2017-02-20 Not the father
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Superman, Atalanta
GMed by Superman
Title: Not the Father

Rating: everybody

A sound went off at a high pitch this evening. Only few beings were able to hear it. Superman was floating up in the sky above Senteniel Park as it neared midnight. He had both arms crossed. The man was waiting for someone to approach. As soon as Atalanta was there, "I need to say a few things before you even begin to explain yourself," his voice wasn't hard, but it was firm.

Atalanta was in the Tower when she heard the sound. Her hearing and vision are rather poor by Kryptonian standards, but still about a hundred times better than human. She quickly locates the source of the sound, changes to her "work" clothing, and runs to the park…but she does bring her purse. She does not speak, but nods to indicate she is ready to listen.

"Your heart and head are in the right place, that's what your teammates say about you. What we both notice, you act without thinking. One day it will compromise someone you care about. You almost compromised me. We would have been having this conversation sooner if your approach with me were quieter. You almost outed me near police officers. Your teammates fear for similar in the future. You need to be careful," Superman's voice was firm. Atalanta may have been reminded of the world that she believed to have existed. The one filled with life lessons, an older Superman that was a father. The conversation may have been bittersweet because of such similarities.

Laura points out, a bit meekly, "I DID seek to speak with you privately to try to avoid complications." He is right about her being a bit impulsive though. Patience was not her strong suit even before she gained an accelerated metabolism.

"Yes, but you hinted and danced around topics with the cops right there." Superman countered. "You knew who I was. Tact needs to be implemented next time, Atalanta. You may compromise someone similarly." Superman pointed out as he looked at the woman.

Well, that is not how she recalls it exactly, but his memory is better than hers. She comments, "A mind like your is the ability I most wish I had inherited, perhaps it will come in time. I had no abilities at all until shortly before Christmas, I always felt that I was a disappointment to my father because of that."

"I don't think you were if he's anything like me. I know there are other worlds out there and you believe you're from one," Superman wasn't sure about Raven's observation. Something about her words made him question matters.

Atalanta says, "This is what I have with me that I brought from home. Look at it and reach your own conclusions about it." She extends her purse. In it are a learner's permit for one Laura Kent at an address that does not exist. A Press pass for Laura Kent from the Daily Planet Reporter Apprenticeship Program, signed by Managing Editor James B. Olsen. A number of dollar bills without any of the normal security measures, but threaded with what appears to be a linear fiber optic circuitry. A thing resembling a tablet computer at first glance, bearing a Waynetech logo, but with Kordco solar cells built in, a totally unknown operations system, an inbuilt cell phone with a satellite link, and a program on it to uplink to the daily planet…along with a number of articles in storage with dates in the last year that are recording of things that never happened.

Superman just examined everything slowly taking in the details. "Yes, he would be proud either way." A breathe escaped his lips. "I'm…I'm not your father. I know that hurts to hear. That doesn't mean I won't try to help you. I won't be there for advice. To you, your father was an old man that had years to prepare for you. I'm not even sure I can have a child," Superman was speaking honestly on th matter, but his voice softened.

Laura replies, "I know you are not him, he would be 57, he and my mother were not even dating at your age. He had an advantage over you, he knew he could have a child, as his cousin Van-Zee of Kandor already had two with his human wife.

"Van-Zee?" Superman asked as he was unsure who that was and the Zee line was lost on him. His blue eyes looked to her for a moment.

She explains, "Technically, the cousin of your father's brother's wife, not directly related. He was a super hero in Kandor called Nightwing…well father created the roll along with Uncle Jimmy as his partner Flamebird…you taught Jimmy Klukor and Kryptonian so he could fill the role."

A nod came from Superman. A lot of what she said didn't make sense to him at all. Then he shook his head. Sky blue eyes watched her, "I doesn't matter. It's your world, the biological rules may not apply." The rest didn't either.

Laura nods, "That is true, different species interbreeding makes little sense, without a common ancestor in the last billion years, convergent evolution can only go so far. Still, it seems to happen with remarkable frequency."

"This world may be the exception." Superman wanted to point that out because rules weren't constants from world to world.

She says, "It may be, especially as the convergence has altered many of the rules. I never claimed that YOU were my father. To you all I ever said was I wear this costume in his honor. I did admit to Raven that my Father is A Superman, but who knows how many Supermen there are?"

"I don't need to know how many. You implied it was your father and you wore the outline of my family crest. It was easy to jump conclusions." Superman was also pointing that out. Sky blue eyes looked to the woman as he was staring at her.

She nods, "There are many similarities between our worlds, but as many differences. It is surprising so many of the heroes are the same in name and abilities, despite the many differences in culture, society, and technology stemming from the 1982 disaster…"

"I don't want to know," Superman said firmly on that one. He didn't know if the diverging moments were possibilities for his world. Right now, he didn't know if her past was his future. There were a lot of questions. right now, he didn't want to mess with that.

Atalanta sighs, but nods, "The titans are the same way, but that one happened when my father was only 22 and just staring his career, it seems likely it will not happen here, with a more experienced Superman."

"Space time is funny if you believe the movies. Since there's no expert on time travel it's best not to take chances," Superman smiled and looked at her. "I don't know where we stand, but I'm not a threat to you."

Atalanta says, "I am more bothered by the fact there is a fairly even chance that the disaster destroyed my world and it no longer exists, and that it was reborn and that if ever I return there I will already exist there. Neither thought is particularly pleasant."

Superman shook his head. "I don't want to take that chance, Atalanta." Blue eyes looked to her. "I'm your ally. In time I may be able to help you, but you need to give me a little time to adjust, too." Superman floated there. "You blindsided me with a lot of information while doing it in a slightly reckless manner," he said softly.

"I did intend to present the information in a more orderly manner, but I refused to answer you with anything but the truth," Atalanta responds. "I knew it was hard on you though, that was why I left it to you to contact me when you were ready."

"Yes. I'm not sure when I'll be ready for a follow up talk. You deserved the truth and my thoughts." Superman was keeping quiet that he wasn't sure if Atalanta just believed she was the daughter of Superman. The way her teammate questioned it all, made him question it too.

Atalanta says, "I have done my best not to claim relation to you or any Superman, I did make the one slip with Raven that I had to explain to her, but otherwise I have discouraged any people who have asked. However, there were a few people I told about it to a degree in the other world before the merger…if you ever care to speak with Captain America or Captain Jacob Tylor about me."

"I will think about it, Atalanta." Superman gave her a nod of respect. "If you ever need me, don't hesitate to call." Superman started to float in the air. His sky blue eyes looked to the woman and he said softly. "Your father would be proud, for what it's worth."

Atalanta smiles sadly, "Thank you, it helps some." It makes her miss her father, but it is nice to think he would be proud.

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