2017-02-21 Two Witches, Green and Red
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Amora, Wanda
GMed by N/A
Title: Two Witches, Green and Red

Rating: G

The park is, as expected, a special place for mystics of all kinds. There's a lot of energy in the park, like a small wooded beacon in the middle of the greatest city on the planet. The air itself breathes both hope and fear. Life and death.
In the swarm of these energies is Wanda, standing off the beaten path and keeping her eyes closed as she focuses on her magic. Her breath is faint, nearly nonexistant.

Amora does come to the park fairly regularly, although in her case it is mainly because it is the most open area in the city, and thus where she initially teleported to when she came to Midgard sometime ago, and has kept it as kind of anchor point where she teleports back to whenever she gets lost in the city, or just can't be bothered to walk back, the advantages of being a sorceress.

Curiously enough, Wanda is in fact not the first other magic user that she meets in the park either, so maybe it indeed is a sort of unofficial gathering place for them. This time she is actually just walking through the park though, looking for a specific person who she met there some days ago, and as such, she has applied a minor enhancement to her eyes to allow them to see trails of magic that she used to find the person last time, which now leads her to Wanda instead. She is not trying to be anyway particularly stealth, but doesn't announce herself either as she walks close enough to get a good view of the woman, and what she is doing, always interested to see the styles of others gifted in the magical arts.

Wanda has a tome open before her and set down in a patch of dirt she has cleared out. She sits on a triquetra that she had carved into the earth with a stick she has since discarded to the side of the brush. Her lips are parted and moving voicelessly casting a long form spell over herself, a sheen of red forming over her body. It appears she's doing a cleansing spell, washing away her evil thoughts and the haunting spirits of her past.
After a moment the witch becomes completely still and she lifts her eyes spotting Amora, though she doesn't actually speak just yet.

Amora might look somewhat unusual, depending on what Wanda is used to of course, she is very beautiful, and very tall, and dressed in pretty unusual style. She taps a finger against her chin as she watches the spell being weaved, having a fairly good idea of what its purpose is, being a very skilled and experienced sorceress herself, she is familiar with most types of magic. Her eyes meeting the other womans as she stays silent, not wanting to interrupt her magic.

Wanda's red eyes shift back to her more natural brown as she reacts to Amora's presence. Standing up and not using a spell, but instead her mutant hex ability to lift the tome up into a leather bag she had set aside in the thicket. "You are not from around here." Wanda states the obvious, her voice giving away that she isn't from New York as well, but her distance travelled is no where near as great as Amora's. "Vhat are you doink here?" She asks, allowing multiple meanings to be inferred from her questions.

Amora offers a slight chuckle at the statement, nodding slightly in agreement, though waits for her to finish before she replies. "Observing, for the moment." is offered to the red-clad woman. "It is quite curious, this glade seems to draw many practicioners of the Art. Or maybe there is just much more of them in this realm than I had thought."

"There are a few of us, but there seems to be a great concentration of mages and vitches in this area." Wanda says, turning her attention upwards to ponder this thought. "It is somethink I have never put much thought on." Wanda notes, lifting a hand to brush her strawberry brown hair behind her ear, her gaze shifting back to Amora. "Vhere is it you are from?" Asks the slavic woman, curious about the sudden appearance of this new witch.

Amora hmmms as she listens to Wanda. "It was just an observation I made, as you are the second one I meet here in as many days. And I thought Midgard was focused more on their sciences than the mystical arts. I am from Asgard. I arrived here recently to take care of a friend." she replies. "What about you? Who taught you?"

"I believe your original assumptions are correct." Wanda agrees, her thoughts going back to Steve's shield, the helicarrier and Tony's Iron Man. Lots of this side of the world are focused entirely on science and magic is lost. Her eyes lift up to Amora and she blinks a few times, though she does not seem surprised at the idea of someone being from Asgard. "I am self taught. I have never had a teacher." Wanda says, though her eyes dance over to her pack and the tome inside. It appears she's taught herself with books and practice and sheer force of will.

Amora did notice the book earlier already, which makes her reply somewhat surprising. "Hmmm, you wrote your own tomes?" she inquires, certainly possible, there are many books in her own personal library that were written by herself, and of course also many that were not. "It is quite impressive though to learn magic without a teacher, though so did the other person I met, so maybe it is just that only those with exceptional talent ever realize it enough to learn in this realm."

Wanda shakes her head, lifting her hands also shaking them to dismiss the idea, "I have never vritten my own book. I simply find them and study them until I know everythink I can from them." She says with a faint blush before she clasps her hands in front of her, held low and close to herself. "Ve also do not meet each other very often and usually there are instances vhere ve have strong disagreements and thus learnink from each other is even more difficult."

Amora crosses her arms over her chest as she listens to her words, somewhat curious. "Hmmm, well someone has to be writing them, I would be interested to studying some of the sorcery books from this realm to see how much they differ from what I am used to, might even learn something new." then frowning slightly at the last part. "Really? that sounds very counter-productive. In Asgard, all the great sorcerors take apprentices regularly to pass on their knowledge."

"Some one did. I usually assume they are long since dead as most of the tomes I have come across are centuries old." Wanda notes aloud and then crosses her arms much the same way Amora does with a gentle nod, "That vould be very helpful if I could find someone to really teach me magic, but I am stuck by myself vith no mentor of any kind." The witch says with a faint frown.

"That seems to be a recurring pattern." Amora observes. Then gives a more curious look to Wanda. "So, what kind of magic do you know so far?" is asked, as certainly she would need to get at least a general idea of what the girl can do already before she could decide on whether or not she might be able to help her.

"I know a few things, not too much. I don't do too many invocations, but mostly quick spells I can react and help protect others with." Wanda says, careful to omit the offensive spells she was forced to learn in her youth.

Amora arches a brow some as she listens to that fairly vague description of the kind of magic the girl can do. "Well… that tells me the power level, but not much about the actual types of magic… elemental magic, enchantment, transmutations, teleportation, shielding?" she questions, offering some examples of different types of spells.

Wanda's mouth forms into an 'O' as she understands the question now. She nods her head once largely before she looks again at her bag. Shuffling her feet Wanda answers, "I can do some shields, mostly enchantments and transmutations. A spattering of elemental magics, such as fog and rain, but not too much more than that." She says, forgetting about the exorcisms and wards, plus her mutant hex abilities she's omitting from her abilities list.
Furrowing her eyebrows, Wanda inquires, "Could you maybe teach me a few things?" The Scarlet Witch is hopeful, but does her best to not show it.

Amora smiles slightly and nods in approval at the more informative response given this time. "Hmmm, well that is a pretty good base." she offers, consider the woman a few moments as she listens to the request. "I could, perhaps. I guess the question would be what you can offer in trade?" she inquires, curious about how she will reply, so she leaves the question somewhat open-ended.

"I have … " Wanda pauses at this question, looking up to the fellow witch. "I have only my body and mind to offer." Maximoff says with a hint of a frown, not sure if that's something she should offer, but it is the only the avenger has to give.

Amora arches a brow some at her choice of words, which could be understood in quite many ways. But then offers a light chuckle, lifting a finger up. "Ah, while I am sure, there are many who would be delighted of such an offer… you are limiting yourself to thinking only in material scale, there are other ways of payment also. Such as favors. I can teach you now, and you will be left owing me a favor, that I can then collect at a later date, when I have need for such." she offers.

Wanda has a single corner of her mouth twitch at Amora's response. "A favor I can do." Wanda says, her eyebrows shifting up as she nods along with the idea. "I suppose I vill not know the nature of this favor until the time comes." Wanda assumes aloud.

Amora chuckles softly at her words. "While I can do many things, seeing the future is not among them, so I cannot really know yet what manner of favor I might need in the future. It might even be possible that it will never come up, taking how short lives Midgardians have… so in a way, I am leaving myself at possible disadvantage." she explains, considering then, she obviously does not have any of her books or scrolls with her, so she will need to go with something fairly simple to teach, but those are the types of spells Wanda had said she favors anyway. "So then… do you have any requests on what type of magic you would wish to learn?"

Wanda turns around, once Amora begins to discuss the circumstances of the favor, and starts to erase her triquetra with her foot rubbing the dirt flat. She bends down and lifts up her bag, slinging it over one shoulder and stepping back to Amora. "I have no idea vhat spell I vish to learn. Vhat is somethink you consider important that everyone should know?"

Amora reaches a hand up to tap her chin lightly with a finger as she considers the question, which could be answered in many ways, but she is trying to think of what would be useful for Wanda, from what little she knows of the woman. "Well, personally I consider scrying very useful at least, and something I use often. Which allows you to see, and gain information about a location, or person, from far away. Such can be useful in many different ways." she suggests.

"Scryink? I have read of it, but none of the tomes I have discoverd have ever taught me how to do it." Wanda explains, hooking her thumb under the strap of her bag and looking Amora up and down with her bark brown eyes. "Vhat does it take to do this scryink spell?" She's aware that some spells require materials and even certain sacrifices.

Amora looks around for a bit to see if there might be any convenient bodies of water nearby. "There are many differen forms for it, and going over them all would take a long time. But the most basic form does not require too much. The first thing is a body of still water. It does not require any special kind of water or vessel for it, just water, in a bowl, pond, sink, anything is fine." she explains. "Then you will need something to focus yourself to what you want to see. A place where you have visited before is easy, if it is only been described to you it is more difficult, but still doable. If you are looking for a person, having something of them with, such as a strand of hair for example, or a personal possession, will make it much easier. If they are in another plane of existence, that will also make it considerably harder. But we should start with something simple, do you have any place or person in mind to use for practice?"

"Marie." Wanda says gently, smiling as she walks over towards a nearby fountain that has luckly been shut off. Wanda gestures towards the manmade pond with a grin. "I vould be able to find Marie easily." Says the witch with a nod. Reaching into her backpack, she pulls out a small glove, she was given by Rogue one night when it was cool, though she forgot to return them. Sitting down on the bench around the fount, Wanda glances back to Amora, "Vhat is it ve must do to begin?"

Amora walks after Wanda to the fountain, sitting down on the edge of it. "Alright. Hold the glove in one hand." she instructs, clenching her own hand to a fist and holding it up near her chest to demonstrate how to do that, even though how to hold the hand doesn't really matter, its just the way she does it. "Then reach your other hand to the water, but don't break the surface, like this." lowering her own hand down, her palm just few inches above the surface. "Then focus your mind on this Marie, envision her in your mind to the water, and call for your magic as you slowly move your hand over the surface."

Wanda mimics and follows Amora to the letter, her hand brushing the surface of the water with a gentle hand and a probing mystic eye. A few minutes pass and it seems like Wanda has either fallen into a trance or into a sleep-state. She's taking a while to divine Marie's location or she's simply having trouble activating the spell.

Amora watches Wanda's progress with a keen eye, though she isn't rushing the other woman, as nothing good will come from rushing magic. Eventually she does speak again though. "Remember to channel your power into the spell." the actual methods that different magic-users use to invoke their spells vary so much that it is quite hard for her to give fully precise instructions on how to do that, some use words, others gestures, while yet others might dance, but Wanda should know how her magic works. "You can speak her name out loud if that helps you focus to it." the first time is always the hardest when learning any new spell.

Wanda lowers her eyes, her face and her shoulders, almost balling in on her self. "Marie." The witch whispers almost silently to herself, suddenly her eyes snap open and the scene of a girl inside the kitchen laughing and playing with some younger kids shimmering on the surface of the fountain. Wanda gasps and smiles at the image shown to her and even more so, what it means to her as a witch and her abilities. Looking back to Amora, Wanda smiles actually smiles, thanking the Asgardian, "Thank you… My name is Vanda or the Scarlet Vitch."

Amora smiles as she watches the spell taking effect, nodding in approval. "Very good. That is very basic scrying spell, and something that I am sure you will find useful in multitude of situations. Whether it is to find a friend, or enemy, or to scout out a location safely, or even to acquire valuable information." This basic spell only includes vision to the location, getting sound included would be considerably more complex magic. "You are welcome, Wanda. I am Amora, the Enchantress." she introduces herself in return.

"Amora is a lovely name. Thank you." Wanda says, grateful to her newest teacher, "Is there some reason you came to our planet as I seem to have distracted you enough."

Amora smiles at the compliment. "Thank you. And yes, I came to find what had happened to a wayward prince of Asgard. Though I did find him already… I have been using the opportunity to explore this realm a bit more."

"I shall let you go on your own and study as you vish." Wanda says, giving another smile to Amora before tucking the glove back into her back and standing up. "It is about time I head home to do my chores." Wanda says as she starts to move away from the fountain.

Amora stands up again herself too giving a slight nod to the red-clad woman. "Very well, fare thee well Wanda. And keep up your training."

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