2017-02-21 American Parley
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Steve (captain America) Shredder
GMed by Shredder
Title: American Parley

The Foot has gone to ground, the Merger seems to have made them invisible. There were reports of purple clad ninja helping people during the merger. Nothing concrete, Reports of a Warthog man, A rhino, A spiked snapping turtle, and wolf fighting some of of the invaders. Others of a spiked samurai, or demon. Seems that Villains put aside their desires to help protect the world. Well at least some of them did. Still The foot has been keeping pressure on the Gangs over new york, and there are signs the Foot is spreading out into Gotham, and Metropolis. Police records from before the Merger on the Foot Clan and The shredder have also vanished. Leaving them only in the memory of police and people. The foot is covering it's tracks

Right now deep in Gotham's under ground there are rumors of shadowy figures, and a wolf howl. A massive turtle and rhino man. Most of them are staying under ground deep in the areas where darkness is not prevalent, And now rumors on the streets of Gotham say a gang calling it's self The foot clan has some sort of underground lair. Mocking the City's protectors, the Bat clan.

About all of which…well, it's rather more inclined to make one Steve Rogers simply curious, rather than upset. This guy's trying to sneak into Gotham - and while the good Captain has no real clue who Batman is, he's heard things. Rumors. Rumors which make him want to seek *that* man out as an ally. But they're in Gotham now, and thus, so is he, parking his bike near where a recent sighting of the animalistic mutants (or mutant animals) has been reported.

The occasional report says they are under ground. And there is a new sign, the Dragon Doji, the three pronged dragon foot print. The mark of the Foot clan. Word on the street is that they killed several dozen drug dealers, stole their money, and of course. Ruined the narcotics. The poison they have been dealing. All signs point that the people all fled underground, the killers. As well as a figure was seen climbing into a manhole cover, armored with large spikes. A number of homeless people are around the area, the unseen, the street rats, who will see everything and tell what they know for a price…

A price Steve is willing to pay, in cash or to be honest, in kind - it's sometimes amazing what one of those street rats will do for a really decent sandwich or some candy, after all. Underground. He's none too keen on underground. And mixed feelings about the drug dealers. A criminal who hates drugs. Not as unusual as some would think.

One additional piece of information comes from someone else who gave Steve a more direct location to the north in amusement mile under ground. And perhaps something that would scare most heroes off. They are prepared for unexpected company, is the word they have heard from some footclan who had messages to give to the homeless. So far, reports are the Foot Clan has not really been harming the homeless, the unwanted. But some of their friends have been given offers, the younger street rats, offered a place to stay, to be trained to grow strong. To be part of a family that will always protect and care.

Hunger and desperation is a powerful weapon, and many kids have taken the offer, and are not seen again. Given the discipline of the event in Hell's kitchen, Shredder is targeting the youth, bringing them into his clan, teaching them, and worst of all, corrupting them. Give Shredder's reaction to how Captain America broke Rocksteady's ribs. Shredder is loyal to those under him. At least it appears that way.

Typical. Well, right now? Right now, Steve wants to talk. He'll head for the location, alone, quiet, and ready to signal a truce he may not get. These people…no, they are not good people, but they are perhaps the kind of people who can be dealt with without a war.

As Captain America moves through the underground he finds something a three pronged piece of metal, pointed down. And it looks to be on a hinge flapping in the flow of water. The sharpness of the jagged broken metal, looks similar to the foot-clan Symbol. A cord is on it as it knocks back and forth. as water fills it and dumps out repeatedly almost rhythmically. The sound of walking can be heard coming from somewhere behind the wall. The underground is full of noises and plenty of places to hide as well.

Captain America frowns, moving to a more sheltered position, and studying the cord to see what it is attached to. That looks, to him, like some kind of bizarre alarm system.

and soon the voices from the other side of the wall is heard, and then those keen super soldier ears can hear something the sound of bricks being moved very very softly sliding out of the wall forcing Steve into a dark deep alcove as several bricks are slid out and then a face appears young man, early teens as he looks around. Two more areas as well. The shadows Hide Steve very well and soon the bricks are replaced and the wall after a Chachunk sound that is soft the wall begins to move out and then three kids perhaps no older than 15 for the eldest heads out as they allow the door to close on it's own. But kids being kids do not close it and make sure it closes.

Of course they don't. Hopefully, they won't be in too much trouble as the star spangled one slips through the not-properly-closed door.

the door opens smoothly soundlessly and as he slips in finds himself in a tunnel, one that has a very black curtain, and down the way on the other side is the sound of laughing, music, it is very faintly the place is well shielded from sound and after passing through the numerous thick blankets to muffle sounds the music is fairly loud now. As it is fairly straight forward and soon Steve comes on a sight. it looks like it could be a carnival, There are kids doing all sorts of things. Gaming, Ping pong, arcade games. But a Lot of them are around a center training area, performing martial arts practice. Katas, and repetitions. A bald man in Japanese garb is showing them how to stand and demanding nothing less of perfection and perfect discipline.

Let's see how long it takes them to notice the figure standing quietly, making no aggressive moves, just inside the doorway.

Of course it is not very long at all for the figure to be Noticed as from above the doorway comes a slight snarl, a wolf snarl, and comes two large clawed hands furry as a wolf like figure will simple bare his fangs snarling as he lashes out with in human. Attempting to grab his chest as fast as he can to land on his back and then Fling him over the area down into the center of the clan's gathering.

Fast. Almost fast enough, but Steve's dealt with attacks like this before. He twists as Rahzar tries to throw him, grabbing the railing and swinging back up. "Just here to talk!" he calls to the wolf. After all, he could have attacked somebody. He hasn't…

Rahzar will lunge at Captain, "Speak when you are on your knees bound before the Alpha!" and he will slash at the Star Spangled warrior with his large Claws as a deep booming voice is heard. "Rahzar." Instantly Rahzar's claws fail to meet their target as the wolf has lightning quick reflexes. Perhaps inches from their target

And up upon one of the platforms stands the headman himself as everyone turns to see form of Shredder. "So the American dog of war has tracked us to our home." he says and he lifts his staff up and instantly the various people begin to scatter, moving to side tunnels, to start grabbing things of value evacuating.

Steve lifts his hands. "Believe it or not, I come in peace." He keeps one wary eye on the wolf, just in case. "Although obviously, if I disappear, well…your people would look for YOU if you went missing." He trusts that. Shredder has honor - he's seen it - even if he is technically an enemy.

Indeed Shredder has honor, it is his own. But the man has come to parley. Still the foot would be evacuating from this place. As he looks down to Captain America. Three more figures come out, The snapping turtle, the Warthog man, and of course the Rhino, and when he Rhino sees Captain America he asks, Almost begs, "Boss, let me tear him apart, I own him for breaking my ribs!"

"Rocksteady." Shredder contains his lackey, "Contain your self. I am more than a match for the world war two super soldier. Join me Dog of war.. and speak your words."

"That *was*," Steve notes, "In a fight you started." Unless prevented, Steve will make his way down to meet with Shredder. He moves with a warrior's casual grace, but a conscious absence of threat. Not here to fight, no.

The four mutants remain behind Captain America as Shredder moves to a motion for them to help with the evacuation. Standing there without his cap he glares Murder at the American super solider. His eyes show a singular rage. His blades are sharp, Nodachi in hand as he stands proudly like an ancient Shinobi lord, his facial scars can be seen on his face despite the face mask.

"I've been watching you. You have honor." Steve keeps his voice even. The anger does not seem to bother him - likely because of trained discipline, trained and practiced.

"And what would an American know of honor?" Shredder asks. "Look before you." and he points to the people who have all but dismantled the area. "You abandoned them. I took them in. I educated them, I fed them, clothed them. And when the foot was damaged many months ago. I rescued them despite my injuries. I freed them. I take in those who are deal poison, I deal with those who handle the poison, and I heal them. What would you know of honor in this decrepit country

It's a pause. "I did see the drug dealers. That is why I wanted to talk, not…not move right into a fight." The insults…well. "To be honest, America allows freedom. Some people…perhaps too many people…abuse it, but we also get the strength of many different ways. It's a balance."

"Dealers of poison, corrupt the mind and body. They got what they deserve." he says. Right now Shredder is doing his best to buy time for his clan to escape. "Indeed, a balance." He says Right now Shredder has read that Steve is ready for a fight, and won't be the one to throw the first punch.

Definitely. "On that, we're in agreement. I might have a slightly different approach for dealing with them, but it certainly isn't letting them keep doing that." He's reading Shredder too…the other doesn't trust him at all, it seems.

No Shredder doesn't trust Captain America. In fact he wants to kill him, he recalls growing up after world war two, watching his proud country become a puppet for the Americans. Granted they did loose a war. But still, revenge is a dis best served cold. "What is it you wanted to talk about. Not Drug Dealers, that is for sure. You seek to turn me into an ally is that it?"

"I genuinely wanted to talk. I don't think we will ever be allies." Honesty from…from a man who would actually understand, but who's knowledge of post-war Japan is honestly limited.

"About what then?" he asks in an almost demanding voice. "My patients are finite." he says. Steve might realize that Shredder is more controlled then that. But there is something else, an evil about this man. An evil about his armor, a malice. As if the armor it's self held the malice.

"You engage in criminal activity, you seek to hold the underworld, and I suspect you are close to angering people…less inclined to talk. Why?" Steve flicks his fingers. "At the same time, you care about your people."

as he listens to Captain America. "That is exactly my goal. Rest assured when the blood spills, it will be their blood that is shed." And Shredder perhaps seems more dangerous, as his eyes open up, and alight with an inner insanity. Perhaps an act, perhaps he is insane. "Those I send out know the risks and dangers I ask of them. And I would not ask them to do things I will not do my self." Of course Steve may realize that Shredder is planing a trap, he is slowly building his power base, and poking now that he has the pieces in place to spring a deadly trap when the fire fight starts.

Steve considers that. "I noticed that." In some ways, they have a lot in common. Steve understands this man. Evil, yes, but evil in a way he gets. He lets out a breath. "I would rather not fight you. I suspect one day it will be inevitable."

"Indeed we will fight. I suggest you do not throw your shield, Once you do, you will not be given the opportunity to retrieve it. And it will be the only thing that keeps you safe from my blades." He says Shredder is honorable, and yes he is actually looking forward to fighting Captain America." His eyes fly past Steve and if Steve looks the area is empty no signs that the Clan was ever here to begin with. Less than ten minutes…

Impressive, on the evacuation. Steve would have given assurances. He knows they would not have been accepted. "It *is* a shame that we can't be allies," Steve admits.
"Indeed, you would make a powerful Commander for me. But I have no desire to see people suffer needlessly. So I will avoid innocents, but those in gangs, mobs, mafias well be my targets. Not Civilians." Shredder says.

A bit of a smile. "Very few men have ever held my personal loyalty." Shredder would not be one of them, even if there's a certain amount of respect there.

"I look forward to the time we cross paths on the battlefield. You will be a worthy opponent, not like those accursed reptiles." he says. "We are done speaking, now I will go. If you attempt to follow or alert shield. You will not be granted parley a second time. Captain America." And then Shredder does the one thing that may be Unexpected. He bows as a sign of respect. before taking his leave.

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