2017-02-21 Mysteries of Demonology and Daemonites
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Voodoo, Raven
GMed by Cooperative
Title: Mysteries of Demonology and Daemonites

To be entirely fair, Priscilla is not used to hunting for someone based purely on indirect telepathy. She has hunted people by scent before. She has hunted them by vouduon scrying before. She has hunted people by mini-drone before. But telepathic feelings? That's a new one on her.

One thing that isn't new, though, is following her instincts. When her instincts say 'you need to find Person X', she goes looking. When nothing else works, and she starts getting 'nudges' that the person she's looking for is 'in that direction' and 'in that direction' … she goes.

And has been going for three hours, and two state lines.

Finally, Priss rides her bike down the street, sweeping as much with her noisy half-alien brain as with her eyes as she seeks out Raven. She doesn't even yet know why her instincts have been screaming at her all day to find the other woman. But she's betting she can figure that out … if she can only find Raven.

This is…often a good place to look for the half-demon, although it seems she is as tense as Priss - and perhaps for similar reasons. She is on a rooftop, of a building not far from the Tower, in uniform, frowning out at the city. But despite the height difference, her aura is quite obvious - and it's a disturbed aura. Something is bothering her…

Now that she's on the right street, Priss is able to spot that aura, and she knows what to do next. Not what comes after that, other than communication. But it's a step. She turns into an alleyway, parks her bike, and then climbs the wall to the roof. Then she jumps from that roof to the one Raven is waiting on … and walks over. "OK. So … you feel really tense and upset. And my gut has been telling me to find you all day. So. What's going on?" Mince words, she does not.

"I'm…not sure," Raven admits in the sort of quiet tone of somebody who's really *not* entirely sure. "I found something in one of the less savory parts of town that might indicate demonic activity." Which, perhaps, Priss would understand. "Or it might indicate foolish wannabes. I'm still investigating."

The half-alien woman considers Raven for a few moments, and then nods. "OK. You said might be demonic. Is it possible it might instead be demon-like alien activity?" Priss inquires, as she walks over to stand at the other woman's side. "My instincts … it could be. And it might explain why things aren't looking exactly right, aren't fitting your patterns. They might fit my patterns."

"…which would also include people being possessed, blanking out and having no memory of what they did, right?" Raven's frowning a little, pacing the rooftop slightly.

"Yes. I could mean any or all of those things." Priscilla answers, nodding. She doesn't pace with Raven, but stands stock still, focusing on the other woman and waiting. Waiting for an opening.

"…it's definitely possible. Tell me more about the Daemonites?" Open curiosity. "Or if you have reading material…"

Priss motions to herself. "Me? Reading material?" She offers a snort. "Sorry. I'm not illiterate, Raven, but I'm never going to be a scholar." She doesn't actually say the words 'I'm too stupid', but her tone says it all loud and clear. This is not a young woman who ever did well in school, however bright she may actually be. Then again, a mulato hispanic child growing up in the parishes of Louisiana is not going to have it easy in any way.

"Let me see if I can hit the highlights for you." Priss offers, considering her words for a few. "Daemonites are aliens. They crashed on Earth in a war cruiser about four thousand years ago, at the same time that a Kherubim ship did. They've become a big part of the world's legends and mythology relating to 'demons.'"

That said, Priss then transforms herself, then and there, into an exoskeletal figure of claws, fangs and chiton. "They look like this." she hisses. Then she ripples and warps back into herself. Fun stuff! "They have an innate phasing ability which enables them to coexist by merging with another lifeform, and telepathic ability which only manifests with physical contact, which enables them to compel and command their 'hosts'. In general, they cannot survive long in Earth's atmosphere, but they can operate indefinitely inside a host. They also have the ability to enhance their hosts, but this tends to do the host a good deal of harm."

No…that's not an easy childhood. Raven, in many ways, got lucky in that front. "Alright. So they need a host. What would make them leave one?"

The hybrid considers for a bit, frowning. "Well, they will often leave to grab another host if the one they are in has been too badly damaged, that they don't care to try to sustain it anymore. Or if another host offers a better position, greater power, further opportunity." Beat. Another beat. "Of course, I can actually eject them. from a host. And I have seen a few other artifacts - rare alien tech, and one or two mystical artifacts - that could manage the same sort of trick to one degree or another."

Raven nods. "So, if they just controlled somebody for a while then left, this would be…a tactical decision?"

"Usually, yes." Priscilla offers. "Usually there's some sort of … 'logical' reason."

Raven nods. "Okay. Because that seems to be what's happening, but it didn't feel right. Which if it was not actually magic…"

Priscilla nods. "Alright. Any chance you could take me to the site? I can't swear I'd spot something. But I'd be more than willing to give it a shot, if it would help move the case forward, define things."

"I can." Raven offers Priscilla her hand. "Shall we?"

Priscilla glances at Raven's hand, and then at the woman herself. "Uhm. Sorry for being stupid. But … shall we what?" 'Cause to her that looks like an invitation to dance. Not that she minds dancing, but she thought that wasn't really Raven's style.

"I don't fly fast, but it *is* better than walking. Unless you're afraid of heights?" the dark-haired woman offers.

Priss chuckles and shakes her head. "Nah. I'm not afraid of heights. I fly myself, actually. But you didn't explain. Almost looked like you were inviting me to dance." She winks at the other woman. "You know where we're going. So go ahead. I'll fly with you. Just remember, my bike is here. So I need to come back when we're through." That said, she takes Raven's hand. She has never flown under someone else's power before. This'll be new.

A slight laugh, and then Raven levitates both of them. It's a few blocks to the scene, at the edge of a less than savory part of town, and the two float down into an alleyway. She's practiced this, clearly.

Priss wobbles a little in the telekinetic field, clearly not used to this, but she adapts as best she can. And it's not long and they're settling down in the alleyway. Then Priss takes a good look around, before transforming herself into that Daemonite form once again, as it enhances her senses of sight, hearing and smell, even as she lets her mind and her empathic senses sweep this place and what is left here.

Raven doesn't even flinch. It's only shapeshifting and she's not a real demon. She moves back so that Priss can get a better look, pulling in her own aura as best she can.

Priss will smell…the stench of homeless people, at least three of them, two male, one female, and one of the males elderly. And the faint smell of, yes, Daemonite, very faint. Booze. And…blood. A trail of it leading north further into the alleyway.

The Daemonite form crawls around, sniffling and snuffling, picking up hints of scent along with the echoes of empathic energies. She keeps wuffling about, this way and that. Then her telepathic voice sounds in Raven's mind. « Three people here. They smell homeless, unclean. One woman, two men. One of them bled, and went this way. And you were right. There's the scent of Daemonite here, and the feel of their echo. Someone was possessed. » And then the Daemonite Priscilla continues down the alleyway, following that blood trail.

Raven moves to follow, her cloak swirling, her own senses quite active. Ahead, there's the smell of a person. Of a living person, although they might not be immediately easy to find. They're tucked into a gap between a dumpster and the wall.

Priscilla is pretty insistent and determined, and she follows the traces until she can worm her way in and reach the living person tucked away in there. Then she gently tugs at the form she finds, trying to pull the person out. But she has a feeling if this person wakes up, they're going to be terrified. Hard to be reassuring while in this form, sadly.

"Allow me," Raven says, quietly. The person seems to be a young girl, not a child, but not quite an adult either. "I think I can get her out easier."

When Raven speaks up, Priscilla the Daemonite backs off and then settles on her haunches a bit away from Raven, so that the girl does not have to come nearer to her to reach Raven. « Time to wake up, hon. I promise you, no one here is going to hurt you. We just want to help. » she projects.

Raven moves over and then…gently uses her hands and her TK to pry the girl out. She's bleeding, from a wound in her shoulder. "What happened?" she asks, very gently, as the child stirs.

The Daemonite stays to the side, saying and doing nothing aloud or overt. Her telepathic effort, however, reaches out to cradle the girl's waking mind, reading her thoughts, her language, her memories. What happened? How?

"Uncle…Simon…knife." The girl manages. Somebody she trusted attacked her. Of course, he was possessed…but why? What are they dealing with here?

Priscilla reads the events from the girl's mind, and then projects to Raven. « She was attacked by her Uncle, her single adult male role model. He was possessed at the time, attacked her with a knife. They took her blood. I cannot figure out why. That part does not make sense. » That settled, Priss watches as Raven treats the girl. « Should we summon medical help? »

"I can…help a little bit." And indeed, under her touch the wound is closing. "But only a little. My healing ability is limited." The girl, though, seems a bit better. "So, yes, please call an ambulance."

Sure. Ask the Daemoite to go find a payphone. But Priscilla doesn't argue, she just goes loping off. She'll change back to a person form once she's around the corner and out of sight, and go find a way to call this in.

Yes, but Raven is the one best equipped to calm the child down. She's…maybe fifteen. Hopefully…no. She's going to end up in foster care, nothing Raven can do about that. But she's going to be fine…Raven hopes. Physically, anyway.

Priss returns about ten minutes later on two feet, looking her normal self. "I called. Ambulance is on the way." She didn't bother asking for cops. Just so long as the girl is taken care of, that's all that matters to her.

Raven nods. "She'll be fine physically, and I did what I could to calm her down." The girl's still whimpering. "But why would a Daemonite take her blood?"

Priss doesn't bother saying anything; she already said she has no idea.

Raven frowns. She looks at the girl again. "Maybe…maybe there's something unusual about her." She's falling asleep again. Or passing out. Probably for the best.

"Must be something different about her, but I can't puzzle it out." Priscilla comments. "She has no idea what it is."

"If she doesn't know herself, it might be hard to work out." The girl's hair, though, seems several shades darker than it was. And a little purplish. What's with that?

Priss tilts her head, looking at the girl's changes. "She wasn't that color when we pulled her out. Is that you, or something she's doing?"

"It's not me." Raven frowns. "Could be subconscious minor shapeshifting, which would certainly explain why a shapeshifter might be interested in her."

"They're not shapeshifters." Priss is, but that's different. "But if they could find a way to gain a power like that, they could blend in a lot better over a wider array of situations."

Raven nods. "Or they just wanted to study it. Poor kid." Raven will have to keep looking. "We'll have to see if we can find them."

Priss nods. "Sure. But the trail here is pretty slim. I don't think I can find the one who did this from here. We'll have to keep looking."

Raven nods. "We will." Which sounds like a promise. Raven's going to find them…and soon.

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