2017-02-19 Enchanted Evening
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Amora, Dusty
GMed by Dusty
Title: Enchanted Evening

Rating: everybody

It has been a long night, some bigwig hired the lounge for a private party and requested the house band play it. So Dusty has been on stage, except for short breaks, for nearly twelve hours. He is pretty tired, his arm that he broke in the attack, even though it is healed, hurts like crazy. He will be glad when this night is over.

Amora has been in Midgard a few times before, even in this very city, but it still can't be really said that she would be overly familiar with the human customs, so now that she has found Loki, and confirmed that he is not actually in any immediate danger, she is taking the opportunity to try to explore the habits of the locals a bit more, by going to a tavern, or well, whatever is they call that type of places in this world! The sounds of the music and lot of people mingling coming from this building sounds close enough, so she is walking in now to take a look, and while she is probably not by far the strangest looking thing that has been seen in New York, she does still kind of stand out, both by her size, and way of dress.

The bouncer says to the green-clad blond, "I am sorry miss, this is a private party. Only if you have an invitation can I let you in until the guests leave." He looks regretful, but firm.

Dusty is currently on saxophone, though he alternates with Trombone and Trumpet. It takes a lot of concentration not to miss-key, so he is not noticing the interaction.

Amora stops as the bouncer gets to her way, slowly turning her eyes to look to him, straight to the eyes, for a few moments, just doing that in silence, those eyes are quite entrancing, hypnotic even, it is easy to get lost in them, of course the rest of her face isn't hard to look at either. Finally she speaks in a soft, alluring voice, though it sounds completely natural to her, not at all forced. "I am sure that my invitation is quite well in order, dear sir. I am simply somewhat late, as is a lady's right to be." she explains, making subtle gestures with her hand as she weaves a simple charm spell, for someone who can entrance Thor, a simple human should be no problem.

The bouncer says, "Oh yes, sorry, I must have overlooked it, do come it." He is merely a functionary, easily persuaded. Dusty comes off stage for a break, hoping that the bigwig (he is not even sure which person here the party is for) will be leaving soon.

Amora offers a soft smile towards the bouncer and nods. "Thank you." she says before walking past the man, letting her gaze to roam over the inside of the club with curiosity as she listens to the music, quite different than Asgardian music for sure, but different doesn't necessarily mean bad. She has yet to pay specific attention to anyone as there is quite a lot of people here and she is still taking in it all, she does find her way to the bar though, taking a seat at one of the free stools, which creaks in protest under her, as Asgardians do weigh around three times their normal weight while on Earth. So far she is rather liking the place, even if it surprisingly orderly for a tavern… perhaps the patrons have just not get too much into having good time yet.

The Bartender asks Amora, "What will it be?" She notice as she looks around that the staff appear to be quite tired, perhaps she arrived late in the party. Dusty is sitting at a small table in the back with other staff who are on break, getting some water and a snack. That is when things change, it is subtle at first, the lights seem to be brighter and more colorful, the people seem to be talking louder and their voices are different in pitch, then things seem to distort, like someone took the scene from a movie screen and compressed it to fit a square screen, everything seems taller and thinner…

Amora looks towards the bartender when the question is asked, considering for a moment about trying some of the strange Earth drinks, but then figures she better have someone who knows them with her to recommend good ones and instead just requests for a "Red wine, please." That is when she gets distracted from the bartender when things start changing, in a very weird way. her eyes narrowing some as she tries to look for any signs of magic with her mystical senses, being a skilled sorceress, she is also quite good in spotting when magic is in effect somewhere, looking down at her hand when things start distorting, flexing her fingers some to see if it is only affecting vision or if things are actually changing. "What is this?" The question not really asked from anyone in particular.

The distortion grows worse, like everything is being seen in a funhouse mirror, things bend, twist, and distort. Dusty wonders id someone is filling the air with hallucinogens, but then realizes he is hearing something…it is loud but just on the edge of his hearing…

Amora frowns as she cannot sense anything, whatever is causing this, it is not magical in nature, and she didn't drink anything yet so it can't be because of that either. Lifting her hands up to the sides of her head as she tries to focus to keep herself from being affected too much, good thing she is already sitting so she doesn't need to worry about balance at least.

Dusty is trying to focus through the distortion…but is having a lot of trouble. He needs a clear head…fortunately there is someplace he can go…he calls upon his mutant power and drops into what looks like a red cloak that appears below him. Hopefully anyone who saw that will think it is just a hallucination. He holds his breath while searching his storage pockets and changing to his costume. He finally puts on a set of earphones set and plugs them in to a player set to generate a loud squeal…usually annoying but in this case possibly it will cut down the distortion. He steps out of his picket dimension on the dance floor and looks around for the perpetrator…

Amora would probably in normal situation not be overly much invested into stopping a robbery, especially in Midgard where she is sort of even supposed to not take part in human affairs by Odin's law, but right now she kind of has an excuse of self-defense with how the man has technically attacked her first with that distortion… she is still not quite sure exactly what is causing that, just that it is not magic, so counterspells would likely not work, and while she could do something more elaborate, right now she is just wanting to make that stop, and thus resorts to a simple, somewhat crude, but hopefully effective solution, her left hand staying to hold her head while she waves her right hand while forming it to sort of half fist with only pinky and index fingers extended, a classical mystical gesture really, as she speaks out a few words, causing a glow of golden energy to manifest around her hand, which is then directed towards the only person that seems not affected. It is a blast of purely concussive force that is intended to only knock the person out without causing any serious harm, although she is not quite used to how fragile humans can be so it might be slightly more powerful than intended.

Amora is well trained in magic and thus can hold her focus even when assaulted by hallucinations and is pretty accurate despite the distortion, the bolt of golden force grazes the mutant producing the effect…which only knocks them aside and to the ground rather than breaking any bones or even being fatal…but it also continues in a strait line and hits a stand holding decorations that get blasted into the air…

Dusty sees the energy blast and the flying decorations, but his view is distorted enough he thinks they are on fire. He does not pause to question why the sprinklers are not working…he pulls the fire alarm and starts sending people outside using his cloak…

Amora shakes her head some, trying to clear it more as she sees that her aim was so much off that she barely even hit the culprit, this must be affecting her more strongly than she thought. And then, to make matters worse, the fire alarm starts wailing to further add to the distractions. She isn't even quite sure what is happening as something like fire-alarm is pretty much unknown concept to her. She stands up and starts making her way over towards the exit, not really trusting her focus enough right now to teleport, who knows where she would end, maybe some fresh air would help, and at least it should get her away from the noise! She is walking fairly slowly, hopefully not many people run into her as she is quite a bit stronger and sturdier than she looks like, in this realm.

Dusty underestimated the panic that the alarm would cause, or he would not have pulled it. As it is he is barely avoiding being trampled even as he teleports people outside. The good and bad news is that the person responsible is being tramples to, so the distortions begin to die down…

Amora blinks a few times and furrows her brows as she focuses on centering her mind, which seems to work as it is starting to feel better already, which might of course be caused by the mutant who caused it being trampled also rather than anything she is doing. Either way, she is starting to feel her head getting more clear, straightening up which should allow her to see over the heads of most people as she is over six feet tall, and wearing heels on top of that. That is when she notices the man in the cloak who seems to be… eating people inside it? Maybe he will know what is going on here, as he seems to be about the only person in the room that isn't trying to get to the exit. "Make way, fools." she grumbles annoyedly as people are pushing against her in their frenzy to get to the doors, though she doesn't have much trouble pushing through them to get to towards the back of the room where Dusty is, and where the crowd is probably starting to thin. "What is going on here, what is that infernal noise?"

Dusty pauses, and says, "The noise is a fire alarm, it warns people to get out of the building in case of fire or similar emergency. I thought there was a fire when I pulled it, but now I see my perceptions were distorted." He Decides the tall woman does not need a rescue and goes back to teleporting people, particularly those in danger of being trampled…

Amora glances up in annoyance at the ceiling, where the fire alarm is coming from presumably, then back to Dusty. "I believe that man was causing it, at least he seemed to be the only one not affected, and was using the distraction to his advantage, by pilfering jewelry from the patrons." she offers with a motion of her hand towards the probably unconscious man on the floor. She doesn't really seem to have much personal interest in the thief now though when the distortion is over, as he didn't steal anything from her.

Dusty raises an eyebrow behind his mask, "Indeed, well perhaps I should put him some place he can not cause trouble for a while." He throws hos cloak over the indicated man and then pulls it way revealing a bare floor where he was. He transported the man to the guild facilities used to punish those who transgress against guild rules. Let Remy figure out what to do with someone who tries to rob a guild hosted party.

Amora tilts her head to the side some as she watches the 'magic trick' of Dusty making the man disappear. She isn't overly concerned to where the troublemaker was taken, as it is not really her business, glancing around some more at the by now probably mostly empty club, before returning her attention to Dusty. "It seems that I chose a rather poor time to come to this tavern. I must say though, that is quite a fascinating item you have there, I did not know there would be individuals capable of such magic in Midgard." she admits, referring to Dusty's cloak.

Dusty says, "There are a few sorcerers and witches and such about who use real magic, but there are more people with gifts that are either inborn or induced who can do things that only seem like magic. My powers are the latter, no real magic involved…" He actually does not use even his gift that often, more usually he uses stage magic.

Amora listens curiously to what Dusty is saying as she studies him over. "Oh, it is not the cloak that is magical, but you are doing it yourself? That is even more interesting. And yes, I have heard of such, it is really quite strange how quickly things have developed in this realm. Anyway, I guess that you would like to start clearing this mess in your tavern?" she notes with a glance around again, as it is indeed a bit rough looking after all the decorations thrown everywhere and likely lot of toppled chairs from the panic people exited.

Dusty says, "I have heard of a guy who can do the same thing with a magic cloak…goes by the name Devil-slayer. You never know around here." Dusty says, "I think I am done here, let the staff do their jobs. Did you need anything miss?"

Amora looks back to him with a somewhat curious look. "Oh? I thought you were the staff with how you were handling the situation. But, in any case, I was simply trying to get a look at what the people here do on their free time. So I am not sure if there is anything that I would need, as it seems this place is closed for tonight."

Dusty says, "Indeed it will be, there will be police and fire marshals and others around trying to find out what happened, no work will get done for hours." He nods, "Good to meet you, the name is Red Squire." He waits a moment to see if she gives her name, then steps into his cloak and vanishes, pulling it in behind him.

Amora arches a brow at the name given. "I am Amora, of Asgard. Good to meet you, Squire." she introduces herself in return. Watching the man vanish with curious look, before she walks out herself, and continues on her exploration of the city.

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