2017-02-23 Trans-Dimensional Travel and its Effects on Rookie Mages
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Carol Jenny
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: Transdimensional Travel and its Effects on Rookie Mages

Rating: pg

One advantage of super strength it's easy to lift something your working on and not having to wait for the lift to adjust something higher. Right now she's got one of the Cars she likes to use tilted up as she's working on the underside trying to fix a few bullet holes that some villain put in the car. She's also grumbling " Bullet proof windows.. and side panels underside nope. "
Heavy footsteps come racing through the Garage. Someone's running and they aren't really showing much care about being a spy or anything. That someone is Jenny and she looks more then a little worn. Between using her own magic to help herself get back home and the fact that she actually crossed freaking realms, the girl is beat.

Finally she comes up on Carol who happens to be holding up a car. The girl bends over and puts her hands on her knees as she tries to get her breath. She's run from Central park, to Stark Tower, to SHIELD HQ. She deserves to be winded.

Carol Blinks and turns putting the car back down onto the lift as she quickly steps out " Take it easy.. take a breath you can't tell me what's going on if you can't breath ". She says as she frowns she uses some of that super speed to zip over and grab a cold bottle of water and handing it over " Here take a breath and a drink and tell me what this trouble is " .

Jenny quickly takes a drink, then takes a knee. She's breathing hard. "I, was making, a Delivery." She states. Her words are labored as she tries to sort things out in her mind. "Level 4 bureaucrat needed, package delivered to… Avengers. Got there. Amora and Loki. Gone." She winces. "I went with." She frowns. "Asgard."

Carol Blinks " You followed Loki? " She frowns " And Amora two of our top 10 watch out these guys are bad news types? " She frowns " And you ended up in Asgard.. okay hun your gonna need to give me more details than that because this isn't good " she crosses her arms under her chest as she cocks her head towards the young trainee " Now is there any immediate danger? "

Jenny shakes her head, "No. Safe." She begins breathing more slowly as she takes another sip. "Okay. I think… I can talk… a little better now. I was… Delivering the package. Opened the Door as, Amora Opened a portal. I got pulled into it. Amora took Loki to Asgard. He's free. I… I gave them a story. Told Amora that I was actively looking for her. She offered me training with my magic. It was a full on mishap which that part was true. They believed me. They opted to send me back. They said, Odin doesn't like mortals in Asgard. I helped them cast the spell that brought me back. I just ran the package from Central Park, to Stark Tower, then ran here."

Carol Frowns " So you got pulled in by accident is it because your a mage? " She asks cocking her head " And Amora won't train you she'll use you and throw you away when she's done if your lucky kill you if your not.. stay away from booth of them they are on the top ten list for a reason " .

Jenny shakes her head, "I got pulled in because I was too close to ground zero." She sighs and frowns, "She actually offered to train me. Its why I used that cover story. I'm not going to go to her for training. If she honestly believed me, it will just give me a chance to get eyes on the pair of them. I'm going to do my best to avoid them. Some things ya can't avoid though and if a goddess wants to find you and you are a magical beacon then you're going to be found!"

Carol frowns " We have ways to stop her if we need to " she says firmly " We can also make sure you always have somebody with you since your still in training that's not a bad thing.. if she shows up we can chase her off pretty quick " . She taps her chin " Make it clear training you will be too much trouble " .

Jenny blinks, "You want me to tell a goddess that training me will be too much trouble? That really sounds ridiculous. There is no way she would believe that. Have some faith in me maybe that I can handle acting like an Agent and not get myself killed?" She states softly.

Carol Shakes her head " No Don't tell her just make it clear that if she comes to get you it will be too much work.. so she turns her eye's elsewhere " she says softly " And those too are too much for extremely experienced agents jenny , I find them too much to handle don't get ahead of yourself your still in training " .
Jenny looks at Carol and frowns, "I've heard that a lot lately." She just glances down. "Yet I was able to stumble across both Loki and Amora, Wound up in Asgard, then came back with not a single mark on me. That is saying something isn't it? I'm not a complete rookie." She sighs. "So… Make it clear to a Goddess that I am too much work for her to deal with. Again. I highly doubt that will work. Especially when I used the cover story that I was looking for her to train me!"

Carol Rubs her forehead " gah what a mess " She says as she paces " we have to tell the higher ups and see what they think.. " This isn't good jenny " She chews her lip " I do have faith in you and I'm glad your okay but your not dealing with fire here.. your dealing with world ending stuff " she says concerned " Loki and Amora are extremely extremely dangerous.. when they show up all of shield is mobilized to deal with them and the avengers "

Jenny sighs, "You think I don't get that?! I know this isn't good! I'd have changed it if I could! I didn't want to walk in on Loki and Amora making their great escape. I was there to deliver a stupid package because some damn bureaucrat was too damn lazy to deal with it themselves. Do I look like a Gofer to you?!" She sighs. Yeah she's a little testy at the moment but would anyone else be any different."The way I see it you are going to need everyone who can do anything. I had a run in with Doctor Strange. He offered to help me to use my magic better. He said I am a Strong Elemental Witch. I think maybe taking him up on that would not be the worst of ideas."

Carol Is trying to think of a way to help you to get you out of the mess then you throw her a bone and she snaps her fingers " Yes Stephan perfect yes he can help you and if anybody can keep them away that's him " She beams " I mean they can't even get into his house without his permission " .

Jenny sighs, "I think there is something else I need to do though. I think maybe its time I got to the bottom of this magic business. I want to know why I wound up with these abilities. I wanna know what purpose that cult was after who caused all of this. The only way I can do that is by tracking down some goddesses from the Roman Pantheon. What are they going to do? Try to kill me for getting to the bottom of the magic they granted me?!"

Carol Shrugs " I dunno on that front to be honest with you magic is crazy scary stuff any time I run into it I run to Stephen to be honest " she says honestly a hand on her hip shaking her head " I stick to aliens and science that's enough crazy for me "

Jenny looks at Carol, "I don't have a choice in this matter. There has to be rhyme or reason to this stuff. I've got questions but there is no way I can get answers. Stephen wanted to fight to test me. I didn't exactly get to ask many questions. Trust me I was annoyed. I said I didn't want to fight, He threw the fact that I didn't have a choice to pick my battles if I am training to be a SHIELD agent. So I fought him like a SHIELD agent. I distracted him with my magic and punched him in the throat before flooring him for his troubles. We went again and I sorta wound up sent flying into one of the SUVs and breaking the windshield with my ass." She sighs. "I need some alcohol."

Carol Sighs " I'll talk to him ' She says softly before she rubs the back of her head " Were gonna help you okay jenny it's just man this is a bad mess " she says " And if you want help with that goddess thing i can try I dunno what I can do but I'll try "

Jenny sighs, "I know it's a mess. Why do you think I came here as soon as I could? I didn't want any of this to happen. The fact is, It did. I can't ride the pine over this one. Carol, I'm involved in it. To be fair you wouldn't know that Loki got away, or that Amora was involved in his escape without me. I'm trying to do the right thing and act like a SHIELD agent. I really am."

Carol Nods her head " I know that jenny " she frowns and sits down of course it's in the air since she doesn't have a chair and starts to think " Okay i need you to make a report right away put every detail you can think of " . She sighs " I'll go inform the brass that Loki got away " .

Jenny nods slowly. "And I was hoping for a quiet night. Guess that one is not happening huh?" She gives a very weak smile. Seriously it looks like she may pass out where she's standing. "That spell. It weakened everyone that was involved casting it. Amora and Loki both. And since I helped…." She sighs and just looks down. "It was my only way of getting back.

Carol Sighs " Go get checked out make sure you didn't pick anything up and that the spell didn't drain something dangerous.. you need to be in good shape that's priority number one " she moves closer concerned for jenny.

Jenny frowns, "Its just magic. That's what happens when you use too powerful of a spell. Its not easy. I mean, What else could I do. If it was the difference between winding up in a dungeon and getting home safely. You're right. I will get checked out."

Carol Nods her head " I think that's a good idea and get Stephen to teach you he's the best and he will make you better he might help you track down the source ".
Jenny nods slowly. She simply sighs and looks towards the entrance to HQ. "I need rest. That wiped me out. I never used magic like that before. I helped two deities cast a spell tonight. I think it's safe to say I was a little out of my league.

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