2017-02-24 Get a Grip-part 2
This scene is rated Everybody
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Players: Captain Jacob Tylor, Atalata
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Title: Get a Grip-part 2

Rating: everybody

Finally as Connie almost snickers at the prediciment of Atalanta she says. "Jacob's on board now." and then she will keep her sensors on Atalanta. And when Jacob Comes into the lab he is dressed in of all things a Hawaiian shirt, shorts, sandles. and sunglasses. "Sorry Connie said I was busy, apparently," he says looking at her hologram. "She decided that Down time was more important than assisting you." he says setting the glass down.

Atalanta says, "She has been assisting me, but she wanted you here before we got on with the part that could possibly get dangerous. I have figured out, with her help, how to use my Kryptonian Aura to cling to a surface. The Theory is that I can use it to overcome the effects of my acceleration so I stay on the surface after reaching orbital velocity. In order to test it properly, I would like to use one of the circular corridors in the saucer section, with the gravity adjusted to earth normal and set to pull towards the center of the saucer."

As Connie looks to Jacob she says. "You needed the down time." And then sticks her tongue out at him teasingly. She is almost like a Child at times, but always serious when needed to be.

"Connie I assume the necessary alterations have been made correct?" Jacob asks.

"Yes sir. All changes and I have reinforced the hull structural integrity fields. And closed all but one of the bulk head hatches." She explains.

And Jacob nods as he says, "Alright then let's get to it." he offers and allows her to escort through the deck to the proper location for the test.

Atalanta cautions Jacob, "This could get dangerous if it does not work right, it might be better to be in the Engineering Hull in cause things go wrong." Perhaps she is being overcautious, but that is why she did this here…rather than on the surface.

"Having seen information on a full powered Kryptionian. I would rather do it here in the saucer section than the engineering deck were I have five thousand tons of Antimatter that could go off of one of the pods is breached by accident." Jacob explains as they head to the bulk head. And Connie explains gravity in the next part is nullified so she can get on the wall properly. For Running.

Atalanta laughs, "I mean YOU in the engineering hull and me here, so you will be safe if something goes amiss

"Well that Makes more sense. You should learn to phrase your words more properly." Jacob says. "Then I will keep an eye on you in the engineering hull. Start off slowly it will allow use to adjust the force needed to maintain the stress of the hull integrity." Jacob says and heads back to the Turbo lift. There is no way that the full speed of a Kryptonian can be held by the ship but it should allow her to work on her practice at relatively low speeds, for practice.

Once the gravity is adjusted correctly and Connie informs her that Jacob is in the Engineering hull, Atalanta begins. She accelerates fairly slowly, taking a whole second to round the corridor the first time and doubling her speed each time until she hits her cruising speed of 8000 miles an hour. Naturally she can not talk at that speed, as it it ten times the speed of sound. Still, she waits for a signal from Connie to indicate she is ready for the next level of acceleration.

Right now The enterprise is able to help hold herself together, and her internal construction is durible, strong and as Connie has to up the field there is some creaking here and there as she slowly adjusts and compensates for the stress and strain. It might not be a Kryptonian treadmill. But it works as Connie uses the Red yellow and green lights to communicate with her as she nears the stress levels she will see a yellow light, if she needs to stop she will see a red light to slow down, and on going it will be green. Her speed is calculated as the points of stress in the corridors Connie adjusts by presurising the internal areas of a higher pressure and strengthening the Hull and finally the light turns green from yellow.

Acceleration is fairly cautious, she can reach 12300 on the surface before she starts to fly off, she will be careful as she nears that mark and tries to cling to the bulkhead.

Connie does note that. As she figures out a way to communicate with Atalanta, the panels above her have spread out on them little dots of light, and at the speeds that Atalanta is running at, she can see they are making words indicating that she is indeed starting to leave the surface of the corridors.
I don't understand that.

Atalanta attempts to use what she learned to cling to the corridor. The results are not fully satisfactory, she does indeed manage to stay on the bulkhead more firmly, but her aura seems to draw inward as part of it is redirected. Instead of barely a whisper of breeze from her passage, the corridor becomes filled with gale force winds.

The stress of the wind is enough to turn the green light Yellow and then it darkens to Red. The corridors creek and groan. Structural integrity is down 40% with the sudden inrush of winds and and the force of it. As Connie needs her to slow down and stop so she can begin to repair the damage before she tries again.

Atalanta sees the lights change and slows down, and also reverts to her normal mode. She slows to subsonic and comments, "I was afraid it might work like that, it was why I suggested the Captain be elsewhere during the test. The question is, can I overcome the side effect, or will I be limited to my current speeds to avoid collateral damage?"

As Connie allows her to come to a stop she will appear on the side of the corridor, "I am not sure. Let's try it with a different approach. It will be less dangerous and stressful. Let's reduce the gravity by 1% every ten or fifteen seconds. As you maintain a set speed you will approach closer to escape velocity and much lower and manageable speeds.

Alalanta nods, "A reasonable suggestion. I note it will not be very effective at simulating when I exceed escape velocity normally though, unless you do as I suggested before and invert gravity to push me outwards…because I will not need as much energy to cling to the surface."

Once Connie has more data she says, "I believe that your suggestion will work. Now that I have some hard data on your speed. It must be an instinctive thing that speedsters know of." she says with a smile as she says, "Damage is repaired. Just micro fractures. Nothing major. Systems restored Ready for round two." And she will proceed as Atalanta suggests. Hoping that it won't back fire on her

Atalanta begins again, the slower actual speed allows tracking of the effect fairly closely. Connie can calculate that at basic orbital speed, you will get wind, at about twice orbital speed (which is escape velocity) you will get sonic booms. At roughly twice escape velocity, you are likely to start setting things on fire with friction. By roughly 100,000 miles an hour, the air will start turning to plasma as if heated by a meteor passing close to the surface. After that Atalanta herself might start taking damage, but the environmental damage would be bad enough already that it is likely best to avoid the issue.

Still forcefields can contain plasma and contain the damage as it is similar to the force fields in the shuttlebay that keeps atmosphere in and the vacuum from pulling everything out. The human in engineering is watching her progress, he swallows hard as she need to stop, as the forcefields that she is running on get stressed to the breaking point, even a level ten which can contain some serious powerhouses will not be enough and the lights shift from green to yellow to red as Atalanta runs in the circle. and hopefully she will never need to go that fast. Sadly Connie couldn't allow her to get to her top speed capping around 50,000 and that was only for a brief moment before she left a trail of destruction behind her in the corridor. This is not going to work, his ship is good, but he needs to get her with Power Girl to help her master her speed. The enterprise just can not handle the strain.

As soon as the lights turn yellow, Atalanta slows down. She does not stop abruptly, but slows gradually. An abrupt stop at that speed would require her clinging even harder than she had been, no telling what damage it would do. She says, "Well, at least now I know why I do not normally hold myself down when running, without the Speed force it gets dangerous."

As Atalanta finally comes to a stop it looks like the corridor has been torn to hell in a battle as the bulkhead is even dented inward. And right now, Connie is having trouble with sensors in that area of the ship as one of the bulkheads will lift only part way up so that she can slip through it can't go all the way up as it needs to be pounded out. Right now Jacob has realized she needs something more exotic for her full top speed something he can design, but doesn't have the ability or proper materials to build.

Atalanta says, "In theory, I can hit about 2 tenths of a percent of the speed of light…if I happen to be in a vacuum and running on a flat plane. We figured that out using Kid Flash's treadmill. Looks like that will just have to stay theoretical though."

Finally As Jacob has come up and soon he manages to get fairly normal gravity restored as Connie handed him the damage report. And it will take a week for his ship to fully repair her self. Even using the holoemitters here to such the damage will take time to repair as he looks around and says. "Well At least you have some idea of how to stay on the ground better.

Atalanta laughs, "Yeah, but it better be a REAL emergency before I try it. Either that, or I need an anti-friction field." She figures that is what her Kryptonian aura is doing while she is running, at least mostly.

As Things settle down Jacob will take Atalanta to the lounge where he can and she can get something to eat leaving Connie to handle repairs. "Lately I have been dealing with SWORD, Sentient World Observation and Response Department. They deal with Exter terrestrial issues. Lots of Politics. The Merger has cause a lot of hassle in world wide governments. Right now I been working to push them to be more diplomatic than they originally planned. With a focus more on Diplomacy than aggression. If My proposal works, it should like a planetary immigration agency. With secondary concerns for defense and response. Still I can't seem to convince them to change the name to EDF, Earth Defense force or Diplomatic force.

Atalanta says, "Likely they think of themselves as a counterpart to SHIELD. As such they may like the symbolic acronym. You might try suggesting one that has a similar tone like MACE, LANCE, or FOIL." She has heard of SHIELD, the confrontation with SHIELD and CADMUS made a few ripples, even though no one had any surviving records of it.

Jacob nods and says, "Well I think part of it is an insinuation, IE you cause trouble we'll bring a sword down on your head."

Laura nods, "They do tend to think in such ways."

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