2017-02-22 Murder In Grand Central Station
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Borgon, Phantasm, Yuriko
GMed by Phantasm
Title: Murder in Grand Central Station

Grand Central Terminal, the world's largest train terminal. It resides on 49 acres of land and hold 45 track platforms 63 tracks and services 700,000 travelers on a daily basis.
If you walk to the center of Grand Central on street level, you'll find the star of the show, the Main Concourse, which is one of Metropolis' most iconic sights. The Main Concourse is 275 feet long, 120 feet wide and 125 high. Inside the main concourse, one of the first things that might strike you is the cerulean blue ceiling with a backwards constellation starmap painted upon it in gold.
If one were to look down from the ceiling, they would see the Information Booth and and clock in the middle of the main concourse. The clock has been a meeting place for people for a hundred years. The clock itself is extremely valuable with four opalescent glass faces and worth between 10 and 20 million dollars.
If one descends either ramp from the main concourse they'll find themselves within the Whispering Gallery. The gallery is well known due to its vaulted ceiling that allows people to stand against the wall, whisper, and have their voices travel up to 30 feet away to be easily heard by another. Restaraunts can also be found here for some fine dining experiences.
Located outside of the main terminal on the 42nd Street entrance, the clock and sculpture high above the entrance is known as the Glory of Commerce, but it might escape your notice if you don't look high up atop the massive building.
Grand Central Terminal is an awe-inspiring location with a wealth of history and museum-level of artistic beauty.

While travel options outside of the city have been limited a little, there is little change for those moving from their daytime locations to their night time destinations.

Sure there may be a merging of worlds causing some concern but one universal truth still reigns: NO ONE WANTS TO MISS THEIR TRAIN.

"SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE—-eeeesssshhh kksssh."

As the accoustics of one tunnel announces the arrival of yet another train, several people who were simply walking to their designated gate start running.

Borgon happened to be one of the people getting off the train rather then on. Some fello on their helped Borgon pay for his way… despite a language barrier, as he knew very few words in Midgardian. Luckily the name of places is pretty universal. Asgard is asgard, like new york is new york.

Still… no one exactly tried to get in the way of the newly 8ft troll (though most probably think him a mutant). He seem to have adapted somewhat to this world. He wore a black skull t-shirt over a chainmail shirt, and his typical cloth pants were replaced with jeans one and even had headphones despite his pointed ears. He still wore a belt and loincloth, plus his thick cloak and bracers. He also carried a very large duffle bag.

Stopping by one of the maps he grumbles trying to figure it out.

Yuriko doesn't really use public transportation much, and that is not what she is in the station for now either, but for the other reason people commonly come to places like this, which is to meet up people. She is supposed to meet someone here who should have some useful information for her about possible job opportunities, the person hasn't arrived yet though. She is dressed quite formally, like someone in a desk job, even though she is certainly in much better shape than most paper pushers.

As the shuffle of people coming off versus people coming on ensues, the front car seems to be an exception another rush occurs as several people start to run out of the first car screaming.

"CALL AN AMBULANCE!" man shouts while holding his phone, live feeding to his facebook page, turning the phone to himself, "Oh man guys, did you see that?!"

Another woman emerges from inside looking to the man, "It's too late. She's dead."

Borgon turns to face the yelling man. All the people were swarming out. His ears twictch wondering what all the midgardians were excited about as their words were meaningless to him mostly. Curiosity is his bane, and an urge he must fullfill. He passes by the well dressed Yuriko and by others as well. He says «"Excuse me, comming through"» in the troll tongue… which sounds alot more beastialand primal than an actual language most are used to. Regardless he pokes his head around the side to look into the train cart

Yuriko looks towards the train when that shouting starts, arching a brow some. Great… she is not sure what has happened, but if someone is dead that means that there will likely be police running around soon, which in turn means that her contact will probably bail. So she might as well go see what has actually happened, curiosity and all that, even though she does not have the advantage Borgon does of being taller than everyone else, so chances are good she wont be able to actually get close enough to see.

As Borgon pushes his way through to get a glimpse inside of the car, catching sight of the woman lying on the floor of the car, head turned in an extremely unnatural position, the lights in the train shut off, indicating it to be out of service for the time being. A person emerges from the train that most would not WANT to leave the train. The conductor. Wide eyed, he looks around as persons dressed as security staff and someone of a slightly higher position jog down the platform towards him. The PA system cracks on, "Those on orange to Essex, please depart. Those in the 1st car, please remain. We will work to get this handled in the quickest way possible."

Borgon head snaps upwards. He never did quite get used to the sound of… well whatever that is. he still hasn't figured that part out. He looks at the conductor… and then back at the women with the unnatural turned head. «"Huh, didnea even known midgardians were strong enough ta turn heads"» he gutters out. He looks about at the people just standing around… and copies them, staying put.

Yuriko assuming she manages to get a good look at the scene inside, can quite quickly figure out that this was obviously not a death by natural causes, but someone killed the woman, and that someone is most likely one of the people who came out of the train. It does not look overly professional, way too public place for that. It is probably good that people cannot understand what Borgon is saying, or he might get some really weird looks.

The officials that show up, step over to the conductor to have a low voiced conversation, their eyes directed over to the car and then to the other cars that have people still leaving.

As those instucted to depart do so, the man who is facebooking live, turns the camera back around to the scene, filming the crowd of people that were in the ill-fated car.

"Hey! Cut that out!" One snaps, glaring at the man, "Someone's dead and you're putting this online?!"

Borgon may not understand words… but angry speaking still sounds angry. He looks between the man with the phone and the one snapping at him. His ears twitch as he more or less just listens. He guessing their probably talking about the dead lady. Even in asgard the dead are talked about. In what context he has no clue. He looks then to the officals, the men in uniform. Possibly guards? Time will tell

Yuriko is not overly emotional in general, and if anything, dead bodies certainly do not phase her, as she has seen, and made even more than a few. Crossing her arms over her chest as she watches the going ons with a largely neutral expression.

As the conversation occurs, a raven flies in, landing near the officials, seemingly saying a few words to them while the people waiting around are getting a bit antsy. Cellphone guy is still recording, but now filming the officials talking with the bird while another person who doesn't appreciate the budding Scorsese displays a bird of their own for the camera. While a couple others start inching towards the crowd that's leaving.

"I SAID PUT THAT FUCKING CAMERA DOWN!" The angered passenger snaps, bringing back a fist.

A fist being brought back? Could is be… a brawl in midgard? Well while typically he is all for a brawl in a tavern… or really anywhere. Brawling nears guards on the job is typically not a good thing. That normally lands you in the dungeon. He should know. Hoping to save the little midguardian from such a fate, he has no qualms reaching over and trying to pluck the man off his feet. He says «"Calm down, will you"»

Yuriko continues to simply observe as she doesn't really have any incentive to get into the argument starting between the two people over their varying ideas of proper ethics of a situation like this. The giant man picking up one of them though does award a look, but she likely figures that he is just a mutant, there is certainly plenty of those in New York.

As the commotion draws more attention, the raven looks towards the crowd before giving a slight nod to the other three. The conductor and one of the security guards step into the first car while the remaining staff members walk towards the remaining group of subway users.

The bird, sneaking a glance into the car utters a curse as he sees the body before shaking his head. The raven turns his head away, looking instead to the group as he walks along the platform, seemingly studying the faces of those remaining, changing appearance with each step. The purplish black of the feathers soon shift to the charcoal grey of the sweats and hoodie. Black fabric sewn in to hide the face while black gloves cover the hands, obscuring the sight of any skin to the observer. He ignores the fight that is brewing between the first cars and instead is looking to the pair that are trying to avoid his eye co- Well, they don't really need to try but that they are even trying is indicative of something. As their steps begin to quicken so does his.

Being unable to throw his punch, the man lifted off of his feet yelps! "PUT ME DOWN!" He proclaims, trying to kick his feet back to hit whoever holds him captive. "DON'T YOU DARE FILM THIS!!!!!" He snaps back at the camera guy.

Borgon feels a kick… and well it may as well be kicking a brick wall. He holds onto the man, like he was nothing more than a rag dog. The typical midgardian dosn't normally compare with an asgardians strength and durability. It actually tickled if he is honest. But as he holds up the struggling man, he can't help but looking to the bird… turning into a person… quickly going after some guys. «"This place is starting to feel alot like home"»

Yuriko did think it was somewhat odd for a bird to be in here, but when it transforms to a man then that makes more sense… strangely enough. She does also notice the two people that the birdman is following, and watches them too to see if there might be anything that would stand out in them. She is not a police though, or a hero for that matter, currently she does not have any reason to get involved, quite the contrary as she would rather not attract too much attention to herself, since there is probably a warrant on her somewhere.

"OW!!!" The kicker is immediately regretting his decision as he's likely going to have a bruise on the back of his leg later. As he sobs in pain, the indignity is being caught on the other man's feed. While camera guy is loving the change in fortune for his wood be assailent, the train doors close while the displays indicate the train to be out of service.

A slight nod of the head as the pair are observed, Phantasm reaches to a holster of sorts, tugging out a pair of Escrima sticks. As it is apparent that they've been identified, there is a sudden burst of speed coming from the pair as the bolt away from the group, forgoing discrete-ness. In some form of desparation, one grabs at Yuriko when they get close enough while the other ends up getting whacked by one of the sticks before they get too far. The one that is hit stops running and starts looking around the station puzzled.

Borgon can't help by finding the midgardian he is holding amusing. Hurt himself by kicking him. Hilarious really. But then he snaps to attention when the other two ordarinly folks start running. He watches as one is hit… and then looks puzzled? This puzzles the troll. But as for the one that tries to grab Yuriko… he dosn't try helping yet. Asgardian women typically can handle themselves (the valkeries being a great example) and he figures, so could a midgardian lady. Espeicially one so sharply dressed.

The bird man is obviously some sort of super hero, so she was happy to just let him to deal with whatever is going on here, as he is maybe even getting paid for doing it! But then that man had to actually make a move on her, which at least looks like an attack, and she reacts on it, having quite good reflexes, enhanced ones even. Stepping back from the grab, and following with a reverse spin kick aimed at his midsection, followed by swinging back hand punch aiming to plant her knuckles at the side of his head. She is very fast, and obviously skilled in martial arts, and while she is no Asgardian when it comes to strength, she still has around Captain America level strength, and adamantium-imbued bones don't make her attacks any softer either. She is trying to hold back some though so it would look more or less normal.

Kickers McGee groans, trying to make it hard for Borgon to hold on by swinging back and forth in the larger being's grip. Oh my… Is he crying? "STOP RECORDING THIS!" He sobs.

The train, clear except for the two live and one dead passengers, starts to leave the station, the 'out of service' sign scrolling on the display screen as a hint to where it is heading off with the scene of death. As the remaining employees seem more concerned with the pair that Phantasm is pursuing, they watch the scene occurring.

The puzzled woman glances around, concern in her eyes as she turns to look to the departing train. The concern twists into horror as she covers her mouth, falling to her knees, giving off a scream.

As the kick lands, the man ends up stumling back a few paces. Snarling, the man sprints forward, just compounding the effect as abnormal speed combines with an abnormally hard fist. Bone shatters in the man's jaw and yet he's still standing, bringing back his hand to hit back. Yes. Something's not right about this guy

Phantasm moves past the woman, quickly scooping up the tossed stick as he focuses on the male in the pair, tossing the one that was already in hand at the back of Yorkio's attacker.

Borgon raises an eyebrow. A grown man, sobbing? He rolls his eyes «"By Odin beard man, have some dignity"» he growls out. Nope, he isn't here to babysit full grown men that cry for no reason. He casually just tosses the man aside. Most specficly that 'side' happens to be at the dazed puzzle man.

But his eyes catch Yuriko kicking butt. His mouth half drops. His heart pounds. Can trolls fall in love? Well this one just did.

Yuriko is somewhat surprised that the man is still not only standing but even fighting after a hit like that. Her first guess is that he is on some drugs that make him not feel pain. Her arm coming up to block the punch, changing tactic as she knows something that should take the man out of a fight, without including lethal force, dropping down on one knee as she brings her other hand down aimed at the man's knee, no matter how much he is numb to pain, broken knee should make even the biggest man to fall down.

Screaming woman stops screaming as she's knocked out by Kicker McGee. Ouch. That's going to leave another mark.

When the stick hits his back, the man blinks, looking confused as a woman is coming down to one knee in front of him. Is this a good th- OW! Eyes widening as his knee gets forced in a direction that a knee should not be able to bend, the man crumples down to the ground, screaming in agonizing pain. As he rolls, the view of an intricately carved escrima stick is revealed.

Phantasm's run slows to a walk bending down to pick up the other stick before sliding them back into the stick holster. The masked figure glances down to the screaming man and sighs. "Remind me never to piss you off on the street." He comments to Yoriko before turning to screamo, kneeling down to make minor gestures as he chants something under his breath. When he finishes and faces the palm of his gloved hand towards the man, there's a slight blip of blue energy that passes over to the man, causing him to fall asleep.

With the action over, the Subway official turns his head and starts to address the people from Car #1 regarding the taking of statements and contact information that needs to be done before they can head off. Plus any footage of the incident should be surrendered over to help with the investigation. Camera guy is a little disappointed at this news. Stuff in the subway gets pretty boring after that.

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