her 'style' of doing business.

"Lets hope she's on our side." Alfred Pennyworth says in response inside of Batgirl's helmet.

Batgirl turned back to look at Jean then and she walked toward her, her armored boots crunching quietly on the gravel covered roof.

"So what can I do to help you?" She asked then, clearly knowing this woman was 'above her level' in power, it was time to play nice… see how that worked out. "We are a new city, as is all of your own to us… Though here in Gotham, we stick to ourselves. Rarely do we leave its borders."

"I am, Mister Pennyworth, or I believe I am." Jean then looks to Batgirl more directly. "I do believe we both want to make the world a better place, Batgirl. You wish to stop crime, and we wish to 'simply be normal'. Most of our kind are known as 'mutants', but to stop telepathic incursions, like what I did, you need something to stop it. Because, for everyone of me….there is one that will use the information as blackmail."

"All I want is for those of us that appear in your city….us mutants that is….to be given a fair shake, and to be treated equally. It's what Professor Xavier wanted when he created the Institute. Also, what I would like, is the ability to contact you, when needed, if you have information on certain people. I'll make the Professor promise to keep it coded, unless you wish me not to tell him."

"I offer, in return, allies, in case you run into someone you can't handle, which is entirely possible, like Juggernaut…..and the piece of armor, I mentioned earlier, to protect you from Telepathy while in your costume."

Batgirl stopped walking toward Jean about ten feet from her, shielding Jean from the night time breezes ontop of the building, her gold/black cape plastered to her back and the back of her legs now by the windows and her own red hair flowing over her right shoulder. She eyed the new world tourist.

"You would give us a technology that would shield us from your telepathic ways?" She asked simply then, not having much else to say on the rest of what Jean had commented on, at least not as of yet.

"believe it or not, Those of us at the institute wish to protect people, mutant, super, or not, from those that would do us harm. I would rather you be protected from Telepathy, including from myself, if it means you're also protected from those that would do you harm." Jean says before tilting her head. "I don't believe you know just how serious a weakness to telepathy is, Batgirl." She insists upon calling her by her costume name. "A telepath can make you give up your most intimate secrets with a thought, make you turn on your friends, or worse, simply incapacitate you…..or even stop your heart. It's a weakness few can afford…..especially in 'our' line of work."

"I can imagine quite a few things about it that I would prefer not to have to deal with." Batgirl replied. "As weould my associates." Batman specifically.

So with a small pace to the right and then a return pace to the left… Barbara pulled an item out from behind her back at belt-level. She handed it to Jean.

"This is a communicator that connects directly to our personal line. It will let you contact any of us at a moment's notice… However, if it ends up in hands other than yours, it has a kill switch on it… so we will disable it if it is compromised by people other than you. I'm giving it to you, none others." She tells Jean, her blue eyes locked on Jean's own.

Jean doesn't look away from Barbara's eyes and nods. "I will keep it as safe as I possibly can and…..if we find there are mutants in Gotham, I shall contact you ahead of time." She then seems to think for a moment. "And so you know it's me….I will always call you by your 'codename', such as you're Batgirl and I am Phoenix, and you can list me as such. If it's used and they use any of your names…..it's been compromised."

She then thinks for a minute. "Something else about me, you know I'm a telepath…..but I'm also a telekinetic."

Batgirl listened to this and she turned and walked to the edge of the building. She paused there with her right armored boot up on the stone ledge. She looked back to Jean and just stared at her. She knew that Jean was a major threat, but also potentially a major advantage.

"Lets just hope that we remain friends then." Batgirl told her. "I look forward to hearing from you about that telepathy technology." A moment later and Batgirl would step up onto the ledge fully and then drop off with a whoosh of her cape behind her, she'd vanish!

Jean smiled to Batgirl. "There'll be more, but that's for later." She then nodded. "You know where to go for it, batgirl." She says as Batgirl disappears. "I certainly hope so." Jean says as she looks around for Batgirl, and not seeing any sign of her. "Well…I'd better head back to the Blackbird and wait for Rogue. I do hope she likes her wardrobe. Metropolis is next." She says as she lifts off the roof and flies her way towards the Blackbird……and keeping low, so she's not spotted.


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