2017-02-24 Troll on the town
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Borgon, Patriot
GMed by N/A
Title: Troll on the town

Rating: everybody

Patriot may have lost his shield and not yet replaced it, but he has a duty to protect people and he is out doing it. As the Library is closed now, he is out patrolling the streets of the crime-ridden areas of Harlem.

Borgon is an odd fellow who readily stands out in a crowd. He is giant fellow at nearly 8ft tall and brimming with muscle. Pointed ears, pale orange hide, bestial canines… really is hard to miss. But if that wasn't enough, he dressed unusually too - a cross between Asgardian armor and Midgardian teenage 'punk' clothing. A huge battle axe strung across his kept his cloak close to his body. He was walking along, seeing if there was any interesting going on. He is of course not aware of many Midgardian laws as he passes by Patriot doing rounds

Eli pauses to look over the odd fellow. OK, big and Orange is a bit strange, but he has seen odder mutants. The Axe is worrisome, but it is on his back, not threatening. Patriot moves up closer and comments, "Greetings, you look to be a stranger in these parts, may I be of assistance?"

Borgon looks down at Eli. Yea, Borgon has one teeny, tiny problem. He has a lot of trouble speaking Midgardian. He been learning… slowly. He peers down at Eli and says in a guttural bestial tongue that can only be Trollish "I do not understand. Try that again?". It sound more like roars and growls than an actual language. He tries in English "No… no ghdharye"

Patriot has no familiarity with the Troll language, but he says, "I learn quickly, point at something and say the word for it, or show and act and say a word and I will remember." He speaks slowly, and hopes the other can understand.

Borgon raise a bushy brow. "Pipsqueak no make sense" he says, as the long sentence flies over his head. But he seems to have picked understood some of it. Though the context may be off "Like show, like show!" as he has taken a liking to the boxes with tiny people (aka TV). "Remember, remember. Hip hop hippity hop!" does he actually know what he is saying, or simply being like a child trying to recall words he is familiar with.

Patriot starts demonstrating by pointing, "Axe." He points at other things nearby and names each in turn. Hopefully this man will name things in his own tongue. Patriot has a nearly perfect memory, he can learn quickly indeed.

Borgon looks behind himself at his axe over his shoulder. He gives a grunt… which was probably the word for axe. He seems to be getting the idea as Patriot points to various things and says names. His face brightens with realization. He gives a tremendous boisterous laugh and slaps Patriot on the back… forgetting the man is probably a Midgardian. "I get it!" he point at himself "Borgon" he says "Bor-gon. Borgon!"

Patriot points at Borgon and says, "Borgon", then points at himself, "Patriot." He will work on nouns, then start with verbs by shoring actions like run, jump, talk, and so on.

Borgon face…. shown grows bored. He didn't have the patience for language lessons. So, he does what he normally does for fun. He looks like he is about to throw a punch (and well it hard for a troll to look friendly, no matter what they are doing). He pauses though. Yea, that might not go over so well in Midgard. Last time he punched something… well it didn't end well. His stomach growls then "Hotdog" well he apparently knows the word for hotdog. He even starts heading for such a stand

Patriot accompanies the orange mutant…or he assumes he is a mutant. Possibly an Alien, it is hard to be sure. Possibly he will not have money…and Patriot wants to keep things peaceful.
Borgon seems to have no trouble paying. Mainly because he pulls out a bag of gold coins and gems. He gives the vendor about 20 gold coins and then points at the Hot Dog stand

Have all the dogs you want!" the vendor exclaim. He just got handed gold coins, he wasn't about to complain. He pockets the coins happily, not even bothering to check if they were real

Borgon on the other hand seem to take this as an invention… for the whole cart. He pick up the cart and walked away, stuffing hotdogs into his maul. This of course get several people concerned and quickly talking. He himself though is oblivious to this… but glances at Patriot… who he notices is following him "Help… you?" he asks, wondering if he got the words right.

Patriot replies, "I help you…stop trouble." There are people in these parts who will try picking on a mutant, even one as clearly strong as this one. Patriot will try to keep that from getting out of hand.

Borgon snorts "No need help" //"pipsqueak" he says speaking partial English, partial troll. He kept eating the hot dogs… really he was a bottomless pit. And he somehow managed to eat them ALL. He casually puts down the hotdog cart, finished with the meal and keeps on going.
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Admittedly, Patriot is small, especially compared to this guy, but he continues to follow. He will even try to continue the language lesson. He has the impression that someone had better…because this guy looks like he can END trouble.

"By Odin beard, you like fly!" he exclaims, though it more like a roar. Borgon looks at Patriot looking mildly annoyed now. He picks up the man, turns home around and points in opposite direction "Home." he says. He is not accustomed to being followed… as even at home he is largely avoided and mistrusted for his troll blood. So yea, people following him is odd

Patriot could dodge, but allows himself to be picked up. He waits until he is put down, then shakes his head. He catches the name Wotan or Odin, but not much else. OK, so he is from someplace Germanic…though that does not help as he does not know any such tongue yet. Patriot says, "Patriot guard." Who he is guarding is debatable, but as long as this guy is here, there may be trouble.

Can trolls face palm? Yes they can. Easy Borgon, watch the temple. he doesn't appreciate being treated like a child. Yes he knew what guard was. Alright, time to punt it. He bring back his foot and actually attempts to punt Patriot away "Home" forgetting Midgardians are not nearly as durable at Asgardians.

Fortunately, Patriot is not at all easy to hit unless he wants to be. He ducks under the kick and pushes the back of the leg further up. Hopefully unbalancing the troll.

Yea, 500 years of fighting and he wasn't about to be unbalanced THAT easily. He actually simply lifts his leg more and tries to shake patriot off //"Get off me. Going ta end up decapitating someone at this rate"\\ he growls out.

Patriot does not hold on, but lands lightly and unharmed. He also does not attack. He is making a point, he CAN defend himself.

Borgon makes a point of cracking his knuckles, pointing at Patriot and then pointing off in the same direction "Home!" perhaps trying to get it through his 'guards' head that he does not appreciate being followed around

Patriot gestures widely, "Home…" this part of town IS his home. Not his SPECIFIC home, but in general his home. As long as Borgon is here, Patriot will keep an eye on him.

Borgon growls… and he was getting redder. He may have actually looked a bit redder. Now he was getting pissed. He takes a breath as if to calm himself. Hand gestures it is. He points to patriot. Then has two finger walking on his palm. Points to himself. And then crosses his hands in an 'X'. In other words stop following. If that not enough he then point to patriot again and makes a crushing gesture and repeats the before gestures once again. Hoping he made himself clear and begins walking again.

Patriot stands back, but continues following. He does not want to fight this guy, who seems fairly peaceful, but this darn well IS his home and he will protect it if he has to.

Borgon peers back around himself and spies Patriot STILL following home. Alright Borgon, keep it together. If he won't stop following you… then you won't make it easy. He darts off, and he was FAST. He was going as fast as Olympians… and that was him jogging

Patriot follows, equally fast…at least at this level of speed. He can run faster than Olympic sprinter for hours and move far faster if he must. He will not be easy to lose.

Borgon speeds up faster and faster. His pounding feet leave small craters in the ground as he charges. He bobs and rolls between trees… and people quickly get out of his way. But at this point it was a fishing game. Quite suddenly Borgon will come to a stop - in an attempt to have Patriot crash into him.

Patriot follows Borgon, but the fact is he is smaller and can stop and turn more quickly…or use his speed to jump OVER Borgon instead of stopping. A maneuver few people can manage, but well withing Patriot's power.

Borgon reacts with lightning reflexes, reaching up to grab Patriot by the leg as the man jumps over him. If he does manage to get Patriot this way, he would hold him upside down and in fact bring him up to nearly face level… looking into the face of a very pissed off troll.

Patriot fends off the grab with a block to the forearm, which sends hum tumbling to the side. He lands on his feet with a bit of effort, barely avoiding the grasp of the giant (to him) orange mutant.

Viens pulse under Borgon thick skin. This guy won't take a hint. That it, he throwing Midgardians thought out the window. He unstraps his axe, his hands clenched tight around the weapons grip. His eyes narrow… a final warning to leave him alone.

Patriot states, "This Patriot home, Patriot guard." Hopefully the giant will understand, a creature guarding it's home fights fiercely. He may lose, but he will not back down. He is only equal to in speed and reflexes, and not nearly equal in strength..but likely more agile. He wishes he had his shield, but will do what he must.

Borgon could out do even peek level humans when it comes to speed and reflexes, which includes super soldiers. Though his size… did make less agile. He was trying to get the right words. He snarls out "Leave back!!!" one of those words probably isn't correct… but it didn't stop him from hurling his axe at Patriot… which could easily sink into a car without breaking.

Patriot dodges the thrown axe…hopefully it does not hit anyone else. He can not stop it at this point. He still does not attack, he is not even sure he could damage this thing, but someone has to try to keep things under control. However, Patriot will dodge out of sight and follow by stealth. His visible presence does not seem to be helping.

Unfortunately for Patriot Borgon had -two- special abilities that most Asgardians did not. One of which was highly developed sight that out matched most Asgardians (with the exceptions of full bred rock trolls and Heimdal, etc). He watched as Patriot dodge and moved to try and get a stealthy presence. It wasn't working. His head and body if needed swiveled to keep track of Patriots position.

Patriot remains, but stays a way back. He is not being threatening exactly, but hopes that the giant remembers his statement, he is here to guard his home. He will not leave the area until the possible threat is gone.

Borgon let loose one massive roar… and it was legitimately a roar. He hopes that this stranger will now stop following him. A way back was… a start. He turns to see where his axe landed. It had sunk deeply into a tree,more than half way through the bark really. And right near it… a rather terrified looking man who stopped in his track surprised by the whole thing.

The man quacked as Borgon came over and retrieved his axe, but never moved. "Errm, sorry" he says cantankerously to the scarred Midgardian and goes to walk away. And then there that moaning… creaking sound. Said tree was beginning to fall. The man utters a yell as the tree comes towards him

For Borgon part he actually reacted fast, dropping his axe and moving to catch the falling tree.

Patriot moves with all the speed he can muster and pulls the man out of the way. He then returns to watching from a distance with all the stealth he has. Admittedly, brilliant red white and blue is not very stealthy.

Well, Borgon has a fallen tree in his hands… and that annoying fly is still hanging around. Throw the tree, or keep walking, throw tree…. or keep walking. Throwing tree wins out. AFTER making sure there was no one near Patriot… he then throws the tree at him like a spear. Of course it act like a spear itself spear, so yea, definitely something that can be dodged.

Patriot flips over the tree trunk as it passes, pushing with his hands for extra force. He remains well back, but not gone.

Borgon at this point just glowers at Patriot, knowing full well the man still watching him

Patriot does nothing, only watches. Borgon may be a bit grumpy, but he does not seem to be trying to cause trouble.

Borgon is grumpy because this man won't stop following him. He stares back, mostly because if he looses control of his temper - he going to end up going on a rampage and then none is going to have a good day.

Patriot remains at a distance, he is not a threat as long as Borgon is not. He remains well back, close enough to help if someone is threatened, but far enough not to be a threat.

If Borgon leaves Harlem, Patriot will stop following him. If anyone tries to attack Borgon, Patriot will defend him. If Borgon attacks anyone, Patriot will try to stop him. He sees it as his duty.

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