2017-02-22 A Raven in Xavier's

Xavier's School - Library - East Wing - Ground Floor


5:45pm on a Wednesday.

The school's resident French Teacher was in the Library this evening, dinner wasn't that far off from being served in the dining hall, but Rogue was lounging on a couple of chairs with her booted feet up and a book cracked open on her lap. She had her gloves off and they were draped over the edge of a table beside her.

A page was flipped with a naked right hand.

"Hmm…" Rogue muttered as she eyed the page's content. "I can't keep all the damn names straight in this book. How is this even remotely popular?" She asked, no one in particular.

The label on her book indicated it was the first in the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series.

Rogue looked at the remaining pages in the novel and she sighed. "This is gonna take foreve'ah…"

Twila is in the Library, quietly flipping through a book about various composers. She has it standing on end, hiding her face and keeping her rather frustrated gaze from sight. She simply reads to herself quietly, not wanting to cause any trouble.
Mary isn't really all that regular guest in the library, for obvious reasons, but there is some music available there too hopefully, most libraries do anyway. Her cane tapping lightly against the floor ahead of her probably cueing Rogue of her arrival although other than that she doesn't make a lot of noise. She can of course sense the people in the room even without seeing them, being able to recognize minds. "Why are you reading it then, if you don't like it?" she inquires from Rogue as she tries to find a board that would list where what is found in the library that she could feel her hand over to read. "Where is the audio books?" she finally asks, thats probably faster. Hearing a new voice then, she stops for a moment, though does not turn towards Scott. "I don't think we have met yet?"

Rogue flipped another page after scanning it and then she glanced up to grin at Scott's arrival. "Well heya there, come t'tell us that dinner is ready, I guess?" She'd ask him, having not seen him a lot lately.

Rogue heard the question from Mary and she then looked over toward Twila. "The computers over there… they got the books loaded on them that are all audio. Headsets are sittin' next t'the monitors too." She smiled at Twila. "Twils, you wanna set her up with stuff if she's wantin' it?" She asked the student.

Marie looked back to Twila then. "An' I'm readin' it cause everyone says the books are better'n the show. So. Uh, yeah. I should probably take it back t'my room though, just worried I'd pass out if I read up there."

Scott snickers when Mary calls out Rogue, and with that amused smirk remaining, he steps up to Mary now. "Scott Summers. Cyclops. I think you'll find as you get older, that sometimes there are great pleasures in things that are acquired tastes. Can't give up on something too easily. I can guide you to te audio books if you like." While putting a hand up to Mary close enough for her to sense, he looks to Rogue. "Nah, just… I've been cooped up in my room too much lately. I need to keep tabs on things better. The only thing I know about dinner is I'm hoping for some fudgesicles for a snack." Twila, seeming to want to read quietly, is allowed to do just that.

Twila sighs softly and stands up, "I got it." She states softly. Quietly she walks over to the computers. Yes Walks. No crazy speed. No papers flying around everywhere. Just a slow walk. "Mary, Over here. What site do you want." Its very clear she is not herself right now. A soft nod is given to Scott and then to Rogue.

Mary listens to what Rogue is saying, even still now having to focus extra hard to actually make out what she is saying sometimes. "Oh it is dinner time already?" She inquires, chuckling a bit at Rogue's 'over there' comment, because that is totally not going to help her much. However, fortunately Scott comes to the rescue and offers to actually show her where it is. "Oh nice to meet you, Scott, I am Mary Crowley." she offers, not adding her recently invented codename because she still thinks those sound dumb, and she doesn't have a costume to go with it yet anyway. "Thank you for the help, I can usually remember where everything is pretty well, its just the first time that is always the tricky one…. oh wait… are you related to Alex?" the school is small enough that two completely unrelated people having same surname would be very unlikely. Then she hears Twila's words also, and can sense her, though something feels a bit off about the other girl. Though, not wanting to cause a scene, she asks her a bit more subtly. < Whats wrong? You don't sound like yourself? > sent mentally to Twila.

Scott takes Mary's hand, and brings her to Twila, who seems… well not eager, but willing to do the rest of the work for Mary. "Yes, Alex is my brother," he nods. Leaving those two to play with the computers, he comes back over to Rogue, loking at her and her book again. "They say the shows are going to end up completely different from the books now."

Rogue took her feet off of the chair she'd had them on in front of her and she put the book down on the table beside her. "Thanks, Twils!" She said to the teenage girl, not really noticing the 'down' part of her mood because this was a building full of teenagers… it was kind of normal.

Rogue looked up to Scott then when he came over to where she was sitting and she reached over for her thermos which was also on the table. "I've only seen some'a the show. I have a hard time sittin' still through movies'n such, but its kinda fun. I mean, there's a lot of crazy stuff in it. Neve'ah really gotten inta fantasy stuff before though… I mean those Hobbit movies were fun." Rogue shook her head gently then and sat up in her chair to sip her mug (lord knows whats in it).

The door to the Library opens and a certain known red head walks her way in. Jean smiles to Rogue as she spots her giving her a friendly wink…but she does notice the familiar back and brown hair of someone she's fairly familiar with. "SCOTT!" Jean yelps and runs right over….hugging him from the back.

Twila frowns, < Its a long story Mary. I found some things out about my powers. Its sorta bad. I messed up really bad. > She sighs and quickly keys up a good music website and sets the handicap on the machine to function via voice command. "Okay press the ctrl key and just tell it what to look for. Put on the headphones and it will talk to you. Its a good thing." She stands up and lets Mary sit down and helps her out where she can. She actually does her best not to touch the girl.

Mary walks her way over to Twila, feeling the way with her cane so she doesn't run into a chair or anything, before she gets there and then finds a chair to sit down to. "I am not sure if there is much point in starting to listen one right now if dinner is up soon, but might at least figure out how this thing works, for next time." Remembering something then, she calls back towards Rogue. "Oh, Rogue? When is the music club next? Thats my favorite!" Then focusing her attention back to Twila as she listens to her words. < Oh? What happened? I hope you didn't accidently hurt anyone? > picking up the headphones and putting them on as she follows the instructions jsut to see how it all works. "Ok, this seems fairly easy."

Scott glances over at the kids, making sure they're alright. Not hearing their telepathic communication, he assumes everything's fine. That's good, since his attention is now entirely taken by the surprise attack from behind. "Jean," he laughs with ea heavy, startled breath. "Yeah I've been a bit… cooped up. Making the rounds, getting back in the swing of things. How's your night?"

Rogue looked over and up to Mary when the question about the Music Club was asked and it made her smile. "Tuesdays." She replied to her. "But we're gonna head inta Salem Center this weekend an' hit up the Music shop there. You're welcome t'tag along with that. I think we're gonna go around ten in the mornin' on Saturday. If we can rally the troops for it. Its only about eight or ten, depending on how people are feelin'."

When Jean lunged and hugged Scott and Scott laughed and replied to her, it made Rogue's green eyes go to the two of them and she put her hands together in front of her chest and smiled big at them. "Awwwww…" She said. "Its just like in the movies!" The southern belle replied in her deeply accented voice. "If only I'd had my phone on me, I'd snap pics'a this." She was, of course, teasing the two of them.


Twila frowns a little. She begins walking back to her book. Its definitely now like her. Meanwhile she responds to Mary through their link. < I time traveled. Also… I almost went into the Speed Force. Time travel is just crazy. If I go into the Speed Force though, I may never get out again. That is how bad this is. > She sighs and sits down. Back to her book.

Mary smiles also at Rogue's information. "Oh? What we going in the shop for? Don't we have enough instruments yet?" she questions teasingly, then frowns a bit at Twila's news. < Oh… that sounds bad. Have you talked to any teachers about that? I can't say that I would know much about what this speedforce is, but uh, if things like that are happening, maybe you should slow down a bit, try to like keep under the speed where those kind of things start happening? > She goes through the selection of audio books in the computer during this.

Scott turns around to face Jean, having gathered himself after a moment's shock. He holds her head, and grins. "Good to be missed. So we were wondering, anyone know what's going on for dinner? I was not able to be the library's savior and deliver that critical information, sadly."

Rogue looked to Twila then and she stood up and walked over to sit down beside the student. "So whats going on?" She asked her, sipping her silver thermos. "You're lookin more sour than a basket'a rotten apples." She said at the kid before glancing over toward Mary and grinning at her. "We just need t'get outta the house sometimes an' go out, find a place that is dedicated t'music and experience it. Not just sit here lookin' up songs on Youtube. Need to experience music in its own realms. Up close'n personal. Yeah, we got a lotta instruments, but they got a lot more than that."

Overhearing Scott's words, Rogue looked at he and Jean, smiling at them again. "Kurt's cookin' something. Thats what he told me. Soime kind German stuff… An' before ya start reachin' for your cell phones'n your pizza phone numbers… Remembe'ah just how sad, a sad Kurt really is t'have mopin' around the halls."

"Rogue's got it on the nose, actually. Kurt's already downstairs and he's cooking, but he shooed me out of the kitchen….so I'm up here." Jean looks to Rogue and smirks a bit. "Oh, Rogue……I found someone in Gotham…"

Twila looks at Mary and frowns, < I'm worried. > She turns her attention to Rogue. "I was off Training with Power Girl. She can keep up with me and has some stuff that is a lot stronger then most stuff on the planet. She took me there to find out how fast I can go and stuff. I was umm… Moving at nearly 23 thousand miles per hour. THen I broke time." She sighs and shakes her head. "I traveled back in time about a minute. Enough time to see myself actually do it. I tried again and started brushing against the speed force. If I would have pushed any harder… I might not be here. Apparently I go into that place again, I may not leave. Like Ever. I'm a little scared."

Scott pats Jean on the side, and looks back to Rogue. "Yes, you're right We all need to partake of Kurt's schnitzengruben, or whatever he's making, and give it an honest try." He then wanders over toward the kids, Mary, checking on them again, seeing what they pulled up for Mary.
Mystique has arrived.

Mary bites her lower lip a bit, nervous over what Twila is saying, but then Rogue comes over and starts talking about it out loud with the speed-girl, so she goes silent, mentally as well, and just listens to them, Rogue can probably help her better anyway! Scott's words cause her to arch a brow though. "Snith…what?" she asks with a giggle, not sure if that is even a real word or if Scott just made it up. She is mostly just browsing through the different voice books available since she wont have time to listen one now anyway with dinner being ready soon.

Rogue looked over at Jean then and lofted her brows up high above her green eyes. "You 'found' someone?" She repeated. "Are they valuable?" A grin showed up on her lips. "Can we SELL them?" She was joking of course (probably). "Who'd ya find, Red?" She asked the more honest question then.

But it was Twila's revelations that made the southern gal looked back to the student. Rogue frowned at her. "I'm glad you didn't vanish on us, kiddo." She told her, using the name that Logan always used to call her. "I'm startin' t'think that this Power… Girl… is a bad influence on ya, and that ya might be best served not hangin' around her."

A heavy sigh was had then and Rogue nodded twice. "I've had bad influences in my life, so trust me… I know what kinda damage they can do t'us if we let'em. We think they're our friend and as it turns out, they're just out for other stuff that they want from us." Was it true about Peej? Rogue didn't know. She was just going off of what she'd gathered so far.

A glance was given to Scott and the southerner grinned at him. "Just so long as its not animal private parts… Please tell me thats not what… it is."

Scott grabs a vacant chair, having made sure Mary was alright on a computer, and plops himself into it. Back to the wall, he surveys everything going on, listening. Folding his arms, he considers, and puts on a stern face. "There's nothing wrong with holding back your powers, and saving them for emergencies, Twila. But one thing you'll learn in time, is how to overcome your fears in an emergency. And yes, I agree with them on Power Girl. Best to take things slow."

"Of course you had a number of bad influences, Rogue. You moved away from all the good ones, after all."

This voice - a contralto tone, unnaturally resonant, was instantly recognizable. Mystique's voice, when she wasn't stealing someone else's. Slick-backed red hair over her head, the woman had given up her usual sense of… freedom for the sake of the children, and was currently 'wearing' - as much as Mystique wore anything - a white dress, off the shoulder, a bit on the tight side, with the hem of the skirts going down to her knees. And equally white heels.

It might look a little… different for those who knew her. Such as the southern belle that Mystique currently had her gaze upon. But her eyes flicker across towards Jean, and Scott, and Raven inclines her head.

"Hello," she offers simply - putting on the prettiest smile in the world. But in this form in particular, Mystique could never keep a sense of… sly danger out of her smile.

Mary gets Mystique's attention last. "Causing problems? Typically, making trouble is a sign of intelligence. So long as it's the right kind of trouble, hmm?"

Twila looks between Jean, Rogue, and Scott. This could prove to be a slight problem. Especially given her emotions and her attraction to the slightly older woman. "So, I'm not allowed to see her for what a WEEK?!" She sighs and rubs her head. "No She is not a bad influence! She's actually actively helping me. She can keep up with me. Thats something that no one here can do. The Professor has met her. He could vouche for her. Trust me, She's not bad. She's good. She actually helps people. She's a good person." She frowns a little. "She didn't push me to do those things. They happened because I pushed myself. I was going faster then I ever gone before. She warned me not to push myself and even has a theory of why those things happened but. If I can't see her for a week and you honestly think she's a 'bad influence', Then I guess I will hide out in my room for a week until I'm freaking 18." She frowns and stands up looking towards the door.

The door opens, and in strides Logan. Dressed in boots, jeans, a white shirt and a black and green flannel, the feral man makes a blue-collar dream come true. The toolbox being carried in one knuckle-scarred hand only adds to it all. He sniffs the air and glances about the library, blinking. "Thought I smelled a buncha folks," he growls softly to himself. "Book club or something'?"

Logan, the PE and woodshop teacher for the higher grades, along with general handyman and landscaper for the estate, stalks into the library. "Electrical issue goin' on in here. Student told me the lights short sometimes. So…gonna take a look."

He turns slowly, taking everyone in, his brow furrowing a hint at…certain people…before he starts towards one of the walls. He leans against it, pressing his ear to it before he nots, and he sets his toolbox on a table. He then pops his claws on one hand with a notable *SNIKT* and cuts cleanly through the wall in four directions, letting the square of wall fall forward to reveal the wiring behind it.
Mary can sense another mind that she doesn't recognize entering the room, although dressing up specifically for her is likely more or less wasted effort, since she can't see it anyway. Though with so many people now in the room, she is starting to fade a bit into the background and focus on just listening, both thoughts and words, as she would have rather hard time figuring out who is talking to her anyway in this big crowd.

"Like I said….once you're 18, you'll no longer need 'parental supervision', and can see her all you want, as you will be an adult." Jean says softly to Twila. "I think she's a good person too, but…again…I'm being cautious."

And it's when Mystique walks her way in…..and Jean cuts herself off rather abruptly and…..the tone in her voice changes……as well as the echo to it suggests a very dangerous turn….something many of the students haven't seen in jean. "What're you doing here, Mystique?"

Rogue listened to Scott and Jean on the subject of Power Girl and she nodded at what they had to say. At the Gotham bit though, Rogue just smirked. "Bat… girl?" She asked. "Who the hell comes up with these names? I mean, were they just at the bottom of the barrel in the namin' catagory?" A little headshake was given then. "Glad she didn't try nothin' on ya, Red… Cause if she had, I'd of had t'pummel her face up real nice." The southern belle still had some street thug in her afterall, thanks in-large-part due to Mystique (don't tell her though).

Rogue sighed softly at Twila and shook her head. "You just told me that the practice you an' this woman were doin' nearly lead t'your death. How do ya want us t'respond t'that, really?" She sighed softly then and went to stand up. "I'm glad you're okay, Twila… you're gonna do what ya wanna do, obviously none'a us can really catch up t'ya if ya bail on us and our 'rules'."

Rogue was about to turn to go check on Kurt's dinner making when she stopped hard in her tracks at the sight of Mystique.

Green eyes went huge and Rogue looked around at the others. "Woah, woah!" She said, lifting a hand up and pointing at the blue-bodied-woman-in-the-white-dress. "What the hell is she doing here??" Rogue said, eyes going to Logan when she saw him stride on it to fix the library's 'Ghost' in the lighting system.

The southern teacher looked to Raven again and her eyebrows lowered into an angry-state. "You can't just waltz onta our property!" She shouted at the woman now, her notorious temper starting to show itself.


Scott looks up, raising one brow when Mystique comes in. It's almost completely distracting from Logan's distinctive maintenance style. "Good evening," he says to Mystique. "Dressed for dinner I see. We're having German tonight." His reaction is muted, allowing Rogue do be the pushy one. "And Twila. If she's helping you, she'll be willing to go a week, to let you be cautious, won't she? You know, when you're an old woman like Mystique here, you'll regret rushing to age yourself up."

Twila looks between the Teachers, "There was no way she could know that I was this fast. She told me the only person she knows who is this fast is from the other universe. Someone called the Flash. The difference is, He got to grow into his. Apparently with me, its more like being thrown into the deep end of the pool. But it doesn't matter because She's a bad influence!" There are two emotions she's feeling and both are going wild. Anger being the big one. The other one is something much different. Love. The girl looks at everyone. "Don't worry I won't leave campus. If you want you could put steel bars on my windows, Or some weird psycho walls that I can't move through. Just. Screw it." BOOM! she's gone. Its taking everything not to head down to the gym and burn a divit in the track. Instead she goes to her room and just starts crying.

Mystique doesn't betray anything on her face as she turns her head to spy Logan - but her eyes narrow, the one betrayal to the idea that she had noticed anything. "Oh, carry on your work," she tells… "Logan, right?" Up comes a blue hand, waggling her finger at the man.

'What are you doing here, Mystique?'

Two variations of the same question, fired her way - Raven's eyes flickering after Twila at the teenage temper tantrum. For a moment, a smile spreads across her lips. A bit sly. Before she chases that away to a humbler expression, something more serious in nature and tone, her eyes flicker towards both women. "What am I doing here?" Raven repeats.

Opening her arms wide, she shows her palms. "Turning over a new leaf. I'm /certain/ Charles informed you - if he wasn't busy with… other things," says Mystique, with a twitch of her eyebrow. "I heard a story - I heard a tale, of this… beacon of mutanthood. A shining house of light and forward thinking, that will set humanity and mutantkind on a path together - holding hands as we go boldly together into this new millenium."

A beat, and Raven lets her tone draw low. "Erik's plan didn't work. And neither did mine. So - I'll go along with yours," she says, her tone drawing low, as if to promise, 'until yours ends in blood and tears as well'.

"So. Rogue. Will I be roommates with you, or do you think there's enough space for me to have a room of my own too, mhmm?" says Mystique. Of course she knew she would have her own room. But anything to twinge her 'daughter' was enough by her.

Of course, Scott got in on it too. "And when you get older, Scott… you'll begin to wish you had powers like mine," says Mystique, smiling prettily at him.

Mary bites her lower lip a bit as Twila throws a tantrum fitting for a ten year old and runs out, sighing and shaking her head some, but she stays sitting, holding her cane with both hands in her lap as she listens to all of the grown-ups talking, especially focusing her mind on this new arrival who seems to not get along so well with most of the teachers, forming a focused link so she can feel not only her thoughts, but emotions as well. Even though she isn't even looking towards the others, still facing the computer screen.

"You'll…..forgive me if I don't exactly trust you at the moment, Raven." jean says rather bluntly. "As often as you've convinced us before, you've turned your back on us just as often. So you're just going to have to prove that you're on the up and up, Raven. Or Logan gets his way."

Rogue shook her head gently at hearing this. "No. Charles hasn't said a gull damned worda this to me." She said back to Mystique. When Twila vanished in a puff of teenage smoke, it sent Rogue's hair fluttering across her face on the right side and she quickly stroked the white bangs out of her eyes and back behind an ear.

A glance was given to Scott who seemed rather non-chalant about the situation, and then Jean who seemed to be reluctant but accepting of it…

A heavy sigh was released. "This woman used me t'get what she wanted. She abused me and has many othe'ahs… How she can suddenly 'not' be like that…" Her head shook side to side. "Doesn't seem possible." The southern belle said as she started for the doorway out to the hallways.

"Stay the hell away from me." Rogue muttered to Mystique as she passed by the blue woman. If the others weren't going to fight it, she'd just have to… avoid her? Sadly for young Anna-Marie, she wasn't as fast as Twila.

Oh, Mystique never liked calling Anna-Marie anything other than Rogue. For one, Rogue was her mutant name, and for two…

It separated her that much more from her birth parents. Raven pauses a few moments, letting a look of sympathy cross her features. One of the things that Mystique believed was that a good lie had a basis of truth, and one could almost feel the hurt in Raven's heart just by looking at her.

"Rogue." A beat. "Anna."

"I was hoping we could use this time - this opportunity, to mend old bridges. A second chance, for all of us, hmm?" Mystique doesn't move to try to stop Rogue from temper tantruming out. "I know you feel you can't trust me, but I really hope to make it right, this time," says Raven, her voice bearing the same amount of hurt that her eyes and features already spoke.

But eyes move towards Mary - her gaze lingering upon the student. "Child. What's your name?" she calls to Mary. A beat, and her eyes go to Jean as well. "Threatening me with violence, Jean? What a Brotherhood thing to say - are you so certain our two groups were so different, then?" says Raven with a bit of a smile, glazing over whatever hurt she expressed before with that syrupy slyness. "I think I'll offer you the Xavier hand of friendship, instead - do you agree to take it?"

Scott gets up, walking over to Mary and patting her on the shoulder, then stretching as he approaches Rogue. "Let's all go have some schnitzengruben. Skepticism is great, we just told Twila she should be skeptical, but just as we told her to trust our judgement, I'm content to give the PRofessor the benefit of the doubt, on making a decision here."

Mary is not really a child, but a teenager, there is a difference. Either way, when Scott mentions the food, she reaches up to take the headphones off and setting them on the desk before standing up, picking up her cane again and routinely tapping the floor ahead of her to avoid running into things, people she has no problems avoiding even without it due to being able to sense their minds. She does figure out that Mystique is talking to her though, since with Twila gone, she is the only non-adult present. "I am Mary, nice to meet you. So will you be teaching something here too?" is inquired from the blue woman, even though she doesn't look directly at her, or for anyone else for that matter, as her eyes don't really react to any movement. She is not familiar with the past between Mystique and the other teachers, so does not judge too heavily, besides, Mary can tell if she is lying while she has this kind of link to her. "What is that schnit… something, anyway?" she asks from nobody in particular.

Rogue had actually left her gloves on the table so her hands were without any coverings. She WAS wearing a blue/gold Xavier School hoodie though, so her arms were covered at least down to her wrists.

When Mystique tried to play the pitty card with her 'daughter' she paused, turned around to face that Blue Face that was haunting many of her dreams… her right hand came up and she started moving it toward Raven's exposed skin. "One touch." She told her quietly.

"One touch an' I'll drop ya to a place where you should be…." She kept moving it toward the woman, who might need to back up to get out of the way of the hand now. "You wanna 'bridge' our relationship, huh? Just like the bridge ya had me attack Danvers on?" Rogue huffed out a laugh.

"Come on then… lets bridge it." She went to slap her hand onto Mystique's left cheekie. Uh oh!

"No, Raven….." jean says. "I'm not tearing you apart, atom by atom, because of Rogue. Yes….Rogue. So…..I'm going to say this once. You stay away from Rogue until SHE is ready to talk to you…..and she tells everyone else it's okay with you."

And that's when Jean notices Rogue trying to slap Raven.

"ROGUE!" And she tries to telekinetically grab the woman's wrist!

"I'm German…" Maybe. "- and I have no idea what that dish is, hmm?" Child, teenager - they were basically the same in Mystique's book. As for teaching? She finishes the thought to Mary. "And I do hope to teach. I'll need to figure out what subjects are in need of teachers - as I am well-versed in… all sorts of things," says Mystique, with a wide smile.

"Here I thought you weren't going to tear me apart because it was against your precious ideals to do so, Jean Grey," says Mystique, turning her eyes towards Jean, a little smirk dancing on her lips.

But… Rogue draws her attention most of all. That bare hand. That first time, Rogue's hand lifts for her cheek, and Raven noticeably flinches, a bit of her cool leaving her. But something like determination touching her features. Especially if Jean's motion works, Raven leans forward - and tilts her chin - exposing her chin to Rogue's hand.

"Go ahead, Rogue. But be careful what you find out. Touch me, and get every sin I've ever committed, every wrong I've ever done - everything I've done in the name of mutantkind and those I loved - including you, including Kurt," says Raven.

"Go ahead - touch me, Rogue," says Raven. "But be careful what you find out. You might find out the worst thing of all about me," says Raven.

A long moment, and she draws in a deep breath, before she speaks again…

"That I actually cared for you, and loved you this entire time, my daughter."
Boris has arrived.

Twila quietly walks back into the library. "Even Prisoners can read while they're penned up." She states not really knowing whats going on. She simply goes to get her book. Thats about the point she notices something's wrong. Rogue's got someone just a little dead to right. A split second later she's beside Jean. "Want me to do something?"

Rogue could see both Scott and Jean, as well as Mary (Logan must've electrocuted himself though) out of the corner of her peripheral and she didn't think that they'd let her go through with the touch even if she wanted to… and boy did she want to.

Mystique though, did throw out a strong case for as to why Anna-Marie would NOT wish to touch the blue skinned woman… But it didn't seem to slow her!

Jean, however, did. Rogue's hand was blocked by an invisible force just a hair away from Raven's face. Marie's green eyes remained locked on Raven's own golden gaze. A snarling lip curl showed up on Rogue's red painted lips. "Fine." She said. "I don't want all the weird shit you've done in your life, bouncin' around inside'a my head anyhow."

And with that Marie went to turn around to go find this meal Kurt was cooking. She'd either make a plate for herself and go hide in her room, or find a corner someplace else to eat.

Mary is not really quite sure what is happening, or why for that matter. Why was Rogue touching the woman such a big deal? She still has no idea what the dinner is either, or even how to pronounce it. "So… dinner?" she asks then after Rogue marches away… again.

Scott walks to Mary, and puts his hands on her shoudlers. "Come on, Mary, let's show Kurt some appreciation." He then starts to walk her out of there if she chooses to go along with it, to get some food.

Mystique watches Rogue's face carefully as she throws out her reasons, and there's a smile. "I forgive you," says Raven to Rogue, a small smile - one that was /convincingly/ hiding hurt on her scaly features. And Raven says nothing more, turning her head to watch Rogue leave.

And a sigh passes from her lips. Standing up, Mystique regards Scott cooly, as she lifts a hand up to rest upon Mary's shoulder.

"Have you ever had schnitzel, child?" she asks the young woman. "If Kurt isn't making any - you really should try some - I have a wonderful recipie that everyone here will be dying for me to make after they taste it just once," says Mystique, letting her eyes narrow just a tad.

"Oh - my name is Mystique. And while I'm new to the school. I plan on staying for a very, very long time, hmm?"

Mystique casts a wink up at Scott at that.

Jean Points to her own eyes, then to Mystique's, before she goes to get Rogue's gloves, and breeze her way past Mystique to get dinner. This should be an interesting dinner……


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