2017-02-24 Blind Staff Lesson
This scene is rated Everybody
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Players: Hrimhari, Mary
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Title: Blind Staff Lesson

Rating: everybody

Hrimhari normally spends most of his time in Lupine form. However, since the day was warm, he decided to take a swim and turned to human form to dry off more quickly, and put on some clothing because people in these parts are unhappy about people without clothing lounging about. He was sitting on as rock beside the lake feeling for the magic of this land. He could use his personal energies anywhere, but he can not draw on dimensional energies, having only basic training in magic…a Journeyman some would say. That mean the only energies outside his own he can use are those that run free in the land. Granted, such energies are less potent in the winter season, but he should be able to find them.

Mary comes to the forest and lake quite often, like she mentioned to the wolf-prince on their initial meeting, often just to enjoy walks through the forested area, but also because the lake, or more precisely, the boat house there, is a regular hang-out for Logan, who she is quite curious about. Now of course, she has yet another reason to come there with Hrimhari residing in the area as well, maybe she just has a fascination for more feral people? Whatever the reason, she is making her way through the forest path to the lake, having her cane in hand and feeling the way routinely, although this path she knows so well she would not even really need it. She can't of course tell whether the prince is clothed or not, at least not without touching, though she can sense his mind. The thought of a blind girl trying to sneak up on someone with the senses of a wolf is so ridiculous that she doesn't even try.

"You rely too much on your cane and your special sense, Mary," states Hrimhari. "You can do so much more than what you think, you are limiting yourself more than you know."

Mary listens to his words somewhat confusedly. "What do you mean?" she inquires, "They help me in not running into things or people." making her way the rest of the way to the man, though being careful to not step into the water. "I do not have quite as good senses as you do, Hrimhari, I wish I would. How have you settled in here?"

"Here is well enough. In human form, my senses are not nearly as keen as in mine wolf or Vargr forms, but I know how to use them better than most. This, even though I am still learning this form, having only had it since I arrived here on Midgard. Mayhap this land is somehow more distant on Yggsdrasil than Asgard from the primordial place of the wolves, making such a change from mine born self possible." He realizes he has gone off subject, "Mine own troubles are naught, we were discussing you. You need to learn two things if you wish to fight despite being blind. The first is to use your senses, the second is to focus your strength. The moves you will learn depend on focus, but to apply them you need to be aware of your surroundings. Come, sit beside me, let us see what you can learn."

Mary listens to his words curiously as she does make her way over the last short bit of the distance so she can sit down next to him, offering a smile towards him. "I am surprised that you spend so much time in human form, I would imagine you to be more comfortable in the other forms? Maybe I am biased, but for sure if I would have such remarkable senses, I would use them at every opportunity." she remarks, then nods to what he says regarding her senses. "If you are talking about physical strength, I don't have too much of that. But I can usually predict someones moves quite well since I can read them from their mind before they do them."

"Tell me about thy other sense, the one that lets thee read minds. I ken it not, but methinks you have trained it no better than any other of thine senses," he well remembers an old blind man who taught him much of fighting and something of magic. The man was no keener of senses than any man, but had trained himself to USE his senses so one rarely knew he was blind.

Mary bites her lower lip a bit as she thinks about how to best go about it as it is somewhat complicated what all she can do with it. "Well, I did spend most of my life without it, during which I was relying mainly on my hearing and touch, which I guess are because of that more keen than most peoples, despite not really being -better-. It has definitely been easier to move around people and recognize them ever since I got this though. It is a bit hard to describe, but when I reach out with my mind, I can feel the presence and location of everyone around me, and hear some of their thoughts every now and then, the stronger thoughts. Then I can also focus on someone in particular, which gives me lot more clear focus on that one, hearing much more of their thoughts, and emotions as well, and even can tell if they are lying… but everyone else gets somewhat dimmed to the background. If I have physical contact with someone, then this more focused form is on always with that person, whether I want to or not."

Hrimhari considers, "Canst thou, then, taste the thoughts left by one who has gone, or see through the eyes of others about you?"

Mary shakes her head slightly at the first part. "No, not if they are no longer there, it doesn't work retroactively. Although I could look for memories in someones mind, that I prefer not to do though, as it is not overly pleasant experience, to either side. I can however deepen the bond with someone so much that I would experience everything through their senses, yes. That kind of connection allows me to even exceed the usual range limitation to it and maintain the connection no matter how far they go. Although it can be somewhat disorienting to try to do things with my own body while I am maintaining that deep connection."

Hrimhari considers, "Even in winter, especially as warm as it is here, there are small creatures about. They look about them and thoughts of what they sense should be uppermost in their minds, mayhaps you can gain a sense of what they note without such a tight grasp…like gaining a sense of the conversation of a crowd if many speak of the same subject."

Mary fiddles a bit with her cane with her fingers as she listens to what he is saying, she is even making an effort to try to be facing more or less towards him, even though still of course her eyes don't react to any movement. "I haven't tried that much to read animals, their minds tend to be so different. I have heard that some aliens that can be found on Earth can have really strange minds too, although I haven't encountered any of those yet." She reaches down a bit to test the water with her finger to see how warm it is. "Were you swimming?" she inquires, as he does smell rather freshly washed.

"True it is that beast minds are different, I can sense such, if I use mine Seidr…my magic. I have only limited natural magic at mine call…more limited here as I have yet to connect to this land, but I can yet sense the minds of the small creatures about. Thou sayest that thou has somewhat trained thine hearing and touch, but what of thy sense of smell. Where we stand, what lies about you. Canst thou not scent the pine and spruce and Juniper that lie about us?"

Mary blinks a few times as she feels how cold the water is, straightening up again. "That's cold! I am surprised you are not freezing if you were swimming in that." she remarks, leaning her head back some then as she breathes in the scents of the surroundings, nodding slightly at his words. "Faintly. As I said, my senses are not any better than regular human, I guess that just because I have always missed the primary one, my other senses are more honed than humans usually have."

Hrimhari chuckles, "Where I have lived, ice on the water is common when one might deign to swim. This water is not so cold to one used to such." He adds, "I once knew a man, blind he was, and ancient, but trained his senses he had to be keen indeed. He taught me much, though his senses were likely dimmed with age to be even less than thine." The wolf prince pauses, "Thou has said you can see through another's eyes, canst thou let another sense through thine? Mayhap, an I did, I could show you quickly how to use them better."

Mary tries to imagine swimming in near freezing water, and shivers just from the thought. "Uh, damn. I would want it to be a lot warmer than this before I would go swimming, would likely die to hypothermia if would try to swim in that." she notes, considering his words then. "Once I have spent a sufficient amount of time to get familiar with a particular place, I can operate much better there. Like for example, in the house I grew up in I could move around without a cane with no problems." then blinking a few times at the last part of what he asks. "Hmmm, I don't think I can at least. It is quite a lot more limited to what I can do to other peoples minds. That's something that I definitely need to get more practice in. Though since I am blind, I imagine you wouldn't see anything through my eyes even if I could do that."

Hrimhari chuckles, "Aye, but thine other senses, thine hearing, scent, and touch. Could thou share those?" He is interested in helping her, and wants to know how much of her limits are real, and hoe much self imposed.

Mary shakes her head some at his words. "No I don't think I know how to do that, as I said, I can only control my own mind, not others. I might be able to eventually learn how to do that, but not yet at least."

The Asgardian grunts thoughtfully, "If thou would learn to fight, thou needest first to learn to use thine senses aright. Thou may face things which though mindless be a threat to thee…like the skeleton warriors of Hel. Thee must learn to hear the wind, to feel the passage of air and the heat of another's body, to scent the sweat of thy foe. Remember, an thou art using thy stick to fight, thee canst not use it to feel about thee. That be why you must learn to move without it."

Mary listens to what the wolf-prince is saying intently, though the thought of fighting against skeletons seems a bit weird to her. "I don't think there are too many things like that here… although I did hear someone talk about some kind of giant robots that were hunting mutants. I hope I never run into those as I wouldn't be able to affect them at all with my abilities." nodding to the mention of not using her cane to feel around if using it to fight. "I know, but I imagine if I am fighting I probably don't need to move that much. And I can move without it, its just trickier to not run into objects."

"Child, movement tends to be the essence of defense. Granted, one need not move greatly, if one knowest what thou dost, but one must move. Be it to duck, or to brace oneself to parry, or to twist to the side, one must ever move to defend," Hrimhari says, regretful to disabuse her of the notion.

Mary nods to his words. "Yes, I understand that, but that's what I meant, I wouldn't need to move long distances, I can easily move around in a small area where I have already been, I only use the cane to feel for any obstacles on the way, in situation like that I would have already done that."

"Ever changing is the battlefield, one can perhaps know where things WERE, but one must be able to tell where anything that hast been dropped or kicked has gone. That is why thou must learn to use thy senses, not just the one that sees minds, but the ones that can warn thee of changes thou can not see thus as well, Hrimhari says with gentle firmness.

Mary smiles softly as she listens to his words. "I know, and I do, I do use them as much as I can, I didn't just stop when my telepathy awakened. I have even been taking some lessons recently, from you and others, to try to get better in defending myself physically, if it becomes necessary at some point."

"Think thee, if thou were to drop thine stick, that thou could find where it rolled by hearing whence the sounds if made stopped?" Hrimhari needs to establish how well she can use her senses.

Mary tilts her head to the side some as she listens to that. "I guess that would depend on the environment, on a hard floor I should be able to, but somewhere like grassy forest floor, there wouldn't be much sound to follow, so would just have to take note of the direction it went and search with touch… or if there is somebody else present, use their eyes mayhaps."

Hrimhari growls, "There is sound aplenty, if thou canst only listen. Every leaf or place of grass that moves makes noise. Thee hast had too safe a life, thou hast not needed to learn how to distinguish things. Still, I have come up with a training aid for thee. One moment while I fetch it." He lopes off an brings back a pair of staves. "I have carved out the end of these staves so that when they are swung they will make sounds, like a bull roarer. It will help thee judge thine opponent's moves and thine own."

Mary blinks a few times as she listens to him. "I am not sure if it is possible to hear that precisely with human ears, Hrimhari. You are blessed with much keener senses than what I can ever have." she points out, then nodding to his words about the training aid, waiting for him to return with the staves, listening curiously to his explanation of the special features of them. "That sounds quite useful." she agrees with a smile as she stands up also and steps closer to him.

Hrimhari lacks the evidence to prove it, as he has not studied the Oriental Martial arts of Earth, but Mary is wrong. There are the Zen Archers and the Blind Masters in China who can do everything he is suggesting and more. He thinks she can learn though. He closes his own eyes and says, "Mine challenge is different from thine, for I must restrain mine strength to not harm thine frail form. For the nonce, I shall only parry thin own advances. I will likewise fight blind, that all be as fair as can be."

Mary accepts the staff from Hrimhari, and sets her cane down leaning against the rock that they were sitting on a bit ago. Weighting the staff at her hand and testing its balance for a bit as she listens to his words. "I appreciate that." she offers in response as while she is not all that familiar with what Hrim's strength is like, even a regular strong man without super powers could easily knock her over as she is just 125lbs teenage girl. "So… you want me to do this without using my mind sight?" she asks as she isn't quite sure whether he does or not.

Hrimhari uses his limited magical training, he closes himself down so that others can not easily sense him. He thinks it will block Mary's senses as well as it does mystical senses…though obviously he is not great at it.

Mary is somewhat confused as she does not get a response to either way from the wolf-prince, leaving her uncertain of whether she should pull her senses back in or make contact with him.

Hrimhari holds the surface of his mind empty, reflecting the world around him with ho self for her to sense (hopefully). Should she try, it may be something of a surprise for her. He keeps his eyes closed and brings his staff yup to a basic defensive position, causing faint whistling sounds as it is moved.

Mary sighs as she still doesn't get any kind of reply, so settles finally on just pulling her mind fully in and envisioning a wall around her head, blocking everything out, leaving her with just her normal senses to go with now, which only takes her a moment to adjust to, as she has after all only had her telepathic sense for a few years. Focusing on listening to any sounds he might make, taking a deep breath and then tries this. first swinging the left end of her staff in a horziontal arch at roughly the level of his midsection, such wide swings are good to start with for pinpointing his location.

Hrimhari moves his staff to block, it IS a bit harder to pinpoint location with ears that do not move, but it can be done. He is very careful to to hit her staff but rather to place his in the way and let HER hit HIS staff.

Mary both feels and hears the hit of the wood against wood, which helps her to get a better idea of where he is. And to take advantage of his knowledge before he can move too far away hopefully, she next brings the right end of the staff in a more diagonal arc aiming somewhere roughly at his shoulder level, possibly neck, she isn't quite sure, which is soon after revealed to have been intended to lure his staff up as she then reverts the trajectory to try to bring the left side end up either against his outer thigh or between his legs depending on how he moves.

Hrimhari blocks without much trouble, he could really have given her a normal staff, but the concentration he is keeping to hide from her special sense makes things a bit more even that it might otherwise be. He simply deflects her every attack for now, not dodging…he wants her to learn how to judge clearly with her ears.

Mary bites her lower lip a bit as she focuses on listening to the sounds from her opponent, being quite happy that at least most of her attacks are at least going to the right direction since they get blocked rather than completely whiffing, she wasn't really expecting to actually manage to land a hit. But still she keeps trying, doing different kinds of swings and even some pokes with the staff, it acts as quite nice work out in any case.

It would be easy to disarm Mary, but that is not the point of the exercise. The point is to get her to learn to judge location using her human senses, not her telepathy. It seems to be working.

Mary is very grateful of the training, as she wants to learn how to use a staff, even if she is thinking of it more for defense than attack purposes, but it is not overly practical to try to train defense against someone as strong as Hrimhari is.

Hrimhari would agree,if he knew Mary's thoughts. He will have to find someone more her strength level to teach her active defenses. In the meantime, teaching her to judge distance and direction accurately is the first thing she needs.

Mary keeps up this steady rain of swings with the staff against
Hrimhari for perhaps five minutes or so, after which she is breathing quite heavily and has to stop to catch her breath, sweating after the exertion, her arms are likely going to be quite sure in a few.

Hrimhari says, "We will work on your strength and wind in time. You see how you can track sounds with your ears now?"

Mary takes in a few deep breaths as she expands her senses again to bring the voices back, not that there is too much of it here, as it is just Hrimhari in range. "I never said I couldn't, just that some sounds are harder to follow than others."

Says the Wolf Prince, "Easy rarely a fight wins. Slow steps though, that we may take as thou learnest."

Mary nods a few times to his words as she leans forward on her staff a bit while catching her breath, damn that definitely was a good work-out. "I know, I know. I am doing my best."

Hrimhari says, "Thee are not the most hopeless student I have seen, thou canst learn if thou perserverest. Dedication is what the needest to succeed."

Mary smiles at his compliment and nods again. "Thank you." is offered as she straightens up again and reaches for her cane to pick it back up while handing the staff to Hrimhari in turn, he probably has some place to keep those in for next time.

Hrimhari takes the staff and lopes off with both to put them into storage in a hollow place in a tree he prepared. It was not carved, but somehow grown…

Mary walks a bit of the way after him, though not all the way as she waits for him to come back, biting on her lower lip a bit nervously as she tries to think on how to ask for what she has been wanting to for awhile. When the man comes back, she finally does. "You told that you also had another form… not human or wolf, but something in-between? I have been… wondering… if you might let me… umm 'see' that?"

"Mine Vargr form? If thou wishes, though many find the sight uncomfortable," He waits for her to confirm her desire, and transforms after removing most of his outer clothing so it will not get ripped.

Mary nods to his words. "Yes. If that is what you call it. Just umm warning that to see it I will need to touch you, and feel over your form." she offers, somewhat embarrassed, but that is the only way she can really get a good idea of how it looks.

Hrimhari is more comfortable in this form…except those areas covered with unfamiliar clothing. He will let the girl touch him in most area, though he does understand the bounds of propriety (more or less).

Mary is not in anyway overly bold in that kind of touches herself either so she wouldn't even try to go to any questionable areas, but she does feel over most of his body, feeling the fur, especially curious about the shape of his face and head, and those unusually shaped legs. Taking in a deep breath once she finishes, taking a step back, her cheeks flushed a bit just from that, as it is really the first time she has been that close to any man. "Uhh… t-thank you. whoa… you feel so strong, and majestic." she admits.

Hrimhari chuckles, "Majestic, well prince of Wolves am I, highness not majesty. Majesty be a king." So he is making a bit of a joke, he is not sure if it translates well to English.

Mary giggles a bit at his correction. "True as that might be, I don't think it would sound quite right to call you high." she offers in return, which would be the equal for majestic as far as she can think. "Either way, I still do not find that uncomfortable at all, but very strong features." she probably has somewhat unique perspective on it seeing as she is relying on feel rather than actual appearance.

Most people would probably think him a werewolf and run away, at least in these parts. Vargr and Ulfsarkers are respected on Asgard, their magic and senses a strong defense against threats ranging from Frost Giants to Hel Warriors. He says, "Ye are rare young lady, most seem to call me a monster."

Mary offers a smile to his compliment, reaching a hand up to gently touch his cheek if he allows it. "That is because most people only look at the surface." then trails the hand down to press lightly against his chest. "Appearances don't mean much to me, in that way, I suppose not being able to see could be a blessing, so I am not blinded by first impressions. True beauty is inside. All I feel from your features is strength and nobility." she concludes, pulling her hand away again.

Hrimhari shakes his ears and pants slightly, which is about as close as he can come to blushing in this form, "Some would say you are an astute judge of character, as honor and nobility are known to be attributes of Hrimhari." The way he says it is a bit odd, as if it is something well known to many, not something he is bragging about.

Mary tilts her head to the side slightly as she listens to his reply, happening to be 'looking' more or less towards him for once while they converse, even though her eyes of course don't see anything still. "Thank you. Not many people usually come to talk to me, so I end up listening much more than talking, words, and since my gift manifested, thoughts as well, I guess that will help in getting to understand people. If you keep this up though, I must warn you that you might just become my second ever real friend." she offers with a smile. "I have heard that wolves are considered noble animals, so I would say it is very fitting if a prince of wolves would uphold such values."
Hrimhari replies, "Wolves have many attributes, some are appreciated by humans, others less so." He adds, "I can not see why others are not friends of yours, save if they fear your gift. Many folk have secrets they do not wish others to share. Wolves are simpler creatures."

Mary chews on her lower lip for a moment as that question is asked, her fingers fiddling a bit with her cane. "It was already before that. I was born blind already. So I was too different for other kids to play with for most parts, and then later too strange for other teens to hang around with, and the fact that I don't dress for fashion doesn't help I suppose. It got worse after my gift manifested and I got more 'weird' in their eyes. It wasn't until here that I met other people that understood… at least the mind reading part, I think lot of them still find the blindness awkward to deal with."

Hrimhari says, "People confuse me often. I know some blind people, those who survive being blind on Asgard have either great skill or great magic." Tales of the blind witches of the Norns are pretty common, for example.

Mary is standing near the waters edge with Hrimhari, talking, she is holding her cane leaning against the ground front of her as she listens to what the wolfprince is saying. "It sounds like quite a dangerous world. Maybe I will get to go there some day…" she muses.

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