2017-02-22 Advisory to Magic Users
Be advised that it appears the merger with the other world has brought back our Demon Infest problem. They also appear to be targeting magic users again but are less concerned about keeping alive. One user was killed earlier tonight in the subway. I have heard from some of my contacts that this issue is happening in other parts of the world as well.
It appears that the exorcism and sleep spells from before still work but exercise caution as their host bodies are average citizens and more often than not, unwilling participants in this. However they can also hide in a crowd much easier.
Possible signs of a Demon Infest: Movements that are highly unnatural for the body type you see making the motions. 300+ lb blobs of men running record level track times and performing 20 foot jumps is not normal.
Reported by Phantasm on 2017-02-22
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