2017-02-24 A meeting with Cap
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Players: Steve Jenny
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Title: A Meeting With Cap


Is there such a thing as a short day anymore? After the events of the previous night, she was late for training this morning! Jenny more then paid for that one. The good news though, she's improving. Improving enough that she managed to spend a lot less time on her back then she did when she first started. That didn't change the fact that she looks like she was tossed in a sack and beat with a stick for several hours. There may be more bruises on her then skin at this point.

Still Training ended. She got a few lessons on gathering intelligence today which, was definitely a nice change of pace. Sure getting beat up was fun but she needed to learn some new stuff to! Once done though, She grabbed a bite to eat and went to work. She filled out the report and filed it with the high ups. How she hated the paperwork protocols but that's SHIELD for ya.

So here she is, just having dropped off a detailed record of what she went through last night. A first hand account of the Escape of Loki with the aide of Amora. She's not left the Operations Level yet though she is moving that direction.

"Agent Zavia?" a voice asks, from inside the ready room. Brooklyn accent. From the tone, whoever the man speaking is, he isn't entirely sure he's identified her correctly. No, not *entirely*. It's half statement, thus, but also half query.
Jenny blinks a few times as she's called out. Quietly she pokes her head into the Ready Room, "Yes? Umm That's me. Well Barely an Agent. Not through my training yet. On my way though!" She smiles a little and steps in quietly.

"Was hoping to talk to you…about Loki." From his tone, she's not in trouble. Steve's currently out of uniform, so might not immediately be recognizable. Slacks, black T-shirt, SHIELD jacket. Looks like any other only somewhat on duty agent.

Jenny looks at Rogers and nods, "I sorta figured. He's the hot topic after all." She shutters and looks around the room, "May I sit? I've been sorta taking a beating much of the day." She sits down and takes a deep breath, "Forgive me, I don't really know you. I don't know most anyone though. Only those who have been training me."

"Steve," he introduces. "Steve Rogers. So…what exactly happened?" He lifts a hand. "I know I can read the report. I just want the summary."

Jenny blinks a few times, "Steve Rogers? As in Captain America? Cool!" She smiles a little. While she's not an active hero or anything, she has been meeting enough of the big names to not be too overwhelmed. "Agent Charles, One of the Bureaucrat types. Definitely not my area. He wanted a package delivered over to Stark Tower for the Avengers. He picked me as the Gofer. So I carried it there. When I went to Stark's penthouse to deliver it, I found a world of insanity! I opened the door, just as Amora was opening a portal to Asgard. I got pulled along with her and Loki." She shutters a little. "I pitched a cover story because telling Loki and Amora that I was an Agent in training would have likely cause me to be a smear on the carpet or something. Magically I am no match for Amora or Loki at this time. They just have too much experience."

Steve nods. "A wise move. You pretended to be just the courier, then?" Hopefully she kept it that simple. Steve's not a spy: He just hangs out with them.

Jenny frowns, "That would have worked if Amora didn't already know me. All she knows about me is I am a mage and that I am in some sort of military training. My magic made an impression. Apparently enough of one for her to notice a human. Anyway She offered to train me to use my magic when I initially met her. That's what I had to use. I told her I was tracking her via magic and was wanting to ask her for training. I wrote the package off as having been there before I arrived." She sighs. "Talk about stress."

Steve frowns. "I don't think she would be a wise choice. I will see if I can find somebody better. Thor might know somebody. Or Wanda." Because, well. Steve doesn't like leaving people untrained.

Jenny shakes her head, "Don't worry about it. I was slinging bull to make sure I got out of Asgard without being imprisoned or winding up dead. I was offered a few lessons by Dr. Strange. I figured that he would be the better teacher, While Amora would have more experience, Strange isn't going to use me and try to kill me when he gets what he wants." She smiles a little.

"Ah, yes. Strange is a very good choice. And I was actually going to try and get Thor to help get you out if they hadn't returned you." The advantage of knowing Asgardians.

Jenny smiles, "turns out Odin doesn't exactly like mortals in Asgard and Loki didn't really wanna piss off Daddy." She snickers. "Amora was exhausted of her magic. Loki shared his power, I did too cause I sorta wanted back. That spell was very intensive and I think it exhausted Loki too when it was done. I dunno for certain because I wasn't there. I know I was really worn out. The only thing that kept me going was Adrenaline and my training. So I ran to Stark Tower and dropped off the package, then I ran to the SHaQ and reported on what the hell happened to me. Shortly after that I passed out. I was just so drained."

"You're alive. That's a win in this one." Amora cannot be trusted, he knows that much. Not ever, not with anyone or anything. "Loki…"

Jenny nods, "Yeah, you won't hear me argue that point." She laughs a little. "Okay a few points I noticed while in Asgard. We arrived in Amora's castle. Turns out the point where we entered was not guarded in the least. It was her private chambers. Loki is afraid of his father. At least that is what it looked like. I guess Odin would be kinda terrifying. Still, Getting dirt on him to Odin would definitely be a means to deal with him. The biggest thing pertains to magic. Turns out even gods can get burned out. Amora couldn't cast anything after that portal. It took THAT much energy. I am pretty sure it wiped out Loki as well. This could be used. If you can get them to expel excessive amounts of magic they will be unable to do anything." She smiles a little.

Steve nods. "Often a good tactic to use on anyone who seems to be too powerful, to bring them down to size." Wear them out. Exhaust the heck out of them. But he's..used to that particular tactic. He's used it before. And had it used on his teammate.

Jenny smiles, "It would be risky, I mean, We are talking magic and if they use that much magic to cast something, Its going to do some serious damage. They used this to cross realms. I'm an Elemental witch, I do know however that in order to cross realms, you are looking at some serious mojo."

Another nod. "I only know magic by the third party route. I've worked with quite a few magic users, but I won't say it's something I understand."

Jenny laughs, "Join the crowd. I was born with it. I've spent most of my life afraid of actually using my magic. After nearly killing someone it just… It felt wrong. But, Agent May insisted I used it because its an advantage in a fight."

"May is right. We have to use all of our advantages." He studies her for a long moment. "Walk with me?"

Jenny nods, "Sure thing." She quietly stands up and cracks her neck. Idly she moves along with Steve. "Whats up?" She asks curiously."

Steve is heading for the…archives. An odd destination, perhaps. But, well. Sometimes he's an odd man. "Things were much simpler during the war."

Jenny laughs, "You mean World War II? I guess knowing who you are fighting and how to fight them does make things a little easier. In your case, you were shooting Nazis gods I hate those guys. Such jerks."

"And they have not entirely gone away, either. They might not actually run any countries, but…they're there." And right now, he can't shoot them either.

Jenny frowns, "Yeah. Still wouldn't mind decking the bastards on occasion. Maybe I will just use my magic to mess with me!" She gives a mischievous look. as she looks around at the Archives. "Ummm, I'm curious? Why here?"

"Wanted to show you something." He walks over to one of the electronic displays. "Ugh, I never did get used to this stuff."

Jenny nods slowly, "Oh okay." She stands back and watches as Steve works on things. She'd offer to help but, she doesn't have access. Too low level.

Steve finally gets it working. "Okay, this is from right after I came out of the ice." He knows she knows the story; everyone does. "I wasn't used to dealing with a lot of superpowers at that point.

Jenny looks at the images and nods slowly, "Right." She frowns over the last part though. "I heard rumors about you fighting with the head of Hydra though? I thought he was a super powered type?"

"Red Skull, yes. But he at that time had nothing on Thor. And the breach brought in a few more." He pulls up a picture attached to the report. "Really powerful types. Aliens and the like."

Jenny winces, "Well. I understand. I really do. I'm really out of my element here. Just because I can use magic doesn't mean I know how to use it. I guess… It would be like what you went through after you changed." She smiles. "Where you actually learned to use your abilities though, I got startled by mine. I would only use them as a last resort."

Steve nods. "After I changed…well…it took a lot more adjustment than a lot of people think." He pulls up another picture. "At the same time, not using power unless you need to? That's often a smart decision.

Jenny frowns, "Well the fact is, I had a score to settle with a bully. We were racing in the swimming pool." She winces. "I used my magic to propel myself a little. I wanted to shut her down in the worst way. I wasn't paying attention and nearly drowned her. I pulled her out of the water. We got her revived. After swimming, she took hold of me and gave me a beating I won't soon forget. Said I pushed her under and junk so I could win. Called me a cheater and all. That is what caused me to be more reserved with my powers. Now I am supposed to use them and… its just really crazy."

"You are supposed to learn when to use them and when not to, just as I have to know when it's a good idea to toss the shield…or use a gun." It's all the same thing to him. Powers. Weapons.

Jenny frowns, "If I would have actually trained when I was younger, I'd be able to work things so much better now. I'd be better capable. You know I sorta threatened to bring down the garage while being attacked? I didn't know who was attacking. I was bluffing of course but they didn't know that. Wound up with a gun pointed at me and a whip swung at my neck to knock me out. It didn't work. I sorta raised a chunk of pavement and dropped to the ground. I didn't want to do all that but… it was the best option."

Steve nods. "We'll fix it on the training." He smiles at her. "Okay, this picture. Guy on the other side is a gravity manipulator. He likes when people get scared of him…so he's inclined to use his powers too much."

Jenny looks at the picture and bites her lip. "I think I know how I would deal with him. I mean he would obviously try to pin people down. Any shots taken would be drawn to the ground. Heck your shield would likely be pulled down. You couldn't get close because he would likely be stronger the closer you get. You'd have to keep at a range…"

Steve nods. "And?" He's testing her a little bit, as she's thinking tactically. Good. The cadet's smart, at least…but then, SHIELD doesn't recruit fools.

Jenny thinks a little, "Well, my way of dealing with someone who is very much overpowering like that, Its not necessarily in the SHIELD handbook. I would use my surroundings. If we are in the city like we usually are these days, I would manipulate water. He wants to use a lot of gravity, He would pull the water down around himself. Then I would change to Electricity. Draw down a lightning bolt to strike the water. It would blow him back. Break his concentration and potentially knock him out. The big thing there would be to focus for me. If I use too much I'd kill him and Unless he leaves no choice That would be a last option."

Steve nods. "Excellent. Of course, in the field, you won't be up against somebody like that on your own." A pause. "I set up a distraction and then hit him while he wasn't paying attention."

Jenny smiles and nods. "If you want how I would do things with a team, Give me some parameters. I mean Teams aren't quite normal these days." She smiles.

"Definitely not. Makes for more fun in tactics." He studies her. "For which I think you have a talent." Yes, she's caught his interest.

Jenny nods, "That's the truth. I've been doing my best to learn all I can. A lot of combat training though. As you can tell, they don't really go easy on me. I think the knowledge that I am umm, gifted, means there's been a green light to go all out. I do my best though. I don't always wind up losing the fights anymore." She smiles brightly. "Thank you. Thats very kind of you to say."

"One day I'll have to see what you can do, then." Oh dear. That's likely one fight she won't have much chance of winning.

Jenny smiles a little and nods, "Well, I hope I improve a good deal before that day comes. I've not trained against anyone really enhanced yet. Well aside from Strange who I used that same tactic on. His magic is just very strong. I knew I couldn't exactly stop one of his attacks. So I took the hit while covering the garage in water from the sprinklers. I got launched back onto one of the SUVs. Broke the windshield. Hurt like hell. I changed my magic to electric and nearly fried him. That's when he offered to help me learn more." She giggles a little over that one. "Thankfully he is paying for the SUV damage."

"Why were you fighting him anyway…was it a test?" Steve can definitely understand that kind of a test, although he'd not do it in the parking garage. Especially not their parking garage.

Jenny nods, "He insisted. I didn't want to fight. Johnson had me spitting blood already. I was about to go get lunch when he insisted on fighting me. I asked him not to but he wanted to throw the fact that I am a SHIELD trainee in my face and I can't just say no to a fight. Then he wanted to 'give me a free hit' on him. So I took it. I punched him in the throat then roundhouse swept to put him on his back." She smirks more then proud of herself for that one.

"A test, then." Steve isn't sure she passed. he might have to have a quiet word with the Sorcerer Supreme. He's good to stay on good terms with, anyway.
Jenny smiles, "I think I impressed him. It was a good fight. I knew it wouldn't take much for him to take me down. I could feel that the moment I seen him. He's got a lot of magic. He told me I'm a Strong Elemental witch and offered to teach me to get better."

Steve nods. "You have the talent. And the more you learn about using it, the easier it is to not use it until you need to, I'm told." He shrugs. "One of my teammates is a witch, after all."

Jenny nods, "The way I see it, my magic isn't a weapon like Agent May said. Its a Tool. I can use it multiple ways. I just have to be able to think and focus. Like using Electric and Water." She smiles. "The two areas that actually make me more worried are fire and earth. Fire can be very unpredictable and I gotta focus very carefully. Earth, Its a stable thing but you mess with a little of it, the effects of it can be felt all around. Plus Using those to together could turn the ground into molten lava which could be problematic.

"Or possibly the only way to stop something bad from happening," Steve muses. He pulls up another picture, although he seems more thoughtful now.

Jenny nods. "This is true. It could definitely slow someone down. Heck could level the playing field. Scorch the ground, melt things down. Then use water to rapid cool and solidify it again. I could potentially trap someone or something in the pavement, assuming They survive being in contact with molten pavement or lava."

"Always a consideration." Steve grins, turning away from the picture. "Study your enemies. Know them. Know what they're capable of."

Jenny nods, "That's the goal. Right now, my 'enemies' are just my trainers. I know what they are capable of for now. They've not started getting out firearms on a regular basis yet. Heck I've not fired a single round. Like ever. Still, I am starting to get a better feel for how fights go here. Also I think I'm starting to think different. Everything was so different before. I had a little knowledge of how to fight but nowhere near as much as I do now. Things have been changing I guess."

Steve nods. "Firearms are another thing for a last resort," Steve notes. "We aren't at war, after all, and shooting and not killing is a lot harder than shooting and killing."

Jenny nods, "Honestly, even though I am going to use them, I don't really need one. I can do more damage and be more controlled with it without a firearm then a person with an AK-47." She shrugs. "I guess at this point, If I desperately need a gun, I could just take one in a fight, Right?"

"One good lesson about guns. They *can* be taken away. Of course, so can the shield." Not often, but it's been tried. Fortunately, not many people can *throw* it.
Jenny nods, "I think that's why there is such a focus on martial arts. I mean That is something that can't really be taken away. I think I have a few ideas for tomorrow when Agent Johnson goes to train me. I think I'm starting to see a method to the way she fights." She blinks a few times. This is very new to her after all.

Steve grins. "Be careful. She might change it up on you." Although some people are entirely too predictable. "And exactly. Close combat is always there, no matter what."

Jenny hmms, "I hope she does. But I think I am starting to understand. When she comes at me, she favors her right. She's a righty. She almost always go high on the body, like she wants to try to knock me out on the first punch. I should go low. Then she will miss. Then maybe come up on her to throw her off because When I go low I usually stay low. That might help. I think maybe I'm starting to understand."

Steve nods. "But, when you're in the field, you won't have time to take a ton of fights to establish these things."

Jenny smiles, "That's it." She beams. "I got it! her body tells what she's going to do! Its just a matter of keeping an eye on her core." She blinks, "I was told to win the fights. I need to use everything. Not just magic. If I am fighting in the Garage there are cars everywhere and a lot of concrete. I think its time I started learning to win fights, even without magic."

Steve nods. "Let me know if you want some help with that. *I* don't have magic." He doesn't really have superpowers, not in the true sense.

Jenny shrugs and gestures to the center of the room. "Whats a few more bruises. Its all going to blend into one big beating come tonight anyway!" She laughs and gets herself ready.

"No, not right now. You're too tired…we'll schedule a time when you're fresh." And maybe when he's tired to make it a bit more even.

Jenny nods, "Okay. No problem. Yeah I am actually feeling a little like I had a run in with the Hulk or something." She blushes. She's clearly exaggerating. A run in with the hulk would likely result in many broken bones

Steve grins. "So, rest up. While you can." Sometimes in the field, she won't get that opportunity.

Jenny nods, "I intend to. I am still burnt out from the trip from Asgard. Talk about a drain!" She winces a little. Thank gods she didn't have to cast that spell herself.

"You should ask Doctor Strange whether there's anything that helps with magical exhaustion." It wouldn't surprise Steve if there wasn't.

Jenny nods, "I will. I should be fine. I am recouping. Its just taking a little time. I feel better now then I did after that spell. I think by tomorrow I will be back to 100%."

"Well…I'd better get going. I have some stuff to do before I can retire for the night." Only a guy his age would say retire like that.
Jenny smiles, "Well, Be safe out there, Rogers. Don't take too many risks!" She states as she too heads out the door. She's gonna need to go for a swim tonight and turn the pool into an Olympic sized Jacuzzi!

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