2017-02-20 Survival and Arrival
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Players: Jacob Kara Carol Karan
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: Survival and arrival

The Enterprise is in orbit behind the Moon, but Jacob has placed Sensors in the asteroid belt to alert him of any incoming ships since the Merger he has been on constantly alert ready to move out from Earth Orbit to intercept any alien signals. Right now on his bridge alone, he is more or less just looking over various news reports, as well as information concerning the heroes of the other world.

Kara is in stasis. She has been for years. The Kryptonian teenagers pod however comes rocketing towards Earth. In it's wake are some smaller asteroids, nothing big enough to do real damage, but folks might see some shooting stars on Earth tonight. The Enterprise computers will be able to protect the trajectory of the life pod-the Midwestern United States.

The Enterprise Sentient Computer Connie has detected the Alien Pod which means something has happened. The Small asteroids as well are also scanned. The human will have Connie plot an intercept course. To try and intercept it as far from earth as possible. The Asteroids are scanned so that he can determine their make up, and their composition. as the LArge ship begins to move to intercept her as she moves out from the moon, preparing her transporters and her Tractor beam moving into a position where he can deflect the Pod and asteroids allowing h im to tractor the pod for transport.

Most survival pods would cut thrust once held in a tractor beam, as the ship begins to scan the pod for life signs, and survivors. Jacob's done this several times as he begins to move into tractor beam range. He's alerted SHIELD and SWORD, but right now the one person he would like to talk to is out of contact. If her can get a transporter lock on the pod and if he can get the engines to cut, he will transport it into Sickbay.

The pod is caught in the tractor beam. The engine strains and ultimately sputters out as the Krptonian shuttle pod is transported to the sickbay. The astroids are bits of rock torn free from the Phantom Zone when the worlds merged and her ship broke free. With in the pod, visible through the glass is a very human looking girl. Her eyes are closed, long blonde locks hang over a white long jacket and matching pants cut in Kryptonian fashion. To all appearances, she is merely asleep.

once inside the Sickbay Jacob will stay on the bridge as the Pod is placed in a Large medical bay. The room is Quarantined, with a forcefield to contain any possible contagion. But still, Connie is attempting to interface with the Pod's computers to try and communicate with the technology. She is not being forceful, rather pinging it, trying to establish a dialog to begin finding out who or what is in the pod. So that Connie can begin the awaken cycle safely. Right now scans are taken of the pod and the Ship notes that they are very very advanced. For the moment Connie is working at the pace of the pod. And she has dealt with some incredibly advanced tech as well.

The pod seems to have little function aside from keeping the occupant dormant until the pod registers an air-like atmosphere, and it's autopilot destination to Earth. Sensing air, the pod does what it's meant to. Air is drawn into the vessel and the girl inside begins showing signs of waking. It isn't all perfect however, the strain on the engine fried some of the technology with in the pod and damage sustained from it's free float in the phantom zone means it's lid doesn't seem to be able to open all the way.

As the girl begins to awaken Connie of course does detect the damage to the Pod and then she alerts Jacob who will head to the tools area to get hold of some tools needed get the pod open as well as a Quarantine suit so that as the girl comes open. A hologram of Connie appears to help keep the girl calm with someone there. The problem is the technology is nothing like she hasa seen before. So she wonders if she fell through another realm, or from the other universe. Still Jacob will have Connie Elevate the pos so it is reclining on a frame and semi vertical. He does not want to start anything until she is awake. Last thing he wants to do is have her walking up and have someone cutting into the pod with what looks like a weapon. So Once she wakes up and is fully awake she can see a man in what looks like some sort of Environmental suit holding what looks like a box with a handle on it.

Taking a few breathes, Kara wakens slowly. She looks around her at the odd room and notices her pod isn't sitting flat. Reaching up she presses on the glass. Calling out, she starts first in Kryptonian and tries a few of the other more advanced alien tongues hoping for an answer. Her blue eyes have an intensity to them humans just can't achieve. Spotting the suited up man, she cants her head, studying him and calling out in Kryptonian as she starts to push on the glass.

As Jacob comes in he will use Sign language setting down his box and then makes a fist and with his other hand he grabs hold of it and holds it in place. His way of showing her or telling her to hold on. Then a Hologram of her pod comes up with her in it and shows her the damage to the opening device for the hatch. And then it shows what looks like a tool of some sort cutting through the pod and then the pod is shown to open up. He hopes that she understands that the pod is damaged and he needs to cut her out.

He's alerted SHIELD and SWORD asking for Carol as Connie keeps SWORD updated and he opens the box coming over to the pod as the hologram of the pod shows him beside it, and then he is scanned and producing a tool from his kit as he starts using a laser cutter to slice through the damaged part of the pod. He's also Alerted SWORD to get CArol up here as fast as possible.

Looking between Jacob and the hologram, she seems to understand that better and presses back further into her seat, holding onto it tight looking around. She calls out to him again in Kryptonian, shaking her head at the hologram.

Finally As she speaks Connie tries to speak back in a number of languages. Hoping by some chance one of them is able to match and get some line of communicate. One thing that Jacob did was he got some of the finest universal translators, unlike in star trek they don't work instantly, they need to learn the language. And Soon he begins to use the cutter to slice open and into the pod trying to break the seal opening it up. Most likely Connie begins to run standard translations to try and get what she can to begin the universal translator. Finally he can't cut through and he sighs, "Connie Transport her out." He says unable to get through the hardened material and soon there will be the sensation of static as a blue light forms around her and she will see blue light and then he will have her transported onto one of the Bio beds as he stays back away from her giving her a chance to recover and wake up collecting her barrings for this.

Carol Arrives better late then never she flew at supersonic speeds here after all she was dealing with a villain but stopped playing around when she got the distress call. Thankfully Connie knows her so she opened the bay doors and she was able to come inside.. Taking the Turbo lift to the location needed. She looks " Jacob what's WOAH "

Jacob is in a Environmental suit and then when Carol comes in he smiles. "Survival pod was rocketing to earth." He says and then As Carol come sin of course Connie did tell her not to come in at super speed to scare the survivor. And then The Girl will be allowed to move around. There is a sensation of static as Carol comes in. "She wants something in the Pod, and I can't cut through it Carol. But she looks remarkably human externally."

"Internally," Connie says, "She appears to be Kryptonian. I am not aware of where Superman is, but I may be able to Alert Power Girl." And of course Connie will show Carol how to open the pod up without major damage if she has the strength. "There are no weapons in the pod I can detect." Connie says.

Carol Looks over and frowns " Jacob stop trying to get into the pod if that girl is a kryptonian we need to let them handle it.. recent changes kryptonians are viewed as friends and allies so we are to provide them with grace as they seem to have the eart of the president.. She lifts up her hands and motions that she's peaceful to the girl least she tries .

Sighing, Kara pushes her lips to one side and furrows her brows together. She doesn't understand much, but she catches Kryptonian and begins another hasty explanation of her problem in the language and taps more enthusiastically at the glass. She grabs at her shirt lightly "Kryptonian" and gestures to Carol's clothes before tapping at the pod.

"That may be true, but she doesn't have her powers. If she suddenly gains them without warning she could kill someone or destroy a city without realizing it." He says As Connie is attempting to get in touch with Power Girl. Assuming that Power Girl left contact information to get a hold of her Connie will use that as Jacob stops at Carol's request and he steps back trying to maintain a peaceful smile.

Carol as a woman should hopefully make her easier to deal with. For now Jacob goes over the medical reports Connie has. "No virus or bacterial. I think there may be a translation device in there. Connie transport all loose self contained items in the pod on the bio bed." And Carol can see items transporting out as many of them are so advanced… Connie can't make heads or tails of it.

Relief colors Kara's expressions as she walks awkwardly, though adjusting to the bio bed again and picks up a blue shirt with a familiar symbol on it. "Kryptonian!" she says again brightly and gestures from the symbol to herself. Looking around, she sighs and picks up a crystal that's in her things and starts looking around the medbay.

Carol Blinks and nods " I know where she is I'll go grab her " she walks out and quickly has Connie transport her to earth or close before she takes off at high speeds, of course the moment Karen hears there is a Kryptonian pod that just arrived she is gone.. Going super sonic till she hits space and near light speed the moment she does.. so no less them 2 min after Carol leaves Power Girl is Waiting for Connie to let her in.

Of course one of the air locks opens up as Connie allows her inside it takes a moment to equalize the pressure so as the air filters in the airlock Connie gives a rapid update of what is going on including that this Kryptonian doesn't have her powers. Granted for Power Girl that won't be a surprise. Enterprise would cut them off from the source as Connie expresses Jacob's concern of her suddenly getting her powers without warning and doing major damage. As The Turbolifts are open so she can race through the ship unobstructed to just outside the sickbay. Hopefully coming in in a slow approach. Connie is annoyed that Power Girl refused her access to the Kryptonian language database, now she will press the issue.

Jacob comes over as he looks at the crystal, "Looks like a data crystal…" crystals can hold unlimited information if properly prepared

Kara looks exceedingly exasperated with the process of people coming and going and taps the crystal against the wall and gestures to where she saw the hologram, arching her brows at Jacob and doing her best not to sigh again with teenage frustration.

The doors open and standing is Power Girl also KARA Zor-El but whens he spots herself she has to blink a few times.. she's shocked at how young this worlds version of herself is but she quickly gets over it walking closer and switching to kryptonian <Hello it's okay they didn't know that you were kryptonian at first but they called me here it's okay I'm from the house of El as well.>

Connie of course begins to work on a possible universal interface. She doesn't fancy unknown programs coursing through her system, and finally there is the sound of a buzzing vibrating in one of the wall panels as what appears to be a self contained computer comes out with a cataleptic in it designed for the Crystal to be slotted into. In just about anyway. A holographic monitor will also display as Connie hopes that the Crystal can help with the functions of data translation.

As Power girl arrives Connie says in English. "She is in perfect health as near as I can tell. If I am right the crystal she holds is a Data Crystal. I have a device that can begin working on building a translation matrix for her."

Looking Karen over, Kara's face runs from relief to concern as she registers the words but doesn't recognize her face. «You're House of El? I don't recognize you at all. I need to get to my cousin, he was sent just ahead of me, my pod's busted. There's an alien in a suit and his ship keeps showing him the wrong things to do.» she draws a breath and looks to the slot that comes out of the ship and back to Power Girl. «It's Kryptonian knowledge, what ever we could salvage….» She draws a breath and looks at the computer/ship and slaps the wall lightly. «Tell it to scan for Krypton!»

Carol Sighs and walks over before « I will explain in time.. but don't give it the crystal It dosn't need it right now and best not to give this human all that knowledge » she says « And Kal-El is okay and safe I have some things to tell you » She rubs her own cheek a bit « This will not be easy to hear but krypton is gone .. it exploded and took dax with it ».

As Jacob looks to the two woman as she hits the side of the wall. He was almost surprised and jumped. He knows how powerful superman is from the video, Power Girl as well. And almost expected her to put a hole in the wall. Thankfully there is not any sign she hit it. He waits for Power Girl to speak to him directly in English.

Connie's hologram seems to narrow her eyes at the hit. but she seems to understand the girl is in distress and emotional. but Connie is very glad she did not have her full power. Or even a Quarter.

«So it's really gone?» Kara's shoulders slump and she eyes the crystal in her hand. «Kal's safe? I need to get to him, he's just a baby and our parents wanted me to look out for him here.» She says quickly and gathers up her things to push against the glass of the pod including the Kryptonian armor in it's red and blue. «Tell it to teleport me to Earth, or is it too primitive?»

Power Girl Sighs « I will explain okay hold on.. he can and it's rather advanced those teleporters are crazy even for us remember » . She turns to Jacob "I think this would be best if I did it at my fortress " She hands him a usb " Here it's the cords and the temp codes to let you teleport into my fortress as well as the cords your welcome to come since you found her first if you want " She says softly « I will bring us to my fortress were I can explain ».

as Jacob looks to Power Girl and then he says, "Are you sure that is wise? I have no idea why she doesn't have her powers. If she suddenly gains them the amount damage she can do even by accident." Jacob is concerned as he takes the Data to let Connie scan it as she says.

"I have location of the fortress, Transmitting, codes accepted, I have a wide open area in your fortress to transport you all down." And then Connie looks to Jacob as he gives a slight nod, "Pod included." She says. She would like the ability to study it, but she will respect the wises to keep such advanced technology out of Jacob's hands. Even Jacob can't make heads or tails of the technology and he deals with connie on a regular basis. "Transport ready" Connie says.

«Fortress?!» Kara sucks in a breath and looks at Jacob then back to Karen. «Are the Earth species hostile? Why aren't we going to Kal? Do you have him in your fortress?» She asks and blows out a frustrated breath. «Why will you only give me half answers?»

Karen sighs and nods to Jacob before she turns to Kara « Because I don't want to give you too much I don't want to overwhelm you , and it's just the name the humans gave to our home , once you get inside you'll understand ». Of course when you arrive the first thing you might see is the two statues though hers are of herself and Clark holding up the world with her father and mother to the left and Clark's on the right .

As he closes his eyes and says, "Alright but I am going with you. And for the record this goes against my better Judgement. Connie, Energize." And before Connie does she says to Power girl. "Now if something like this happens again. Understanding your language would help on communication." And then the Angular Confinement beam forces around them, Jacob and the Pod. As power Girl and Kara will transport down into Power Girl's Fortress of Solitude. Of course Jacob also looks around and says. "Ok, I understand a bit more why you didn't want to share to much technology or information on Krypton Power girl."

Looking around, Kara takes a moment to take in the fortress and then the statues. «This is my mom and dad…» she points to the outside two. «You and your man know my parents? What part of House El are you?» She wonders and tilts her head, studying Clark's statue. «That looks like Jor-El…» She frowns and walks closer chest rising and falling faster as she drifts up, glancing down with shock and flailing with a wide eyed look of panic. «Their gravity is defective!»

Carol Sighs « That will take some explaining but first things first it's not defective it's the yellow sun the pod should have explained this to you, that you will have powers under the yellow sun flying is one of them » she says softly trying to keep the girl calm. She floats up herself to show the girl that she too can fly « That man » She points to the male « Is Kal-El your pod was knocked off course you fell into the phantom zone.. time flows differently there Kal grew up ».

Jacob noticed the girl levitating off the ground as he looks up and swallows hard. Right now he is glad he found her before she crashed on Earth. "She was set to come down somewhere in the American midwest." Jacob says. He wishes he could understand as he listens and focus on the two ladies carefully. Right now in the event other powers suddenly emerge, like say heat vision, Jacob wants to be able to make for cover as he looks around for possible areas that might shield him from an accidental use of them.

«Yellow Sun, oh. Oh, oh, this is the power it meant.» Kara says speaking over Karen a little and looks to the statue of the man and shakes her head. «No, no way. That's…that's…he's…» She draws in several rapid breaths and points to the statues. «That's not my cousin! And how do you know my parents, and who are you?» She asks temper rising as she shoots up and hits the roof hard, curling in to cover her head and neck with a gasp of surprise.

Power girl rubs her temples « This is what I meant by giving you too much take it easy okay I am from the house of EL were related as for why we never met it's because I'm from a diffrent colony » It's not a total lie just a twist of the truth to help the girl calm down. She looks over « And your parents are part of my family why wouldn't I know them and Kal?» . She forgets that she has a temper some times.

when she impacts the roof of the Fortress he is glad that wasn't Connie, as he could head the impact. But Jacob is tense right now. His breathing measured, and calm. He has taken location of areas he can run if he sees the new girl's eyes glowing red, especially in his direction. Still he stands and holds his place. Power girl can hear his head pounding hard, but in a controlled manner. Taking hold of his communicator he speaks to Connie. "Connie can you compile a report of the merger and information. I have a feeling that at some point our visitor may need the information to help acclimatize to the world at large once she settles down, but it seems the fortress can handle the impacts here." he says awaiting Connie's reply and confirmation. "I have already begun compiling the data." she replies.

«No, this isn't right!» Kara fumes and swings her fist against the ceiling. «My planet died and I failed to protect him!» She gestures to the statue of Kal again and looks down at the ground and at the ceiling where she's drifting. «Down! DOWN!» She yells and looks shocked as she blows herself down to the ground with freeze breath. Landing hard on her ass, she seems to have knocked the temper out of herself and pants tiredly, looking between Jacob and Karen wholly at a loss.

When Kara lands on her ass after that display, Jacob comes over just a little closer. He has genuine concern on his face. He is not scared, or terrified, with her display of power. Just very very concerned, but not surprised which might concern or surprise Kara herself? "I am glad that she's down here now." he tells Power Girl. Still he can't afford to get to close to her, and trusts Power Girl with his safety. He smiles softly and reassuringly to her. Hoping that his smile and presense might help calm her down. Sometimes just being there, can help. "Can you tell her, I may not understand her language yet. But I am here as a friend."

«He's a man, he never went through the trials…I'll never go through the trails.» Kara realizes and looks around. «He knows about Krypton? He knows where he comes from?» She asks the woman holding her. If Kara could see their reflections she might find the resemblance startling. It's for the best probably that she hasn't yet. She draws in more breaths and looks at Jacob before looking away quickly and reaching up to cover her ears.

Karen nods " I'll tell her " She looks to kara thankfully this place is near silent for her the walls shielding alot of sound as she nods « Yes he knows all about krypton and you can tell him about it as well when you met him , he'll be very very happy to see you » She says softly.

As he watches her and then she covers her ears Jacob realizes the signs of super hearing and he all but freezes. Holding as perfectly still as possible, so as to not make any noise. breathing slow and measured breaths to slow his heart and his breathing to be as soft as possible. The human will of course just stay there.

Working on her thosuand yard stare, Kara quiets her own breathing as well until she can uncover her ears slowly. «It's really gone?» She asks at the softest level she can manage. «It feels like it's been minutes, the-the room caved in and they closed the pod and then it was all white…the blast.» She looks at Karen and jerks back, blinking as she tries not to see every pore and line on her face. "Ahh!" She gasps and covers her eyes, because ah is universal.

Carol Blinks and realizes what's going on « Relax you have to relax the more you focus the more your powers will turn on.. relax your ears and eye's .. relax your breathing » She tries to cut that off before she can taste herself and Jacob from the air.. She stays away though letting the girl relax « Listen to my voice , you need to relax your mind slowly sing the song your mother used to sing to you when you went to bed» She will cover how she knows that later but she teaches a trick she learned long time ago to relax her mind of course she's talking sub sonic so it doesn't hurt the girls ears.

Wincing as the girl recoils like she had just seen the most horrible thing in the universe. He realizes she is talking so soft he can't hear. Still he stands there swallowing softly as he waits for her to calm down and settle. Now he is starting to wonder if he is doing more harm then good. if he can catch power girl, he will of course make a sign language. One thing he did learn when he got back to earth and sign [Should I return to the ship for her well being? I want to stay here to help support her, but it's clear she is in pain.]

Kara does as Karen says and closes her eyes thinking on the song her mother sings and slowly calms herself down trying to close out the terror she felt in those last moments seeing her planet explode around her as she went into stasis and she places her hands over her eyes.

Power Girl smiles and nods < That's it there you go easy you have to stay relaxed when you focus your powers kick in.. that will take time but I can help you train them » . She shakes her head at jacob " You can stay once she calms down I will teach her your language " .

When she thinks she's ready, Kara uncovers her eyes and looks around. Letting out a breath she looks back up at Karen and Jacob brushing her fingers through her hair. «I am sorry. I was unprepared for all…this.»

Karen nods her head < He says he's a friend and wants to help by the way would you be willing to go to a learning pod to download there language? » she asks softly she smiles " I'm going to give her English to learn and yeah were family.. she's me from this world .. I'm from a different dimension then she is >

as he looks at Power girl he blinks at her and the shakes his head with a smile. "Who the hell left the door to the Twilight Zone open? Cause when I find'em, I'm gonna kill'em." he says. from the moment the merger happened. Hopefully Power Girl gets the reference. "I look forward to welcoming her to Earth formally. When she can, I think when she learns of you as her counter part I would like to be on the ship." he says.

«Ok…» Kara nods slowly and looks between then as they talk in English and slowly gets to her feet. She looks at her pod and lets out a breath. «Who wants to help, not that girl in the battle armor?»

Looking over at the Bots, and Jacob seems interested in them. But he will come up to Power Girl when he sees her frown and concerned he asks. "What's wrong?"

<The girl in the battle suit. Like this, but with a house symbol I didn't recognize. Like-» Kara draws a lightning bolt as she picks up the blue and red gear and the crystal, looking at Karen with a nod. «Lead me, I am ready to learn the English.»

she smiles at Jacob " Nothing going to teach her english " She makes a motion for Kara to follow her but she also looks to Jacob " Want a lift? " She asks him as she motions where they have to go needs flying .

With a smile he will nod as he was about to press a button on his wrist and then takes her hand if she will allow it. "I wouldn't miss it for the world." He was thinking about using his own suit's limited flight system, but the sound it might produce might hurt the young girl's ears. "I have seen technology from all over the galaxy, even places that use crystals. But I can understand your concern for me and my ship. I knew the fortress was advanced when I detected it, and despite my curiosity, I don't think I could make heads or tails of it, at least for several years, if not a decade or two."

«Ok, how do I…» Kara jumps a little and it takes her a moment before she shoots up and she wobbles. «Woah!» She looks wide eyed at Karen and looks to Jacob. «The alien cannot fly?»

Karen Shakes her head « They cannot and we're the alien dear this is there world not ours » she laughs a bit as she takes jacob's hand unlike Kara who is still learning she can extend her shield to lift him up using just her hand to touch him pulling him up with her as she fly's up she goes slow to give kara time to get used to flying it won't take long though .

As Jacob sees her fly upwards some and then as she looks at him he says. "Not without technology." He says Apparently he has some Idea of what she was saying or asking but he stays next to Power Girl. But as he looks through the Fortress almost like he is on another world. "I wish I could have seen Krypton. It must have been a place of wonder."

Karen takes you guys to the pods that kara would recognize even more the pod will open « Welcome KARA Zor-El What would you like to learn ». She will speak « Re Teach English » she says as she motions for kara to get in . She turns to Jacob " That training won't take long but i can hear a oil spill I gotta get too if she gets out before I get back she should speak English after so just tell her I'll be back and to stay in the fortress and the fortress will answer anything she wants ".

«We are…oh. We are the aliens…» Kara frowns and starts to get a feel for flying, relaxing as she gets the feel for it. She looks to the pod and back to Jacob and Karen before drawing in a breath. «Thank you, I will learn the English.» She murmurs and steps into the pod.

With a nod he says. "Alright. I will do my best to convince her to stay." he says "Though I can't stop her from leaving anymore than I could stop you." he says with a smile and will of course look around the place with a smile interesting. And once Power Girl is out of the fortress he will ask aloud. "Could you show me a visual representation of the Planet Krypton?" he asks politely. He doesn't see that there would be an issue with seeing the planet as if from orbit. But his human curiosity is nagging at him. He also won't take advantage of Kara here once she emerges.


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