2017-02-19 Wolf on the Tarmac
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Rogue, Twila, Mona, Megan, Ka-zar, Hrimhari
GMed by Hrimhari
Title: Wolf on the Tarmac

Rating: everybody

Hrimhari is not quite certain where he is or how he got here…well where he WAS when he woke up anyway. It was some place loud and foul smelling with many people. He had been confused and had run away as many strange creatures that seem to have swallowed people into their transparent stomachs glared at him with glowing eyes and screamed in strident voices. He had finally sought refuge hiding on the claw of a dragon and had passed out as the air grew thin and cold to awaken as the claw began to lower itself for landing. He still does not know where he is, but at least it is some place different. In the distance, he hears a voice saying, "Now arriving at gate 12, Delta flight 237 from the United Kingdom.

Rogue had driven to the airport today to pick up a student who was coming back from a trip to see their parents in California. She'd driven her green Dodge Charger and it was parked in the garage outside. As of now, she's standing in the terminal waiting for the student's plane to arrive, or… rather, for it to unload… that part always takes forever. Hands in her pockets, eyes scanning around, she's just trying to stay out of the way of the throngs of pedestrian traffic inside the terminal.

Megan came along with Rogue. Still a bit annoyed after recent events, getting out of the building at every opportunity was a good idea. Staying quiet, just taking her mind off of things.

Twila had never been to the airport. Her life has been a little too broke to even visit the place. So she opted to come along with Rogue and Megan. She wanted to meet them there but, that of course didn't happen. Now though she is out of the car with Megan and Rogue. "This place is awesome! I need to check this place out." No sooner does she get the words out is she goes. She's exploring the terminal at high speed.

Kevin did not like flying in the airplane. He didn't think it was a dragon, like Hrimhari did, but he did not trust it. He preferred other forms of flying. Still, he needed to get to America, and they frowned on flying dinosaurs here. He makes his way off of the plane with the rest of the crowd, disembarking with the other first class passengers. The tall, muscled man has his long hair back in a ponytail, and he is dressed in nice slacks and a button-up shirt, which is unbuttoned just enough to show the curved tooth necklace he wears. It is the only thing that sets him apart from the other wealthy folk getting off the plane.

He sighs and peers about the airport, his brow furrowing as he tries to locate his luggage, or the person who is supposed to be here with a car to take him into the city.

Hrimhari uncurls and sniffs the air, he is hungry…he is unsure how long he slept but he has had nothing to eat yet. He shifts to his second form to climb down easier, wolf form is not great at climbing and swinging, though he could jump he does not trust the strange black surface below, it smells funny. He is no sooner down on that surface, which seems firm enough, than he hears someone screaming about a monster. He looks around, trying to spot one.

Rogue was holding a sign that said 'Emily's Limo Service' in marker… waiting for Emily to get off of her plane, watching the people stream out of the tunnel behind the protective glass. Rogue looked over to Twila upon hearing her words. "No, wait—" But it was too late… the speedster girl was already gone which made the Southern Belle sigh with frustration. "Airports aren't the kinda place ya wanna wander around… they get mad at ya…" Rogue huffed then and shoved the sign at Megan to hold.

Mona enters the airport with her hands in the pockets of her light jacket, her hair back in a twist on the back of her head with some bangs framing her face. She pauses inside the doors for a few moments before she merges into the pedestrian traffic that is vaguely heading in the direction of baggage claim. it isn't hard to miss the tiny girl given that most adults are taller than she is.

Not far from where Rogue and Megan are standing with the sign is another man in a suit, holding a sign that says 'LORD PLUNDER', as if waiting for a supervillain to show up. Kevin spots the sign and sighs to himself, starting over slowly when he spots Megan and Rogue. His eyebrows arch a bit and his bright eyes move between them. "Hello there," he offers to Rogue as she begins to move after Twila. His accent is British, and his voice deep.

Twila is having FUN! She's running through airport like crazy, "WOAH THIS PLACE IS AWESOME!" She cheers but, odds are it would sound a bit awkward to anyone who might be close to her. Once she's gotten a good look at everything, she begins heading back. There is a slight problem though, She sorta, accidentally winds up outside on the tarmac!

Megan laughs and takes the sign, holding it. She's fine to just be quiet and hold the sign, though she'll want to at least get a snack after this.

Not seeing any immediately identifiable monster, Hrimhari raises his nose to the wind, sniffing the air. For the most part, it is still foul, but far different than the last place he was. Also, he smells food. Cooked food, not aw, but still, he is hungry. Perhaps he can go in and ask the lord of this vast castle for guest right for the night

Rogue had only taken one step and she glanced back to Megan. "Don't worry, we're gnna hit up that Five Guys Burger place once we get outta here." Rogue had specifically chosen it because of the name. She looked then back to Twila's last known location but she knew the girl could be in Germany by now.

When the man approached her and spoke to her, Rogue's green eyes went over and up to him. She stutter-stepped for a moment and then showed a small smile to the handsome man. "Hey… uh… Hi." She said, trying to keep her mind in the right place. "Sorry, just waiting for a student. I mean, I'm… from a school, here t'pick someone up." She nodded once then. "No idea why I'm tellin' ya that though."

Rogue was, as of yet, completely unaware of a Wolfman on the airport property. However, if security became aware of this… said Wolfman would likely be detained…

Mona is completely unaware of the wolfman as well, far enough away from the tarmac to not hear anything unusual even if people did start screaming. The flow of the pedestrian traffic does bring her into view of Rogue and Megan, though it's been years since she's seen Rogue and doesn't have any visible sign of recognition.

"It's alright," the British man offered with a soft chuckle. "I -am- in the habit of striking up conversations with strangers, though. Blame my upbringing.." Kevin trailed off and offered a nod to the man in the suit with the sign. The man folds the sign and says, "Lord Plunder. I am happy you arrived safely. I'll collect your bags and take them to the car?" Kevin nods to the man, and the man departs, leaving Kevin alone.

Twila is out on the Tarmac herself. The idea that she may not be allowed out here is ringing in her head. Still, Seeing the planes up close and personal like this is pretty cool. She is also unaware of the Wolfman but, that quickly changes. Her gaze falls on the grey person. A split second later, she's right in front of the man, "Hello? Umm, I don't think you're supposed to be out here." The girl smiles bright and extends her hand, "My name is Twila. Nice to meet you." She even tries to slow herself down enough that she doesn't accelerate the Wolfman too much!

Hrimhar starts in surprise, "Why hello young woman, you must be as fast as Hermod to arrive so quickly upon me." Fortunately Allspeak is a gift of all the Norse Gods, so he can understand what is said and be understood in return. He says, "I seem to be quite far from home, think ye that the lord on yon castle would provide food and shelter to a visitor from the Golden Realm?"

Megan continues to wait. She's holding a sign for the Xavier's student who's returning to New York at this time. She finds a place to lean. Can't sit, since you have to hold the sign up to be seen. But she can sure lean!

The Xavier student that they've been waiting for does indeed show up, holding a backpack over a shoulder and wheeling a small suitcase behind her, pulling it by the handle. She recognized Rogue and the others even without the sign, which made her smile at them when she approached, walking up to Megan and smiling at her. "I like the sign." She said. "I think I might hang it on my wall when we get back." She looked to Rogue then who was talking to a cute guy. "Figures…"

Rogue smiled at Kevin and then was about to say something to him when she caught sight of Mona out of the corner of her eyes. She recognized her, from somewhere, but she wasn't sure where or when even. "Hey." Rogue said to Mona with a nod of her head.

She quickly looked back to Kevin though and she narrowed her eyes. "Did that guy just call you 'Lord Plunder'?" She asked him then. "What are you, like a porn star or somethin?" She laughed a little at her own joke.

Kevin grins and shakes his head. "No. It's my name. I know, I know. Kevin Plunder." It is an odd name, surely. He glanced over when the student arrived, and he stepped to the side so she could be greeted, the big man offering a friendly smile. "The Lord is because, well…" He shrugged. "…I am a Lord." Every now and again, when there was a sudden or odd noise, his gaze would flit to it, as if not entirely used to everything going on around him.

Twila smiles to the man and bows politely. "Well umm, This isn't really a castle. This is an Airport. I think actually, I know who we should talk to. Umm Your accent is interesting. I will have to ask about it then. For now, care to go for a run?" She extends a hand. "Take hold and don't let go. People tend to be a little sketchy over people with such visible mutations. Trust me though, I know of a safe place to go!"

Mona pauses at the greeting, "hey," she says back then sees the logo, mind clicking and the recognition causing her eyes to open a little more. She doesn't interrupt Kevin but she does slow to a stop near Rogue.

Hrimhari glances down at himself, trying to process the term Mutations. He says, "Aye, a bit different from birth than a common housekarl indeed." His fur seems to fade and his bones flow as he turns into a naked muscular man with platinum blond hair ad silver eyes as he takes Twila's hand, "Better? I only recently found myself able to be thus."

Megan laughs and offers up the sign to the student when it's complimented. "Have it," she laughs. "We had a group here, but um, everyone seems to have scattered. I guess I wasn't the only one using this as an excuse to get out of the house and just… get a change of pace."

Emily the Student nodded her head at Megan and accepted the sign with a small smile and a quiet 'thanks'. She folded it up and put it into a pocket on her backpack. "Yeah… honestly I'm eager to get back to the school. A week with my parents was enough to about drive me up a damn wall." Emily looked to Rogue then who wasn't too far away, with Kevin PLUNDER and Mona now. "Who else came with you two?" She asked Megan.

Rogue grinned at Kevin and shook her head. "So you're hot and you're a Lord?" She asked. "Figures… You come to the States lookin' for a wife maybe?" She then laughed openly and shook her head. "I'm the worst, don't mind me, Sugah." Rogue would look to Mona when the girl had stopped and come up to her. "Hey… uh… Admittedly I've forgotten your name… You were, thinkin' about comin' to our school once, weren't ya?" She asked Mona then.

"Mona," Mona says to give her name, "We had talked about it once but I wasn't so agreeable to all the rules," the young woman says with a smirk. "You're a friend of Remy's, right?"

Ka-Zar laughed softly and shook his head. "No no, nothing like that. I have an estate in upstate New York. Well, I will shortly. Construction is just finishing. Just outside this cute little town." He glanced curiously at the students, chewing his lip lightly before returning his gaze to Rogue. "Just…needing a place that is a bit quieter then the UK is all. It is a little hard to explain." He shrugged.

Twila blinks a few times and her face turns several shades of red. "Oh umm… My." She vanishes and returns in less then a half second. She quickly slaps some clothes on him and then. "Okay better. Can't run around naked like that unless you want the cops breathing down your neck. Now, Lets get you some food and a place to crash." With little warning she takes off running. Picking him up in a fireman's carry, she's off!

After a quick tour of the terminal, Twi does find where Rogue and company are standing. She comes to a stop and sets the man down! "Hey Rogue! This place is amazing! Oh And this guy is umm, I think he may be like umm, us? He looked like a wolfman when I seen him. He was looking for a place to get food and stuff. I figured it would be safest to bring him to you!"

Hrinhari has faster reflexes than a normal human, it is an Asgardian thing, but even so he sees nothing but a blur. He has never actually had a fully human form before arrival in this strange world, so the idea of wearing clothing had not occurred to him…not that he had any to wear. He finds himself in fromt of a bevy of lovely human females an a person who looks much like an Asgardian. He says, "The young woman is correct, I was in mine hybrid form when I climbed off the dragon's claw and she found me…and I am quite famished. One might well say as hungered as a wolf."

Megan offers to help Emily with her bags, rolling one if necessary. Rolling up to Rogue, as soon as she can find the adult. "Looks like we're ready to go back. What's going on?"

Rogue looked between Mona and Kevin. "We… happen t'be from a school in upstate New York. So that's a heck of a coincidence." She said to the Lord with a small grin. "Name's Marie… if ya eve'ah feel like a tour around the cities, just call me here." She'd offer an Xavier's School business card then that she plucked out of her hoodie and gave it toward Ka-Zar.

At Mona now, Rogue sighed and nodded her head. Her gloved right hand went up and she brushed her hair out of her face. "Yeah, Remy's been stayin' with us… at least up until the day afte'ah my birthday… Then the SOB skipped town again… Ain't heard'a peep outta him since. Probably shacked up with some harlot. Though he'll SWEAR othe'ahwise next time he sticks his hedgehog head outta his hidey hole." Rogue's last few words were slowed down and cut off as Twila arrived, with a tiny hot man.

"Uh… Hi." The southern girl said to Hrim and Twila. She glared at Twila then. "We don't pick up random strays an' carry'em around, Twils!" She told the student, looking to Hrim. "My apologies, uh… Meat Loaf." She decided to call him that because he said he was hungry as a wolf?

At Emily and Megan's arrival Rogue did a double-take. "Emily! Hey! The sign worked! Yay!" She grinned and nodded to the two of them. She looked at the others. "Everyone who's with us, we ready to head back?"

Twila blushes a little, "You do if you are on the Tarmac with said stray and a PLANE is coming in!" She smiles, "Besides umm, I don't think he's from around here." She sighs and rubs the back of her head.

Mona gives a slow blink at the sudden appearance of the girl and her cargo. Mental notes made on some of the people, "I'll tell him you're looking for him if I see him. I only just got back to the States and when I checked his room he wasn't there, but that doesn't mean much. Didn't have any notes from him. Anyway, I have someone I'm supposed to meet."

The Asgardian introduces himself, "I am called Hrimhari…sometimes called Fenrisson. I am from the lands of Asgard, though far from the golden palaces of the Aesir. I am not Meat Loaf…a bread made of meat, an interesting idea."

Megan glances around, re-adjusting her grip on the bag, nodding to the others Rogue is with, and then smiling to Rogue. "It did work. I'm ready whenever."

Rogue glanced at the various faces around her, but Hrim's is where she settled her eyes lastly. "Oh god." She quietly sighed the words out and shook her head. "Not anothe'ah Asgard…" Rogue had had a long experience of negative issues with Asgardians, including some hostilities. She'd actually thrown an Asgardian warrior into the Atlantic Ocean from the front yard of Xavier's once. (Which is a fairly long ways).

"Fine, we can take him in to the city… But, honestly… Our school is no place for an Asgardian." She paused then. "But that is MY opinion. I'm just the French teacher, ya'll. He's gonna have t'talk t'Jean or the Professah if he wants to actually stick around."

Rogue would then look to Mona and offer the departing girl a wave. "Good t'see ya again, Mona… Sorry I didn't remembe'ah your name. Hey, if ya see him… punch him twice for both of us? Would ya?"

At the rest, Rogue would motion to them. "Come on… its gonna be a cramped ride home, I think…" She said to the rest.

Twila looks at Rogue, "Need me to run?" She asks with a grin. She is actually hoping she agrees, "Sorry I just wanna burn off a little energy. Meet you at the 5 guys?" She smiles bright.

Hrimhari tilts his head looking at the car, "This is some kind of chariot? What pulls it?" He has to rethink his first idea that these were some kind of man eaters.

Megan will follow along with the group with whatever. "I could eat, or not. It is a drive back out to Westchester isn't it?" Wales girl doesn't necessarily know the geography amazingly well, having been at a boarding school her time here.

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