2017-02-24 Unexpected Visitors and Visions
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Players: Amora, Loki, Nefja
GMed by N/A
Title: Unexpected Visitors and Visions

Rating: PG

Having spent days in Midgard without allowances, Nefja eventually managed to sneek back days after the Odinson was 'found and recovered'. And Nefja is alittle annoyed. Didn't Amora say she would have her help finding Loki, just to sneak away with him? No… So her first tour after being back is to try to find the Amora and rapay… uhm… somehow! Taking the shape of a small black feline critter, she starts to sneak up the tower, up up and up, trying to find the treacherous Amora. "mew…"

Amora did in fact specifically say that she would help Nefja by giving her a 'ride' to Midgard, and that after that the girl would be on her own, and she kept her promise. Not to mention that Loki was kept in a place where Nefja probably wouldn't have just been able to walk in to as Stark Tower has quite good security.

Regardless, Amora found Loki and at the prince's request, took him back to Asgard, to her own castle, again at his request. However dealing with their unexpected 'passenger' left both of them quite exhausted and as such Amora had helped Loki on the bed, her bed to be exact, because it was the closest one, among other reasons, and they had both slept there together, yes slept, Loki was out like a light!

Speaking of which, it seems Loki is still sleeping, he must have been totally exhausted, Amora however has gotten up already, lounging on the divan at the living room part of her personal quarters, with a nice cozy fire crackling in the fireplace as she studies a scroll while waiting for Loki to eventually wake up. There is a bowl of assorted fruits on the table near her, as well as a glass of wine that she sips from every now and then.

As if Amora would have known about Loki being with the Avengers if not for Nefja's earlier exploits! But now, the black 'house cat' sneaking up the tower had other plans: find Loki. Tiny pink paws on white and golden stone, black fur sneaking over the tiles. And eventually, the small figure reaches the top levels, the thick door separating the stairs from the room.

A protesting mew came from the disguised Nefja, and she struggled a minute or two to getup to the window, before she resorted in turning from the small housecat to larger feline, the midnight black fur turning grey as it expands, filling out into a silver and grey snow leopard, leaping up to the window to try to check if she can sneak to the actual room around the outside…

Amora doesn't likely notice such mewing, there are some guards and servants in the castle, but usually none in the floor with her personal chambers. It might be possible to get from the outside if one is really good at climbing, as there is a balcony accessible from her living room, though there isn't any kind of windowboard that one could walk on between the window and the balcony, and it is a LONG way down if one were to fall, as her personal quarters are in the top floor of the castle, not counting the tower rising even further up where her study is.

Nefja sticks the head out of the window… and then spots the balchony just at the edge of the visible. No, that was too far. Growling to herself, Nefja the leopard jumps back to the ground and as she bends her back and stretches out her front paw for the door, she does pull back some of the fur, becoming more humanoid, a hybrid of feline and human as she reaches it, the fingers searching for the lock, trying to operate the door as silent and gently as possible. It didn't bother her too much, that she was in her nudes… shapeshifting after all didn't alter clothing.

Amora finishes reading through the scroll and carefully rolls it back up again before sliding it in its case, which she sets on the table, taking another sip from her wine before she takes an apple from the bowl and takes a bite from it. She probably doesn't hear Nefja working on the lock as there is the nice crackling fire going on in the fireplace that makes some noise, even though it strangely enough seems to never run out of the wood to burn. She will however most likely see the door being opened as the door is not too far to the side from the fireplace that she is turned towards as she lays on the divan on her side.

Nefja slowly pulls the door open slowly, just enough to peek in - and most likely she gives away that she is there. Table… Fire… Chair… AMORA!? Oh No…

Amora takes another bite of the juicy apple, eating on it when she notices the door to the room opening, which makes her to arch a brow some as she was not expecting any visitors. Then when she sees just what kind of nature the visitor is she stands up quite quickly, speaking a few words of magic as a golden shimmer surrounds her for a few moments, before fading from sight as she conjures a protective shield around herself, before pointing towards the strange creature. "You have exactly five seconds to explain yourself, what are you doing in my castle?!" Obviously she doesn't recognize Nefja in that form.

Stolen her chance, spotted, caught and now threatened? That is too much for Nefja. The blue eyes shift, glare some. "Five seconds? You are the one who has to explain leaving me on midgard, trying to find the prince when you already had him here days ago!" Nefja claimed back, her voice easily recognizeable, maybe catching a hint of feline vibe.

Amora narrows her eyes some as she does recognize the voice, sighing. "Nefja? What are you doing sneaking around in my castle looking like that? You know I could have you thrown in the dungeon for that." not that she seems like she is planning on doing that just now. "And leaving you to Midgard? You -asked- me to take you there. I specifically warned you beforehand that once we arrive you would be on your own. Finally, days ago? We just arrived here last night you silly girl!"

Nefja glares back, shifting back to her normal self in instants, but no clothing on her, as she can't summon such. "All that guy from the times could tell me, that he had seen the prince last days ago, so I suspected… But you could have left me a message that you found him!" she snaps back, ignoring the claims to be able to arrest her.

Amora dismisses her shield and sits back down on her divan when Nefja switches back to a more normal form, although the lack of clothes is certainly noted, with a bit of a chuckle. "Now is that any proper attire to meet a prince?" she muses, not really getting anyway particularly shocked by the womans nakedness, she even does an evaluating look, picking up her apple again. "What guy from the times?" she inquires somewhat confusedly, taking another bite from her apple and motions for Nefja to help herself on the fruit bowl if she wishes. "If I would have seen you again since I did, I probably would have told you."

"I went to ask some guy who was working with Times, so he should know. A Building full of time magicans so well informed about all the heroes in town should really know when and where the prince is on earth, and they told me they had seen him last a couple of days ago. How could they be wrong?!" Nefja asks, looking through the room skimming. "It is the best attire save for growing fur I could sneak in…"

Amora gives a rather puzzled look to Nefja at the talk about time magicians, shaking her head then. "I am not sure what those people were, but I am fairly certain there is no such wizards on Midgard. In any case, prince Loki had been confined inside that… what was it called again… Stark tower, in a room. They had not let him out from there since they took him there from what I understood. So perhaps those 'magicians' of yours had just not seen him. Then shaking her head in amusement at the last part of what Nefja says as she looks back to the girl, who is still presumably just standing there at the doorway? "You could have just walked in normally and asked to see me, you know?"

"They call their palace the Times, what else shall they be but Time magicans?" Nefja claims outraged, shaking her hair out to cover her chest some. "And risk waking you up or hiding the prince? I am no fool, I have heard of some of your exploits…"

Amora glances back towards the bedroom where there is still no sound from, Loki seems to be sleeping quite soundly to not wake up even to this conversation. Then she returns her attention to Nefja. "Don't be silly, Nefja. He is the -prince-, I only do what he requests. And he requested me to bring him here. He is still sleeping though, I guess he was left rather exhausted after… last night." which is entirely true, even if last night did not include what Nefja might think. Frowning some then as the girl mentions the Times, that does sound distantly familiar, though it takes enough thinking to munch another piece of her apple before she recalls it. "Times… that is a scroll… of some kind, I saw many of the mortals reading them in New York. I understood they record recent events to them."

"So they are time magicans who inform others!" Nefja explains, nodding quickly, but blushing as Amora hints about what might or might not have happened the night before. "You… You didn't… But he's the prince!"

Amora shakes her head some. "More like scribes, I believe." she clarifies, then waves her hand dismissively about it, it doesn't really matter. Then watches quite amusedly as the naked girl blushes. "At least I didn't come to meet him naked. He is the prince, yes, and I only do what he requests." she could of course be less cryptic and just tell her what actually happened, but it is just way too much fun to watch her squirm.

Loki had been out like a light indeed. He slept so soundly that it was questionable whether or not he was still alive if it were not for the gentle rise and fall of his chest. A toe twitches…perhaps a sign that he is coming back to reality? His brow furrows and he draws in a deep breath, then suddenly sits up, supporting himself with one arm while running the other hand through his hair, panting. When he finally catches his breath and mops the sweat from his brow, he realises that this is NOT his bed. Eyes drift over toward the wall and the voices coming from behind it and he swallows hard. "I ahh…seem to be in the wrong chambers."

"Scribes?! Just scribes?! How… How can those men be so evil to claim to be time magicans, calling themselves the times and not scribes?!" Nefja's voice is rather lout in her outrage, her cheeks still red from embaressment. Or some anger. "I need…. P…Prince Loki?!" And in a moment she eyes left, then right, then the left again and in panic she shifts into a cat. Or rather a kitten. A smal, grey-silver spotted fluffball.

Amora gives a shrug at Nefja's questioning regarding the newspaper. "Midgardians seem to like pompous titles. Most of their ways are odd, I find it best to not try too hard to understand them, you would just end up going crazy." she offers, then turns to look back towards the bedroom when he can hear Loki mumbling something there, seems like he has finally awoken! Then arches a brow when Nefja becomes a pussy. "Oh so -now- you are worried of your lack of proper attire, but prancing front of me naked was perfectly fine, hmmm?" Shaking her head as she stands up and walks over to the bedroom, looking in from the door. "Ah, you are finally awake, my prince. How are you feeling today?"

The Kitten follows on the floor, the hairs all floofy like you expect of a handful of feline, though not too fast and only reaching the door almost half a minute after Amora. A meow comes from her as she comes to the door, trying to squeeze in past the legs, the grey fur bristling along Amora's feet.

Carefully stepping onto the floor with his bare feet, he looks around. "I'm fine, really. Thank you for letting me stay, I hope I was not too much of a burden." He lookstoward Mefja and lifts a brow. He seems to be able to tell she's a shapeshifted person. "Why are you shapeshifted? Do not let mother see you or she will add you to her ever growing collection of cats."

Amora looks down when she feels that brushing against her feet, and then on a whim crouches down and scoops up the kitten to hold in her lap, at least Nefja doesn't get trampled on that way, even petting her a bit while she looks to Loki. "That is good to hear, I was worried after how exhausted you were last night. It was a great honor to me to be allowed to have you as a guest, you should know you are always welcome here, my prince." replies, looking down at Nefja then as Loki questions her. "I think she is shy."

Nefja meows in response to the comments about her, but as she is scooted up and then petted, she starts to purr, her ears flapping a moment before she closes her eyes, rubbing her small head into the palm of Amora. Mew.

"Did your friend make it back to Midgard in one piece? It would be most unfortunate if she arrived in multiple locations." He smooths his hair back. "It depleted all of my power, though it should not have. I have not yet learned how to control the flow of magic in situations such as those."

Amora is rather surprised at how docile Nefja got so quickly in this form, interesting. But either way, she keeps up the petting while her attention stays focused mostly on Loki. "I assume she did, I have not actually been anywhere since then, as I was left quite exhausted from sending her back as well, and was resting right next to you. I only got up a few hours ago myself, and then found this stray wandering around." she notes with a look down at the kitten.

Loki looks back at the bed and blushes profusely. "We…we both slept in the same bed? At the same time? Oh…oh dear." His usually pale cheeks and the tips of his ears are bright red, something very unusual for the prince. He doesn't often show embarrassment, but he certainly is now! He looks to Nefja and gulps. "Oh my." Coughing into his fist he tries to nonchalantly change the topic. "I hope you were not as exhausted as I was! I felt like a bucket with a hole through which all its contents flowed through without control."

Nefja might be docile, but she does snap a bit at Amora as she tells about sleeping next to Loki. And then tries to pass over to him, the small furball curling and mewing.

Amora laughs softly at Loki's reacion to the realization that they slept in the same bed, he should notice the scent of her perfume on him also, although judging from the fact that apart from his boots Loki is still fully clothed, sleeping is all they did. She did not even kiss him! Looking down at the mewing kitten then and laughs some more before she walks over to the bed and sets Nefja down on it. "Well, not too far behind, to be honest. I was really exhausted as well. But at least we are both much more fresh today."

Loki looks down at the kitten on the bed. "Why do you not change back into an Aesir and join us?" He asks. "I suppose we could all shapeshift into cats and converse that way, but that is quite exhausting as well." As he listens to Amora, he looks down at his feet and wiggles his toes. He can smell her perfume on him, but doesn't want to aknowledge that he likes it. He's trying to avoid having a little crush on the sorceress.

Nefja tumbles and rolls over the bed before climbing up on Loki's leg, curling up on his lap like the kitten she looks like at the moment, purring softly. And then sticking out her tongue at Amora, eyes closed.

Amora does know the reason, but saying it would probably just make Loki blush again. Although it is likely not overly rare for people to have a crush on her, after all, she is not called the Enchantress for nothing. Also should Loki be so inclined, he can find his boots on the floor at the foot of the bed. "I think that she is worried that you would not find her as cute in her real form than she is now as a kitten. As she really just wants to sit in your lap."

Loki blinks and looks down at Nefja. So he has a woman sitting on his lap? Oh my. "Oh. Uhhhm…it's Nefja, right? I always found her to be quite attractive. We had many lessons together and I always found my eyes landing upon her." He says that as if the cat wouldn't understand him.

Nefja opens her eyes to glare at Amora for calling her not cute if she wouldn't be a kitten, but then wriggles herself deeper into the warmth of the lap, especially as Loki claims to find her attractive in class. And she purrs, once more sticking out the tongue to Amora in that all too human gesture.

Amora nods slightly at what Loki says. "Yes, it is Nefja. I was thinking about having her put in the dungeon for breaking and entering into my castle and sneaking into my room unannounced, not to mention being in quite an indecent state while doing so. What do you think Odin would set as punishment for that?" she muses. "She doesn't seem to think of herself as overly attractive though, otherwise she would not be hiding in that form in your presence, but would actually be herself." She leans over a bit to brush a hand along Loki's cheek. "I would be quite honored to teach you personally, my prince. To make sure you get the best possible teaching in magic."

Loki does move his arms to shield the kitten a bit defensively. "I don't think Odin needs to know about this considering he does not govern your castle." He lowers his eyes bashfully when she touches his cheek, but smiles. "That sounds fantastic! Mother teaches me quite a bit, but it is always interesting to learn from another sorcerer. Er, sorceress."

Nefja snorts like a kitty does and rubs her head against the hand shielding her, but then wriggles herself out of the warm lap and under the blanket of Amora's bed. It takes only a moment in which she shifts back, but at least she has the chance to cover her nudity in the blanket, wrapping herself in it blushing. "You are mean Amora. And indeed, wouldn't you get into trouble for hidingthe prince from Odin, who is ill in mourning for his presence?"

Amora chuckles a bit as Nefja finally changes her form back to human, not seeming to mind her lack of clothes. Shaking her head a bit at Nefja. "I am not hiding him, I am simply following the wishes of prince Loki. He asked me to bring him specifically here, and is here entirely of his own will. As soon as he wishes to go to the palace, I will help him get there as well." she explains to Nefja, then smiles to Loki with a nod. "The All-mother is certainly powerful sorceress, though I imagine she must be very busy with all the duties of the queen. So I am sure she would not mind you learning from me as well." and Amora is the greatest sorceress of the land after all, if not counting Karnilla, who is an enemy of Asgard. Loki -used- to also be more powerful than she is, but apparently he is not that right now.

Blinking when Nefja jumps down and turns back into a humanoid, he averts his eyes to ensure she is covered before looking back. "Father is in mourning? Oh dear. I did not know that. I should go to the palace. But I do not want to lose my ability to travel to Midgard. I am certain he will ban all of us from travelling there if he knows we have done so."

"You…" Nefja glared to Amora, but then just inhaled deeply once, sitting there in the blanket, just behind Loki. "Then we might need a tale soo good to keep the eyes of Midgard? Aren't you the best storyteller around, Prince? Even the Borson's tales can't challenge those you tell in the schoolyard."

Amora shakes her head slightly at what Loki asks. "She is exaggerating. I just talked to Thor few days before I brought you back, they were worried about you and know you fell to Midgard. But they know that you are safe, because I told them and showed to them even. But we should indeed go to the palace soon to let them know that you are back safely."

"Oh good. I would not wish for father to fall into Odinsleep, or mother to become upset." He reaches for one of his boots and begins pulling it on, then sort of stares down at the floor, eyes unfocusing.
Nefja leans forward as Loki seems to about to fall over, her hand overing over the shoulder of the Prince, not daring to touch physically, but instead gently holding the shoulder with a spell - just enough to support him if needed. "Prince Loki?"

Amora nods with a smile to what Loki says, then arching a brow as he suddenly zones out like that, reaching a hand to hold his shoulder as she looks to his eyes, having a fairly good idea of what is going on. "Another vision?"

Loki forces his wide eyes to look at Amora, giving her his answer. He is a projective telepath, though not a receptive. If anyone should touch him, they would immediately share in the vision until they released contact with him, and the visions are rather damaging to the psyche and might throw them back a bit.

"Vision?" Nefja asks concearned, the thin blue lines of her telekines spell glittering around Loki's shoulder like an extended hand. "P…Prince? What do you see?"

To anyone touching him, the world around them would seem to decay and melt away, leaving them in total darkness. Heavy bootsteps approach and there is the sensation of being lifted by the front of the armor, a heavy feeling filled with pain as your broken body is slammed into the wall. Eyes open to see a hideous man in a full cloak with hood, and as he presses your body hard into the jagged rocky wall, there is a screaming agony filling your mind. Visions of an army, visions of death and destruction, and pain…so much pain.

Amora narrows her eyes as she looks back to Loki, taking in a quick breath as those visions flood into her mind, gritting her teeth some, but she does not let go, this could prove to be important after all. "What is that? Is it Ragnarok?" she manages to gasp out after a few moments. It definetily seems to have a strong effect on her, distracting her enough that she doesn't reply to Nefja.

Loki speaks in a rather slow, quiet tone as it continues to play out. "No…not Ragnarok…" he gasps out. "War…in New York." After another minute or so the vision is over and Loki slumps forward, propping his head in his hands, elbows on his legs.

Nefja didn't got the vision, only holding the shoulder telepathically… because it is still the prince and he hasn't asked. "What? please… don't frighten me… I mean… It was… ok when I left it…"

Amora has got somewhat more information about the nature of these visions Loki has so she is not quite as worried as Nefja. "Is it one more of those memories of things that haven't happened? Like you said you had seen in Midgard? Or is this different?" She did not know of Loki having prophetic visions.

Pulling on his other boot, Loki says "It was like what happened on Midgard." He drops his foot to the ground and runs a hand through his hair. "Something happened when the piece of Asgard fell. It was as though there were many other realities all coming together at once."

"I… I don't know… I mean… What do you try to say?" Nefja asks, The things all over her top it seemed, the blanket however halfway exposing her chest as she bent forward.

Amora considers what Loki is saying for a few moments, before she replies. "Thats not all that happened. I explored around some in Midgard while I was there, Asgard is not the only thing that collided with them, there are also completely new cities that have appeared there. Like two worlds colliding together and merging, perhaps it is because of that that there are now diverging paths to what should have been."

"That sounds like a fair assessment, Amora." Loki says, still a little out of breath. "The visions of Ragnarok are much, much worse. Fortunately, I haven't had many of either, so hopefully it will remain that way."

"Is it… really ok now? I mean… do you need anything? You just need to ask…" Nefja asks, concearn on her face as she gently puts her hand on the shoulder of Loki, even if she didn't really asked.

Amora nods slowly at Loki's words, offering a smile to him then. "You will be okay now? Do you want to go to the palace, or do you think you should recover more first?"

Loki sighs and kicks his boots off again. "You know, I believe I will rest some more. Between the nightmares and everything else, I could use a few hours rest." He reaches up and pats Nefja's hand, feeling odd about people touching him, but they're just trying to help.

Nefja remains silent, but just gently kneads the shoulder under her fingers.

Amora nods to Loki's words, smiling. "Of course, my prince. You can stay as long as you wish." She offers, patting the bed for him to lay down again, although giving a somewhat questioning look at the naked Nefja. "And perhaps you would feel safe enough about him that you could go get your clothes, Nefja?" she suggests with a chuckle.

Nefja goes furiously red… and turns into a fox before dashing to try to get the clothes.

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