2017-02-20 Teach an old Wolf
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Mary, Laura, Megan, Jean, Hrimhari
GMed by Hrimhari
Title: Teach and Old Wolf

Rating: everybody

Hrimhari decided that, even though the older woman seemed uncomfortable, he would follow after them when they rode off in their chariot. He stripped off his clothing and bundled it up then turned to wolf form and picked the bundle up in his teeth. He followed the scent and ran tirelessly for the several hours it took to reach this castle. It is surrounded by a wall. He could easily leap over it or break through it, but such is not the way of a proper guest. Instead, he placed his head on the clothing bundle and slept outside the gate, waiting for a guard or housekarl to come.

Mary is not aware of anyone being outside waiting, but she does have a habit of taking long walks around the estate and outside it as well, it doubles as both her main way of exercising, and getting to know the surrounding areas, as she hasn't been around here yet quite long enough to know every place comfortably. That is what she is doing now also, or planning to anyway, as she walks her way to the gate, tapping her cane against the pavement ahead of her to make sure she doesn't run into any obstacles, before it clanks against the gate itself, and she then moves her other hand along its surface to find the handle to open it from so she can step outside. She has fairly good grasp of direction and distance, and on top of that, can sense the presence of any minds in her near vicinity as well as some of their surface thoughts, the default range for that is around thirty feet.

Hrimhari has the senses and alertness of a wild wolf, he is aware of the girl walking towards him from the moment she leaves the door of the hall. His ears perk up and he lifts his head to sniff the air, then rises to this feel and gives a wide yawn, showing sharp white fangs. He slits his silver eyes as he considers the person approaching. She seems clumsy and uses a cane, but is young. Possibly she can not see? There are few blind people in Asgard, but some are given to the Norns to be trained in the magic of the seers. Possibly this is one such.

Mary is fairly easy to the nose most likely, as she is clean and does not wear any perfumes or other make-up products. She is moving at more or less normal walking speed, and uses the cane just to feel the path ahead of her, not as support. Also if he can get a good look at her eyes they indeed do not seem to really react to anything around her, so her being blind is very likely. She does not seem to notice the wolf from distance, not until she gets to the gate, her head lifting up some as she senses someone, or possibly something there, even though still she doesn't actually turn to directly face him. "Who is there?" She calls out, as she at least does not recognize the mind.

Hrimhari considers, he probably should assume his human form and wear the clothing he was given, even if he finds it uncomfortable. He picks up the bundle and moves behing a bush, then shifts to human form and starts dressing. When the girl calls out to him, he responds in Allspeak, the magical language of the Norse Gods that can be understood by all, "Hrimhari son of Fenris, Prince of Wolves, child of the Golden Realm of Asgard."

Mary can perhaps sense somewhat of a shift in the strangers mind when the form is shifted, even if she wouldn't be able to tell whether he is wearing clothes or not, at least without touching. But, that is quite an introduction that Hrimhari gives, which leaves her rather surprised, as she had only just very recently even heard of the existence of Asgard… and has never actually met anyone from there. "Oh… hi. I am Mary." she offers a bit awkwardly, her own introduction far simpler. A bit of a loss at what to say, or even how to address, someone like that. "Uhh… what brings you to here?" She has stopped to stand still for now, holding her wooden cane with both hands front of her with her fingers trailing along its surface some.

Hramhari had given the maid his proper formal title, though he supposes she is not a herald to announce him to the master of this house. He says, "I greet thee Mary. I admit, I had no great love of the place I found myself last night and followed the ones I met to here, though it took some time to track their chariot to this manse. I thought perhaps the lord of this place might be willing to grant refuge."

Mary is somewhat confused of the unusual way the man is speaking, several of the words he is using being rather odd to her. "Chariot? Uh… you mean car? Ummm the 'lord' would be the professor I think. Umm, I am just a student at the school, so uhh I don't think I have the authority to authorize much anything." she admits. "Though… umm what kind of place would you be more… comfortable with, then?" she asks, as she can't imagine waiting out here to be that comfortable either!

Actually, Hrimhari had not given the matter that much thought, "I was born and raised in the frigid mountains of the borderlands betwixt the Golden Realm and that of the Jotun. I have lived much of my life outdoors, mainly hunting with mine pack. I have occasionally guested with the lords of various manors, but rarely for long. I suppose if such are to be found I would seek a place where Wolves are free to hunt."

Mary seems to consider for a few moments, she might get in trouble for this, but she cannot imagine leaving the man out here would be a right thing to do either, and since he seems to know of the place already, it probably would not be that bad if she would at least allow him to the grounds. "Well, there is a nice forest right behind the mansion. I go to walk there often. M-maybe you would like to wait there, until the professor is available to met you, at least?" she offers, biting her lower lip a bit as she -is- rather curious about what he has said. "A-are you… like really… a wolf?" Before coming to the school, she would have found the thought of a talking wolf quite ridiculous, but she has met all kinds of unusual people here which has broadened her view a lot.

He laughs slightly, "Mine mother was a wolf rightly enough, mine father was Fenris, the greatest of wolves. Fenris, though wolf in form, was born of the union betwixt a Giantess and a lord of the Aesir. I am, thus, if spoken strictly, only half wolf by blood. A bit of forested land would do nicely as a place to stay until I can meet with this Professor. Is he mayhap a religious man? What doth he profess?"

Mary listens to Hrimhari's recounting of his parentage, she is not really sure of what to say as that sounds like something straight out from a fairy tale… and yet, she cannot sense any deception in him. "That… that sounds amazing. I feel rather inadequate in comparison as I do not have any such stories to tell, my life has been quite boring, really, at least until I came to study here." She reaches back with her hand to find the handle for the gate again and opens it as she steps inside, and makes a motion, roughly towards his direction, for him to follow. "Uhh, this way then." she offers, biting her lower lip some as she thinks on the last part of what he said. "Religious? Uh… oh! No… not like that. Professor is a title… like… uhh… a learned man… a scholar?" she tries to find a word that Hrimhari would understand. "If are very good in some area of scholarship, you get awarded the title."

Hrimhari notes, "The best of times to live in are oft the most boring to recount, for the times of which tales are told can be quite trying indeed. I gather that you are without sight, and in some way you have earned a place in this house of learning. That seems like it must require diligence and a keen mind." She can not be a servant, for of what use would a blind servant girl be? Therefore she must be in some way gentlefolk, perhaps she is a Skald? A fine voice and a keen memory are what they value, vision is not required.

Mary waits for Hrimhari to enter from the gate before she closes it again behind them, and then starts to lead the way towards the mansion, and the forest behind it, using her cane again to probe the ground front of her even though it is more out of habit as she knows this path well and could walk it from end to end without it easily enough. She does stay fairly close to him though, quite intrigued by the wolf-man. "I guess people never think of it like that while they are living those times…. we only realize it when it is too late. The past tempts us, the present confuses us, and the future frightens us." she explains, wanting to reach out to touch if he really has fur, but manages to refrain from doing it for now. "Oh… yes this is a school, there is lot of students here, I am just one among many. I have some… special skills, I can communicate directly to the mind. But don't worry… I try to not pry." she assures, knowing how people can be uncomfortable around telepaths.

The Prince of Wolves follows the blind girl, moving at her pace rather than the lope he is more used to, he notes, "Wolves are not frightened of the future, they have little thought for it. I lead and my pack prospered because I could anticipate and think ahead, though admittedly I rose to leadership for mine strength and skill in battle. What is time to a wolf…there is only now, lessons learned, and the next hunt to look to." He tilts his head, "Communicate with the mind, mayhap a useful gift for those who lack Allspeak, or who can not speak at all."

Mary smiles as she listens to Hrimhari. "Sounds like they are very fortunate then, it must be lovely to be so free." she admits, taking out her cell phone and tapping a message that she sends to both Charles and Jean, who are the headmaster and headmistress of the school respectively, to inform them of Hrimhari, the prince of wolves seeking to speak with them. While she is doing that, she demonstrates to him what she meant. < It can be useful in other ways too, as I can also if I put my mind to it be able to hear things that are not said but only thought of. > sent mentally to him. Finishing the message then she sends it and then puts her phone away again. "There, I let the Professor, and the headmistress both know of your wish to speak with them. I am not sure if either of them are available right now, but they should get in touch as soon as they are." this again spoken out loud.

A little bit after the phone call is when a red haired woman can be seen exiting the mansion and waiting at the door. It seems she was already on her way when Mary made the call. She can also be seen putting a phone into her pocket when she closes the door. She leans up against a wall near the door and patiently awaits them to approach the door…..

Hrimhari watches as the girl removes an amulet of some kind from her clothing and begins touching it in complex patterns. He wonders, is she is blind, how does she know where to touch? She must have memorized the meaning of the strange symbols painted on it. He comments, "So you gift lets you scent the deeper thoughts, not just the spoken words? A useful thing it would seem. Not thinking of the future can be a gift or a curse, it makes one prey to hunters who are more cunning and leaves one with no way to plan for harsh times." He notices the woman exit the longhouse, she must be this Headmistreess of which Mary spoke.

Mary offers a nod to Hrimhari's question regarding her abilities. "Yes, that's one way to say it. It also allows me to sense the minds around me, which is helpful in not running into people, despite not being able to see. This… connection… gets much stronger with physical contact." she warns him, then as they get closer to the mansion, she can sense Jean, further away then she usually can people due to her also being a telepath. "Ah, yes, that is the headmistress. Looks like you were lucky and she was not occupied." she offers as she walks over to Jean, then once they are in properly conversational distance, she does proper introductions. "Hrimhari, this is Jean Grey, the headmistress of the school, I think she will be a good person to talk to if you wish to stay here. Jean, this is…" she pauses for a breath before going through the full introduction he gave her. "..,Hrimhari, son of Fenris, Prince of Wolves, child of the Golden Realm of Asgard. He was wishing to speak with someone in charge." smiling as she thinks she got that correctly!

Jean looks from Mary to Hrimhari and listens to the entire introduction. "Yeah…..You'll forgive me if I don't call you that entire name. I'll have enough trouble just wrapping my tongue around your name, let alone your titles." She then tilts her head at Hrimhari. "A wolf, hmm? You'd have a lot in common with some of the people that live here. Why do you wish to speak to someone in charge here? Is something wrong?"

Laura caught the change in scents some time ago. Wolf-not-wolf, human-like-not-human. Possible danger. She slips out of her room and down to the front lobby, arriving shortly after Jean and looking at Hrimhari as if to judge the threat he represents.
Hrimhari responds to Jean, "Aside from being at a loss as to how I arrived here from the Golden Realm and not knowing how to return thence, I am not entirely certain which of the nine realms upon which I tread. This land seems overly populous, with few places for a wolf to roam and hunt. Some ladies from this house of learning assisted me when I arrived at the dragon's rookery in the foul smelling city, so I followed them here." The fact is, most of the people he saw in New York seems unfriendly or even frightened of him.

Megan comes on outside. In a better mood than yesterday's he's taking a walk, well not literally a walk, as she's casually hovering with her wings, with a bottle of juice in her hand. When she sees the man from yesterday, she pauses, and looks, creeping closer to hear what's going on.

Mary furrows her brow some as she focuses more on Hrimhari's thoughts when he speaks, just so she can actually try to understand what he is talking about, since lot of his words sound completely bizarre. "I was going to show him the forest behind the mansion to stay until you or the professor would be able to meet him. I know I am not supposed to bring people here, but he was already right outside the gate and seemed to know of the school, and I just couldn't let him just sit there at the street." she informs to Jean. She might also be quite fascinated by the strange man. "Ummm… you are in Earth." she offers, hopefully helpfully in response to Hrimhari when he says he doesn't know what realm he is in, unfortunately she is not familiar with the proper Asgardian name for it.

"The city which you speak is New York City. It only stinks until you acclimatize yourself to the smell…..and even then…it still stinks." Jean then smirks a bit. "It is true, Mary. The inhabitants call it Earth but……I have to remember what Thor called it." She says closing her eyes for a moment….and then. "Midgard. That's the word." She says quietly before she turns her head a little to see Laura there, and smiles to her before looking back to Hrimhari and Mary. She doesn't say anything but looks to Hrimhari even more. "It seems there's much to talk about, as I have just returned from a fairly new city…..Gotham…"

Laura stands slightly back and to the left of Jean, content to let the actual teacher do the talking. She keeps up her passive observation of the wolf-smelling person, making no aggressive moves herself yet.

Megan comes closer, probably a bit behind Laura, her feet off the ground, sipping orange juice and listening as well.

Hrimhari scents someone else…two of them in fact, one he saw in the chariot and feasted with, the other is different. While young she smells and moves like a hunter or a guardian, as he sees when she approaches. He says to Jean, "Ah, Midgard, I understand that recently Thor spends much of his time in that Realm." He nods at Megan, "Greetings to you child, I did not catch your name when we met briefly last Eventide. I had not realizes thou art winged."

Mary can sense the presence of both Megan and Laura also, but she recognizes them both so does not pay that much attention to them right now, having her focus mostly on Hrimhari. "I think you are right, while I have not personally met him, well or much anyone of importance for that matter, I have certainly heard of him from the news every now and then. You know Thor?" she asks curiously.

"I've met Thor a couple of times, if you mean me, Mary." Jean then looks to Hrimhari. "You are in Midgard now, Hrimhari. That is what Thor calls this realm." She then looks to Mary. "it is likely he does. he is an Asgardian, much like Thor and Sif. Yes, the realm exists…."

Laura listens to Jean's explanation, filing the information away in the back of her head and upgrading Hrimhari's threat potential, if he's named in the same breath as Thor.

Megan flies a step closer when addressed. Looking at the strange man, speaking very strangely, she blinks. Then coughing once, she says softly, her Welsh accent getting stronger when put on the spot, "I'm Megan, hi. And it's not normal so I guess that's why…"

Hrimhari says, "Met Thor? Oh, Aye, though I know him less well than his brother Vidar. I am friends with the Warriors Three more, though perhaps they are less than well known on Midgard in these latter times." Thor's half brother Vidar tends to live in the wilderness, he helped teach Hrimhari what he knows of the ways of the Aesir. He says to Jean, "An thou are friends of Asa Thor, then I am not thine enemy and may be an ally." To Megan, he adds, "To be different is to be yourself. I was ne'er the same as other Wolves of my pack, nor even as my three sibs. Be not ashamed."

Mary blushes a bit when Jean responds to her question also. "Oh… sorry, I meant to ask from Hrimhari. Just, I have never met anyone from Asgard before." Going silent again then as she listens to Hrim tell more about Asgard, indeed not having ever heard of the warriors three before. She stays silent to not embarrass herself any further and focuses on just listening for now.

Megan flaps and nods to Hrimhari. "Thank you." she says softly. "Is that what brings you here?"

Hrimhari says to Mary, "That I dwell in the same land as someone famous, as Thor is, says nothing for mine own abilities. In truth, in this form I am like unto an average dweller of the lands of Asgard in form, and perhaps not much different from them in ability. 'Tis true I once slew a giant with my bare hands in my mixed form, but I have not the claws, fangs, or protective fur in this shape."

Mary doesn't really have any clue as to what kind of powers an average Asgardian has, but it doesn't make her any less interested about the wolf prince. "So you can change forms too?" this just now occurs to her, as she doesn't know what he looks like. "Well, I think that you would fit in here quite well, almost everyone here is special in some way, and as such does not fit in so well among the common populace, so we have our refuge here."

Hrimhari says, "Well am I the Prince of Wolves called, for born in the form of a wolf I was. Not long after mine eyes did open I found I could change to be differing than other wolves, for Fenris was my father and his father was of Asgard's court. I could not change size like Fenris to become large enough to swallow a standing man in a bite, but rather I could turn halfway to human form, to be a Vargr. I was told to spend time with the townsfolk and learn the ways of the Aesir. And so I did, and thus I learned the Allspeak and how to fight as a man, and became known to my friends among the Aesir."

Megan comes a lilttle closer. "A wolf? I see," she says softly. "All speak? Is that some kind of magic?"

Mary tilts her head to the side as she tries to imagine what that half-wolf form might look like, and if she really focuses on his mind, she almost can… blinking as she realizes what she was doing, and quickly pulls back mentally to a more regular connection, going through other peoples thoughts like that is not okay! Instead she settles on just saying "That must be a majestic sight. The, half-wolf, half-human form that is, not swallowing people whole." oh gosh that sounded stupid.

The Asgardian seems to consider, "Perhaps Allspeak is some form of magic, though mine own magic is quite limited. I could shift forms, but I fear this clothing is not sturdy enough to survive the shift." He adds, Truth be, swallowing people whole is rather fearsome, rather than majestic, but quite impressive."

Megan puts up a hand "Not trying to treat you like a showpiece, no need to demonstrate. Especially the swallowing people part. Please don't do that," she smiles.

Jean says, "It's like a universal translator, it seems." jean says as she returns, apparently having heard the entire conversation. "I can't say I truly 'know' Thor, myself, but I've had to work with him before as an Avenger." She then looks to Hrimhari. "I'll tell you what, Hrimhari. Until Professor Xavier can weigh in on this, I'll let you stay. You'll be able to eat with us, watch TV and more, even get to know some of the students here. I'll give you a tour. There are some off limit areas as well, so, please don't go in there. Also, don't eat all the food. We don't have an infinite supply and there are many people here." She then smirks to Megan. "and yes, no eating anyone….I imagine that would be…..unpleasant.""

"He just said he can't do the eating whole thing." Mary points out to Megan and Jean, then as Jean returns and gives the prince the permission to stay, she smiles. "That's great. And I doubt he could eat anywhere near as much of our food supplies as Twila is doing already." she notes to Jean with a giggle. Then remembers something that Hrim mentioned earlier and asks. "Would you prefer a room to stay in, or stay in the forest?"

Hrimhari chuckles, "Twila could eat an ox to the bone and still have room for a tree full of apples." He did eat with them at that place of five men last evening. "Tis true I eat well, but not near so much as she. I am a creature of the wild, outdoors suits me well, though I doubt there is much suitable to hunt in these parts, I m aware how little farmers like it when their kine are taken.

Megan laughs softly at the talk of how much that is being eaten. "And fair enough, sorry to misunderstand. I guess I'm distracted by this allspeak thing. Is this magic you can… teach?"

"Yeah, Farmers want their money for raising them before they are lead to the slaughterhouse." Jean says before looking to Megan and smiling. "it would certainly help us out…"

Mary giggles more as she imagines Twila eating an ox. "Well, I was mostly just thinking about whether you would be more comfortable sleeping in a bed in a room, or in the forest. You could of course come to eat with us in either case. I don't think too many students go to the forest, I go there for a walk every now and then, and I know Logan likes to hang out by the lake… but other than that, haven't encountered anyone else there."

Hrimhari frowns in thought before admitting, "I know not if teach it I could. All I know who speak it are of the blood and kin of Asgard. It may take some link to ancient Buri to learn…but it may be that it can be learned. I learned it when I was but a wee cub…"

"Well…it doesn't matter. If you wish, you can stay in the forest…..do you know people by smell, per chance?" Jean says to Hrimhari…

Megan smiles a bit at Hrimhari. "Oooh, so it's not the kind of magic I could learn, if I have to be … one of your people. I'm told I could do magic, if I'm just taught some. So I was, you know, curious. Sorry."

Mary bites her lower lip a bit as she offers. "I think… it might be something that is innate to Asgardians?" then inquires from Megan. "Isn't magic something that anyone could learn with a teacher? I thought at least that its a skill you learn, not something you are born with?"

To Jean, Hrimhari replies, Only Heimdall has keener senses than I of those Aesir in Asgard, I can hear a leaf falls at a hundred paces or track your vehicle by scent from thousands of similar craft." Hrimhari says to Megan, "Ah, If it is magic you wish to learn, there may be things I could teach you. I am not unversed in the wild magics. I know the paths of the Seidr for the ways of the wild are mine. I simply know not if the Allspeak is a magic I can teach."

"That would mean I would also be able to learn magic, Mary." jean says with a jovial tone to her. "Scary, isn't it? if magic is in everyone, then some have more than others." She then smiles to Hrimhari. "I believe Ororo was working on lunch…if Rogue wasn't."

Megan nods. "I'd appreciate that. I'm graduating school this year, and it might be useful to me. But no rush, you clearly have a lot of adjusting to do."

Mary listens with interest what the other people are saying. "I think you might want to meet Logan, he has similar senses also from what I understood. You would have to be lucky to catch him though, he seems to keep mostly to himself." then offers a shrug at Jean. "Why would that be scary? And I think you already can do your own kind of magic, anyway." she notes with a smile. Then adds to Megan. "You should talk to Wanda, I think she is some kind of magic user, at least she teaches that in the school."

Hrimhari says, "If hunting, tracking, or living in the wild you wish to learn, a fine teacher I can be. Magic I am not one of the great powers like Karnila or my grandfather or the Enchantress, but the basics I know well enough. I have much to learn about this world, like how you send messages through the amulets or hoe you make chariots pulled not by beasts."

"Wanda's…..a special case." Jean says before Hrimhari comments and….chuckles. "Phones and vehicles, Hrimhari. They are different than what you may know, though I don't know Asgardian things. Perhaps you could attend some classes, Hrimhari. This IS a school after all."

Megan nods. "Well… no pressure on yourself. Hrimhari?" She makes sure he has the name right. "I was curious. No big deal."

Mary lets Jean do the explanation about how phones and cars work, though she is rather curious of the offer for teaching. "I doubt I could ever become much of a hunter or tracker, but I would love to learn more about living in the wilds… never know when that might be useful. That reminds me… Jean? You don't happen to know who might be good person to ask about training in fighting with a staff?"

"If one is to stay at a school, lessons one should learn," states Hrimhari. "It has been told to me that one learns as much by teaching as one teaches, I will teach you about survival if you wish Mary, you may find there is more you can learn than you think. I am conversant with the staff, but am more expert with natural weapons." He says to Megan, "From what you have said, basics are just what you need, you can build upon them later, but a firm foothold is what one needs to stand upon."

"An even trade. That would work, I think. You teach some, learn some, and can be a part time student here….at least until you figure out why you're here." Jean then turns towards the Mansion. "Mary…since you're familiar, could you give Hrimhari the tour? He stays out of the off-limit areas, by the way. I'm going to tell 'Ro we have another for lunch…."

Megan smiles weakly. "Teaching… so if you figure out the magic thing…"

Mary gives a nod to Jean's words, smiling. "Oh, sure, of course. I will do my best. Try to stop Twila from eating everything so there will be some left for us too!" she offers to Jean with a chuckle. Then adding towards Hrim. "Well, I don't have any natural weapons to speak of, so I think the staff would work better for me. Especially since I carry some sort of stick with me all the time anyway to help moving around."

Hrimhari says, "Though your natural weapons are lesser, as are mine in this form, yet still you do have them. Do not underestimate them, for any tool you use may be taken from you. Much of what you need to know will be the same with any weapon or none, how to balance, how to tell what your enemy is doing, how to use force for you or against a foe." He considers the question of where to start Megan's lesson, but thinks Mar's comes first. He considers, "Perhaps you do need to learn some things that are best expressed as magic, for there are currents and flows that may let you sense what happens around you that are much the same in battle and in magic."

Megan is still hovering, as she looks to and listens to Hrimhari. Nodding. "I don't relay have any special combat powers. Just the ability to fly. So… I'd appreciate anything you can teach me, whenever you get a chance."

Mary nods slightly to what Hrim says. "Yes, Twila did teach me a bit on how to punch the other day. I just think I would do better with a staff, as I am not that strong. I do have an edge in anticipating what my enemy is doing though, as I can read their intentions from their thoughts before they do it. So if I could learn to use a defensive weapon like that well, I think I could keep myself safe much better."

The Asgardian says, "The first thing to know about defense is to find your center of gravity. You need only ever move your center six inches to avoid nearly any blow, that is why balance is the key. Magic is much the same, first you need to find your center, that is why many forms of martial training also have a mystic path."

Megan listens to what he says, and hums softly, Looking down at herself hovering off the ground. She moves 6 inches left, then right.

Mary nods slowly to what Hrimhari is saying, and then bites her lower lip a bit as she takes the ready position that Twila taught her earlier as part of the punching training, although keeps her cane in hand still. She isn't really all that strong though as pretty much only exercising she usually does is taking long walks.

He asks Megan, "Come down here, I wish to demonstrate something, it would work better with someone of similar size and strength." If she comes down, he will say, "I want you to give Mary a swift push, if her center of gravity is in her balance point, she will not easily fall over." HE is much too strong for that lesson, he could push over a wall, let alone a little girl.
Jean has disconnected.

Megan flies over to Mary, and giggles "Are you okay with me pushing you?" She lowers herself a bit more, so her feet are just off the ground.

Mary tilts her head to the side some at Hrimhari's instructions, then focuses her attention to Megan, which means mainly focusing her mind on the other girls thoughts so she can better anticipate any attack as she nods to the question. "Lets give this a go." Trying to have as steady position as possible.

Hrimhari observes and waits, Megan should find that she is not anchored, indeed her power may render her weightless, if so she will be pushed back hard, while Mary barely moves. This is a lesson for both the girls, not just one.

Megan bites her lip, and laughs. "Here goes…" She then puts her hands to Mary, and pushes her square in the middle of the back. Which, as expected, sends Megan moving more than Mary!

Mary doesn't do anything more than just tries to keep as steady posture as possible, not even pushing the other girl back, but certainly the leverage is on her side with Megan being airborne. "I guess… if you want to push someone while you are flying… you should gather some speed first to get momentum on your side?" she suggests.

Hrimhari says, "What she is lacking is leverage. She is balanced on her wings, but can not push against them with the force she would have were she grounded. Now, let me show you why rushing someone is not always wise. To be fair, first bind a blindfold about my eyes."

Megan looks around. "Mary, do you have anything handy that you could use as a blindfold? I sort of just… wandered out here and don't have anything I think?"

Mary bites her lower lip a bit as she thinks about Megan's question, then shaking her head some. "Ummm, not really. I was just planning to go out for a walk when I run into him, so I don't really have anything with me other than what I am wearing." she replies, obviously she does not have much need for a blindfold herself since she is blind already.

Hrimkari removes his shirt and rolls it up, using it to cover his eyes, then he says, "Go ahead Megan, come at me." He stands poised, weight perfectly centered, balanced lightly on his feet. His senses are not so keen in this form as in his other forms, and he is not so familiar with it as either of the forms he has had longer, it should be a fair lesson. He Listens with his ears and feels the air with his skin, he will know when to move through his other senses, not his sight. It is intended to show his point. Of course, he does have an edge in speed over most humans, but that is balanced against his unfamiliarity with the form. When Megan attacks he will show how he can twist out of the way, allowing here to pass without even touching him.

Megan laughs and files back into position, the demonstration having pushed HER away. "Come at you? What, to push you?" She the moves up to him. She's not moving quickly, just trying to come behind him and push his back, then 'falling' forward when he gets out of the way so fast.

Mary moves a bit out of the way when the next lesson is starting between Hrim and Megan, though she tries to figure out as much as possible of what is happening despite not being able to see, which means she is mostly relying on hearing, and whatever thoughts she might be able to sense from the two during this.

Hrimhari is not a telepath, but he purposefully leaves his mind open to show Mari how his is using his senses and his body. His center is different, being a muscular male, but she can tell how much more he observes of what he sees and feels than she does, and how little effort he takes to avoid the attack. He says to Megan, "Go ahead, try it faster."

Megan blinks. "Faster?" She then literally moves in faster, stops, and then tries to push again."

Mary continues to listen to the two, both actual sounds and thoughts, as she tries to learn as much as she can from observing without sight, the telepathy does certainly help though.

Since Megan spreads her wings to slow herself, it is easy to feel the air currents, and hear the sounds of the wings flutter. There is no change in his balance, without leverage of speed she can not push him from his center. He says, "You may try to charge me, even should you hit, I long since learned to take a blow."

Megan laughs. "Take a blow? Charge you? What. I'm not a … I'm not a battering ram, Hrimhari. If I try to like, bang into you going fast, that's going to hurt me a lot more than it's going to hurt you."

Mary giggles a bit at Megan's words about not being a battering ram. "Mmm, I think that might be a useful maneuver to learn, Megan, as you can use momentum to your advantage a lot if you gather up some speed."

Hrimhari notes, "You will not strike, but I shall show you later how to focus so that you do not damage yourself from a blow, even should you come up against that which will not break."

Megan giggles. "Well… since you're going ot be a teacher here, You know… maybe you can show me after you're all settled in here at the Institute? It's good to meet you. I'm going to go eat now. Would you like to join us?"

Mary listens to both of them and nods in agreement to what Megan says. "Yes, I think it is starting to be time for dinner. Would you like to join us? Can show you the way and then after dinner can give you the tour around the mansion." she offers, chuckling a bit at the irony of the blind person giving a tour.

Hrimhari notes, "Wolves can always eat, but yes, we should take a tour after, it is what the Housemistress ordered." He could probably find his way around, but he does need to be shown where not to go.

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