2017-02-21 Comparative Technology
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Karen, Atalanta
GMed by n/a
Title: Comparative Technology

Rating: everybody

Note: This event took place at in indefinite date, starting on a Saturday afternoon, but continuing Sunday and Monday

After having a fair share of Pizza and Wings, Laura leads Karen back to the Titans Tower, and says to the door after entering a code, "Laura, with a Guest." The security system records both of them and checks it is her before unlocking. She goes to her storage locker and brings back a purse.

Karen smiles as she finds a place to sit down with a table she also brought a backpack with various items to help her analyze the item.

Atalanta offers her purse to Karen. In it are a learner's permit for one Laura Kent at an address that does not exist. A Press pass for Laura Kent from the Daily Planet Reporter Apprenticeship Program, signed by Managing Editor James B. Olsen. A number of dollar bills without any of the normal security measures, but threaded with what appears to be a linear fiber optic circuitry. A thing resembling a tablet computer at first glance, bearing a Waynetech logo, but with Kordco solar cells built in, a totally unknown operations system, an inbuilt cell phone with a satellite link, and a program on it to uplink to the daily planet along with a number of articles in storage with dates in the last year that are recording of things that never happened.

Karen smiles lucky for you, she's from a semi-future world herself well originally.. though when the worlds merged part of her world came to this world.. so her company is here but not the same way. it's rather confusing but her fortress is here with all its tech and as a world class programmer/hacker it's not hard for Kara to plug in a Kryptonian device to start downloading the data in the pad.. what's more she starts to scan the items to get a look at the inner workings without damage.

The device is technically only slightly more advanced than the current available technology, but put together in an odd way. A Solar Powered Smart Phone with the capacity of a tablet computer and a built in satellite link? There is a sim card for a local network, but that is clearly an after market add-on. The articles are the interesting things. For example the ones about an automatic recycler that is capable of separating products with mixed contaminants into pure stock materials for a three dimensional printer that is supposed to be coming to market later this year…

Karen blinks as she looks this over she of course will check the data later after she's done.. lots of little things to improve what they already know different look at things after all and her company is all about saving the earth. She beams a smile " it will be done downloading everything in a moment "

Atalanta says, "Unfortunately the articles for the science and technology section are not science journal stuff or technical details, simply reading for casual users. Still, you did express an interest in ideas about improving local technology."

Karen Nods her head " I mean it was a quick look but your systems integration of solar tech and it seems to be made of recycled plastics witch I'm curious how they did.. I'm pretty sure we can reverse engi it but it might take some time.. regardless it could really change the scope of things " .

Laura comments, "Integrated solar cells are EVERYWHERE where I come from. When gas prices are measured in hundreds of dollars a liter, for exampole, you find other ways. As I mentioned before, Recycling is big, especially in the orbital colonies."

Karen Nods again " I would gather the need to recycle would be a must " She thinks for a moment " Though your lucky my tech can analize everything on the spot without need samples though it just makes it take a little longer while it tastes the makeup of your tech " She winks " What would you like in return? Would you like to come to my fortress and see how kryptonians lived? "

Atalanta comments, "Well, I did have a few times when dad brought me and mom to the fortress and he showed us things. I am not sure if I want culture and history, language, or combat training first."

Karen Laughs " Well to be honest you need the first before you get the second.. because our culture our history is built into the martial art it's not just about being able to fight it's a part of our history " .

Laura notes, "That was three things, I was thinking the language may be needed first actually. Language holds patterns of thought, a translation to another language often loses much of the flavor of the original."

Karen Nods her head " Your right I can teach you kryptonian though for teaching you a language I kinda have a cheat " she says brightly " Thanks to my fortress I have a learning pod that can download info into your mind quickly "

Laura says, "That sounds useful, can it teach other things or just language?" She considers, "I should be able to reach anywhere on the planet in under two hours, if you want to go to your fortress." She can go faster than that…but is still working out how not to fly off into space while doing so.

Karen Laughs " I can fly you if you don't mind or we can run just if you run there are mountains and things that get int he way " She says with a shrug " and yes I can teach other stuff but it's a bit slower .. teaching one thing like language when you already have one easy other stuff takes longer " She smiles " even on krypton it takes time to learn stuff "

Laura says, "I can run up and down the side of a glass building or on the surface of water, I do not think a mountain would be impossible, but if you want to fly me it is all right. I imagine you might want to cover my eyes with lead to make sure I can not find my way back anyway."

Karen Laughs " Why? " She says " Your part kryptonian why would I block the fortress from you ? " she cocks her head " Oh did Clark do that to you " she sighs and shakes her head " I keep telling him if he properly programs the aid bots that's not an issue " .

Atalanta says, "Well, I do not know where his fortress is, and would not go there without invitation…so I have no idea if it is blocked from me. I know my father would keep the way to his hidden from most everyone, though Superwoman was an exception."

Karen Winks " Well one way to be sure your kryptonian is to take you to the fortress if your not as you say .. I'll find out fast and then wipe your mind simple as that " she says as she floats up and extends her hand " Grab on I have enough control to extend my shield so you can fly all you have to do is make sure your touching me "

Laura extends her hand, she has a LITTLE practice with controlling the depth of her Kryptonian Aura, but not much yet. She has been considering if she can use it to cling to surfaces so that she does not fly into space…it is not something she imagines Superman or Power Girl has ever tried though.

Carol Smiles as she wraps her aura around you and floats up holding your hand and slowly flies out the window and into the air " Ahhh that's better " she winks " Don't worry about flying you know in my world Clark didn't fly till he was 35 " she says looking down at her as they slowly pick up speed making sure to be outside of the city before she goes super sonic

Before they reach sonic speed, Laura says, "In mine, he could fly the day he landed on Earth…different worlds, different rules." He takes a deep breath, she does have to breathe and can not do so while moving at supersonic speed.

Karen Nods it won't take them long before well the cold hits.. her fortress is in the south pole not just anywhere either the forbidden zone where it's known to reach near absolute zero as she quickly takes you inside the fortress where the temp is a bit more controlled.

Laura can feel the cold, but considering the amount of power she generates internally it will take a long time to effect her. She can survive in space in the shadow of the planet…for a while. The building is pretty impressive, not a lot like her Father's in her world…more unearthly. The Statues are in a similar pose, but are not Jor-El and Lara, "Oh, that's you and Dad."

Karen Smiles softly " Jor-El and lara are behind a little " She points to statues of Jor-El and laura as well as her parents.. She sighs " In my world I married clark.. that was before we knew he was my cousin " she sighs and shakes her head remembering " But that was another world now this Clark doesn't know me at all "

Laura shrugs, "Marriage between first cousins in legal in many places, including some in the US. Nothing to be ashamed of." She sighs, "Clark does not know ME either. He is also like half mu father's age."

Karen Nods her head " I know he's so young " she says as she chuckles "It's not taboo for kryptonians but humans have different views " She leads you deeper inside the fortress even as a Bot shows up and looks it speaks in a strange language.. And Kara responds before she looks back " Seems you are half kryptonian but your kryptonian half is mostly dormant "

"As I have stated, though it does not hurt to have independent confirmation," notes Atalanta. Of course, being half Kryptonian need not imply that she was created by natural biological means. She could be a hybrid clone or something.

Karen Cocks her head " mind if I get some blood to confirm for sure? " she ask as she leads you into the fortress to the zoo filled with various creatures and monsters that she's collected over the years.

Atalanta sighs, "Last time I gave someone a blood sample I cam to regret it. The ones who took it gave it to a government agency who kidnapped me and kept me out of the light while they tried to turn me into a living weapon." She rolls up her sleeve with visible reluctance.

Karen Blinks " Oh I'll give it back " she beams " She has one of the bots move over and it pricks your finger.. she then places it the one drop on a chip.. She places the chip on the bot .. so you can see it scanning the blood making it glow with it's light as it checks.. It speaks to her in that strange language and she takes the chip and hands it back " Well your not a clone or a hybrid creation "

Atalanta finds the technology fairly impressive…though admittedly she has not studied that in her father's fortress much she is pretty sure it is a bit different. No surprise though, she notes, "My father built his fortress himself, using a mix of technologies he remembered from Krypton and those learned other places. This seems to be all of one culture."

Karen Nods " it's Kryptonian my pod had the collected knowledge and technology of our world.. Clark had it too but he lost his pod… I got it back we used booth our crystals to build this place.. over the years we've collected a lot of tech of other worlds.. some we've used to improve the place.. but the base is pure Kryptonian "

"The entire place transferred here with you? This is not a duplicate you built since arrival?" Atalanta inquires, looking around curiously. Some odd things happened in the merger it seems.

Karen Shakes her head " No this is mine the original I never made a copy.. that's the strange thing my company came too the one I built on my world "

Laura stares off into the distance with a frown, "I wonder why so much of your world came but nothing of mine did save what I was holding."

Karen Shrugs her shoulders " I don't know but perhaps it has to do with the fact I was in earth 1 and my world was earth 2 then this merger happened and I was yanked into this world witch we could say is world 3 with a second world smashed against it "

Laura says, "I do not know the number of my world, but I also was on what you call Earth 1 I think, when the merger happened. Wonder Woman and the Titans and Dark Hero were fighting Darkseid…"

Karen Nods " that wasn't this world " she says softly " Well some of it was.. on earth one superman knew who I was and super girl was real.. this world he's much younger and I met myself just recently well this worlds me " .

"I seem to recall speculating, while we shared Pizza, that she would be about my age," Atalanta muses.

Karen Thinks and nods her head " She looks about your age yeah " she sighs and rubs her temples " I never got to be that young.. I landed on earth at around 21 years old for Kryptonians .. I skipped puberty I was in my pod the whole time " .

Atalanta frowns, "Different worlds, the one on my Earth traveled from Argo City quickly, with scarcely any aging." She is saddened that this Kara missed so much, and wonders how much the other Kara missed.

Karen Sighs " Different worlds different times " She smiles " when I arrived Clark was older then me " she says " Not that it means much " She shrugs with a sigh " We live a long time at least on earth " . She winks and points to a pod " Get in " She says brightly .

Atalanta notes how different this is from her father's ship…will pictures of his ship, it self destructed not long after he arrived. She climbs in, hoping she is not making another impulsive mistake.

Karen Smiles it's not her pod it's a copy she built, her pod and Clark's are far more advanced.. this is just for learning so once your inside and comfy the pod closes and a light flashes before some odd writing shows up.. the voice though is English " Welcome I am Mentor your teacher for this session.. what lesson would you like to learn today? "

"I wish to learn the language of Krypton," says Atalanta. It should be the first lesson. Others may follow, but start from the beginning.

The Pod flashes and a stream of data starts to flash before Laura's eye's as well as into her ears.. it's half the normal speed but the system takes into account her brain patterns and ability as it starts to teach Atalanta

While Laura's mind functions with Kryptonian speed, she lacks the superior memory of her father and second cousin, The system will probably take longer because of her relative lack of retention.

It's easy to lose track of time in the pod and the pod will see to your needs so it's hard to notice the passage of time.. When the opens the pod Karen beams a smile < How are we feeling Atalanta > She asks in kryptonian to see how your doing.

Atalanta responds, < There are so many new concepts in my head, I am having a hard time bending my mind around them. > So many ideas involved, thoughts from a culture nearly a thousand times as old as that of Earth made as words.

Karen Smiles and nods < That will come with time and the culture lessons right now you just have the basics.. When you learn the writing that's when it gets hard without the culture part.. but that comes as least you can understand for now and read a bit > She grins < Enough to sound like a tourist >

Atalanta says, "I think I had better sleep a while…I feel like I have been in school for like six weeks, without any breaks."

Karen Laughs < You can sleep here if you like you've been in the pod almost two days , and don't worry I called to make sure they knew were you are> she admits . She gives a you big hug of course that means face full of huge breasts but it's a warm hug as she pulls back .

Atalanta sighs, "I need to be in school tomorrow, even missing two days is going to look bad. Next time, we do this on the weekend." One of the conditions of being remanded to the custody of the Titans was to attend school regularly.

Karen Nods her head " That sounds like a plan " she smiles as she nods " thankfully the first day was sunday so you only missed one day " she says brightly " want a flight back or you wanna run ? "

"If it has been two days, I probably should stretch my legs," Atalanta decides. Besides, running will keep her metabolism accelerated so she can think a bit about this experience.

Kara Nods her head as she beams a smile " Go " She says and points with a laugh leading you out of the door.. witch by the way she locks using a massive key that seems to weigh thousands of tons .. she took you in a back way before that required DNA checks.

Atalanta says, "I think I will have to keep coming in the back way, my strength is only perhaps a hundred times human." It is not bad, but not enough to lift even twenty tons.

Karen Nods her head " Sure I will help you any way I can " she beams a bright smile " Your family after all " she grabs you into a big hug of course squishing you in big cleavage but it's a friendly motherly hug

Atalanta gives a trembling smile, "Thank you Cousin Kara, it helps to feel like family again."

Karen Smiles " Well the blood confirmed it " she says " and you have the chip I used so no giving it away or nothing " she smiles " Besides now that it's confirmed anybody tries to hurt you will deal with me " Whens he says that her eye's glow red.

Laura says, "I can generally fight my own fights, and likely should." Granted, she is not a fully empowered Kryptonian, but she is not bad. Also she needs to learn to be what SHE can be, which will not happen if she leans on others too much.

Karen Nods her head " I know but if you get into something you can't handle there are a lot of bad guys out there that would love to attack a weaker kryptonian you understand your dad and me have made a lot of extremely powerful enemies not counting your own.. your part of our family but that means you get the bad too "

Laura says, "It is one reason that I do not claim to be Kryptonian. though some people deduce my ancestry. It is better that I am viewed only as myself. People are more pron to underestimate me that way."

Carol Nods her head " well be careful " she smiles " And work on your powers slowly but if you want you can spend some time in my solar lamps it's like super sun for a while.. the more sun you get the better for you " .

Laura runs off headed south, waving goodbye and starting for home.

Karen Waves bye bye as well as you take off though she follows secretly to make sure your not followed or molested

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