2017-02-23 Loki's Great Escape?
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Amora, Jenny, Loki
GMed by N/A
Title: Loki's Great Escape

Rating: G

Loki is in the commons area, alone. He can see the outside, and the city sprawling below, but there is a thick layer of something between him and the platform outside. He's been cooped up in this building for a while now, and it's time to escape. He looks at the platform outside, balls his hands into fists, clamping his eyes shut and..fizzles in and out of place. Shouting an Old Norse explitive, he takes a swift walk toward the window and *bonk*. Again. *bonk*. *bonk*..*bonk*…finally he takes a run at it, and finds himself on the floor, staring at the ceiling. "Uggghhhh…"

Amora last time actually went through all the trouble of walking her way to Loki, but this time she doesn't bother with all that, but instead simply just teleports to him, after scrying out his location again, which is fairly easy with the strand of his hair that she has, as he probably isn't setting any wards to block scrying. Materializing to the room just in time to watch Loki running straight against the window, and managing to nearly knock himself out. "By Odin's beard, what in the nine realms are you doing, Loki?" she questions, starting to think that Loki might have lost more than just his memory…

Emerald eyes flick up to see Amora standing there. "Oh, it's you." he sighs, rolling to get to his feet. "There is something between here and the outside. It is transparent." He places a hand on it, then tries some magic, which fizzles as well. "I'm having difficulty casting any magic today." mostly because of loss of concetration.

Amora tilts her head to the side a bit at Loki's reaction to her, laughing then. "Well, I suppose thats improvement, at least your not trying to run away from me anymore. Oh, Loki." she muses as she walks over to the window also, reaching a hand towards it to feel it, tapping it a few times. "Seems like they have somehow made part of the wall invisible. Why don't you just teleport outside though? I remember how you used to even get through the wards in my castle without problems, which were specifically meant to stop people from doing that." she muses. "But, if you have forgotten how to do it, I could move us out of here if you wish, my prince?"

"I haven't forgotten HOW to do it, I just can't concentrate." He puts his hands to the sides of his head and breathes out a long minty breath. "It is almost like my balcony in my chambers. These mortals must have some adversion to breathing clean air." New York air, clean? Well, he can claim ignorance on that one. "My mind is so jumbled, I feel as though I am going mad." and perhaps he is, with memories of things that haven't happened yet, and nightmares about the destruction of all things. "I had a dream last night that I was chained to a rock, naked, while a venomous snake dripped its venom onto my body." he shudders. It happened in one reality, though not this one.

"I am not sure if there even is clean air left anywhere in this realm, certainly not in their cities at least. Although the glade middle of the city is not too bad. I have even met several mortal sorceresses there during the last few days. I was quite surprised they even have any knowledge left here, although they were fairly beginner level ones." Amora is talking about the central park, of course. She gives a worried look towards Loki at the talk about going mad, walking over to him and putting her hand on his shoulder, squeezing a bit to let him know she is there. "You have gone through much. I could get us both back home, if you wish. Perhaps seeing Asgard again would help clear your mind? Oh, speaking of Asgard… has Thor come to visit you yet?" She is hoping her proximity would help him feel better, usually her enchanting aura will get peoples minds off bad things. "That does sound terrible… were you caught by enemies of Asgard?"

Loki's muscles tense immediately under the touch of her hand, an unconscious reaction. "No, Thor has not seen me. And no, I was not captured by enemies. From what I understand, it was father that sent me there." He looks over at her, eyes a bit watery but not tearing up. "That wasn't even the worst dream I've had since I've been here. Perhaps it was a premonition telling me not to return to Asgard."

Amora frowns slightly at the first part of what Loki says. "Really? I told him several days ago that I had found you and where you are, and he said that he would come to meet you right away, I even got chewed out for not coming to tell him sooner. They did all sound very eager to have you back in Asgard. I did tell them though that you might not be ready for coming back yet, because we still don't know why you are having these strange experiences." she explains, considering some more of the things Loki said. "Your father sent you there? You must have done something really bad for him to do anyhihng that harsh."

"But the other day you practically said that they hadn't even noticed I was gone!" He narrows his eyes and draws back a fist, slamming it into the window, causing a spiderweb of cracks. "Oh…well there we go. We just have to use a bit of force to get out!"

Amora nods to what Loki says. "Yes, and it was true, before I came to see you the first time, Nefja was the only one I had met who seemed to care, but apparently during the few days since I came to see you first time, and before I was finally able to find Thor, they had gotten worried about you." Blinking then as Loki starts punching the window again. "I could just teleport us out, Loki." she reminds him again. "I am not sure if your mortal friends will be happy about you breaking their walls." She wouldn't be too concerned about that if not for the fact that Loki is living there for the moment.

"Are they my friends? How do I know? I don't know any of them. What if they're just keeping me here like a bird in a cage?" He punches it again, bloodying his knuckles slightly. "How do I know any of this is actually real? What if I just fell down the stairs of the palace and this is all a dream? Or have I been bitten by a swamp dragon again? Are you my friend or enemy?"

"If this were a dream, then punching that wall shouldn't hurt." Amora notes simply. "And while you did fall down, it was a bit bigger stairs, all the way from Asgard to Midgard. That is what you told me. But, if you don't want to be here anymore, we could go back to Asgard. You are the prince after all, why would you not want to be in your kingdom? IF you don't feel like you are up to going to the palace yet, you could stay as guest in my castle as long as you wish."

"It seemed like we were falling forever. I don't want to stay here and wake up in a bed covered in wretched mortal children watching the moving picture screen which depicts unrealistic horses with the most annoying voices and names. Apparently, my room has the only screen and they are accustomed to using it to congregate and watch ridiculous things."

Amora is quite shocked at what Loki is saying. "They what? That is unbelievable. You are the prince of Asgard, these mortals should at least show a bit of respect. I have no idea how you have tolerated that for so long? It is no wonder if you are going crazy when exposed to that kind of treatment." offering her hand towards Loki, Amora looks to him. "Take my hand, my prince, and I will take you home. Either to the palace, or to my castle, whichever you prefer."

Loki takes her hand, though he notes that she does seem to be sucking up to him. "I…well, should I? Or should I wait until I can do it myself? Maybe you can teach me more magic while I'm here, and neither Heimdall nor father can see me." ooh he's thinking devious thoughts now.

Well, Loki -is- the prince of Asgard, so it is probably not too rare for people to suck up to him. And Amora does like him, even if right now Loki does not seem to be quite his usual self. But she is not sure yet whether that will be good or bad thing. "Why would Heimdall not see you here? I thought he can see into all of the nine realms? My castle is warded against scrying though, they should not be able to see you there. You are the only person I know of who has managed to bypass the wards." She explains, holding his hand as she looks to him. "But, if you prefer to stay here and entertain the mortal children, then I can do my best to teach you here as well."

"I thought he couldn't see without the Bifrost." Loki replies. "We can go to your castle. I don't really want to be covered in mortal children again. And, if we can escape that easily, it will certainly give the mortals keeping me here something to think about."

Amora is not actually fully sure how Heimdall's power works, so she would not be able to tell with any certainity, nodding to his words then. "As you wish." Holding Loki's hand as she closes her eyes and focuses, teleporting between the realms is not the easiest type of magic, especially when taking someone else with her, but she is teleporting to her own home, which is the most familiar place to her of all, and as such, the easiest place to go to. As she speaks out the words of power, a golden light surrounds them as the room around them slowly fades away, until there is nothing but the light around them for what feels like a long time, but is only a number of seconds, and asthe light fades, they are in her castle in Asgard, her personal quarters to be exact.

Loki sees the gold glow enveloping them and the horrible world of Midgard begins to fade away. He closes his eyes, focusing on the path between realms. The young prince is about to get out of this place and thwart the mortals who tried to keep him here!

The door opens to the room, "Delivery from…" She stops. While she knows that Stark has more money then God, She's pretty sure he hasn't figured out british sci-fi tech. She's also kinda sure that having a kingdom in a room is nigh impossible. Then it hits her. The sensation of magic. Strong Magic. Its enough to make her dizzy its that strong. "A…Amora? Wait Loki?!" She blinks a few times, starting to feel slightly worried. The package is dropped.

Amora takes a few deep breaths, that was more taxing than it should have been. They are now in a very different looking room than where they came from. the walls are stone, so is the floor, though covered with comfortable carpets for most parts to keep it warm and soft. There is a large fireplace, and some candles on the tables and torches at the walls provide lighting, as it seems to currently be night outside, as can be seen through a few windows, which have no glasses on them. There is even a balcony, although apparently they are somewhere fairly high up since can't see anything except sky from this angle middle of the room. There is several chairs and a comfortable divan there, all made of wood. There is total of four visible exits from the room, a door to the balcony, a curtain which is currently not on showing part of what looks like a bedroom, and then two closed doors, one much larger than the other.

Amora looks to Loki with a smile. "We are there, my prince. Welcome to my home." it is then that she discovers the reason to why it was more taxing than it should have been, when she hears the sound of something dropping to the floor, and turns to see the woman standing there. Now this is what one could call an awkward silence. At least she actually knows the woman. "Jenny? How did you get here?"

Loki looks around as they appear and opens his mouth to remark on the beauty of the castle when he, too, notices Jenny there. He closes his mouth and looks to Amora, then back to Jenny. "You know this mortal?" he asks, running to the door and looking around, as if expecting guards to come running. "Is this room protected? The Einherjar would take her to the palace dungeons if they knew she was here!"

Welp. So much for not screwing up a delivery. How the hell is she going to explain this one to her superiors? She was doing what they said and accidentally went through a portal to freaking ASGARD?! Not that she knows that this is Asgard. She just knows something went crazy. Now she has a very real problem. Quietly the young raven haired girl begins to think. If she tells the truth right now, odds are she is toast. These people are freaking gods! She's just a rookie and a mage at best. So… time to use her training.

The rather confused looking girl quietly speaks up. "Umm. Sorry. I was just looking for you, Lady Amora. You offered to help me learn how to use my magic. I was doing my best to locate you and wound up at Stark tower. When I found the room you were in, I wound up here. Ummm… Where is here?" She asks nervously.

A look to Loki, "Please no! I didn't do anything! I don't mean any harm to anyone! I was just trying to learn." Part of her is wanting to say one of the words. The words that would turn her from just a normal person to a full on elemental witch but that would not be good right now. So… She holds back.

Amora lifts a hand up in a 'hold' gesture at Loki's words. "My castle is warded against scrying, you -should- know that." she reminds him, and while there are some servants and guards at her castle, obviously they wont be in her personal chambers. "And yes, she is one of the people I mentioned to you I met in the glade middle of New York. She has quite impressive talent in elemental magics, but is very unrefined." is explained for Loki's benefit, before considering Jenny, not quite sure if she believes her story, as she doesn't recall ever mentioning the Stark tower to the girl, and she teleported there so would have been rather difficult to follow, but how she ended up here is not really a major concern now.

"Were you coming to deliver something to prince Loki? You are in my castle." which probably wont tell the girl much more than that she is in Asgard. "I will need to send you back before anyone outside the castle finds out, if the all-father finds out you are here, then you likely will indeed need to stay a long time, like the prince said." although that will have to wait until tomorrow probably, as she is rather exhausted after getting them all here, and teleportation between planes is not among the simplest spells.

Loki straightens his shoulders and clasps his hands in front of his mouth, thinking. "Mortals are forbidden in the realm of Asgard. As long as the room is warded properly, it should be safe." He holds up his hands and feels for the wards like a mime in an invisible box. "Who are you?"

Jenny bites her bottom lip. "Well like I said, I was trying to find you, Lady Amora. I was feeling for large amounts of magic. Much like you are capable of Mi'Lady. Its what lead me to that tower. It took a little doing but I got into the the tower and I found a package out front for Stark. I figured I'd bring it with me and drop it off. I really didn't mean any trouble." She frowns. A small wince crosses her face at the thought of dealing with Odin and winding up in a dungeon. "Please. I just was looking for help. I know I can do better then what I do now and I know you would be an amazing teacher." She gives a weak smile.

Quietly she turns to Loki and looks down. "Umm. My name is Jennifer. Jennifer Zavia. I was born with an affinity for elemental magic. I was able to tap into it." She blushes. "You're Prince Loki!"

Amora takes a deep breath as she considers the situation, touching her forehead with three fingers. Yes, she is definetily not feeling up to doing another spell like that today. "I will need to rest before I am comfortable doing another spell of that magnitude. So you will have to stay in the guest chambers for tonight, Jennifer. I will send you back to Midgard tomorrow. I would strongly advice to stay in the castle, and not just because of the risk of being found by the Einherjar… the wilds can be dangerous." She lets Jenny do her own introduction to Loki, nodding in agreement to what the prince says regarding the laws.

"I suppose I could lend you my energy pool if you need to teleport her back to Midgard." He nods cordially to Jenny, then clasps his hands behind his back and begins pacing. "Do you want me to stay here as well to ensure she does not leave or the wards do not fail?"

Jenny frowns and nods, "Don't worry, I won't go anywhere. You can trust me. I don't know if its a good idea for me to be here. Its not like I tried to come here." She frowns, Yeah odds are she will get an ass kicking for screwing up a simple delivery anyway. "So umm, What should I do. I mean I guess I can hide. Or you could return me to my home. I don't want to impose." She frowns again."

Amora looks over to Loki, rather surprised of his offer, nodding then. "If you would be willing to do so, Prince Loki, together we should be easily able to do it. Do you prefer we would do so now, or wait until the morning?" Looking at Jenny then at her words. "Well, if we do not send you back right away, then you will be staying at one of the guest chambers for the night." she informs, leaving the decision to Loki since it would be using quite a bit more of his power to do it now. "Regardless though, you are of course free to stay or go as you please, my prince. It would be an honor to have you as my guest, but if you would rather go to see your father and let him know that you have returned safely, I will certainly understand."

Loki nods. "The sooner we send her back, the better. We do not know the effect Asgard may have upon a mortal, even one that can use magic. Our elemental magic may be different enough that it causes her ill." mostly, Loki just doesn't want to get his ass kicked for knowing a mortal was in Asgard and didn't report it.

"As you both desire. Honestly, Its not bothering me all that much. It kind of feels strange but in a good way. No pain at all." Jen smiles softly. Part of her hoping to get sent back. She's got a report to make. The other part however sorta hoping to get she doesn't have to leave right away. After all, She's in Asgard with two people that just escaped the Avengers. Lots of good intell to be had >.>

Amora is herself also really not wanting to have to explain this to Odin, so she agrees with Loki. Offering her hand for the prince. "Then let it be done. If you can lend me your strength, prince Loki?" Adding towards Jenny. "The prince is right, and I don't want you to get in trouble by being found here. I will send you back to the glade where I first met you." mainly because thats the place she knows best in New York, and as such the easiest destination. "Don't forget your parcel."

Nodding again, Loki reaches a slender hand out to Amora, and offers the other to Jenny. "Please take my hand as well, Jenny." He takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. "You may now tap into my energy pool."
Jenny nods slowly. She quickly grabs the package off the floor. Gingerly she puts her hand over a little information that could give away who she is. Then with her free hand she take's Loki's. She takes a breath and gets ready. "Aether." Immediately her eyes flare and turn grey. Her own magic, while not as potant as Loki's or Amora's joins in, lending itself to the spell.

Amora takes hold of Loki's hand, closing her eyes as she takes in the energy from both Loki and Jenny to bolster her own, envisioning the central park in her mind, then reaching with her free hand to touch Jenny's shoulder as she speaks out the words in the eldritch language of magic to release the spell, causing Jenny to disappear in a golden glow which lingers for a moment before dissipating, while Jenny herself would see the light surrounding herself and the surroundings slowly fading away into it, sort of floating in nothing for several seconds, until the glow would fade and she would find herself standing in the central park in New York.

Jenny blinks a few times as she appears in Central park. Promptly she blows out her own magic and returns to her less powered state. A quick look around and it all becomes clear what needs to happen. First stop, Stark Tower. Second Stop… SHIELD.

Loki feels his energy being drained, an odd sort of feeling. Like a baby snake, he doesn't yet have mastery over his ability to throttle the release of his energy in this manner, so by the time they are done, he's exhausted himself and drops like a rock with a faint murmur.

Amora takes in a deep breath as the spell is done, letting it out slowly. Then blinking as she sees Loki starting to slump down and quickly leans wraps her arms arouns him to support him. "Easy now… I think it is best if we get some rest now, and decide how to proceed tomorrow, my prince." she murmurs softly as she helps Loki to walk to the bedchamber, and gently lays him down on the bed, which is large enough that even three people could comfortably sleep on it at same time, so easily enough room for two.

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