2017-02-26 Sinkhole in Central Park
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Edie, Jenny, Tynan
GMed by N/A
Title: Sinkhole in Central Park

Rating: PG

Agent Johnson, The person who has been handling the bulk of Jenny's training decided to shake things up. The past few days, Jen has been stepping up her game when it comes to combat training. Stepping it up enough that she wants to push her a little further. It was time to change the Environment. So She woke her up early and dragged the rookie's butt to Central park. Since then its been off and on training all day. When they weren't putting on… 'exhibition fights' for the crowd, they were away in private, learning about the ins and outs of gathering intelligence and using some of the toyes that they use.

Right now is one of those 'exhibitions.' Jen is not messing around. Sure to the on looker, this could look like its some show but anyone who knows the difference knows that its not. Jen has gotten a number of bruises today and even a few cuts but the one that looks the worst is Agent Johnson. She looks like she's been given the works more then once today. Jen's not even really been using her magic. Its all been hand to hand. Something has snapped in the young woman. Something good. She's starting to actually read a fight. She's definitely growing as a fighter. Even now she's dodging a lot of the incoming attacks and doing her best to dish out as much as she is taking.

So Agent Johnson took a break to call up a young mercenary to the party. The young woman had nothing better to do, and needed to get out of the base for a little bit. So, Ty put Guardian on a leash, and took her out for a walk that just conviently put her right in Jenny's path during the fight. Guardian roarmews as the german shepard sized cat interjects herself between the pair during the fight.

"I got a phone call asking for one evil package to be delivered. Please sign this wire transfer permission form for delivery.", Ty says with a smile as she hands over her phone to Johnson. Afterwards, the woman hands over the leash to the other Agent. "Also, I'm allowed to go full speed, right? She has passed the 'This sucks' stage, right?"

Edie seems to be out jogging in the park, wearing appropriately blue sweatsuit, which color-coordinates quite nicely with her skin, with a pair of sneakers at her feet. She likes to stay in shape, and central park is probably one of the best places in the city to jog in. As an added bonus, you never know what you might see in the park, such as two people beating each other up like what she is coming upon right now, which makes her to slow down on her speed a bit to take a look, though soon figuring out that they aren't -really- trying to kill each other, not that she would neseccarily do more than watch even if they were, having learned to not get involved into other peoples trouble.

As Agent Johnson stops the fight to go over to Tynan, Jen watches carefully. She's very much aware of the environment right now. She is aware of the people watching. A few people are placing bets as even if they aren't killing each other, they aren't holding back either. She's aware of the woman jogging through the park and the fact she was watching things unfold. The thing that catches her attention is what Tynan says.

Quickly the girl draws her staff and twirls it open. Her gaze goes to Tynan, "Kitty if you go all out, I will too. Just remember, you aren't the only person here who can do things." She prepares herself and stands at the ready.

Johnson nods his head, and signs off. The Agent takes the leash of the big cat, who looks at Ty with this 'Really? Did you just let this person touch the leash?' look. The cat growls a little bit, but the Agent is used to it. Ty stretches a little bit as she rolls her neck.

"Remember what I said?", she asks Jenny. The woman cracks her knuckles, and takes a basic combat pose. Then the wmoan starts to move back and forth, almost in a rythem as she crosses her legs in a beat.

Edie gets close enough that she can watch the apparently newly starting fight properly, which also lets her to hear what they are saying. The unusually large cat certainly catches attention, though strangely enough, Jenny seems to be calling Tynan 'Kitty' rather than the -actual- cat. That is odd. Anyways, she uses this show as an excuse to keep a break from jogging, and takes out her phone instead to check if there are any new tips from her contacts on good gigs.

Jenny looks at Tynan and nods, "Oh yes I do. Thats why I'm not going to mess around here!" She quickly strikes going low to start. She attempts to take her legs out from under her. Then with the other end of the staff she Swings high. The girl isn't exactly slow to be honest. She's got a little speed to her. She doesn't say anything. Not right now. No point using her other abilities just yet.

Ty smiles a little bit, and hops over the low strike before going into a roll in the other direction to go under the high strike. The way that Ty just moved wasn't a natural movement though. It was almost Parkour-ish, yet wasn't she doing Capulea (Sp?) just a second ago?

Tynan comes up to her feet, and taps Jenny on the shoulder. "You're not going to be able to read me. How long have you been doing hand to hand training now?", Ty asks. The woman seems to be very comfortable, almost relaxed as she switches to a boxing stance, doing a Ali foot shuffle.

Edie does know a few things about martial arts, although she has mostly focused on kickboxing herself, straightforward and simple attacks, that are easy to incorporate into her natural abilities. But hey maybe she can learn a trick or two from watching these two with their varying styles. She is watching them too, for most parts, as she is so used to checking stuff on her phone that she doesn't need to pay much attention to it, though after a bit she does turn her attention down to her phone for a moment as she actually finds an interesting tip on a business that might be front for something shady, there should be something valuable in their computers, looks like she found something to do for late night.

Jenny looks at Tynan, "Okay Ms. Clay." She sighs and just watches her dance about. She sighs and just gets annoyed. "Ignis." She states. Her eyes flare and turn bright orange. Immeidatelty a ring of fire whips around Tynan. With no warning, Jen charges in with making a strike at central mass. Whats good for goose is good for… goose?

Ty hears the woman say ignis. She pauses a moment, and finds herself surrounded by fire. The woman keeps calm, and the look in her eyes shift form joking to serious. "Nice choice.", she says. The woman changes her style, slapping the end of the staff to the side as she leans back. As the staff goes by, Ty's other hand comes up, and karate chops it at the end to drive the staff towards the ground. The woman isn't moving cause of the fire, but hopefully the parry and chop forces Jenny to stumble forward.

"I'm not trying to insult you, just wanted to know how long you've been practicing. I've been doing live combat on battlefields for 8 almost 9 years, and lived on Madipoor for over 10 years.", she says.

Edie finishes going over the messages, deleting most of them, only leaving the interesting ones, before she closes her phone and slips it back in her pocket so she can turn her attention back to the fight, just in time to see it get a bit more… exotic, when the ring of fire is formed, hopefully that doesn't ignite anything and cause an actual fire. She is not sure if the fight is overly fair though with one side using not only a weapon but also some sort of powers against an unarmed and seemingly unpowered person.

Jenny winces. Okay the good news, She still has her staff, so she has access to her full strength magically. The bad news. She just went down hard after that hit. Quickly she recovers. "Aqua!" She calls out her eyes flare and turn blue. All that fire turns water. She pulls it all up into a very large bubble above Tynan and then… It all comes down. Not on would the area around Tynan be completely soaked but, so would Tynan! The ground becomes a full on sopping bog that gets really muddy really fast. Meanwhile Jenny just hangs back and watches, still manipulating the water and causing a real mess of the ground.

Tynan blinks a few times, and then gets drenched. And she's got on a tank top. Ok, she's a bit annoyed, and the ground turns swampy. THat makes things a bit more difficult as Ty's footing is slippery, and it takes a few seconds to get her foot high enough out of the mud to take a step. Ty claps her hands a little bit. "Ok, I'll get you that one.", she says. The woman kinda looks away, and well, Guardian has left Agent Johnson's hands as the Agent was watching. Where did that Kitty go?

Suddenly, Jenny would feel a very heavy impact from behind as Guardian launched herself at the woman from about ten feet back. The woman scoops up a handful of mud, and slings it at Jenny's face. "I better not find pictures of me online…", she says, muttering about her drenched top…

Edie observes that elementalism taking place, and makes sure to take few steps back to not get her sneakers wet when that mass of water comes splashing down on the unfortunate Tynan, hopefully it is not too cold weather or Tynan might soon end up with skin color similar to that of Edie's. She was also distracted enough about this demonstration of magic, that the sudden pounce from the giant cat comes totally off-camera to her, arching a brow some, hopefully it was just a friendly pounce and Jenny is not about to get mauled.
Okay, Things just went bad. As Jen struggles with not being able to see, she loses control of what she's doing to the water. On top of this, she is still holding onto her focus which just serves to amplify her magic. Suddenly the ground begind getting far more wet, rising higher and higher, turning the area into a nice big pull of quicksand. Whats worse, With her magic out of control like that, its affecting the area outside of where the two are fighting now.

Quickly she gets the mud out of her eyes and she looks at Guardian, "Bad Kitty!" She winces and finds herself sinking as well. Yeah this is a problem. Quickly she changes modes, "Terran!" Her eyes flare, turning deep brown before the Earth below begins pushing the water back down to the water table. The Earth rises underneath the girl as she gets control again. The ground solidifies under the everyone except for maybe tynan…

Tynan has no defense for quicksand. She only has afterall Human level abilities. Her skills come from experience and exposure. Quicksand is something that she can't exactly outskill. Jenny would know from others that Ty can pull out weapons from subspace, but the woman hasn't done there. It seemed like Ty wasn't uasing any of her power, and still not using any of it, as the Quicksand has already pulled her up to her neck…

Edie watches eyes widening as it looks like the situation is starting to get out of hand. She really shouldn't get involved, this is stupid. It has been nearly ten years when she tried to play a hero in a reality tv-show, and that left her with trauma's that she will probably never fully recover from.

She should just back away, it is not her problem, none of her business… glancing around, the rest of the audience the two had seems to have also realized something is wrong and are mostly trying to get away rather than watching. There is that at least, but still, she shouldn't… of fuck it, she can't just stand there and watch that girl drown.

Closing her eyes and sighing, she is going to regret this… then things happen rather fast, she just vanishes, without any dramatic sounds or visual effects, only to appear equally unceremoniously at the same moment right next to where Tynan is sinking to, above the surface, and blink of an eye later she, and Tynan, are both gone, and nearly instantly they both appear short distance away next to a tree, on solid ground. Maybe too many people did not notice that.

Jenny quickly begins getting control of the situation. THen in a quick motion she raises the land over her in a dome. Now hidden in a a dark area of her own making, she frowns and begins going off on herself. "Stupid Stupid STUPID! Dammit! I'm such a damn idiot! I shouldn't have done that. I should have just let her beat the shit out of me and be done with it. She's alone in the earthen dome. Outside things are stabilizing. "Ignis." Suddenly the ground gets a lot warmer and dries out to be fully solid for everyone around. Only one thing amiss. A weird dirt dome holding the mage inside. <fixed>

Ty blinks a few times as she appears someplace else. She rubs her eyes a little bit. She looks around a little bit, confused as to what happend. "You have to be a porter.", the woman says. She looks at Edie a bit. Ty is a bit too young to recongize Miss Edie. She shakes her head a little bit. "Thanks.", she says. "Now I have to go get her out of that dome, and get her back home before she does something silly…", she says.

Edie does look quite obviously like a mutant, or perhaps alien, so such a guess is not too far-fetched. She simply nods to Tynan in response to her words, funnily enough, the two are about the same age. "That looked like it was getting a bit out of hand." she offers simply as she gives a look towards that dome that Jenny entombed herself in. At the last part of what Tynan says she notes dryly "Might be too late for that." though at least it seems like the park is returning to more or less normal shape. "Hopefully your cat didn't run off."

Jenny is still safe inside her tomb as it were. She finally speaks the word, "Terran." So she can let down the dome of earth. She doesn't do that just yet. Nope. She's quiete content to hide. She messed up in the worst way. "Damn that cat! I couldn't! Jesus is this so damn hard for me." She gripes from inside. It would be rather hard to hear her. Not impossible though.

"Guardian!", Ty calls out. The cat walks over as if nothing happend. In fact, the cat yawns. "Stay with the woman for a minute.", Ty tells the cat. The cat flops over, and rolls in the grass for a minute. Ty takes a deep breath. "And CUT! Thats a wrap folks. Sorry, it was a movie shoot, ladies and gentlemen. If you leave your name and information with the gentleman over by the tree, we'll make sure to send you a check for $50.", she says. The woman moves over to the dome and taps on it a few times. When she's sure that nobody is watching her, the woman makes a small rift, and calls out a small pack of C4.

"Alright, no hiding in the dome.", she says. The woman sets the C4, and makes a hole. "Come on Lass. Its not too bad. So a cat can beat you. Beats getting beaten by squrrals…"

Edie crosses her arms over her chest as she leans back against the tree and watches Tynan starting to herd the people away, perfectly happy to let her do that and try to be as unnoticeable as possible when you have blue skin and red hair… at least the hair is short. She gives a curious look at the cat and how well it seems to be following the orders, which makes the earlier pounce rather curious.

She does not really believe the story of it being a movie shoot, and neither is she going to be giving her name and information for sure, nobody uses her actual name anyway apart from her parents, it sounds like the name of an eighty year old grandma to her! Arching a brow some then as Tynan starts setting up that C4, is she really going to blow it up?

Jenny sighs as she barely hears what is being asked of her. A half second later, the dome returns to the Earth below and vanishes from sight. Jen sighs and looks around. She doesn't say anything as she quietly moves to the SHIELD vehicle and gets into the back. She's taking this hard. Harder then usual.

Agent Johnson sighs and rolls her eyes. "She's going to have to get used to distractions if she's going to make it as an Agent." She states to Tynan as she looks over at the Vehicle. "She did outsmart you though. Even if she did nearly turn a chunk of central park into a sink hole."

Ty looks at Agent Johnson a long moment. "Outsmart, maybe. But you know that I could have just summoned a gun at any point, and shot her.", Ty says, putting the C4 back in the dimensional rift. "Feild work is also about knowing the when and how to use your powers. Right from the start, she went right for her powers without disguising it.", she says. The woman stretches out a little bit. "Anyways, I see a future employee of mine, so if you excuse me.", Ty says. The woman smiles evilly.

The woman heads over to Edie. "Miss? How would you like to enter the wonderful world of pirvate military contracters? I offer health and dental benefits.", she says.

Edie watches Jenny get into the car, and was kind of expecting the rest of the trio to follow suit, which is why she is rather surprised when Tynan instead comes over to her. Then she looks at the woman with a look of disbelief, as if wondering whether the woman is joking asking something like that so openly. "I thought you were in the movie business." she offers in return, no, she didn't, really, but thats what Tynan said a bit ago. "In the off-chance you are not joking, that sounds like a business where the risks far outweight the profits. I don't really fancy getting shot at." again.

Johnson smirks, "And she could have burned you alive. She was showing a lot of restraint before she took a cat to the face." She states before she moves over to the car. She opens the back door and drags Jen out. "You don't get to hide. You did the damage. You do damage control. That is how it works. You want to be an agent, Act like one."

Jen frowns as she looks at Johnson. That was annoying. Already she's let the magic flow out of her. "I already did! Look at the ground. Its solid. I didn't bring down any buildings and I didn't turn into a green Rage Monster! What else do you want from me!" She frowns.

Ty smirks a bit. "And if you believe that, then I'm up for an oscar this year. As for getting shot, you're a porter, so you shouldn't be getting shot at unless something went wrong.", she says.

Edie keeps a fairly neutral expression as she listens to what Tynan is saying, even though she has heard similar propositions before, and is very familiar with things going wrong, like watching a helicopter gunship mowing down nearly her entire team… when she was sixteen, that is not something one gets over easily. "No plan survives first contact intact. Something always goes wrong. Besides… I am not a soldier. I find enough trouble without even going to specifically look for it." she explains.

Jenny quietly walks over to the girl who was laying low. "Umm, I wasn't anything like what I am now. We're talking a few short weeks ago. Hell I was just a fashion designer. Now… I'm something else entirely." She smiles softly, "Tell you what, you've got moves. I seen while I was trying to undo my own damage. I will talk to my friends, If you wanna find out what you are made of beyond your powers, "Meet here at this time." She pulls out a card. Its has no marking on it. Just a logo. A simple Eagle logo. "Aether." Her eyes flare and turn grey. With a quick flick, the card goes flying. The wind picks up and carries it right to Edie's hands. She looks around and notes most everyone is gone save for the gamblers. "Pretty cool special effects huh? Bet you thought all this stuff was done with computers smoke and mirrors huh!" She states to the guys who are still trying to figure out what the hell happened. She looks back, "Look forward to seeing you." She states as she quietly turns toward the car again, "Lets go Kitties. Don't you mercs have a curfew or something?" She states in a mischievous tone.

Ty mutters. "Don't remind me. One Eye keeps me on a strict time limit since he doesn't want me blowing things up without permission. Guardian.", she says. The cat meows, picks up its own leash, and walks proudly to the car hopping up into it. Yes, you just watched a cat walk itself. Take that dogs! Ty does pause, and takes a picture of the woman. She's going to run that through the SHIELD database when she gets back. Porters are rare, so…

Edie lifts a hand up to accept the card that is flown to her, catching it between two fingers, before lifting it up to take a look at it, considering the logo, which looks quite official at least. "I will be there… but apart from that, I don't promise anything." she offers in reply, she certainly learned her lesson the first time she signed up to something without thinking it through. Watching the group leave before she slips the card in a pocket and resumes her jogging, she needs to fill up her days training regime.

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