2017-02-24 Get a Grip
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Jacob Tylor, Atalanta
GMed by Jacob Tylor
Title: Get a Grip

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Atalanta considers something she recently thought of, but knows she can not properly model it, and testing it without modeling it could be a risk. She does know someone who might be able to help, so she uses the communicator Jacob gave her, "Atalanta to Enterprise, come in please."

The communicators that Jacob has been giving people thankfully is made with technology found on earth, just highly encrypted on a secure channel. As the communication is routed to him Jacob was actually away from the ship. So it is Connie who Answers, "Enterprise to Atalanta, Connie Speaking. Jacob is away from the Ship on important business. How can I help you?" she asks.

Laura says, "I wanted to run some simulations, possibly on the holodeck though perhaps not necessarily. I think I have thought of a way that I might run faster without escaping the planet, but though I better see if it would work, or if it might have side effects."

As Connie listens to her, she knows Jacob's standing orders. "I don't foresee a problem against it Atalanta. Considering what happened the last time your pushed your limits I do not believe Jacob would have an issue with the simulation on the holodeck. You do realize that despite my abilities. There is only so much I can do with the holodecks?" Meaning that while she can help similate a lot of things, there are people so fast, so powerful the holodecks simply can't handle that level of power.

Atalanta asks, "Can you beam me up, or do you want me to describe the question?"

Connie replies, "Yes prepare for Transport." And soon the Annular confinement beam forces around Atalanta and soon she will be enveloped in the transporter beam transported up to the ship and onto the Pad as Connie's holographic form appears next to the transporter pad. Like always she is see through, and smiles pleasantly. "What did you have in mind?" she asks politely.

"It came to me the other day that my Kryptonian Aura supports me when I lift great weights, I was thinking I might be able to use it to cling to surfaces so that I do not fly off when I go too fast. I started to wonder though, what the side effects of doing that might be on the way my field normally protects other things. Would inverting it's normal function to stop my flying off make it cease protecting others from hurricane force winds, sonic booms and friction effects?"

As Connie listens to her she smiles and says. "That could very much work." Then thinking "Jacob often jogs around the saucer section on a large circle. I could reinforce the Integrity of those areas, and seal them with forcefields to mitigate damage possibilities, and adjust gravity to Earth Normal. Or reduce gravity so that it would mimic higher speeds at lower velocities."

"That might work, if you think it can take the strain," Atalanta replies. "You might want to place a monitor on me to see what my field does…there is a good chance I will not get it right he first time or so…arrange the gravity to pull me INWARDS so that the centripetal forces will be in an outwards direction and it will react much like normal gravity."

With a smile, "I will start working on the preparations to make the adjustments. But I can't actually do anything until I get the OK from Jacob. But I honestly don't foresee a problem." she smiles and says. "Is there anything else I can help you with?" Connie asks.

Atalanta says, "Not that I can think of yet, though I suppose I could try clinging to something to find out if that part works while we wait. If you have some kind of sensor that would detect the force against a surface it might help."

With smile she says, "Of course this way." And the Doors of the Transporter room open as she will allow Atalanta to follow her hologram through the corridors to the Science labs where she can be outfitted with a special set of sensors. Connie is already working on a design that should work and survive the levels of speed intended.

The way Laura has it figured, if she is on a flat surface, and shed succeeds in clinging, it should make her seem heavier. Though perhaps a surface above her would work better if she tries to to pull-ups. She asks Connie which way she intends.

As she thinks the idea over she says, "I think an easier test would be to reduce gravity on the deck so that you can use the power to cling to the floor plating." she says and then will bring her into the Science lab. Where she replicates a sensor patch instructing her to place it under her clothes such as a sleeve or something and should remain safe.

Atalanta places the patch and says, "Could work I suppose."

Finally Connie smiles and then says, "Alright begin manipulating your field, and I will start to reduce gravity monitoring your effective weight." Of course Connie smiles as she almost debates a little joke reducing it to weightlessness as prank. but decides against it and then the sensation of the place seems to be not as heavy, Atalanta might not feel it at first as Connie says, "Reducing in 5 percent intervals. "

Atalanta concentrates…she has managed to drop her field before…well at least pull it inward, what she needs to do is increase it while holding it together, but how exactly? Well if she can bring it in pushing it out should be possible…so far she can not detect any effect.

The Gravity drops slowly as Atalanta can feel it reaching normal Earth gravity, and slowly she grows lighter and lighter. Connie's sensors on the ship register her downward force and then when she detects it Connie explains that her downward force had increased. Finally when the gravity is 50% of Earth normal Connie stops not wanting her to suddenly float away as she will help Atalanta with alerted her when she detects the field helping to hold her down and in place. That way she can concentrate on it, more effectively.

So far, Atalanta us not having any notable success at the experiment. She THINKS she is expanding her field, but can not tell that is is holding her to the surface at all. She says, "Can you detect the extent to which my energy field is penetrating the surface?""

As Connie is listening and scanner her she says. "No, I am going to reduce Gravity more until you are weightless." Thankfully the room is not very high so if she falls to the ground like a stone she won't be hurt. Still Connie erects a forcefield around a decently sized area around Atalanta so that only that area needs to be rendered weightless and she won't go floating off, if she moves around rapidly.

Not being used to weightlessness, of course Atalanta's body tries to automatically adjust itself and throws her off the surface and into the nearby force field, though not with much force.

As Atalanta can now feel her self floating thankfully Connie has the Forcefields soft set, so that she won't impact them or feel a sting. Still it will allow her to adjust her self as the ceiling does have some areas for fingers to grip and hold herself steady to adjust her field.

Atalanta has some better success with trying to grip using her hands, she is clearly more used to gripping with her hands and has possibly unconsciously used her field to help enhance her grip before. The trick is to grip without squeezing her fingers.

As Atalanta experiments Connie smiles. This will take some time as Connie works to help the young Superhuman. She is scanning the energy in her hands and tries to have her focus the same effort in her feet and legs. She knows this will take time for Atalanta.

It is slow work, but eventually Laura starts to get the hang of it. She suggests that Connie slowly reverse the gravity to try to push her away and see if she can hold against it.

Connie will do that as Atalanta will find her self floating upward to the top of the deck of course Connie explains. "Wouldn't it make more sense to try and hold your self down than up?" she asks.

"Sorry if my instructions were unclear, that is what I intended," says Laura with a self-depreciating laugh.

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