2017-02-20 Asgard and the Batgirl

Gotham - China Basin


Amora has decided that now when she started exploring more of Midgard, she might as well be thorough about it and not settle on just New York, but other notable cities as well. This one however, unlike New York that she had at least passing familiarity with before is entirely unknown to her, though it does seem to share many things in common, namely being very big, very densely populated, and very dirty. But it would not be the first time she would find something interesting from less than pristine places.

She had scried for an appropriately open place first, which in this case was most likely the docks, and teleported there, her favorite form of long distance travel, and is now walking along the streets, taking in the surroundings. She most likely somewhat stands out, not only for being obviously a tourist with how she is looking at everything, but also her rather old-fashioned way of dress. She also does not look particularly dangerous, as her only notable physical trait is that she is very tall, but does not look in anyway particularly muscled.

Batgirl was out on patrol on this young evening and she had already dealt with some shoplifters in the Chinatwon market. She'd tracked them into an alleyway from above, bomb-dived them and incapacitated each one in a flurry of fists and powerful kicks.

They were left in a heap in various piles of trash in the alleyway, bound and tied to one another. Batgirl had palced the call to the cops and whne their red-and-blues arrived, she grapple-gunned her way to the roof of a three story tall building and was now standing on the edge of it, staring down at the busy street below.

Batgirl's blue eyes were visible in the eye-slits of her molded armored helmet and she was eyeing the figures walking the streets… most were good citizens, she knew this, but some were likely scammers or crooks waiting for their next crime to strike them. She was searching for it, while listening to police comms inside of her helmet.

Amora is probably fairly safe from pickpockets, simply because she doesn't really have any pockets to pick on her dress, and not really much anything else easily pilferable valuables visible on her person, her golden jewelry probably too easy to take unnoticed. However a beautiful and relatively skimpily-clad woman might draw the attention of more rougher sorts of thugs or other criminals. She isn't even doing it on purpose really, that is simply normal way of dress from where she is from. She stops every now and then to take a closer look at some merchants wares, but does not find anything that would catch her interest enough to consider bartering, as it is fairly unlikely for there to be enchanted goods on sale.

Women not wearing a lot of clothing weren't that uncommon in Gotham City, however, generally they weren't as pretty as Amora…

Batgirl noticed the woman, she stared at her from up above. "Strange." She quietly muttered to herself. Crouched on the corner of the building, her black and gold cape fluttered in the evening breezes off to her side… as did the locks of her bright red hair that spilled out the back of her helmeted head.

"All the boys in the yard will be barking over that in a matter of moments." Batgirl muttered, disappointed in Amora's willingness to put herself 'out there' like that, since she assumed Amora was just another Gotham citizen… though she was remarkably pretty, which would suggest she's quite wealthy, but not a wealthy woman that Batgirl recognized.

The caped woman stood up and nimbly leapt from one ledge across to another building that was one-story shorter than the one she'd been on. She lands and crosses to the front ledge again, to crouch and watch more. There were others to watch aside from Amora afterall, but she was certainly going to keep tabs on her for now.

Amora despite looking around a lot at various things she passes along the way, she doesn't really look up, which might be another sign that she is probably not from around here, and as such, doesn't notice the caped woman watching her. However, the other, less reputable people watching her, and some even starting to follow her like waiting for a good moment to make their move, she probably does notice, but does not pay any special attention to as she is certainly used to having peoples eyes on her, even enjoys it.

However, she is used to men with much better manners so does not except it going much further than that. She continues along her tour of course, which will soon lead her to passing one of those many dark alleys that this neighbourhood is full of.

Batgirl had taken her blue eyes off of Amora and moved them to a group of teenagers that were screwing with one of the vendors, but when she realized that the kids seemed to be related to the vendor and that there was no real harm there she looked back to where she'd last seen the blonde woman… only she'd moved on.

The caped woman rose up and stalked along the edge of the building two stories up and she crouched again when she saw her. "Of course." She quietly whispered to herself. "An alley… You'll probably go down it too, claim its a 'short cut'." Even at her young age, Barbara Gordon was starting to get used to hearing excuses from the women she'd saved… far too often.

Batgirl stood up and she raised her grapple gun, fired it across the street to an old water tower on the roof of another building… With a leap and a lunge she glided through the air to the other rooftop and landed there now to garner a new perspective closer to the alley that Amora might be headed down.

Amora isn't in fact going to the alley, or well does not plan to anyway, but it seems that the group of men, four of them total at the moment, all wearing the colors of some local gang, might be planning on forcing the issue, as two of them hurry their steps to move ahead to block her way, while the other two continue on their regular pace to move behind her, leaving the alley as the only open route.

She does not seem to quite see what they have in mind however, arching a brow as she looks between the two men front of her. "You are standing in my way. Move aside." she says with a dismissive wave of her hand.

One of the thugs shakes his head as he replies. "Sorry babe, the street is closed, you have to go that way." with a nod of his head towards the alley.

Batgirl was above them all, almost directly in fact, crouched there on the corner of the building like a gargoyle statue. She kept her eyes down upon them all, to see the woman's reaction to their arrival and blocking of her way…

Though Batgirl was a very new face in Gotham, she'd started to make a name for herself, independent of that of Batman. He was obviously the most feared, and she would always have somewhat of an uphill battle to fight for recognition against his shadow… but she was doing a good job of it. Though criminals may yet still not really choose to respect her, which she was fine with… thats what her fists were for afterall.

Batgirl chose to attempt to prevent a crime before it happened in this case, and she lifted her right armored hand up and then swung it down hard!

A whirling sound could be heard in the air and a metal batarang stuck itself wing-first into the concrete beside one of the thug's feet with a loud clang!

Batgirl would announce her presence to them, and should they look up… they would all see her standing there, watching them. Wordlessly warning them.

Amora still had not noticed Batgirl, as her attention was focused on those rather rude people blocking her way. The thugs similarly are probably mainly focused on the seemingly easy prey they have surrounded and just need to reel in. She glances towards the alley, which doesn't really differ from the main street much, both are equally filthy, its just more narrow, darker, and much less crowded.

Amora doesn't have any real reason to not go through the alley, but its more like she does not like the tone of the man, and as such decides to just because of that not go along. "I don't have time for games, get out of my way, knave." she says in a tone of someone who is used to getting her way.

The thugs all, almost at same time pull out switchblades. "Too bad, because the game is on." their apparent leader replied.

That is when the clang of the metal object against the concrete is heard, making both Amora and the thugs to look down first, and then finally up to see the figure watching from above. Though their reactions are quite different. Amora simply gives a questioning look as she is not at all familiar with the bat-family, the thugs however get noticeably nervous, looking between each other and then up again, seeming to be calculating the odds.

When all the eyes went up to look upon Batgirl, her cape flowing out to her left side now, she didn't move a muscle and just looked back down at them. To help possibly sway the thug's decisions, Batgirl's eyes suddenly become brilliant white lights, like LED flashlights, her eyes shined down at them all on the edge of the sidewalk.

She walked off of the edge of the building then with one calculated step and with a whoosh of her cape she did a classic super-hero-landing in the alleyway, her cape pooling around her as she crouched there, eyeing them with the bright white eyes… and then rose up to her full height (Might not be the most menacing height, but it was still pretty tall compared to most people).

Batgirl stood in the center of the dark and dirty alleyway, ready for them to come in on her should they choose to wish to attack a woman in an alley tonight.

Amora is distracted enough about Batgirl's dramatic entrance that she gets caught by surprise by the leader of the thugs who moves behind her, wrapping the arm not holding the blade around her midsection and holding the knife towards her throat. "Back off, freak. Or I will cut the broad!" he bellows, this show of boldness from their leader seems to be giving courage to the other three also.

However, Amora's response, once she realizes what is going on, is probably not quite what the man expected. Her face turning to an expression of fury of a woman scorned as she pulls off from the mans grip with seemingly little effort, and despite how one could swear the blade drawing along her throat in the process, it does not leave any noticeable sign. "How dare you touch me, uncouth scum! Get your hands off!" and accompanying those words is a good old-fashioned slap across the mans face, no fancy martial arts moves or even a regular punch, just a slap, which sends the man flying back several yards before rolling along the ground a bit further, he doesn't get back up.

Turning towards the other three men, her hands starting to get a strange glow around them as she makes strange gestures with them. "You dare to touch Amora?" The three thugs now realizing that THEY are the ones that are surrounded, caught between the two women.

Batgirl had somewhat of a different approach to crime fighting than that of Batman, sure she was trained by him and has learned quite a lot from that training. But the simple fact is, Barbara's major experience and training came from the Gotham Police Department… so some of what she did, you might not see Batman do.

In this scenario, after watching Amora display obvious physical strength and potentially a level of magical-enfluenced powers… Batgirl's left armored hand came up and she brandished a gnarly looking tech-based gun with a wide blocky-shaped barrel.

She squeezed the trigger and the block-gun FIRED a dart right at the thug closest to her, slamming into his neck and discharging a sudden… body-enveloping… explosion of bright violet electricity that would shock the man into submission and likely pass out into a deep sleep.

Beyond that, Batgirl was kind of curious to see what Amora would do to the others who were still up… Unless they decided to high-tail it out of here now.

Amora while not by her nature aggressive, she is not someone whos wrath one would want to incur, having now figured well enough what the gangers were planning on doing, she is furious, for their sheer audacity. The one of the thugs that gets hit by the shock dart, and slumps down lights out, is probably the lucky one of the three, while the other two do try to run at that point, they wont get too far before Amora finishes her spell. "Daring to even think of touching the Enchantress of Asgard, you are not men, you are rats!" Which becomes quite literal as the men actually do collapse to the ground screaming as their bodies start to shrink and transform towards the form of regular rats as the palms of her gold-glowing hands get directed towards them.

Batgirl's glowing white eyes observed the magical power of the woman and sure enough… she was on a level far above anyone that she'd come across before (or at least it would appear that way).

The Bat's eyes went from the rats that scurried away, to the woman with the glowing hands… And a moment later she was gone. When Amora would look to the alleyway she would see no Batfigure of any variety, just empty alley as it had been prior to Batgirl's drop.

However, a sound is heard in the alley, a metal rolling noise like a trash can lid had been knocked off of its can and was rolling and settling in the alleyway.

Amora seems to calm down once the spell is finished, straightening herself up again as the glow disappears. Looking down over her form and brushing her hands down along her dress where the man had touched her, disgusting! She turns then towards the caped girl to offer her thanks for the help, but finds that she is gone, leaving her standing there, with thw two unconsious thugs sprawled on the street.

This makes her arch a brow in surprise. "Why did she go away? We vere victorious… it should have been something for us to celebrate together. People in this land are so strange…" she speaks to the empty alley. Then shrugging as she continues along her way, rather annoyed that the first seemingly noble person she met here did not stay to talk.

Batgirl continued to track the woman through the China Basin marketplace and would eventually find her walking through a business plaza area that was all but dead and empty at this hour. This is when Batgirl would once more appear, the white glowing eyes were gone and were once more her skyblue shaded pupils looking out of her mask.

Crouched on a cement ledge next to a bronze statue of a giant raven, Batgirl watched Amora walking along. "Rather powerful." Batgirl's slightly modulated voice spoke, sounding gruffer than it normally would… likely to mask her true voice.

"Never seen you in Gotham before… seems unlikely." She said a litlte further. "When did you arrive?" She would ask then.

Amora is quite interested in the statue so she would go to take a closer look to it anyway, even if there wouldn't be be anyone near it, as she can certainly appreciate art and interesting architecture. However, the masked woman from before does manage to win the contest of her attention over the bronze raven, she offers a slight smile towards her as she stops to stand short distance away from the woman. "Ah, there you are. People in this land have strange customs, where I am from it is the losers of a fight that run away, if they still can, not the winners." she notes, the voice modulation likely unneseccary with her as Amora wouldn't recognize who she is even without the mask. "Thank you." she offers to the compliment, assuming it is referring to her magic. "I would be very surprised if you would have, as I believe this city is part of the other world that collided with Midgard recently? I just arrived here a short time before our first meeting, I have decided to undergo a task to get more familiarized with the strange customs of Midgard." If Batgirl is familiar with Norse mythology she might recognize that name.

'New World Tourists' is what they were being called in the Gotham City Gazette. Since the stret loooting and riots had subsided over the past month, more and more tourists from the new world had come to Gotham to see what the city was like. This had created all new work for the Bats of Gotham, let alone the GCPD.

"Midgard." Batgirl said back to her. "Magic hands…" Her blue eyes looked the woman's form up and down. "Dressed for a Renn Fest." She added further, her blue eyes going to Amora's. "You're either very far from home, or very confused."

Batgirl suddenly dropped the ten-or-so feet down to the concrete of the business park and she stood there, black and gold cape waving gently around her armored body. She eyed Amora. "Gotham is an unsafe place, filled with unsafe people. You witnessed a taste of that tonight. It goes far deeper than that, however. I am one of the few who fights back against that darkness. This is why I fled after the fight… I had to judge you further." She fell slilent there-after then, her stare unwavering on Amora's face.

Amora can of course take care of herself, like Barbara witnessed earlier, even if she does not really -look- particularly dangerous. Listening with curiosity at the girl thinking out loud as she puts the pieces together. "I am Amora, of Asgard." which Batgirl might know as the norse Goddess of magic and beauty, both qualities that she seems to possess, which might give the caped criemfighter an idea or two of her capabilities, as her side of the world certainly has its own personifications of ancient gods, like wonder woman.

"Yes, those vermin were completely without honor. That brings me to something that seems odd… If you fight against the darkness, then why do you hide your face? In my world, only the criminals would do such a thing."

Barbara wasn't that versed in the Norse gods, but Alfred Pennyworth was watching and listening in on everyghing that was being said and HE was feeding her information through her helmet right into her ears. But the topics of Asgard, Magic and Beauty weren't very pressing issues.

When Amora asked her question, Batgirl remained motionless there and watched her, considering her response for a second or two. "The criminals of this City do not fight with any honor. If they know us, they will hurt those we care about." Is her simplistic answer to the woman's question. "This is why the mask, why the armor… why the tactics that you've seen tonight."

Another short pause was had then before Bats nodded her chin upward just a little and spoke again. "You do not seem to be a threat to the City. That is good." She told Amora. "We welcome those who do not seek to make Gotham any worse than it already is. And with your powers, you could potentially help make it a safer place." She would wait then to hear the Asgardian's response.

Amora frowns slightly at the explanation of the state of the city. "It sounds to me like your people have allowed the vermin to get out of hand and take over. That does not give a very positive view of your city. It is the vermin that should be afraid of being exposed, not the guardians."

After this observation, she considers the last parts of what the Batgirl says, who is probably not aware of how courageous gesture it is to look to the eyes of Amora, who could if she were so inclined, assert strong mental influence with such contact, but of course right now she has no incentive to do so. "I am only threat to those who incur my wrath, or who threaten Asgard. This city… does neither, even if certain individuals in it seem inclined to tempt the former. However, it is also not my responsibility, I am simply visiting, my duties lie with my people."

Batgirl didn't seem threatened by the woman, it was probably due to how she handled those criminals back there. "This city has set itself up for this sort of thing, since long before my time." She replied to the other. "But its still my home. So I will fight to make it better. As I believe you do for your own."

"I won't keep you from your tour of the city." The Bat then added. "But I will ask that you do not use your powers to kill anyone, even the worst offenders. The one thing that I ask of you… we deal out justice for crimes here, we do not deal our executions. Should you deal with any further crimes, disable them… and then ask a good citizen to contact the Gotham Police. They will know what to do then."

Barbara's pale blue eyes glance in the direction that Amora had come from then. "The men that you turned into rodents." She stated, her eyes going back to the Goddess. "Will they revert back to their human forms unharmed?" Was then asked of her.

Amora smiles at her words. "Fighting for your home is a very noble thing. Whenever Asgard is threatened, every citizen with even a shred of honor in them will forget their personal grievances and stand together to defend it." She listens to Batgirl's request then, considering it. "Someone would need to anger me very much before I would intentionally seek such an outcome. However, I am still not quite used to how fragile the inhabitants of Midgard can be, so I cannot promise that I would not accidently apply too much force. For example, the strike I delivered to that man who put his hands on me without invitation… that would have barely phased an Asgardian." At the last part she shrugs. "Not on their own, though any sorceror of even half-decent skill should be able to revert the spell." assuming that someone catches the rats first, of course.

Alfred made a quip about hiring a sorcerer onto the team. Barbara didn't comment on that to him.
A gentle dip of her exposed chin to Amora then and Batgirl filed that information away. "You defended yourself. I do not fault you for that… That man earned his injuries." She said then to her. A second of pause before she spoke once more. "I will let you back to your tour then. I hope you do not see any further darkness in Gotham while you're here. There is a lot of good here as well."

The Bat would then nod and use her right armored hand to pull a grapple-gun from the back of her belt beneath her cape. If not stopped, she would soon be gone to the roof of the building they stood outside of.

Amora offers a nod to Batgirl's words as she watches her preparing her rather unusual method of transport, but does not comment on that. "It was good to meet a honorable person, fare thee well." she offers before returning her attention to


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